U-841 was sunk by HMS Byard, October 17, 1943


A photograph taken from a U-841 POW

The text on the front of the photograph reads "U-841 - You do not live"

Text on the back reads "U-841 - Our proud boat" and "You became a casualty of the Sea"



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HMS Byard, Report of Attack on U-boat with D.W.T.'s Appreciation
HMS Byard, Report to Director of Naval Intelligence, Admiralty concerning POWs from U-841
Photographs of U-841 POWs in St. Johns, Newfoundland
Memorandum for the District Intelligence Officer, Prisoners of War (German Navy) - Landed at Boston from HMCS Georgetown, 26 October 1943
Excerpt of draft Report of Interrogation of Survivors of U-841 (concerning the sinking of U-841 with inputs from P/Ws)
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors from U-841 and U-848