The following information has been obtained from a prisoner Quartermaster (U-761).  It is believed to be true but, due to its nature, should not be considered entirely accurate unless confirmation can be obtained from other sources.  
  U-761 left Brest on 12 February 1944.  She was ordered to reach the Straits of Gibraltar on the 12th day, and it is believed that her progress through the Bay of Biscay and along the Spanish - Portuguese coast was governed by the day set for her passage.  
  U-761 steered a straight course across the Bay of Biscay, making a landfall near Cape Finisterre, Spain.  She then kept as close as possible to the 3-mile zone following the contour of the coast  
  Cape St. Vincent was probably passed early during the night of 22-23 February.  The lights of Cadiz were seen during the following night.  
  The passage from Brest to the Straits of Gibraltar was made submerge by day, surfaced by night.  
  At about 0500 on 24 February 1944, U-761 submerged in approximate position 360 10' N, 060 11' W.  Her last bearing was on the light of Capo Trafalgar.  Her course then led her through the Banco de Trafalgar on approximate course of 1500 T.  It was probably while passing through the Banco de Trafalgar that she took several sound bearings.  At about 350 57' N, 060 00' W she changed course to about 1100 T., and at 350 55' N, 050 50' W she again made a change, steering about 800 T.  It was probably during this time that her commander raised his periscope at least twice to check his course.  It was generally believed that the wake of the periscope was sighted by patrolling aircraft, thus leading to successful attack which took place at 350 55' N, 050 46' W.  
  The Quartermaster stated that he had to familiarize himself thoroughly with the current leading from the Atlantic into the Mediterranean and that full advantage of this current was taken.  



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