Excerpt of the Radio Log of U-804                      
                                                      1st Patrol from 12.6. - 12.10.1944  
16.06.44 2013/16/061
22.14 Kr Kr
  Boat sinking slowly square AF 8787.
22.25 Kr Kr
  Boats within a circle of 60 nm from AF 8787 go.  Rescue Fiedler.
                                                  F.d.U. Mitte.
23.04 ßß
  Was attacked by aircraft square AN 2333.
17.06.44 0149/17/070
02.05 U-Fiedler just now entered Bergen damaged in convoy.
02.11 Search up to now without results.  Aircraft shot German Recognition Signal.  3 severe 5 lightly wounded, going to Bergen.
03.42 11. U-Flottille
  Position 17 June 12.00 "Hellisoe".
06.34 Boats:
  For sea emergency "Fiedler" (U-998) departed or have taken off:  Vorpostenboot "UNITAS", 1 aircraft protection vessel, 1 sea emergency aircraft (Do 24), no fighters.
06.29 Boats operating on Fiedler, do not let your own safety out of consideration.  Expect surface vessels to assist.
                                                  F.d.U. Mitte.
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- 2 -
17.06.44 0255/17/072
06.20 All boats operating on "Fiedler":  Continue transit and/or go to position.
                                                  F.d.U. Mitte.
06.08 U-Meyer
  Break off search, on 17 June at 07.00 hours be at "Hellisøy", enter in convoy with U-boat escort boat "UNITAS".
08.44 08.00 hours passed "Hellisøy".  Waiting at "Skerlanger".    
09.18 By perfect observation by own aircraft in the vicinity, during an attack on U-804 (Meyer) off the Norwegian west coast English aircraft shot German recognition signal.
10.39 U-804 (Meyer)
  Escort positioned 12.00 hours "Hellisøy".
16.06.44 2310/16/067
  Aircraft attack fended off.  Several wounded.  Position square AN 2333.
21.06.44 1525/21/044
22.22 U-804 (Meyer)
  On 22 June 08.00 hours switch to Ireland Circuit.
                                                  F.d.U. Mitte.
27.06.44 1606/26/104
04.16 "Bode", "Meyer", "Sauerberg"
  Between longitude of square Green RR 23 left and right edge as passing report send experiences concerning attacks and defense in Iceland Passage.  Add weather.  If no experiences, send Short Signal weather report.
05.07.44 ww
  Short Signal weather report.
- 3 -
05.07.44 0142/5/156
02.25 The Short Signal weather report on 54 meters from "Meyer" was received with Volume 3 and is clear.  Time of receipt 0128 hours.
06.07.44 1637/5/167
03.11 "Meyer", "Sauerberg". 
  New objective square Green CQ 33 (North square).
08.07.44 0031/8/108
02.24 GHG out of service.  Position 3 preamplifier no AC voltage for control grid.  Question how much and the source of the voltage.  Path according to the drawing only found up to the delay chain.  (AL 1781)
09.07.44 1602/8/118
02.45 To "Meyer"
  To Radio Message: 0031/8/108
  1.)  Check both sides of transformer (Pos. 3) with circuit tester for continuity.
  2.)  In the absence of grid bias voltage check cathode resistor 39 for continuity and if condenser Pos. 50 is burned through.
  3.)  If not operable take out associated tube 15 and thus switch off the receiver.
  4.)  Also check the rectifier and check anode voltage of the other tubes.
13.07.44 1132/13/196
14.46 "Meyer"
  1)  On 14 July 08.00 switch to America 1 Circuit.
  2)  Tonight give short experience report concerning Iceland Passage,
14.07.44 1452/14/131
15.30 To "Meyer"
  Remain in reached area.  Due to return transit "Nollau" on 19 July occupy square Green SO southern half as attack area and weather reporting area.  2 times daily between 11.00 to 15.00 and 23.00 and 03.00 hours report weather by Short Signal.  After each report dive and move off submerged, because of continued surveillance by carrier aircraft and search groups may be expected.  First report on 19 July.
15.07.44 0359/15/240
04.42 Iceland Passage patrol groups, independent patrol vessels, 2 sailing fishing cutters, no air encountered, always snorkeling, GHG remains out of service, 210 cbm.  Position AK 7331.
- 4 -
21.07.44 2345/20/201
01.40 1)  Assassination of the Führer by Generals clique, attempted military coup, leading the clique were General Fromm, General Höpner and Generalfeldmarschall von Witzleben.
  2)  At General Fromm Headquarters Reichsführer SS Himmler has taken over as Befehlshaber das Ersatzheer.  [Reserve Army]
  3)  Kriegsmarine immediately placed on highest readiness.
  4)  Orders to Kriegsmarine in this situation only by Ob.d.M., orders from Army are not to be followed.
  5)  Orders and instructions of the Reichsführer are to be complied with.
  6)  Immediately inform all duty stations.
                                         Long live the Führer
                                              Dönitz, Grossadmiral
  Repeated by Nordmeer, Wallenstein and U-boat Short Wave II.
24.07.44 1206/24/254
14.10 Weather boats:
  Due to return transit of "Premauer" occupy:
  1.)  "Meyer" square Green GN 43 to 93.
  2.)  "Bode" square Green YL southern
  3.)  "Ohlsen" norther half. 
  Proceed carefully.  Send reports from 27 July 2 times daily between 11.00-15.00 and 23.00-03.00 hours.  After each report dive, move off submerged.  Caution, expect encounters with carrier aircraft and U-boat hunting groups.
26.07.44 1038/26/277
14.38 "Meyer"
  On 27 July at 08.00 hours switch to Ireland Circuit.
07.08.44 0129/7/106
02.35 1.)  2 August 15.31 hours Naval square BD 5514 3 T 5 on 2 of 3 destroyers, westerly course.  2 detonations after 3 and 4.5 minutes, occasional depth charges, no pursuit.
  2.)  180 cbm, 49 days provisions, intend return transit 15 August.  BD 9561, SW 4, medium Vis. and Swell, 1027 mb steady.
07.08.44 1349/7/108
14.29 "Meyer"
  Remain in area as long as fuel and provisions allow because relief is still not possible, however no special stretching of inventories.
- 5 -
04.28 ßß
  Will begin return transit on the 1st day of the following month. 
17.08.44 ßß
05.08 Intend to begin return transit on the 1st day of the following month. 
18.08.44 0522/17/156
01.29 1.)  From "Meyer" on 36 meters with Volume 5 received:
  Intend to begin return transit on 1 September.
  2.) "Hauber" gave on 54 meters at 05.08 hours, received with Volume 3, his position naval square CG 44.
  Additionally from Radio Control:  17.00 hours switch to Ireland Circuit.
31.08.44 1616/30/184
03.37 Weather boats:
  1)  Since 28 August there have been no reports, attention is drawn to their importance.  However, do not attempt to get through more than 3 times in succession.
  2)  "Ohlsen" is reminded of passage report.
  3)  "Meyer" until ordered otherwise, "Bode" until arrival square Green AW also continue on return transit.  Transmit irregularly to impede enemy bearing finding ability to recognizing the return transit course.
31.08.44 ßß
04.48 Am positioned at ordered meeting point, have not met boat.
10.09.44 0922/10/178
14.41 1)  "Meyer"  no further weather reports.
  2)  "Rademacher" last report from 8 September.  Attempt to send up to 3 times, because it is important.
21.09.44 1949/21/119
23.11 On 22 September at 08.00 hours switch to Coastal Circuit: 
  "Ohlsen",   "Meyer", "Lamby", "Lange", "Förster", "Reith", "Brauel", "Rasch".
23.09.44 1320/23/79
21.35 Return harbor "Bergen" for U-296 (Rasch), U-445 (Treuberg), U-480 (Förster), U-92 (Brauel).
  Return harbor Kristiansand South with convoy intake point "Egerö" in 45° 5 nm for:
  U-516 (Tillessen), U-855 (Ohlsen), U-804 (Meyer), U-530 (Lange), U-190 (Reith), and U-858 (Bode).
  Announce arrival at intake point 36 hours ahead of time.
  Repeated on Ireland and Diana.
- 6 -
23.09.44 1706/23/82
21.18 Return harbor for all IX C boats is Kristiansand South.  Convoy intake at Egerö, lighthouse bearing 45°T 5 nm.  Report arrival at intake point 36 hours ahead of time.
24.09.44 2147/23/88
21.53 All boats with return harbor Kristiansand South: 
  Because of changes situation convoy intake point for Kristiansand South 58°1.3'N, 6°40.5'E.  Report arrival 48 hours ahead of time. 
  Repeated on Ireland and Diana Circuit.
Excerpt of the Radio Log
"  Unterseeboot 804  "
  1st Patrol from 12 June to 12.10.44  
01.08.44 1227/1/120
14.18 As a reminder:
  All boats begin return transit so that Norwegian harbor can be reached in case the situation in the western area requires orders to that effect.
15.08.44 1258/14/114
01.20 To all IX C boats
  Defense situation off "Bordeaux" at the moment is very intensified.  Therefore all boats, unless ordered otherwise, after exhaustion of combat power, no longer proceed to France instead (return transit) to Norway.