U-66 was detected by a VC-55 Avenger from USS Block Island and sunk by the destroyer escort USS Buckley on, May 6, 1944

USS Buckley in drydock at the Boston Navy Yard - Her bow bent from ramming U-66

LCDR Brent Able, USNR, receives Navy Cross for action as Commanding Officer of USS Buckley from CAPT George L. Menocal at the Boston Navy Yard where Buckley is undergoing repairs.


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Ultra intercepts during U-66 war patrol under Kapitänleutnant Friedrich Markworth - 7 April 1943 to 1 September 1943
ASW-6 Report completed after LTJG R. L. Cormier's attack on U-66 on 3 August 1943
Photos taken during LTJG Cormier's attack and gun camera film from ENS A. S. Paulson
After the attack detailed above, U-66 rendevoused with U-117 on 7 August 1943 for fuel, provisions and medical aid.  While alongside the pair was attacked by aircraft of the USS Card.  U-117 was sunk and U-66 escaped.  Click on the icon to view records and photographs of this attack.
Action report of USS Buckley attack on U-66 on 6 May 1944
Photographs of POWs aboard USS Block Island
Task Group 21.11 (Block Island) Report on Surviving Prisoners
Ultra intercepts during U-66 war patrol under Oberleutnant Gerhard Seehausen - 16 January 1944 to 6 May 1944
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-66
Summary of Statements by Survivors of SS John Holt, torpoed by U-66 on 5 March 1944