U-858 was met by USS Carter and Muir on May 10 and escorted to Fort Miles, Delaware by USS Pillsbury and Pope arriving May 14, 1945

U-858 is brought to anchor at Cape Henlopen, Delaware, just off Fort Miles where U-858's crew was landed - a Coast Guard HNS-1 Helicopter is overhead


U-858 received the order to surrender from Germany on May 8.  As instructed she surfaced and set a black flag.  On May 9 she established communications with US station OZZ110 giving her position course and speed .  USS Carter and Muir met U-858 on the morning of 10 May 1945.  USS Pillsbury and Pope arrived later that day, took over the boat placing a USN crew aboard and removing 1/2  her crew including three of her four officers.  They escorted her to the waters off Cape May, New Jersey arriving the morning of May 14, 1945.  U-858's crew was transferred to the rescue tug ATR-57 and landed at Fort Miles Delaware.  U-858 was brought to anchor at Cape Henlopen, Delaware and later moved to the Navy Yard at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



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Naval messages concerning the surrender of U-858
Photos of the arrival of U-858 off Cape May, New Jersey and her crew going ashore at Fort Miles, Delaware
Photos of U-858 crewmen aboard USS Pillsbury - courtesy of Chris Owen, son of BM2/c Thomas H. Owen
Color photographs of the surrender of U-858
Photographs taken aboard USS Pillsbury during the surrender
Preliminary Interrogation Report
Photographs of Obermaschinenmaat Friedrich Rühl of U-858