Formal Interrogation

The exercise enclosures at the Joint Interrogation Center at Fort Hunt, Virginia, just south of Washington DC.

A POW room at the Joint Interrogation Center at Fort Hunt



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Letter from LCDR Albrecht to CDR Riheldaffer, concerning impressions gained from visit to U.K. to observe POW interrogation, sent from London
British Notebook: Abreviations and Terms (for use by interrogators), sent to Riheldaffer by LCDR Albrecht from London
Joint Interrogation Center for the Interrogation of War Prisoners, a post war study
Memorandum from Op-16-Z CDR Riheldaffer to Op-16-Z-P/W, Handling of Co-operative P/Ws
Extract from TM 30-210 Department of the Army Technical Manual "Interrogation Procedures" (Post War document)
Op-16-Z Documents relating to O.N.I. 250 Series Interrogation Reports including an Index of Interrogation Reports
Records relating to John L. Riheldaffer, Head of Op-16-Z

Examples of interrogation techniques used on U-boat POWs


sunk July 7, 1942

Summary and transcripts of room conversations of U-701 POWs


sunk July 7, 1942

Navy Interrogations of U-701 POWs


sunk July 7, 1942

Army Interrogations of U-701 POWs


sunk Nov. 14 1942

Assembled interrogations of two U-595 POWs

Examples of intelligence products derived from interrogation of U-boat POWs

Normally Information from U-boat POWs was verified against multiple sources and summarized in Interrogation Reports using a format developed from British Interrogation Reports.  Information which time sensitive or whose classification did not permit it to be included in the CONFIDENTIAL Interogation reports was issued as Spot Items.

Various U-boats
British Interrogation reports


sunk April 14, 1942

U-85 Interrogation report (This was the first in a series of Interrogation Reports - there were no survivors from this boat the report was derrived largely from materials recovered from the bodies)


sunk May 9, 1942

U-352 Interrogation report (The second Interrogation Report - the first where U.S. Navy Interogators had U-boat POWs to work with)


sunk April 25, 1943

Early draft of an Interrogation report (this shows information from direct interrogation, cooperative POWs, and room conversations assembled into draft chapters of the final report)


sunk April 25, 1943

U-203 Interrogation Report


sunk April 25, 1943

Spot Item No. 76, Information from 3 Radio Ratings (In this case the sensitivity of this information prevented it from being included in the regular Interrogation Report)


sunk July 21, 1943

Spot Item No. 126, Anti Radar Balloons


sunk Feb. 24, 1944

Spot Item (No. unknown) concerning Attempted Passage through the Straits of Gibraltar
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