Rescue and Handling of U-boat Survivors by Operating Forces

A U-175 sailor asks to be rescued after his boat was sunk while preparing to attack Convoy HX-233 on 17 April 1943.  USCGC Spencer detected U-175 ahead of the convoy and conducted two depth charge attacks.  Forty minutes later the boat was forced to surface and was scuttled by her crew.  Spencer and USCGC Duane rescued 44 survivors



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Royal Navy - Fleet Order C.B. 3074, Treatment and Handling of Prisoners of War in Ships Effecting Capture
Navy Department Bulletin, Semimonthly, Vol. 1 No.1, Prisoners of War, Instructions for Interrogation of
Photos of the rescue of survivors of U-175
Examples of the rescue and handling of POWs by operating forces


sunk July 16, 1943

USS Merrimack Report on Prisoners of War from German Submarine - Transportation of and Delivery to U.S. Shore Authorities


sunk June 12, 1943

USS Osmond Ingram report on German prisoners of war


sunk Aug. 20, 1944

USS Janssen - Report of Rescue Operations and Preliminary Report of Prisoners
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