U-564 - 2nd War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason

Days at Sea
16 August 1941
27 August 1941


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Ships Hit
KTB Time
22 Aug 41
40°45'N, 11°58'W
22 Aug 41
40°45'N, 11°58'W
23 Aug 41
09.41 - 09.59
40°23'N, 32°44'W
 Total = 2,587
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

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                                                      "U 564"  
                            Kommandant:       Oblt.z.S.  S  u  h  r  e  n.  
                            Beginning: 28.7.1941.  
                            Concluding: 27.8.1941.  
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- 1 -
    27.07.41 Brest Cleared the boat, unloaded torpedoes, the cannon and the 2 cm Flak 30.  Shipyard meeting, began shipyard work. Kommandant to Lorient to brief B.d.U.  
    29.07.41   Awarded 6 Iron Cross II.  
    30.07.41   Departure of the 1st rest trip to Bénodet.  
    02.08.41   Dry docked.  
    06.08.41   Undocked.  Departure of the 2nd rest trip to Bénodet.  
    08.08.41   High charging.  
    11.08.41   Pier side testing.  Mounted the cannon and the 2 cm Flak 30.  
    12.08.41   Shipyard trim test.  
    13.08.41   Degaussing, radio direction finder calibration.  
    14.08.41   Torpedo and munitions loading, took over the boat.  
    15.08.41   Loaded provisions.  
    16.08.41 West of Brest    
    12.00   Farewell in the Naval basin.  At the same moment an English aircraft attack.  
    12.55 Sunshine, few Stratus clouds, Vis. good Departed, left with a Sperrbrecher and 8 patrol boats.  At the same time air combat over us.  
    16.00 BF 5224    
    17.08   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    20.00 BF 5166    
      W 4, Sea W 3, few clouds, Vis. very good    
    17.08.41 West of Brest    
    00.00 BF 5158    
      W 4, Sea 3, few clouds, dark, clear    
    04.00 BF 4369    
    08.00 BF 4357    
      Freshening, extensive cloud deck, occasional rain    
    08.47   An aircraft flying past in sight.  
    08.52   Crash dive for another aircraft.  
    10.58   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    11.38   Surfaced.  
    12.00 BF 4347 Day's run:  Surfaced 140.3 nm  Submerged 19.7 nm.  
    15.08   Surfaced.  
Sun and Moon Data 16.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 17.08.41
- 2 -
    16.00 BF 4268 Radio Message from B.d.U. position of convoy 12.00 hours AM 7143.  
      Overcast, misty, rain, Vis. changing, slowly abating  
      Intend to operate on it.  
    17.11   Crash dive for an aircraft.   
    19.40   1 aircraft bomb or depth charge.  
    20.00 BF 4255    
    21.30   Surfaced.  
    18.08.41 Southwest of Ireland    
    00.00 BF 4139    
      Abating, dark, Vis. good    
    04.00 BF 1777 Course adjusted based on contact keeper reports.  
    08.00 BE 3981    
      Few clouds, Vis. very good    
    12.00 BE 3825 Day's run:  Surfaced 227 nm  Submerged 6 nm.  
    14.22   Reported position on request of B.d.U.  
    16.00 BE 3723    
      WNW 4, Sea WNW 3, few clouds, Vis. very good    
    20.00 BE 2697    
    22.08   Test dive.  
    19.08.41 Southwest of Ireland    
    00.00 BE 2583    
      Abating somewhat, heavily cloudy, rain in places, very dark night    
    02.12   1 aircraft in sight bearing 320°T, course 150°.  Flies past.  
    02.15   Star shells bearing 97°T.  That must be the convoy.  Held on to it.  
    03.23   Still nothing in sight.  Apparently chased past.  Came to enemy course.  
    03.55 BE 2892 Again star shells bearing 90°.  Therefore the convoy must still be east of us.  
    04.45   Came to southeasterly course.  
    05.13   Star shells bearing 100°T.  
    05.25 WNW 3-4, Sea 2-3, few clouds, very dark night, faint marine phosphorescence Morse from a blue lamp.  
Sun and Moon Data 17.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 18.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 19.08.41
- 3 -
    05.50   Convoy in sight.  However we are positioned on the unfavorable horizon and must first get to the other side.  
    05.57   Closed to attack.  However before reaching shooting range a shadow turns towards us, apparently a destroyer.  Moved off.  
    06.03   Again ran in,  Convoy is just positioned between the moon (very narrow crescent) and us.  
        At a range of about 6000 meters a destroyer turns toward us again.  He can not possibly have seen us  As it later turned out, it was just a normal zig zag of the convoy.  
    06.20   It is too bright to attack now, therefore moved off.  
    08.00 BE 2883    
      Overcast, Vis. good    
    08.25   An aircraft in sight.  
    08.29   Aircraft flies towards us.  Crash dive.  
    08.30   Piston engines bearing 127°T heard in the G.H.G., furthermore a detonation.  
    09.41   Surfaced.  
    10.12   An aircraft in sight.  
    10.14   Crash dived.  
    10.24   Surfaced.  
    10.59   Aircraft in sight on enemy course.  
    11.00   Crash dived before another aircraft.  
    11.07   Surfaced.  Because "U-201" give continuous contact keeper reports from the convoy, moved off somewhat further, so as not to be detected by aircraft.  
    12.00 BE 5291 Day's run:  Surfaced     253.6 nm  
      Clear shy, Vis. very good                  Submerged      6.4 nm.  
    16.00 BE 5292    
      WNW 3, WNW 2-3, few clouds, Vis. very good    
    20.06   A Sunderland bearing 90°T, course about 180° in sight.  Flies directly towards us.  Crash dived.  
    22.17   Surfaced.  
    23.15   The Sunderland is in sight again bearing 30°T.  Course 150° passes out of sight quickly in the darkness, must have soon turned back and comes in sight after 5 minutes bearing 170°T with course 310°.  
    20.08.41 West of the Bay of Biscay    
    00.00 BE 5644 Nothing seen of the convoy.  
      Freshening a bit, very dark night    
Sun and Moon Data 19.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 20.08.41
- 4 -
    02.43   Dived for sound bearings.  Bearing in 76°T.  
    03.11   Surfaced.  
        Operated on sound bearing.  Nothing found.  
    03.38   Dived one more time.  Nothing further heard.  
    04.17   Surfaced.  Searched for the convoy in accordance with Radio Message from B.d.U.  
    08.00 BE 5915    
      Lightly misty, horizon indistinct    
    12.00 BE 8313 Day's run:  Surfaced 126.5 nm  Submerged 3.7 nm.  
    14.00   Bearing signals from aircraft at the convoy.  Other bearing signals from U-boats taken.  Results form a very unclear picture.  Suspect convoy is south of me.  
    15.05 BE 8364 A U-boat in sight bearing 20°T, course about 90°.  U-106.  Shortly thereafter "U-201" comes followed by "U-126".  After discussing the situation the following search courses are agreed:  U-201 = 160°, U-106 = 140°, U-564 = 120° and U-126 = 100°.  
      WSW 4, Sea WSW 4, overcast, murky, Vis. medium  
    20.00 BE 9174 Searched the easterly sector without success.  
    21.08.41 West of Portugal    
    00.00 BE 9435    
      Clearing, dark, clear night    
    04.00 BE 9482    
    07.40   A Sunderland in sight bearing 100°T, course west.  Crash dive.  
    08.10 BE 9742 Surfaced.  Reported the sighting of the Sunderland by Radio Message.  I believe that I am located to the south of the convoy.  
      Heavily cloudy, Vis. good  
    11.05   A U-boat in sight.  "U-201".  Immediately afterwards U-75".  Spread out for favorable crossing angle of announced bearing signals.  
    12.00 BE 9774 Day's run:  Surfaced 225.28 nm  Submerged 4.72 nm.  
    16.00 BE 3363 Always searching for the convoy.  
      Clear sky, few Cirrus clouds, Vis. very good    
    20.00 BE 3518 Continued searching.  
    00.00 CG 1173 Never anything seen of the convoy.  
      Starry clear, very dark night    
    04.00 CG 1277    
Sun and Moon Data 20.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 21.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 22.08.41
- 5 -
    08.00 CG 1274    
      Vis. very good, very slight Sea    
    12.00 CG 1276 Day's run:  Surfaced 246.5 nm  Submerged 5.5 nm.  
    12.58 Very slight Sea, clear sky, Vis. over 20 nm 5 smoke clouds in sight bearing 115°T, course about 120°/  An aircraft in sight bearing 115°T.  Course about 120°.  
    13.30   1 aircraft in sight, probably a Sunderland.  
    13.40   A U-boat in sight bearing 60°T.  Comes closer.  
    14.50   A Sunderland in sight bearing 100°T.  Course about 130°.  Turns away to port and flies back.  
    14.55   The U-boat out of sight bearing 0°T.  
    15.00   1 aircraft in sight bearing 230°T on approach course.  
    15.03 CG 1565 1 smoke cloud in sight bearing 100°T.  Soon more smoke clouds appear, a total of 4.  Finally after a long search the convoy.  Bearing signals of aircraft at the same time gave no clear picture.  
    15.50   1 aircraft in sight bearing 150°T.  Very long range.  
    16.00 CG 1595 Continuous contact keeper reports given.  Furthermore on request bearing signals for the Luftwaffe.  The aircraft escort of the convoy is in sight at a constant distance, once two aircraft at the same time.  
      WSW 1, Sea WSW 1, few clouds, Vis. very good  
    20.00 CG 1918    



Slight wind and Sea, few clouds, quite dark night Ran in to attack intending to shoot 4 vessels and then turn for a stern shot.  Unfortunately however the outer tube door of tube II will not open.  Shot with tubes I, III, IV on 3 steamers, after turning with tube V on one proceeding somewhat detached.  After 6 minutes 50 seconds, 7 minutes 06 seconds and 5 minutes 40 seconds 4 torpedo detonations.   
        Moved off to reload and shift to the other side.  The escort shoot star shells, however are placed very badly.  
    23.08.41 CG 1953    
      Weather unchanged., somewhat murky night    
    02.00 CG 2744 Ran in for 2nd attack.  Shortly before reaching shooting position a U-boat in sight between the convoy and us.  Turned away because the line of fire is not clear.  While running off a tanker is in flames, prior to that a second steamer sunk.  Quite wild star shell firing by the escorts.  The entire horizon was brightly illuminated,  
Sun and Moon Data 22.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 23.08.41
- 6 -
        The convoy drew ahead past the burning tanker.  14 vessels were distinguished.  
    02.27   Again ran in.  
    03.35 CG 2772 4 shots from the same tubes.  After 3 minutes 10 seconds a torpedo detonation and [illegible word] observed.  Immediate star shells, this time very accurate, but apparently the boat was not noticed.  
        Moved off to reload.  
    04.00 CG 2775    
      The horizon is still murky    
    05.13   Ran in for the 3rd attack.  In so doing a destroyer comes quite close and forms a massed target with 2 other steamers.  
    05.25 CG 2781 Shot from tubes I, III and IV on 2 steamers and 1 destroyers.  After 2 minutes 54 seconds/2 minutes 57 seconds/3 min 05 seconds heavy detonations and fiery glow.  1 steamer reverses after about 2 minutes, one other, probably the destroyer or an escort flies with an explosion and a large smoke cloud into the air.  Steamer sinks with stern erect against the sky.  
        This time the defense is very late and meager, where by an escort illuminates with a searchlight.  
        Moved off further from the convoy.  
    06.55   Success report and request for return transit sent by Radio Message to B.d.U.  
    07.33   Test dive.  
    08.10 CG 2759 Surfaced.  
      Slight wind and Sea, Vis. again very good    
    10.52   From B.d.U. request for further contact keeping reports.  Pursued.  Received a contact keeper report from "U-108".  
    12.00   Day's run:  Surfaced     263.3 nm  
                         Submerged    14.7 nm.  
    12.49   4 flares in sight.  
Sun and Moon Data 23.08.41
- 7 -
    13.20   Held on the the flares in the belief that they are distress signals from the shipwrecked.  In so doing a German U-boat comes in sight, U-106.  These had fired the sighted emergency signal which I had seen according to Rauch.  
    13.27   Crash dive for a destroyer.  At periscope depth 2 escorts, in the center one destroyer observed.  Destroyer was depth charging in series of up to 6, some with quite shallow settings, because the water columns was up to 10 meters.  Moved off at silent speed.  
    16.00 CG 5131    
    19.30   Surfaced.  Continued to search for contact with the convoy.  Reported to B.d.U.  
    20.00 CG 5132    
      Wind 0, Sea 0-1, very dark, clear    
    24.09.41 West of Cape Vincent    
    00.00 CG 5915    
      Freshening somewhat.    
    02.20   Portuguese passenger ship "LEURENCO MARQUES" n sight.  Went brightly illuminated in the direction of Lisbon, whose light glow could already be seen in the sky.  
    04.00 CG 5825 Radio Message from B.d.U. whereby Suhren should start return transit.  
    08.00 CG 5872    
      W 2, Sea NE 1, clear, Vis. good    
    12.00 CG 8249 Day's run:  Surfaced     161.1 nm  
      [typo probably CG 5849]                  Submerged    23.1 nm.  
    12.20   Reported starting return transit by Short Signal.  
    15.20   2 mastheads in sight.  Maneuvered ahead.  
    16.00 CG 5847    
      Freshening somewhat, cloudy    
    16.50   A sailing vessel in sight.  While attempting to avoid him, the Portuguese coast comes out.  Passed the sailing vessel at a distance of 800 meters.  
Sun and Moon Data 23.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 24.08.41
- 8 -
    18.03   Dived.  Closed the steamer.  It was a small Portuguese.  
    18.47   Surfaced, continued return transit.  
    20.00 CG 5825    
    20.49 CG 5588 Crash dive for an aircraft.  At depth = 20 meters one bomb quite close.  Also a second at depth = 40 meters a short time later.  Heavy concussion in the boat, however no failures.  
    22.45   Surfaced.  
    25.08.41 West of Portugal    
    00.00 CG 5557    
      Lightly misty    
    04.00 CG 5272    
    08.00 CG 2847    
      NNE 2, Sea NNE 1, overcast, Vis. changing    
    12.00 CG 2547 Day's run:  Surfaced     243.3 nm  
                         Submerged    17.5 nm.  
    16.00 CG 2974    
      Rain showers    
    20.00 BF 7848    
    26.08.41 Bay of Biscay    
    00.00 BF 7823    
      N 2, Sea N 1, cloudy, dark    
    04.00 BF 7614    
    08.00 BF 7528    
      Slight wind and Sea, heavily cloudy, Vis. very good    
    08.20   1 aircraft in sight.  
    08.43   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    09.40   Surfaced.  
    10.25   One aircraft in sight.  
    11.17   1 aircraft in sight bearing 210°T, shortly thereafter a second bearing 270°T.  Crash dive for a third bearing 240°T.  
    12.00 BF 4973 Day's run:  Surfaced 284 nm  Submerged 6 nm.  
    16.00 BF 4686    
      Clear sky, Vis. very good, slight sea    
    20.00 BF 5411    
Sun and Moon Data 24.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 25.08.41
Sun and Moon Data 26.08.41
- 9 -
    27.08.41 Off Brest    
    00.00 BF 5151    
      Very dark night    
    04.00   Recognition signals exchanged with the escort.  
    06.03   Taken in convoy.  
    08.45   Taken in convoy by Sperrbrecher.  
    10.20   Entered Brest.  Made fast berth 15.  
Sun and Moon Data 27.08.41

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Torpedo Torpedo firing reports


Comments of the Befehlshabers der Unterseeboote.

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                Very good patrol, shows that the generous use of torpedoes also at large range is sometimes correct if the escort makes approaching closer impossible.
    For the Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote  
    - The Chief of the Operations Department -  

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