Officer-Only Radio Messages of the U-boats
  "  U  99  " 
30.10.40 035743 B.d.U. to "U-65".
    Steamer "LAROINAGA" arrives Freetown on 11 November from Bahia.  Route via square ET 2884, speed 9 knots.
01.11.40 035785 B.d.U. to "U-65".
    "LAROINAGA" arrives first 14 November.  High pressure weather. Wind sunshine.
05.11.40 079570 "U-65" from B.d.U.
23.10 079571 1.  Meeting point from 8 November stays the same.  2.  Enemy north-south traffic proceeds via square EJ 41.  One steamer went via EJ 7170, all out of sight from land.
07.11.40 079608 From B.d.U.
11.51   Steamer SACHSENWALD as weather reported departs Royan on 7 November in the area between 48N and 52N and between 25W and 27W.
07.11.40 077615 U-65.
14.50 079616 1.  Reaching Point rot  earlier is desired.  Report by Short Signal group OUA, if arrival on 9 November is possible, group OVC if on 10 November is possible.
    2.  "SCHEER" attacked a convoy on 5 November in square AK 85.
07.10.40 079618 From B.d.U.
    2 British tugs are searching for the steamer "NELON" suspect position for today at noon AM 4752.
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