U-117 was attacked and sunk by aircraft of the USS Card on 7 August 1943

U-66 (left) and U-117 (right) - LTJG Sallenger's DBs splash alongside U 117

LTJG Sallenger's DBs exploding

LT Asbury H. Sallenger wearing Navy Cross and Silver Star and turret gunner James H. Hogan AMM 2/C who was awarded two Air Medals (radioman ACRM(A) John D. Downes was subsequently lost in action and is therefore not shown)



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ASW-6 Report completed after LTJG A. H. Sallenger's attack on 7 August 1943
Photos taken from LTJG Sallenger's TBF
ASW-6 Report completed after LT C. R. Stapler's attack
Photos taken from LT Stapler's TBF
ASW-6 Report completed after LTJG J. C. Forney's attack
Photos taken from LTJG Forney's TBF
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