U-849 - 1st War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason

Days at Sea
2 October 1943
25 November 1943


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Ships Hit
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

                                        K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h    "  U  849  "  
                                        Kommandant:    :    Kaptlt. Heinz-Otto  Schultze  
                                        Beginning           :    11 March 1943  
                                        Concluding:        :    2 October 1943.  
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- 1 -
    11.03.43 Bremen Commissioning - Deschimag -  
    17.03. - 04.04.43 Kiel U.A.K. testing.  
    05.04.43   Transit to Swinemünde.  
    06. - 08.04.43 Swinemünde Anti-aircraft shooting.  
    08.04.43   Transit to Stettin.  
    10.04.43   Transit to Danzig.  
    11. - 20.04.43 Danzig U.A.K. testing.  
    21.04. - 01.06.43 Hela Agru Front and Bachstelze [Fa 330 aircraft] testing.  
    02. - 10.06.43 Pillau Torpedo shooting.  
    12. - 21.06.43 Baltic Tactical training.  
    22. - 28.06.43 Pillau Torpedo shooting.  
    29. - 30.06.43   Transit to Rönne.  
    30.06.43 Rönne Sound trials.  
    01.07.43 Kiel Fuel oil loading.  
    02.07.43   Transit to Bremen.  
    03.07. - 01.09.43 Bremen Final adjustments.  
    02. - 03.07.43   Transit to Kiel.  
    04. -6.09.43 Kiel Fuel oil loading, magnetic compass calibration, degaussing.  
    07. - 09.09.43 Swinemünde Anti-aircraft shooting.  
    10.09.43 Rönne Sound trials.  
    11. - 14.09.43 Hela Individual training, diving and Bachstelze testing.  
    16.09. - 01.10.43 Kiel Outfitting for the Front.  
    02.10.43 Kiel Departed on first patrol.  
                              Signed in draft H.O. Schultz  
                                                  Kaptlt. and Kmdt.  
    For the correctness of the transcript  
    Kaptlt. M.A. and Administrative Officer.  


                                         K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h  "  U  849  "  
                                         Kommandant:  Kaptl. Schultze, H.O.  
                                                 (drafted by 2.Skl./B.d.U.Op.)  
    02.10.43 Kiel Departed with orders to head for AL 25 via AE 60/80.  
    22.43   From B.d.U.:  
        Schultze report arrival in AL.  
    20.43   From B.d.U.:  
        Schultze is reminded of passing report.  
    17.36   From B.d.U.:  
        Schultze report position tonight.  
    05.17 AL 42 From U-849:  
        My position is AL 42.  
    12.05   From B.d.U.:  
        Schultze report weather tonight.  
    06.20 AL 7110 From U-849:  
        Short Signal weather report.  
    30.10.43   From B.d.U.:  
        Schultze on passing 25°N report position and fuel.  
    22.50 DS 34 From U-849:  
        438 cbm.  Ballast tank arrangement favorable.  Naxos antenna not suitable for the bridge.  Too little short circuit and shock resistance.  Buzzer testing pointless since the result is the same with or without the detector.  Question if high bandpass filter arrangement in listening room with dipole connection via cable is possible.  
    11.24   From B.d.U.:  
        To Schultze H.O. High bandpass filter arrangement in the listening room is not possible. Existing cables are not suitable as conductors for such high frequencies.  Damping is too great for such a slow system.  Unambiguous testing possibility is being investigated  
    13.43   From B.d.U.:  
        To Schultze.  Carry out southern transit east of the line ES 9850, FE 8910, FM 4940, GZ 7640.  In so doing go around far enough from FM 27.  Wets of the named line attack is forbidden on independents.  
    17.36   From B.d.U.:  
To Schultze.  Carry out transit north of the line GZ 7546, JK 8246, KS 6966.  South of this line attack is forbidden on independents.  
    17.49   From B.d.U.:  
        Schultze when crossing the left edge of JA report fuel.  
              Requests to report position on 27, 28 and 29 December remained unsuccessful.  
              There are no clues concerning the reason for loss.  
              On 30 January 1944 "U-848" was declared missing one star with effect from 27 December 1943, on 4 October 1944 declared missing two stars.  
              Total loss is accepted.  
                                             For the Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote  
                                                - The chief of the Operations Department -  

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