U-118 under attack by aircraft from USS Bogue (CVE-9), June 12, 1943

LTJG Fryatt's depth bombs straddle U-118.  Splashes from his turret guns can be seen as the Avenger pulls away after the attack. Two crewmen can be seen seeking shelter behind the conning tower.  U-118 is trailing oil after previous attacks by LTJG Stearns and LTJG Fowler.



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Photos of Oberbootsmaat Werner Reinl, who served aboard U-118
Combined Anti-Submarine Action by Aircraft (ASW-6) report completed after the attacks on U-118
Photos taken during LTJG Stearns' attack and LTJG Johnson's gun camera film
Photos taken during LTJG Fowler's attack and LTJG Tennant's gun camera film
Photos taken during LTJG Fryatt's attack
Exceptional Photos taken by Radiomen in LTJG Fryatt and LTJG Fowler's planes (two showing LTJG Fryatt's attack)
Photos taken during LTJG Chamberlain's attack
Atlantic Fleet ASW Unit Analysis of Anti-Submarine Action by Aircraft
Cominch Analysis of Anti-Submarine Action by Aircraft
USS Osmond Ingram report on German prisoners of war
U-118 POWS arriving at NOB Norfolk, Virginia
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-118
Fort Hunt File, Contacts of Werner Dreschler at Fort Hunt, 30-Jun-43 to 8-Jan-44, aliases: Limer and Brabant
Memorandum from R.E. Guggenheim, 2nd Lt., CMP to Colonel Tollefson, Prisoners of War Who Have Acted as Informants for American Intelligence - with endorsements