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  S E C R E T  
                                                                                         7 February, 1944..  
From: Op-16-Z
To: Op-16-Z-P/W.
Subject: Handling of Co-operative Ps/W
          1.        In the future the handling of co-operative Ps/W will be governed strictly by the following directive.  
          2.        All excursions with or entertaining of Ps/W will be considered coming under one of the following headings:  
  (a) Exercise and entertainment within the limits of the Interrogation Center or in the immediate environs thereof;
  (b) Excursions away from the Interrogation Center, such as to Washington;
  (c) Special excursions or entertainment.
          3.        It is distinctly to be understood that all forms of entertainment or special treatment are to be regarded as a reward for services rendered or to be rendered and the degree of favorable treatment shall be in direct ratio to the value received.  
          4.        Excursions and entertainment under Paragraph 2 (a), will be at the discretion of the Section Head, under the direction of the Watch Officer or duty in the Interrogation Center.  Such entertainment will be within reasonable limits and every effort will be made to maintain the expenses of such entertainment as low as possible consistent with adequate treatment of Ps/W.  Excursions, walks, etc., within the post and near by will be limited to a reasonable period and will in no case exceed four hours.  For ordinary exercise, two hours should suffice.  
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  Subject:    Handling of Co-operative Ps/W.  
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          5.        Excursions under Paragraph 2 (b) will, in each case, have the prior approval of the Branch Head.  In General, such excursions will be planned in accordance with the following general rules:  
  (a) Schedules will be worked out to include not more than one regular meal in town, i.e., lunch or dinner.  Trips should, in general, extend from about 1100 to 1700 or from 1730 until 2400 (approximately).
  (b) Not more than two members of Op-16-Z-P/W will be included in the party.
  (c) Female personnel of Op-16-Z will NOT be included.
  (d) Arrangements for transportation must be made in ample time and Taxicabs will NOT be used to or from the Interrogation Center.  Only the private cars of members of Op-16-Z-P/W or (when necessary) the station wagon will be used.
  (e) An expense account in as much detail as possible, will be submitted the day following the excursion.  The expense account, in addition to the money items involved, will in each case include a statement as to the information secured, mentioning the Spot Item or subject covered.  Example:  "For the Collection and Classification of Information Obtained and included in Spot Item No. ___."
          6.        Any exceptions to Paragraph 4 and 5 above will be considered as coming under Paragraph 2 (c), and prior approval will be obtained from the Branch Head.   
          7.        All expense accounts for money expended by Op-16-Z-P/W for the Collection and Classification of Information will be completed and submitted weekly by 1200 on Monday to the Assistant to the Section Head.  Final expense account will be completed and submitted for approval by the Branch Head not later than 1200 Tuesday of each week.  
                                                                                            John L. Riheldaffer  
  Dictated 7 February, 1944,  
  Dictated by Comdr. Riheldaffer,  
  Typed by Viedenkamp.  
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