U-454 - 1st War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason

Days at Sea
1 December 1941
12 December 1941
25 December 1941
20 January 1942


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Ships Attacked
KTB Time
17 Jan 42
68°33'N, 38°52.5'E
17 Jan 42
69°33'N, 36°30'E
HARMATRIS (damaged)
17 Jan 42
69°27'N, 35°30'E
 Total = 7,822
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

                                                               Copy No.              
                                                G  e  h  e  i  m    .  
                                           K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h  
                                                 Unterseeboot  "  454  "  
              Kommandant:          Kapitänleutnant Hackländer.  
                 Beginning: 24 July 1941  
              Concluding: 12 December 1941  
              Patrol        : 1 December 1941 Departing Kiel  
        12 December 1941 Arriving Kirkenes  
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- 1 -
    10.00 Kiel, Tirpitz Mole "U-454" Commissioned in the presence of the Chefof the 5. U-Flottille.  
    25-27.07.41 Kiel Harbor and Kiel Bay Independent training.  
           - " -
U.A.K. testing.  
    12.-20.08.41 Wesermünde and Mecklenburger Bay T.E.K. testing and independent training on shooting free days.  
    21.-22.08.41 Kiel, Tirpitz Harbor Overcharging of the batteries.  
    23.08.-05.09.41 Deutsche Werke, Kiel Final adjustments and overhaul, crew sailing cruise as leave.  
    06.-07.09.41 Kiel, Tirpitz Harbor Outfitting for training period in Danzig.  
    08.-12.09.41   Transit to Rönne (Bornholm) and sound trials there, then further transit to Danzig.  
    13.09.41 Danzig, Danziger Werft Dry-docked to repair the flood valve of the starboard negative buoyancy tank.  
    28.-29.09.41            - " - Over charging of the batteries.  
    30.09.41            - " - Artillery shooting.  
    01.10.-12.10.41            - " - Torpedo shooting, depth charge training, independent training with the 25. U-Flottille.  
    13.-23.10.41 Central and eastern Baltic Tactical training with the 27. U-Flottille.  
    24.-25.10.41   Return transit to Kiel.  
    27.10.-20.11.41 Kiel, Deutsches Werk A.G. Shipyard period, overhaul and making the boat ready for the Front.  
    22.-24.11.44   Sound trials in Rönne (Bornholm).  
    25.11.41 Kiel Torpedo loading.  
    26.11.41   - " - Degaussing, radio direction finder calibration.  
    27.11.41   - " - Provisions loading, balancing the boat, final trim test.  
    28.11.41   - " - Fresh provisions loading.  
    11.05 D.W.K. Dock IX Dry-docked to repair the flood valve 3 port forward.  
    14.10   Undocked.  
- 2 -
              Departure shifted to Monday 1 December 06.00 hours on orders of Chef 5. U-Flottille.  
    30.-31.11.41 Kiel Completion of outfitting.  
      Alongside "LECH"    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    06.00 SEbyE 4, Sea 3, overcast, Vis. medium After farewell by the Chef 5. U-Flottille departed on 1st patrol.  
    10.00 Point "Rot 15" Taken in convoy by "U-130" and "U-134".  Transit on Route "Rot" and "Schwarz" to the north.  
    12.00   Distance covered 57 nm.  
    19.30 E 3, Sea 2, overcast, Vis. medium Passed Seelandsrev Barrier.  Taken in convoy by 2 patrol boats.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    05.00 WSW 2, Sea 1 Passed Skagen.  
    12.00 WSW 4, Sea 3 Day's run:  270 nm  
    13.43   Ran into Kristiansand South, made fast alongside "U-134".  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    04.45 Northern North Sea Ready for sea.  
    05.00 SW 2, Sea 0-1, clear, Vis. good (moon) Departed Kristiansand in convoy with patrol boats "M 1107" and "MK 06" transit to Skudesnes.  
    12.00 Wind 0, SW-Swell 3, overcast, Vis. 6 nm Day's run:  86 nm  
    15.37 AN 3161 Released from convoy, continued transit independently.  
      Fog, Vis. 200 meters    
    17.10 - 18.27 AN 3125 balanced the boat, continued transit.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
Sun and Moon Data 01.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 02.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 03.12.41
- 3 -
    00.00 Wind 0, Swell 3, overcast, scattered fog, moon, Vis. greatly changing    
    04.00 AN 2334    
      NWbyW 4, Sea 3, increasing, clear, Vis. very good    
    07.50 AF 8743 Crash dive for training.  Balanced the boat.  Depth control training of the Watch Officers, deep dive (depth = 60 meters), damage control exercises.  
    12.00 AF 8478 Day's run:  225 nm ( 210 nm, 15 nm)  
    13.37 WbyN 3, cloudless, Vis. 20 nm continued transit.  
    17.51 AF 8412 Outgoing Radio Message:  Passed 62°N.  Hackländer  
    20.00 AF 8476    
      WSW 4, Swell 5, clear, full moon, Vis. 5 nm    
    22.29   Incoming Radio Message:  Kals, Schendel, Hackländer proceed in accordance with War Order on 5 December 06.30 hours switch to Greenland Circuit.  
        Order does not agree with Outbound Orders, in which Circuit "Karl Otto" is ordered until reaching Kirkenes.  Because the Outbound Orders were issued by another Commander rather than B.d.U. switched to the ordered Circuit.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    05.12.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AF 8152    
      SbyW 6, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. changing    
    04.00 AF 5789    
    08.00 AF 5765 Incoming Radio Message from B.d.U. orders to Schendel and Hackländer to switch to Greenland Circuit rescinded.  Both proceed under Gruppe Nord orders.  
      SbyW 5, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. medium  
        Switched to Circuit "Karl Otto".  
    08.58   , Crash dive for training. Balanced the boat.  Depth control training.  
Sun and Moon Data 04.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 05.12.41
- 4 -
    11.11 SbyW, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. medium continued transit.  
    12.00 AF 5739 Day's run:  164 nm ( 159 nm, 5 nm)  
    14.12 AF 5811   Crash dive, aircraft bearing 230°T.  
    14.34   .  
    16.00 AF 5575    
      SbyW 2-3, Swell 5, overcast, Vis. 12 nm    
    20.00 AF 5551    
      WSW 3, Swell 4, overcast, Vis. medium, few rain squalls    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AF 5286    
    04.00 AF 5263    
      WSW 3-4, Swell 4-5, clear, Vis. good, moon    
    08.00 AF 2978    
    10.36   Crash dive for training.  Balanced the boat.  
    11.05   .  
    12.00 AF 2954 Day's run:  166 nm ( 164 nm, 2 nm)  
      SSW 4, Sea 4, squally, occasional rain, Vis. good    
    16.00 AF 2923    
    20.00 AF 2666    
      SSE 6-7, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. medium    
    22.30 AF 3411 Drifting mine.  
    23.50   Outgoing Radio Message from "U-454" to Gruppe Nord:  23.30 hours passed 68°N.  
        Since leaving the convoy there has been no opportunity for a stellar navigation fix.  Plotted ships position in the weather conditions is very inexact. Expect significant offset to the north.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
Sun and Moon Data 05.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 06.12.41
- 5 -
    00.00 AF 3412    
      SSE 5-6, Sea 4, overcast, Vis. medium    
    04.00 AF 3157    
      EbyS 6-7, Sea 5, clear, moonshine, Vis. good    
    08.00 AF 3123    
    10.33   Crash dive for training, balanced the boat.  
    10.55   .  
    12.00 AF 3135 Ship's position by navigation fix, however rejected because the observation was uncertain.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position 195°T, 19 nm, seems unlikely given the weather and current conditions up to now.  
        Day's run:  142 nm ( 141 nm, 1 nm)  
    16.00 AB 9781 Port diesel out of service (cylinder 3 leaks).  Because repairs in the prevailing Sea State must be completed for the most part submerged and will last about 48 hours, I decide to continue to Kirkenes at the previous transit speed (1 diesel LF).  
    20.00 AB 9761    
      EbyS Sea 4, clear    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    08.12.41 Norwegian Sea    
    00.00 AB 9877    
      ESE 3, Swell 4, clear, Vis. good, moonshine    
    04.00 AB 9549    
    08.00 AB 9528    
    10.04   Crash dive for training, balanced the boat.  
    10.32   .  
    12.00 AB 9321 Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 39°T, 56 nm.  Therefore yesterday's ship's position was incorrect.  
      ESE 7, Sea 5-6, clear, Vis. good  
        Day's run:  167 nm ( 165 nm, 2 nm)  
    16.00 AB 6994    
Sun and Moon Data 07.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 08.12.41
- 6 -
    20.00 AC 4772    
      ESE 5, Sea 5, clear, moonshine, Vis. good    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 4791    
      E 3, Swell 4, clear, moonshine, at times snow squalls    
    04.00 AC 4775


    08.00 AC 4886    
      EbyN 5, Sea 4, overcast, Vis. good    
    12.00 AC 4974 Day's run:  163 nm    
    16.00 AC 4978    
    20.00 ESE 4-5, Sea 4-5, overcast, snow squalls, Vis. changing 200-300 meters Because entering Kirkenes is only possible during twilight (11.00-14.00 hours), I intend on 11 December at 12.00 hours to be off Bökfjord and up to then on changing courses make a detour to the east, to possibly get a shooting opportunity.  
    21.00   Outgoing Radio Message:  Gruppe Nord from "U-454".  Position 11 December 12.00 hours off Bökfjord.  
    21.50 AC 5779 Incoming Radio Message.  Stand by for bearing signals.   "U-134".  
        Monitored from 22.15 hours up to 22.30 hours - nothing received.  "U-134" must be in the vicinity.  Because no bearing signals and no contact keeping reports come, continued on changing courses to the east.  Situation was clarified by Radio Message received 00.24 hours.  Own convoy.  B.d.K. to "U-134".  
    23.11 AC 5721 Incoming (Officer-Only) Radio Message to "U-134" from Gruppe Nord.  Enter Kirkenes through Bökfjord via point 69° 55'N 30° 8.9°E with arrival course 188° to Kjelmöy Lighthouse.  At barrier square AC 8464 right half upper center between Hornöy Lighthouse and 200-meter line is pointed out  
        The Radio Message confirms the expected entrance possibilities  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 5722    
      SEbyE 5, Sea 4-5, overcast, Vis. changing    
    04.00 AC 5732    
      EbyN 5-7, Sea 5-6, snow squalls    
Sun and Moon Data 08.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 09.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 10.12.41
- 7 -
    08.00 AC 8212    
    09.27   Crash dive for training.  Balanced the boat.  
        Continued transit submerged to carry out preparatory work on the starboard diesel.  
    12.00 AC 8224 Day's run:  167 nm ( 148 nm, 8 nm)  
    12.10 E 5-6, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. changing .  
    16.00 AC 8224 Incoming Radio Message Gruppe Nord to "U-134" and "U-454".  From now both boats switch to U-boat Coastal Circuit to enter Kirkenes.  
      EbyS 3, Sea 4, changing cloudiness and Vis.  
    17.12   Incoming Radio Message:  From Gruppe Nord.  Until entering Kirkenes Radio Messages for Schendel and Hackländer will be sent on Greenland and Coastal U-boat Circuits.  
        Both Radio Messages were not understood because since 5 December at 11.00 hours had switched to U-boat Coastal Circuit and from 9 December 21.00 hours messages to Gruppe Nord were repeated correctly by Control Station.  
    18.35   Incoming Radio Message:  1)  Adm Nordmeer to "U-134". M-Boats and Pilot Boats not possible due to fog.  Wait on arrival of escort.  
        2.) Officer-Only Adm. Nordmeer to "U-454".  
             1)  Report position.  
            2) 5 destroyers with "TANGA" 10 December 09.00 hours transit Tromsö - Kirkenes, 30 nm distance.  
    19.15   Starboard diesel cylinder 2 shows slight leakage.  Repair intended in Kirkenes because the diesel is operable.  
        On Coastal Circuit.  
        The signature "Adm. Nordmeer" comes up for the first time.  This name was not  preciously a known command, also the signature B.d.K. in Radio Message of 10 December 00.24 hours was not understood completely.  
    21.24   Outgoing Radio Message:  Admiral Nordmeer from "U-454".  Square AC 8512.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 8543 Back and forth in position square 8510.  
      ENE 5, Sea 4-5, changing cloudiness and Vis.    
    04.00 SE 3, Sea 3    
    08.00 AC 8467    
      NEbyE 2, Sea 3, hazy horizon, Vis. medium    
Sun and Moon Data 10.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 11.12.41
- 8 -
    09.00 SW 3-4, Sea 2-3, thick fog, Vis. 300-100 meters, snow and hail showers Bridge with periscopes, 2 cm anti-aircraft guns, cannon, antennas is heavily iced.  Lookout is very difficult due to hail squalls with hailstones larger than peas.  
    10.30   For a few seconds to port a mountain ridge towers high over the boat.  The boat must be close under land.  Because according to the Sailing Directions a current runs towards the coast came about and moved off slowly to await visibility improvement.  
    11.52 AC 8487 Surfacing U-boat bearing 340°T, 400 meters away.  I believe it is "U-134" and send a Recognition Signal which was not answered.  Dove away.  While diving I recognize the boat had a strange appearance.  No 2 cm anti-aircraft gun on the bridge, periscope was a bit more aft, net deflector carried over the periscope sheers.  Exact observation not possible because the boat could only be seen only momentarily in the increasing fog.  
      Vis. 50-400 meters  
    11.54   Crash dive.  Gave up running off on the surface due to the the poor awareness of the location of the enemy and exposure to attack.  Went to silent running.  
    12.00 AC 8488 Day's run:  185 nm  
    12.15   Sound bearing 350°T.  Went to periscope depth.  Both periscopes iced, cannot be extended.  To depth = 10 meters.  
    12.24   Sonar sounds (rhythmic chirping, like the German close sonar).  Consider it unlikely that "U-134" is equipped with sonar.  Noted in "WEYER" that the Finish boat is similar, the presence of Finish boats in the Arctic is unknown.  Again to periscope depth.  Visibility 300 meters.  Several sound bearings between 350° and 35°, a second sonar was distinguished.  
    13.20 Vis. 100-500 meters and ran in the direction of the last sound bearing.  
    13.55   3 shadows bearing 320°T, were recognized as German destroyers.  Recognition Signals exchanged with "Z 26" (Leader of the 8. Z-Flottille).  Report to Flottillenchef:  Sighted unknown U-boat 2 hours previously, probably "U-134".   
        Outgoing Radio Message:  Gruppe Nord from "U-454".  Unknown U-boat square AC 8480.  
    14.00 AC 8480 Waited on escort back and forth in position with Z-Flottille and "TANGA".  Visibility improved.  
Sun and Moon Data 11.12.41
- 9 -
    16.00 NE 3, Sea 3, changing cloudiness, Vis. 100-300 meters Escort seems unlikely for today and furthermore not possible in darkness.  Intend to move off further, in order to avoid an uncertain situation with the destroyers and "U-134".  
    17.26   Outgoing Radio Message:  Admiral Nordmeer from "U-454".  On 12 December 11.00 hours will be off Bökfjord.  
        Decided to start repairs of the starboard diesel in the coming night and for this to dive for 8-9 hours.  
    18.30   Incoming Radio Message:  Kr Kr Gruppe Nord for "U-134" and "U-454" from Admiral Nordmeer.  Mine escort did not depart due to fog.  Go to Vadsö or Vardö. Await escort, report.  
        I will carry out despite diesel repairs because otherwise the starboard diesel is unreliable.  Also, I think at night in poor visibility and uncertain navigation entering narrow unlit port off the English minefields is risky.  
    19.54   Outgoing Radio Message:  Admiral Nordmeer from "U-454".  Dived from 21.00 to 06.00 for repair of the port diesel in square 8540.  
    20.00 AC 8547    
      E 2, Sea 2-3, clear, hazy horizon, Vis. 2000 meters    
    21.00   to repair the port diesel (removal of cylinder head 2)  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    06.00 AC 8547 ran in the direction of the coast to determine visibility in Varangerfjord.  Intend with sufficient visibility (meaning when departure of the mine escort can be expected) to go to the reported waiting position off Bökfjord, in poor visibility entering Vardö.  
      EbyN 3-4, freshening Sea 3, clear, Vis. good, isolated show squalls  
    09.20 AC 8484 Smoke cloud bearing 40°T.  Suspect the convoy with 2 M-Boats announced by "SÜDMEER" Radio Message.  Recognition Signals exchanged with "M 15" (Chef 3.MS.Flottille).  Joined convoy, to enter with.  
    12.00   Day's run:  122 nm ( 90 nm, 32 nm)  
    13.00 Thick ground fog, Vis. at times 5-10 meters Detached from "M 18" convoy and went to Kirkenes.  
    14.02 Kirkenes Made fast alongside "U-134", reported to Admiral Nordmeer.  
Sun and Moon Data 11.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 12.12.41
- 10 -
        From the debrief with the Kommandant of "U-134" it turned out that this boat saw a U-boat on 12 December about 04.00 hours that was believed to be "U-454" and whose recognition signal was not answered.  Boat had a German silhouette.  At this time "U-454" was in square 8540.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  


Comments of the Admiral Nordmeer on the K.T.B. of "U-454" for the period
    from 24.7. to 12.12.41  
1) To 4 December - 22.29 hours:
  The Transit Orders of the boat for the shift from the homeland to Kirkenes should have included a reference to the subsequent placing of the boat under the Admiral Nordmeer, formerly B.d.K.  Thus, the uncertainty incurred by the boat  from the signature of the Radio Messages might have been avoided.
2) To 11 December - 11.52 hours:
  As later noted, it could only have been an enemy submarine here, the co-location of 2 own U-boats should have been avoided by implementing measures, but I was not able to do this because I was not aware of the transit instructions of the boats, nor was my Command Center in operation and therefore lacked the necessary means of communications. On the ordered radio communications links for boats there were arrival delays up to 6 hours here or at the boats; therefore the boats could neither inform me of their location, nor or was I able to control the boats quickly.
  Incidentally, "U-134" also saw an enemy U-boat (on 12 December) that was taken as "U-454".
  It is unfortunate that good attack opportunities against enemy U-boats could not be exploited due to the presence of 2 own boats in the same sea area which were not mutually informed about their locations.
                                                                            signed in draft Schmundt.


                                                             Copy No.             
                                                G  e  h  e  i  m  .  
                                     K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h  
                                         Unterseeboot  "  U  454  "  
          Kommandant: Kapitänleutnant  Hackländer  
          Beginning:     13 December 1941  
          Concluding:     20 January 1942  
          Patrol:     25 December 1941 departed Kirkenes,  
            20 January 1942  arrived Kirkenes,  
- 1 -
    13.12.41 Kirkenes alongside steamer "WESTSEE".  
    Condition of the boat:  Port diesel out of service.  Repairs could not be completed 11-12 December because the spare cylinder head did not fit (guide ring 2 mm too high).  Making it fit was not possible by on board means.  Starboard cylinder II leaks, clear for limited operation.  
    After reported to Admiral Nordmeer and determining repair possibilities on "SÜDMEER" Admiral Nordmeer orders:  Go alongside "SÜDMEER".  Make the spare cylinder head fit and install, weld the leaking cylinder head and retain as spare head on board.  If welding is not possible, report to Admiral Nordmeer who will get one from the homeland.  When "U-584" arrived it is checked to see whether the reserve cylinder head fits and if it can be used.  Admiral Nordmeer made a provisional report concerning the interrupted War Order, final War Order report to follow when the duration of the repair is known.  
    14.12.41 Kirkenes alongside steamer "WESTSEE"    
    10.45   Cast off from steamer "WESTSEE", transit to Neidenfjord.  
    12.47 Neidenfjord Made fast alongside supply ship "SÜDMEER".  Began repairs.  
        A part of the crew overnighted for the duration of the stay on the nearby lying hospital ship "BERLIN".  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    15.12.41 Neidenfjord alongside "SÜDMEER" Took over lubricating oil.  
    16.12.41            -  "  - Welding of the crack in the cylinder head port 2 and starboard 2 not possible.  
        Outgoing Radio Message:  OKM, Adm.Norwegen, B.d.U., ADM NORDMEER, 7. U-Flottille from "U-454".  Subject:  War Order.  
        To a)  Tear in cylinder port 3 and starboard 2.  
        To b)  Yes.  
        To c)  After arrival of spare parts from Germany.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    10.20 - 11.37            -  "  - Cast off because "SÜDMEER" shifted to another anchorage.  
    14.15            -  "  - "U-134" made fast alongside.  
    19.12.41            -  "  - 1 torpedo taken from the forward over deck container and given to "U-134".  
- 2 -
    20.12.41 Neidenfjord alongside "SÜDMEER"    
    14.00   "U-584" made fast alongside "SÜDMEER".  
    18.45   Outgoing Radio Message:  Very Urgent  2. A.d.U., copy Admiral Nordmeer, from "U-454".  Request immediate permission to install the spare cylinder heads from "U-584" on "U-454".  
    22.34            -  "  - Incoming Radio Message:  "U-454" from Admiral Nordmeer.  To Radio Message 1813/67. Execute the work.  
    22.12.41            -  "  -    
    02.16   Outgoing Radio Message:  OKM. Adm. Norwegen, B.d.U., Adm. Nordmeer, 7. U-Flottille from "U-454".  Concerning War Order.  
        To c)  23.12.41.  
    09.00   Both diesels in operation.  
    12.30   Cast off from "SÜDMEER".  Transit to Kirkenes for provisions supply.  
    14.00 Kirkenes alongside steamer SANDNES" Made fast, a part of the crew overnight on steamer "SANDNES".  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    23.12.41 Kirkenes, ore pier Provisions loading.  
    10.00            -  "  - Cast off, transit to Neidenfjord.  
    11.50 Neidenfjord alongside "SÜDMEER". Made fast alongside "U-584".  
    18.30 - 21.30   Christmas party of the crew.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    25.12.41            -  "  -    
    09.30   Cast off from "SÜDMEER".  
    09.52   Trim test.  
    10.48   Transit to Kirkenes.  
    12.30 Kirkenes Made fast alongside "M 1505" in a group with "U-134" and "U-584".  
    13.30   Muster of the crew with Admiral Nordmeer.  
    15.30   Ready for sea, departed on 2nd patrol.  
    16.00   Taken in convoy (3 M-Boote).  
    16.53 AC 8487 Released from convoy, continued transit alone.  
      NbyW 7, Sea 5, clear, individual snow squalls, Vis. good    
    20.00 AC 8492    
      N 7, Sea 6    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
Sun and Moon Data 25.12.41
- 3 -
    00.00 AC 8557 Boat is on course athwart the sea and "Both diesels HF plus 2 x 10" about 9.5 knots.  Therefore the Position Line 1 will not be reached until 12.30 hours.  Higher speed is not possible.  Radio message concerning late arrival omitted to not break radio silence and because the speed of advance of the other boats is similar.  
      N 7, Sea 6, Vis. changing  
    04.00 AC 8593    
    08.00 AC 8683    
    08.10   Fuel oil boost pump of the port diesel out of service.  (drive chain torn) port diesel stopped.  
    08.45   Malfunction repaired.  
    12.00 AC 9448 Covered:  186 nm  
      N 7, Sea 6, overcast, Vis. changing    
    15.24 [Heimisch = Dolphin] Incoming Officer-Only Radio Message:  Keying material General Home Waters in enemy hands.  Until new instructions use Officer-Only.  
    15.50   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat, deiced.  
    16.00 AC 9464 center-right edge    
      N 6, Sea 6, overcast, Vis. changing    
    17.00   .  
    19.15   Dogs on the conning tower hatch latch are cracked (contrary to all the other hatches), is held by only 3 bolts.  For the duration of the repairs the boat is not clear to crash dive.  
    19.32   Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  From B-Diesnt report at the moment Convoy "Q 6" is underway on the northern route.   
        Visibility conditions are strongly worsened by the continually overcoming sea, the use of binoculars is excluded.  
    22.50   Went to "Both diesels KF plus 10".  Bridge continually overrun by green seas.  Bridge crew secured.  
    22.30   Damage to the conning tower hatch repaired.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 9164 right edge    
      NW 6, Sea 6, overcast, Vis. medium    
Sun and Moon Data 26.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 27.12.41
- 4 -
    04.00 AC 9134    
      NW 7-8, Sea 7    
    08.00 AC 6791    
      NW 7, Sea 7, overcast, fog, Vis. poor    
    09.00   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat, deiced.  
    10.12   .  
    10.15    .  The continually overcoming seas make a lookout impossible.  Listening gear is more reliable.  Continued submerged.  Opportunity to clean ship and dry the completely drenched rain gear.  
    12.00 AC 6764 Day's run:  147 nm ( 135 nm, 12 nm)  
    16.00 AC 6734 .  Despite the unfavorable visibility conditions continued on the surface to charge the battery.  
      NbyW 7-8, Sea 6-7, overcast, fog, Vis. 200 meters  
    17.26   Incoming Radio Message Gruppe Nord.  Keyword "Perseus" again in effect from 28 December 00.00 hours for key area Homeland Waters.  
    18.00 NNW 5-6, Sea 4-5, overcast, Vis. 2000 meters With lasting visibility improvement continued on the surface.  
    20.00 AC 6721    
      NNW 4-5, Sea 4-5, at times clear, Vis. good    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 5693    
      N 4, Sea 4, overcast, snow squalls, Vis. medium    
    04.00 AC 5618    
      NE 2, Sea 2, overcast, Vis. good    
    08.00 AC 5287    
    10.00   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
    10.30    .  
    12.00 AC 5194 Day's run:  198 nm ( 185 nm, 13 nm)  
    16.00 AC 5174    
      SE 5, Sea 4, clear, Vis. good    
    20.00 AC 4388    
      SE 4-5, overcast, snow squalls, Vis. changing    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
Sun and Moon Data 27.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 28.12.41
- 5 -
    00.00 AC 4297    
    04.00 AC 4277 lower-left corner    
      ESE 4, freshening, clear, individual snow squalls, Vis. good    
    08.00 AC 4179 lower-right corner    
      ENE 6, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. medium    
    09.00   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  Intake and exhaust valve port 1 replaced.  
    11.00    .  
    12.00 NE 5, Sea 4-5, clearing, Vis. good Day's run:  195 nm ( 189 nm, 6 nm)  
    13.00 AC 4417 Ship's position by stellar navigation fix, the first since departing.  
    16.00 AB 6634    
      NEbyE 4, Sea 3-4, clear, Vis. good    
    17.00   Leak in cylinder head port 1.  Because there is no spare cylinder head on board and the leak is only slight, operation maintained with continuous separation of the lubricating oil.  
    from 18.00   In accordance with Operations Order D and E back and forth in position in patrol line from square AB 6397 lower-center edge to square 6367 upper-edge center.  
    20.00 AB 6391    
      NE 3, Sea 3, misty, Vis. medium    
    20.45 - 21.15 AB 6367 Light young pack ice.  
      SE 2, Sea 0, overcast, misty, Vis. medium    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AB 6394    
      S 2, Sea 0-1    
    04.00 AB 9591    
      SE 3, Sea 3, misty, Vis. medium    
    08.00 AB 9397    
      WSW 3    
    09.15   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
    09.45   .  
    12.00 AB 6364 Day's run:  179 nm ( 177 nm, 2 nm)  
      WSW 1, Sea 1, cloudy, Vis. good    
Sun and Moon Data 29.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 30.12.41
- 6 -
    16.00 AB 6397 Ship's position after navigation fix.  
      S 3, Sea 2-3, overcast, Vis. good    
    20.00 AB 6394    
      SSW 2, Sea 2    
    21.30 AB 6364 Shadow directly ahead, was initially thought to be a smoke cloud, turned out to be land (Bäreninsel 539 meters high).  Dark high shadow, steeply falling, above bright glow of polar ice on the horizon.  Distance from land by plotting and radio bearing 27 nm.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AB 6394    
      SbyE 5, Sea 4, clear, Vis. good    
    02.00   Port diesel clear for "HF".  
    04.00 AB 6391 Lookout very degraded by overcoming sea.  
      S 6, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. good    
    08.00 AB 6367 Use of binoculars not possible.  
      SSE 6, Sea 5    
    09.00   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
        .  Because a reliable lookout cannot be maintained came to a course athwart the sea (270° or 90°)  
    12.00 AB 6391 Day's run:  147 nm ( 145 nm, 2 nm)  
      SSE 6, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. 5-6 nm    
    16.00 AB 6391    
      SSE 5-6, Sea 5    
    20.00 SW 4, abating, Sea 4-5, overcast, Vis. medium    
    21.50   Came to N-S course.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AB 6367    
      SSW 3, Sea 3    
    04.00 AB 6397    
      SSW 2, Swell 0-1, overcast, rain, Vis. 1-2 nm    
    08.00 AB 6367    
      SW 2, Swell 3, overcast, rain, Vis. 600 meters    
    09.00   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
    12.00 AB 6364 Day's run:  179 nm ( 177 nm, 2 nm)  
      WSW 1, Sea 1, cloudy, Vis. good    
Sun and Moon Data 30.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 31.12.41
Sun and Moon Data 01.01.42
- 7 -
    13.04   Incoming Radio Message:  Adm. Nordmeer to Group Schendel.  Patrol Line II on 2 January 22.00 hours.  
    16.00 AB 6394    
      WSW 4-5, Sea 3, overcast, Vis. medium    
    20.00 AB 6367    
      SW 3, Swell 3, drizzle, Vis. 2 nm    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AB 6394    
      SW 4-5, Sea 3    
    04.00 AB 6367    
      SW 4, Sea 4    
    08.00 AB 6367    
      W 6, Sea 5, overcast, fog, Vis. 1 nm    
    09.00 Vis. 100 meters Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
    10.00 W 7, Sea 5  
    12.00 AB 6367 Day's run:  152 nm ( 149 nm, 3 nm)  
      WSW 6-7, Sea 5-6, overcast, Vis. 5 nm    
    12.52   Incoming Radio Message (Short Signal):  Have so far sunk an easterly steamer.  U-134  
        The meaning of the Radio Message is not entirely clear.  Does it mean easterly course or sea area?  
    16.00 AB 6394    
      W 6-7, Sea 6, overcast, Vis. 6 nm    
    17.46   Incoming Radio Message:  Admiral Nordmeer from Schendel:  Square AB 6337 independent on easterly course sunk.  
    20.00 AB 6399    
      SSW 5-6, Sea 5, clear, Vis. 7-8 nm, full moon Northern Lights    
    22.00   Began transit to Patrol Line II.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 4422    
      W 4, Sea 5-6    
    04.00 SSW 5, Sea 5-6    
    08.00 AC 4523    
      SSW 5, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. 5-6 nm    
    09.00   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
Sun and Moon Data 01.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 02.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 03.01.42
- 8 -
    12.00 AC 4611 Day's run:  162 nm ( 160 nm, 2 nm)  
      SE 5-6, Sea 6, clear, Vis. 10 nm    
    15.12   Incoming Radio Message (Officer-Only):  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  From B-Dienst report convoy "P Q 7 intends to depart on 24 December from Iceland for North Russia.  Convoy "P Q 6" probably already arrived Russia.  
    16.00 AC 4223 The Operations Order speed of 7.5 knots cannot be held, despite "Both diesels LF".   Accept loss of time to conserve the port diesel.  
    20.00 AC 5411    
      SE 6, Sea 6, clear, isolated snow squalls, Vis. changing 200 meters to 5 nm    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 5423    
      SbyE 5, Sea 4, overcast, Vis. medium    
    04.00 AC 5511    
      E 6, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. medium    
    08.00 AC 5523    
      ENE 5-6, Sea 5    
    09.00   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
    12.00 ESE 5, Sea 5 Day's run:  150 nm ( 148 nm, 2 nm)  
        Incoming Radio Message:  To all U-boats under Adm. Nordmeer.  Very low frequency Kootwyk will not transmit 5 and 6 January from 09.30 to 13.00 hours  
    14.51   Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer 4 January 12.00 hours unknown unit bearing 27 from Vardoe.  Report is not specific enough to warrant interrupting the ordered transit to Patrol Line II.  
    16.00 AC 5651    
      ENE 5, Sea 5, Vis. 3 nm    
    20.00 AC 5668    
      NNE 5, Sea 4, overcast, Vis. 2-3 nm    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 6476 Boat heavily iced.  
      N 4-6m Sea 4    
    02.38   Radio Message feeds to the net deflectors forward and aft torn by icing.  
        to melt the ice.  
Sun and Moon Data 03.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 04.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 05.01.42
- 9 -
    04.00 AC 6723 .  
      NNE 4, Sea 3, overcast, misty, Vis. 2 nm    
    08.00 AC 6764    
      NNW 4, Sea 3    
    11.15   Radio Message feed forward net deflector in service again.  
    12.00 AC 9131 Day's run:  163 nm ( 159 nm, 4 nm)  
      NNW 4, Sea 3, overcast, isolated show squalls, Vis. 2-3 nm    
    13.30   Incoming Radio Message:  Kr Kr Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  At the latest from 19.00 hours be in patrol line from square AW 2130, square 2210, square 2220.  
        Came to highest speed about 15 knots.  Boat can not be in ordered position before 02.00 hours.  No report to Adm. Nordmeer to preserve radio silence.  
    13.40   Incoming Radio Message:  Very Urgent  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  By bearings convoy for Swjatoi-Noss 19.00 hours square AC 9770 and patrol vessel line Kanin-Noss to Ostrowow suspected.  
    15.00   Attack periscope unusable due to condensation.  Cannot be repaired by on board means, after drying the contamination remains behind.  
    18.30   Starboard diesel cooling water line leaks.  Operation can be maintained.  
    20.00 AC 9481    
      NW 2, Sea 2, (Swell), cloudy, moon, Northern Lights, Vis. changing 2-6 nm    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 9781 Still no enemy reports from the other two boats.  
      SSW 3, Sea 2    
    01.40 AW 2215 Advance at LF to the SW edge of the ordered square and there back and forth on EW courses in the center of the square.  
    04.00 AW 2215    
      NNW 2, Sea 2, clear, moon, Vis. 6 nm    
    08.00 AW 2214 Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
    09.00 SSW 2, Sea 1-2 .  
    11.17 AW 2216 Crash dive, aircraft bearing 15°T.  
    11.56   .  
    12.00 AW 2213 Lookout was degraded by the lack of binoculars,  Of 15 pairs (including the Kommadant's pair) 10 are unusable due to condensation.  
      Wind circling, 0-1, Swell 1, cloudy, Vis. 10-15 nm  
Sun and Moon Data 05.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 06.01.42
- 10 -
    16.00 AW 2237    
      NNE 2, Swell 1, overcast, Vis. 5 nm    
    16.24   Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  U-boat hunt barrier between 67° 30'N and 72°N from 26°E to 44°E.  
    18.41 [this section is an insert which covers the text below] Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  From 7 January 08.00 hours patrol line U-134 square 9790, U-454 square 9780, U-584 square 9770.  
    20.00 ENE 3, Sea 2, cloudy, occasional snow squalls, Vis. 3-4 nm    
    21.28   Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  Air reconnaissance set against convoy 5 January broke off due to weather conditions.  6 January sea area Swjatoi-Noss to entrance of the White Sea no success.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
      overcast, individual snow squalls, Vis. 2-3 nm    
    08.45   .  Back and forth in position in square 9780 on changing courses.  
    12.00 AC 9786 Day's run:  181 nm ( 179 nm, 2 nm)  
      NE 5, Sea 4, overcast, Vis. 4-5 nm    
    16.00 AC 9785    
      NE 5, Sea 4    
    20.00 AC 9782    
      NE 5-6, Sea 5, overcast, snow squalls, Vis. 1-2 nm, in squalls 50-100 meters    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 9789    
      NbyE 6, Sea 5,    
    04.00 AC 9785    
      NNE 7, Sea 6, overcast, snow squalls, Vis. 100 meters - 1 nm    
    08.00 AC 9785    
      NbyE 6-7, Sea 6    
Sun and Moon Data 06.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 07.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 08.01.42
- 11 -
    09.40 NbyE 7, Sea 6-7, overcast, snow squalls, fog, Vis. 100-800 meters continued transit submerged.  
    12.00 AC 9783 Day's run:  147 nm ( 140 nm, 7 nm)  
    15.00 Overcast, Vis. 1000 meters .  
    16.00 AC 9785    
      NbyE 7, Sea 6, overcast, Vis. 1-2 nm    
    20.00 AC 9785    
      NbyE 5, Sea 4-5, overcast, Vis. 1-3 nm    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 9786    
      NE 4, Sea 4    
    00.12   Incoming Radio Message with return transit orders for       "U-584".  
    04.00 AC 9789    
      NE 4, Sea 3-4, cloudy, Vis. 2-3 nm    
    08.00 AC 9784 Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
      NNE 2, Swell 4, overcast, Vis. 1-2 nm    
    08.41   .  
    12.00 AC 9785 Day's run:  143 nm ( 132 nm, 11 nm)  
      NNE 5, squalls, Sea 5-6, cloudy, snow squalls, Vis. 2000-3000 meters    
    16.00 AC 9785    
      NE 3, Swell 4, cloudy, Vis. 1-4 nm    
    17.17   Incoming Radio Message:  U-134, U-454 from Adm. Nordmeer.  From 9 January 18.00 hours patrol line U-454 square 2210, U-134 square 2200.  Free to close the coast within the width of the square.  Be in assigned square on 11 and 12 January due to destroyer operations.  
        Ship's position is very uncertain because for three days there have been no stellar observations and due to weather and undetectable coastal current significant offset is likely.  
    from 19.00   Back and forth in position in square 2210.  
    20.00 NNE 3, Swell 3, cloudy, Vis. 2-3 nm    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 NNE 2, Swell, overcast, Vis. 1-2 nm, continual snow squalls with Vis. down to 50 meters.    
Sun and Moon Data 08.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 09.01.42
- 12 -
    03.51   Took a bearing on the radio beacon on Cape Gorodetzki.  From the experience reports of boats operating here the running of the beacon always means convoy traffic.  Intend in the coming night to close the coast in accordance with Radio Message of 9 January 17.17 hours.  
    04.00 AW 2211    
      NNW 4, Sea 2-3, overcast, Vis. 1-3 nm    
    08.00 AW 2216    
      NNW 4, Sea 4 Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
    08.45   .  
    12.00 AW 2213 Day's run:  148 nm ( 146 nm, 2 nm)  
      NNW 3, Sea 3    
    13.00 AW 2213 Drifting Russian mine, attempt to shoot not possible due to Sea State.  
    14.09   Incoming Radio Message:  "U-584" reports destruction of enemy U-boat off Varangerfjord.  
    15.00   Radio Beacon Kanin -Noss, Swjatoi-Noss, Gorodetzki run.  
    16.00 AC 9778 Ship's position after stellar navigation fix agrees with radio beacon nearly exactly.  
    17.25 AC 9787 White light bearing 110°T appearing out of a snow squall.  To Action Stations, held onto the light, disappeared in a snow squall.  On searching nothing in sight.  Steered search course 245°.  Believe that the light was a star shell of a convoy because initially it shined quite high above the horizon and then dropped.  The entire afternoon the running beacons indicate traffic.  Decision:  Leave the square to close the coast on course 245° and run along the coast to the NE of Cape Tscherny, then with N course back to the square.  
    20.00 AW 2126    
      W 3-4, Sea 3, clear, cloudless, moonless, faint Northern Lights, Vis. 6 - 8 nm    
    20.05   Light bearing 230°T.  To Action Stations.  Turned to hold it.  The light turned out to be a star distorted by a mirage.  
    21.40   Incoming Radio Message:  Adm. Nordmeer to Group Schendel.  Destroyer operation postponed.  U-134 and U-454 free to maneuver up to the coast within the assigned square width.  
        Came to course 132° to run along the coast.  Coast clearly distinguished.  At times a light mist over land.  
    23.13   Flashing beacon 40°T (1 flash) beacon on Nokujew.  
    23.35   Flashing beacon 20°T (flash group 2) beacon on Swjatoi-Noss.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
Sun and Moon Data 10.01.42
- 13 -
    00.00 AW 2248    
      W 3, Sea 2, Vis. 6-8 nm    
    04.00 AW 2215    
      W 4-5, Sea 4, Vis. 6 nm    
    08.00 AW 2216 Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
      WSW 5, Sea 4    
    08.30   .  
    11.18 AW 2212 Crash dive for aircraft bearing 160°T.  
    11.55   .  
    12.00 AW 2214 Day's run:  169 nm ( 166 nm, 3 nm)  
      WSW 6, Sea 4, clear, Vis. 20 nm    
    16.00 AW 2215    
      WSW 6, Sea 4-5, clear, Vis. 5-6 nm    
    20.00 AW 2255 Ship's position by radio bearings Vardö, Swjatoi-Noss, Gorodezki.  
      WSW 5, Sea 4, overcast, Vis. 2-3 nm  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AW 2219    
      WbyN 5, Sea 5, overcast, Vis. 2-3 nm    
    04.00 AW 2215    
      WNW 3-4, Sea 4    
    08.00 AW 2213 Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
      NNW 3-4, Sea 3, (Swell), overcast, Vis. 1-3 nm    
    08.55   .  
    10.59   Incoming Radio Message:  U-134, U-454 from Adm. Nordmeer.  11 January at 11.30 hours own air reconnaissance (He 111) sighted a U-boat that dove in square 2211 upper-right.  Square 2265 a patrol boat (800-ton).  Reported U-boat may have been U-454 by square given and time.  
    12.00 AW 2217 Day's run:  149 nm ( 146 nm, 3 nm)  
      WNW 2-3, Swell 4, overcast. fog, Vis. 1000-2000 meters    
    15.17   Incoming Radio Message (Officer-Only):  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  3 destroyers from north to roughly 41°E to hunt for mines 13 January about 22.00 hours at Cape Katschkowski, to go around Swjatoi-Noss.  Return transit under Murmansk coast.  From 13 January at darkness onward remain in ordered square.  
        Intend for the coming night to close the coast if visibility improves.  
    16.00 AW 2213    
      NW 2-3, Swell 3, overcast, Vis. 2-3 nm    
    20.00 AW 2213    
      W 2, Swell, overcast, at times fog, Vis. 1-3 nm    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
Sun and Moon Data 11.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 12.01.42
- 14 -
    00.00 AW 2215 Intention to close the coast put off due to bad visibility.  
      W 0-1, overcast, fog, drizzle, Vis. 200-1500 meters    
    00.18   Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  Intend return transit "U-134" on 17 January, "U-454" on 18 January.  
    01.45 Vis. 200-600 meters .  
    02.45   .  
    04.00 AW 2214    
      WNW 2-3, Sea 1-2, overcast, Vis. 1-3 nm    
    08.00 AW 2214    
      WNW 2-3, Sea 1-2, overcast, Vis. 1-3 nm, rain showers    
    11.27   Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
    11.58   .  
    12.00 AW 2216 Day's run:  170 nm ( 166 nm, 4 nm)  
      Clear to cloudy, Via. 8-10 nm    
    16.00 AW 2216    
      NW 3, Sea 2, overcast, at times fog    
    20.00 AW 2215    
      N 2, Sea 1-2, Vis. 1-3 nm    
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AW 2215    
      NNE 3-4, Sea 2, overcast, Vis. 2-3 nm    
    04.00 AW 2215    
      NE 3, Swell 2, clear, Vis. 1-3 nm    
    08.00 AW 2213 Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
      ENE 2, Swell, cloudy, Vis, 6 nm    
    08.40   .  
    11.15   Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  Air reconnaissance afternoon 13 January: Jokanskije Roadstead 1 light cruiser and over 15 merchant ships.  Square 2563 2 patrol boats, square 2168 1 patrol boat.  
    12.00 AW 2215 Day's run:  177 nm ( 175 nm, 2 nm)  
      E 2, Swell, overcast, misty, Vis. 4-6 nm    
    14.44 [U-454 area from U-134 KTB between 38°E and 39°40'E] Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  From now new operations area for "U-454" between 38°40'E, for U-134 between 39°40'E and 41°20'E.  North limit for both boats 69°30'N, southern limit coast.  Not further south than Cape Gorodetzki.  
Sun and Moon Data 13.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 14.01.42
- 15 -
    16.00 AW 2224    
      SW 2, Swell, overcast, misty, Vis. 1-2 nm    
    17.15   Incoming Radio Message from Adm. Nordmeer, including a mine search.  
    20.00 AW 2134 Closed the coast.  
      WNW 2, Swell, overcast, Vis. 3-4 nm    
    22.30 AW 2161 Ran on course 132° parallel to the coast, coast easily distinguished.  Bright glow of polar ice over the snow covered land.  Distance 5-6 nm.  Beacons so not burn.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AW 2271 No traffic observed.  The extinguished light and radio beacons also indicate the missing traffic.  
      WNW 2, Swell, overcast, Vis. to land 6-7 nm, to sea 1-2 nm  
    01.45   Moved away from the coast.  
    04.00 AW 2251    
      WNW 2, Swell, overcast, at times fog, Vis. 100-800 meters    
    08.00 AW 2214 Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
      ESE 3-4, Sea 2, overcast, Vis. 3-4 nm    
    08.45   .  
    11.53   Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer. Predominantly operate in coastal vicinity.  Greatest success opportunity at Swjatoi-Noss and Cape Gorodetzki.  Destroying small vessels is also important.  
    12.00 AW 9744 Day's run:  197 nm ( 195 nm, 2 nm)  
      ESE 4, Sea 3-4, overcast, driving snow, Vis. 8-10 nm, in snow squalls 1000 meters Ship's position uncertain because for 5 days there have been no stellar observations and for 3 days no radio bearings.  Current offset is very difficult to determine. Radio beacon off Vardoe is only of very limited use due to large minimum width and obvious strong interference by land.  Coastal observation by day not possible due to failure of the attack periscope.  By night no details distinguished due to the snow covered coast.  Beacons are extinguished.  Charts have too large a scale for coastal navigation (1: 700000), coast descriptions in Sailing Directions inadequate and outdated.  Coastal depiction is missing.  Even long sounding series give only a vague indication due to the unreliable depth indications of the charts.  
    15.17   Incoming Radio Message:  U-134 from Adm. Nordmeer.  Radio beacon Vardoe sends bearings from now at 19.30 and 08.00 hours.   
        Signature of the Radio Message was not understood.  
Sun and Moon Data 14.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 15.01.42
- 16 -
    16.00 AC 9757    
      ESE 3, Sea 2, Swell, overcast, driving snow, Vis. 3 nm    
    20.00 AW 2215    
      ESE 2-3, Sea 2, overcast, Vis. 1-3 nm    
    20.40   Shadow bearing 70°T, turns out to be land, by this the boat is positioned substantially to the south, accept square 2275.  Ran along the coast close under land on general course 312°, distance 1 nm.  Individual crags and reefs avoided.  Beacons are extinguished.  Despite favorable visibility conditions (over the sea mist and dark clouds, visibility one nautical mile, over land bright from the glow of polar ice over the snow).  No certain ship's position is possible.  Coastal depiction is missing in the Sailing Directions.  From 22.00 hours an island to port.  23.30 hours a group of houses on a high ridge.  By this the boat is positioned at Charlow Island.  The housing group must be Charlow Light.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AW 2124 Moved off from the coast.  
      SE 2, Swell 1-2, overcast, Vis. 1-2 nm    
    00.55   Incoming Radio Message:  Very Urgent  from Adm. Nordmeer.  Intended S-boat patrol canceled.  
    04.00 AC 8968    
      SbyE 2, Swell, overcast, fog, Vis. 1-2 nm    
    08.00 AC 9746 Crash dive for training, balanced  the boat.  
    08.50   .  
    10.55 AC 9785 Crash dive, aircraft bearing 170°T (biplane, therefore Russian).  
    11.45   .  
    12.00 AC 9785 Day's run:  200 nm ( 196 nm, 4 nm)  
      Wind 0, Swell, clear, Vis. 8-10 nm    
    12.04   Crash dive, aircraft bearing 200°T, the same aircraft.  
    12.45   .  
    16.00 AC 9785 Ship's position by stellar navigation fix.  
      ENE 0-1, Swell, overcast, Vis. 4-5 nm    
    19.14 - 19.21   Incoming Radio Message from Adm. Nordmeer to U-454:  
        1.  Return transit U-454 from 17 January 14.00 hours north limit 70°30'N, west limit 30°E, between 32°20'E and 35°E remain north of 70°15'N.  Strive to see the coast up to Teriberski.  
        2.  Arrival Kirkenes 19 January 10.00 hours.  From point 69°53.5'N 30°08.3'E course 88°.  No mine escort because checked previously.  Make fast Sibirien Pier.  
Sun and Moon Data 15.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 16.01.42
- 17 -
    19.33   Incoming Radio Message:  Group Schendel from Adm. Nordmeer.  Vardoe burns 19 and 20 January 03.00-06.00 hours.  Vardoe often enemy U-boats.  
    20.00 AW 2253    
      E 0-1, Swell, overcast, Vis. 1 nm changing    
    21.35   Came to parallel course to the coast.  Coast not in sight.  
    20.00   Coast comes in sight ahead to port.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AW 2247    
      WNW 2-3, Swell 2, overcast, Vis. 4-5 nm    
    02.00 AW 2164 Set off 10 nm to the north, then came to opposite course.  
    04.00 AW 2169    
      NW 1, Swell 1, clear, at time snow squalls, Vis. 1-5 nm, in snow squalls 500 meters    
    05.07 AW 2241 Shadow ahead to port.  Patrol vessel (large fishing trawler).  Initiated attack.  Apparently the enemy hears the boat, continually shows the stern and runs in the direction of land.  Therefore I cannot maneuver ahead.  
    06.03 AW 2244 Enemy turns to get out of sight in a snow squall.  He must be sunk!  Despite unfavorable shooting data two-fan from tubes I and IV, range 800 meters, target angle 130°, miss because at the shot the enemy turned away and disappeared in a snow squall.  Pursued.  
    06.31   Patrol vessel comes out of the snow squall in a favorable shooting position.  Large fishing trawler with Meier bow, 800 GRT, shoot from tube II, target angle 100°, range 500 meters.  Hit center.  High gray-white explosion column.  Trawler settles forward deeper and remains lying, however does not sink.  
    06.43   Coup de grâce from tube III, target angle 115°, range 800 meters.  Enemy speed 2 knots, miss.  Enemy is no longer underway.  Getting closer is not possible because the boat is fired upon by a cannon on the stern of the fishing trawler.  Ran past ahead at 800 meters and see that a coup de grâce is no longer necessary.  The fishing trawler is broken through, aftership lies deeper forward, foreship has a 50° list and sinks slowly.  Believe sinking of the patrol vessel is certain.  Moved off to the north, reloaded tubes I to IV.  
Sun and Moon Data 16.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 17.01.42
- 18 -
    08.00 AW 2139    
      NW 2, Swell 3, Vis. 8 nm, clear    
    10.40 AC 9745 Smoke cloud bearing 0°T.  Gradually 4 smoke clouds come out, between them 3 masts.  Convoy, steers about 180°.  Am positioned ahead of the convoy.  Intention:  Because attack in the flat swell and failure of the attack periscope  is questionable, hold contact until the beginning of darkness, then attack.  
    11.05   Outgoing Radio Message:  Enemy convoy in sight, square 9742 upper-center.  Stand-by for bearing signals.  Radio Message was not repeated by Control.  
    11.12 AC 9745 1 destroyer strikes out suddenly with the entire forecastle over the horizon.  Crash dive.  Despite known difficulties want to initiate attack.  
        Boat can only be held at HF at 11 meters.  Wake is seen as a long track on the water surface.  
    11.41   Believe attack is hopeless.  Attack abandoned.  Moved off on course 90° at depth = 30 meters, to surface out of sight of the convoy and maneuver ahead.  Believe the destination harbor is Swjatoi-Noss.  
        As the convoy passed by there are two types of S-gear, a rhythmic chirping and moderately hard rapid beats as with explosive sounding.  
    12.00 AC 9746 Day's run:  205 nm ( 203 nm, 2 nm)  
    12.55 Sea 0, mirror flat sea Went to periscope depth.  Convoy in sight bearing 250°T, 1000 meters away.  6 steamers 2000-4000 GRT, in line abreast, escort 3 destroyers, English V and W class.  1 destroyer as sweeper ahead, one each to port and starboard.  Boat broached three times from the Swell.  Again went to depth = 30 meters  
    13.37 AC 9746 Sounds were weaker.  .  Convoy out of sight in snow squall.  Pursued.  
      Wind o, Sea 0, overcast, Vis. to the north 15 nm, to the south driving snow with Vis. 6-7 nm  
    14.34   Outgoing Radio Message:  kr kr Adm. Nordmeer from Hackländer.  Enemy convoy square 9745 lower-center edge, southerly course speed 10 knots. Radio Message was not repeated.  
    14.55   Outgoing Radio Message:  I have lost contact, square 9776.  
    15.00 AC 9773 Smoke cloud bearing 250°T, pursued, convoy steers in old formation on westerly course.  
    15.42   Outgoing Radio Message:  Enemy convoy in sight.  Square 9771, enemy steers westerly course.  
    16.00 AC 9747 Believe the destination harbor of the convoy is Murmansk.  Maneuvered ahead.  
      NW 2, Sea 1, clearing to the west Vis. 6-7 nm, to the east and N 2-3 nm  
Sun and Moon Data 15.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 16.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 17.01.42
- 19 -
    16.23   Outgoing Radio Message:  αα  Stand by for bearing signals.   
        Bearing signals sent 16.59, 17.20, 17.50, 18.20 hours  So far Radio Messages were not repeated from Control.  However from previous experience expect that the other two boats (U-134 and U-585) hear me, even if Control has no reception.  
    18.37   Outgoing Radio Message:  αα 3 destroyers, 5 steamers, convoy steers 270°.  This Radio Message was the first repeated by Control.  
    18.31 AC 8952 Attack initiated on the right wing of the convoy.  Attack must proceed with the Northern Lights behind, shifting to the south would cost too much time.  Additionally the boat would then come between the coast and the convoy and would be hindered in maneuvering.  Convoy proceeds in an disorderly broad formation, on destroyer each ahead, starboard forward and port astern.  
      Clear bright night, moonless, starry clear, Northern Lights, Vis. 6-7 nm  
    18.46 AC 8952 Fan from tube II and IV on steamer at the far right in the convoy.  Range = 4600 meters, target angle 90°.  Fan from tube I and III on starboard flank destroyer, target angle 100°, range = 3000 meters.  Turned away.  
        Shot from tube V on the same destroyer, target angle 100°, range = 2000 meters.  
        5 minutes 7 seconds after the first fan hit center on the steamer shot first.  High gray-black explosion column, steamer begins to burn, remains lying.  No further observations possible because another steamer came between.  
        2 minutes 5 seconds after the stern shot hit on the destroyer, observed by the First Watch Officer, Obersteuermann and stern lookout, I just watched the other sweeper.  Heavy detonation heard in the entire boat.  Water column up to the masthead, fiery glow. However the destroyer does not list and shifts away slowly.  The forward sweeper comes about and runs past ahead of the torpedoed destroyer and then comes at a sharp target angle towards us.  Ran off at AK to the north.  The aft sweeper does nothing.  Overall, the defense makes a wretched impression:  no star shells, only 3 depth charge detonations.  
    19.20   The destroyer turns away, passes out of sight.  
    19.30 AC 8952 Came to course 270°, to remain in the vicinity of the convoy.  Tubes II, III, V reloaded.  
    19.55   Outgoing Radio Message:  αα  Have attacked, have lost contact.  
    20.00 AC 8952    
      NW 3-4, Sea 3, clear, Vis. 6 nm    
    20.17   Incoming Radio Message:  Kr Kr Hackländer from Adm. Nordmeer report last convoy position.  
    20.35   Outgoing Radio Message:  Last observed position of the enemy is square 8952, enemy steers westerly course, runs at 10 knots.  
Sun and Moon Data 17.01.42
- 20 -
        Advanced to the south to gain contact on the convoy.  After a short time the coast again comes faintly in sight, distance 12-15 nm.  By this the boat is positioned further to the south than thought.  
    21.41   Incoming Radio Message:  Lohse from Adm. Nordmeer.  Objective of the convoy is probably Murmansk.  
    22.04 AC 8945 Ship's position by radio bearings Teriberski-Charlow.   
        Vessel course 270°, it is the convoy.  The boat is in a favorable position, 7-8 vessels in a disorderly broad formation.  Individual units are difficult to make out against the dark horizon of the coast.  Initiated attack.  
    22.20 AC 8945 Fan from tube II and III on the starboard wing destroyer, whose speed was matched from directly astern, target angle 90°, range = 4000 meters.  
    22.23   Shot from tube V on 2000-ton steamer to the left of the shot at destroyer, target angle 100°, range = 4000 meters.  
    22.24   Hit in the aftership of the destroyer, high explosion and water column with strong fiery glow.  Aftership rises vertically and sinks within 30 seconds.  Foreship disappears in smoke.  
    22.25   Hit by the stern shot on steamer.  Tremendous detonation, flame column 200-300 meters high, apparently a gasoline explosion.  Steamer flies in the air.  
    22.26   Hit on a steamer positioned in the center of the convoy.  Explosion column with bright fiery glow.  Steamer remains lying in the smoke.  Further effects could not bee not observed.  
    22.30   Ran off at AK to the NNE.  Defense substantially more active then on the first attack.  Covering warships are apparently reinforced.  Rocket and star signals from the leading vessel were repeated in 2 places in the convoy.  5 depth charges, 35-40 star shells, lying too short.  Far to the west on land searchlight cones, star shells, rockets.  
    22.28   Outgoing Radio Message:  Kr Kr Adm. Nordmeer from Hackländer.  Convoy position square 8945, course 270°.  
    22.35 AC 8942 Destroyer comes up astern, changes target angle continuously, closes to 5000 meters. +)  
    23.49 AC 8924 Outgoing Radio Message:  Was forced off, have lost contact.  Square 8940.  
        I decide to move off and give up contact.  
        1)  Given the position the convoy can only go to the Kola Bay (Murmansk).  Distance from there 36 nm, course 270-280°.  He can not evade to the north because the attack came from there, in the south and east there is no harbor.  In addition, he has made himself widely noticed by L.G.s and rockets.  
        2)  Under the coast and off Kola Bay mine barrier and stronger defense must be expected.  Operation exceeds success possibilities.  
        3)  Boat is out of torpedoes.  
                                 +)  Destroyer turns away, at the same time throws 6 depth charges.  
Sun and Moon Data 17.01.42
- 21 -
    00.38   Outgoing Radio Message:  Adm. Nordmeer from Hackländer.  Out of torpedoes, return transit according to orders.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    00.00 AC 8921 At great distance always still many detonation at great range, heard clearly in the boat.  Rockets and star signals.  
      W 2, Sea 2, clear, Vis. 6 nm  
    04.00 AC 9471    
      W 1, Sea 2, cloudy, Vis. 4 nm    
    08.00 AC 9467    
      NW 2, Sea 1-2, overcast, Vis. 6 nm    
    08.09   Crash dive for training, balanced the boat.  
    08.52   Square 9460 back and forth in position.  
    12.00 AC 9466 Day's run:  261 nm ( 253 nm, 8 nm)  
      NW 2, Sea 1, overcast, Vis. 10 nm    
    11.23 - 12.29   Incoming Radio Message:  
        1)  From Adm. Nordmeer 00.00 hours 2 steamers, 2 M-boats (fishing trawlers) out of Kirkenes for square 8485 upper-left further on Route Rot to the north. For this 3 escorting destroyers dismiss not to the east of 31°40'E  
        2)  Adm. Nordmeer to 8. Z.-Flottille, 8. S-Flottille, U-454.  U-454 proceeds 19 January east of Vardö for Kirkenes.  U-boat hunt 19 January south of 70°30'N only 3 nm to each side of the compulsory route.  U-454 move off accordingly.  
    16.00 AC 9445    
      NW 2, Sea 1, overcast, Vis. 9 nm    
    18.55   Outgoing Radio Message:  Adm. Nordmeer from Hackländer.  At convoy sank 1 destroyer, 1 steamer, torpedoed 1 destroyer, 2 steamer. square 9455.  
    19.44   Incoming Radio Message:  Hackländer  from Adm. Nordmeer.  Bravo.  
    20.00 AC 8653    
      NW 2, Sea 1, overcast fog in places, Vis. 500 meters - 1 nm    
    21.44   Incoming Radio Message from Adm. Nordmeer, that air reconnaissance had observed square 8971 1 destroyer, 3 patrol vessels and 2 steamers.  Possibly convoy out of Havaristen yesterday.  This report is equivalent to assuming that convoy on Cape Teriberski and south of Kilden island has gone to Murmansk and the reduced speed of advance vessels were left behind at Teriberskaja Bay under protection of patrol vessels.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
Sun and Moon Data 17.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 18.01.42
- 22 -
    00.00 AC 8556    
      NW 2-3, Sea 2, overcast, fog banks, Vis. 1000-3000 meters    
    04.00 AC 8461    
      SW 3, Sea 2    
    04.16   Incoming Radio Message:  Hackländer from Adm. Nordmeer.  Destroyers are not departing.  
    04.21 Thick fog, Vis. 50 meters    
    04.33   Want to wait for visibility improvement, before approaching the coast to check ship's position at Vardö Lighthouse.  
    05.25 Thick fog, Vis. 50 meters  
    05.26   With these visibility conditions Vardö Lighthouse is not distinguished.  Went further into Varangerfjord to determine visibility conditions there.  
    08.00 SW 3, Sea 2, fog, Vis. 50 meters    
    09.01   Outgoing Radio Message:  Adm. Nordmeer from U-454.  Square 8486 thick fog, Vis. 50 meters.  
    09.41   Outgoing Radio Message:  Adm. Nordmeer from Hackländer.  Request Vardoe radio beacon for 12.00, 13.00, 14.00 hours.  
    12.00 No visibility improvement Day's run:  230 nm ( 223 nm, 7 nm)  
    12.05   .  
    13.03 Waft of mist, sea smoke, Vis. greatly changing 50-1000 meters .  
    15.52 AC 8721 upper-center edge At objective point.  Visibility 10-30 meters.  Back and forth in position square 8487 to 8484  
    21.00                                               ) to check visibility conditions.   
    24.00                                               )  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
    04.00 S 4, Sea 2-3, starry clear, sea smoke, Vis. 20 meters    
    08.30   Back and forth in the same squares to charge the battery.  
    09.09 AC 8721 Occasional visibility improvement.  Coast distinguished.  
    10.02   Significant visibility improvement.  Boat is located off Kjelmöy Sound.  Ran in.  
    10.35   Outgoing Radio Message:  Adm. Nordmeer from Hackländer.   Running in, anticipate 11.00 hours Sibirien Pier.  
    11.00   At Russevikodden back and forth, because in Bökfjord visibility 10 meters.  
    12.00 Vis. changing 10-150 meters.    
    13.00 Kirkenes Made fast alongside  steamer "SANDNES".  Muster of the crew and greeting by Adm. Nordmeer.  
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  
Sun and Moon Data 19.01.42
Sun and Moon Data 20.01.42
- 23 -
                                            S  u  m  m  a  r  y  .  
1.) Traffic.
  Ship traffic in operations area at large irregular intervals (every 8-14 days).  Small convoys with strong escort.  Convoy route apparently goes from 73°N to 74°N up to the longitude of Cape Gorodetzki to Charlow Island, from there using the Gorodetzki radio beacon, Swjatoi-Noss and Charlow to the south, at the latitude of Cape Teriberski part diverts to Murmansk.  Running in harbor and dispersal  points Cape Teriberski and Swjatoi-Noss.
  Under the coast in 4 nights no traffic was observed.
2) Defenses.
  The escorting warships of the convoy seemed to be more against attack from surface ships rather than against U-boats (only destroyers, no corvettes, behavior of the escorts after the attack on 17 January at 19.00 hours).  No regular patrols or U-boat hunts at the coast.  Patrol vessels only positioned at important points, if traffic was expected?  Patrol vessels are large modern fishing trawlers, apparently equipped with good listening gear and alert.
  Surveillance of the sea area by aircraft seldom and ineffective.
3) Navigation.
  During the dark period very difficult due to weather conditions, stellar observations are often precluded for days.  Plotting is uncertain due to the sea rapidly changing in direction and strength and difficult to detect currents.  Sounding only of limited use due to inadequate depth notations.  Own radio beacon at Vardö is strongly deflected by land in the sea area off Bären Island and the Murmansk coast.  Russian radio beacons at the Murmansk coast give good bearings, only work when traffic is expected, then however on the frequencies and identifiers set forth in the "Nautical Radio Service".  Bearings were taken on:  Kanin Noss, Cape Gorodetzki, Swjatoi-Noss, Som Ostrowo (Charlow Island), Cape Teriberski, Sosnowetz.
4) Weather.
  Weather forecast by on board weather map Adm. Nordmeer in general good, opposite in direction sometimes then the forecast.
  The rapid change in wind direction and strength, the sudden arises and abating of the Sea State is striking.
  Visibility conditions at darkness are often surprisingly good, especially with Northern Lights.  On closing the coast initially on land a bright glow is distinguished.  Visibility towards land was always greater than visibility to sea, and greater then the prevailing visibility conditions.
5) Behavior of the crew.
  The crew proved themselves in the sometimes severe stress from temperature and Sea State.  Falling ill occurred only as mild colds.
  The work of the diesel personnel is particularly emphasized, they took care of arising malfunctions with expertise and great commitment.
                                  Signed in draft  Hackländer  

Appendices to U-454's KTB - click on the text at left to proceed to the document
ChartA Track chart covering the period 1-12 December 1941
ChartB Track chart covering the period 25 December 1941 - 20 January 1942
Sketches Combat sketches
Maschine KTB Maschine

Comments of the Admiral Nordmeer on the K.T.B. of "U-454"
for the period from 13.12.41 to 20.01.42.
1) To 15 January - 15.17 hours:
  The cited radiogram concerned new transmitting times of the beacon at Vardoe and was addressed to Group Schendel
2) To 17 January - 05.07 hours to 06.43 hours:
  The aggressive approach to the patrol vessel and the tenacious holding on deserves recognition.  Despite initially unfavorable position it was correct to use the torpedoes, since the boat was expressly informed of the importance of the destruction of even the smallest vessels and the boat already on the return transit had no reason to take account of torpedo consumption.  The energetic use of weapons then led to a complete success.  According to the circumstances destruction of the enemy can be assumed with certainty.
3) To 17 January - 11.05 hours:
  The outgoing radio message sent at that time with the position report  of the enemy convoy was not received. The first radio message, with information of the convoy, was received at 18.34 hours and did not contain information on the location of the enemy.  The attack on the convoy was joined with foresight and determination.
  Also the radio message of 14:34 hours with location, course and speed of the enemy convoy was not received, likewise also the next two radio messages of 14:55 and 15:42 hours.  This fact was known to the boat, because the radio messages were not repeated by Control. Therefore it was necessary to specify the location of the convoy with every new message. The radio message of 18.37 hours concerning the convoy lacked a location report. The boat was not immediately prompted for a position report, not to unnecessarily tie up the frequency and because it was expected with certainty that the boat would report its own location.  Also in the radio message at 18.55 hours, in which the breaking of the contact was reported, a position was not given. The position was eventually reported 20:36 hours by special request. With timely and ongoing reports of enemy position until repeated by Control, getting the other two boats to the convoy would probably have been possible.
  The attack initiated at 18.31 hours against the convoy was very difficult due to the clear starry night with northern lights behind. It was carried out by the boat with tactical skill. Especially noteworthy is the shot against the target up to 4600 meters away. The torpedoing of a destroyer and a steamer in the
- 2 -
  first portion of the attack can be considered as certain.  The attack initiated at 22:09 hours after regaining contact was again very difficult due to the poor visibility of the vessels under the dark horizon and the long range of 4000 meters.  Again, the superior achievements deserve special recognition.
  The abandonment of the contact on the convoy at 23:49 hours was not correct, even though the boat had no more torpedoes available. The convoy had to run a long time before it was beyond the grasp of U-boats.  With continuous contact holding there might well have been an opportunity for the other two boats at sea to be brought up, this had to be considered especially with slow running damaged vessels.
  Overall, the good performance of the boat during its first remote patrol is worthy of special recognition.
                                                                            signed in draft Schmundt.
Comments of the Befehlshabers der Unterseeboote
on the Kriegstagebuch "U-454" from 13.12.41 - 20.1.42.
                  The boat is not operationally subordinated to B.d.U.  
                  A very well executed patrol with a beautiful success.  Good shooting.  
                  The incomplete contact keeping reports were incorrect, as was the unfounded breaking of contact.  Stay in touch by all means to bring up other boats.  
Signed in draft: D  ö  n  i  t  z  
  For correctness:  
  Leutnant z.S. and Adjutant  

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