Dogs In the U-boat War

Guard dogs patrol a Florida beach

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VPB-63 aircrew and their mascots in North Africa 1944

LT Baker of VPB-63 was the pilot of a MAD equipped PBY Catalina involved in the sinking of U-761 in the Straits of Gabraltar on 24 February 1944. Here he poses with his mascot.

VS-1's mascot Skippy


Tragically, Skippy passes away and is honored with a most unusual burial at sea

The inspiration for the "Dogs in the U-boat War" page, my basset hound Shana. For reasons that will never be understood, she was thrown out of a car and abandoned by her first owners. She was fortunate to be rescued by the caring people of Basset Rescue of Old Dominion (BROOD). To learn all about Bassets and Basset Hound Rescue visit



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