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Transcript of the Officer-Only Radio Log

of Unterseebootes "U-74"
1.) Own weather fishing trawler "SACHSENWALD" on duty in BD 50.  Square BD is only released for own U-boats with own contact with the enemy or to operate on enemy reports of other boats.
2.) Supply at Point Red is intended for U-69 on 23 May, for UA on 27 May.
3.) From 15 May off Nazaire previous entry route is to be used only from 8-14 and 23-31 of each month, on the remaining days use square BF 6755 via BF 6469 lower left to point N 1.
4.) To Southern boats:
  English course instructions from 8 May are:
  Via 21°N 19°30'W, 11°30'N 19°30'W, 9°30'N 15°10'W, to Freetown.
5.) To West boats from B.d.U.
  Behavior beyond blockade area in accordance with Standing War Orders and the following additions:
  1.  Warships, proceeding independently recognized as hostile, or dimmed, or if use of weapons is begun by them.
  2.  Enemy merchant ships under neutral escort may be attacked without warning.
  3.  When recognized as neutral only attack merchant ships, if under enemy escort, or supporting enemy measures, but not if under neutral escort.
6.) a)  Deceptive radio messages concerning behavior beyond the blockade area from 14 May.
  b)  Immediate weapons use beyond blockade area is approved 1.) In accordance with Standing Kriegsmarine Order No. 101 paragraph II, IV b to d and paragraph 5.  2.)  Against enemy merchant ships in neutral convoy continues.
  c)  Beyond the blockade area only attack warships proceeding independently and as an escort, if recognized perfectly as enemy or dimmed or if use of weapons is begun by them.
7.) From B.d.U. to West boats:
  In Radio Message of 16 May figure c is to be stricken and replaced by.
  c)  For warships outside the blockade area takes effect:
  1.  (By day) only attack, when recognized as enemy.
  2.  Darkened warships proceeding independently only attack, if perfectly recognized as hostilely, or weapons use is begun by them.
  3.  Darkened warships as an escort may
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  be attacked if the situation requires.
8) Two own tankers proceeding via square AJ 55 to AJ 24 and AJ 26.  South camouflaged and have no special markings.  Locations on 17 May about BD 40.
9.) Officer-Only from U-103:
  Supply completed in square ER 8230.  Point Red vacated due to weather and enemy traffic.  EGERLAND still has 6 Etos.
10.) Repeated entering of St. Vincent, Cape Verdes, by English steamers confirmed.
11.) Enemy shipping had in January 1941 following instructions to approach from
  1.  Lagos a total of 2 nm-wide line around the center line.  Continued.:
  2.  "Takoradi" a total 1 nm wide line around the centerline from 4°53'40"N, 1°43'50"W, 6 nm in direction 110°, towards 4°51'37"N, 1°38'13"W.  Buoyage unknown.
  From 6°23'10"N, 3°24'10"E 25 nm in direction 18° then branch from each 11 nm long towards east and west towards 6°21'N, 3°35'E or 6°21'N, 3°13'E.
12.) The announced supply vessels head not for the position ordered up to now, but instead to AJ 25 and AJ 61.  Presumably in position on the 22nd.
13.) English aircraft received orders to U-boat hunt in 58°35'N, western latitude not determined.
14.) On 23 May expect own battleship and cruiser, independently or together, as well as in the area of U-557 position report, also in the area of U-93 and in the entire extent of this sea area.
15.) To UA:
  Supply from "EGERLAND" on 27 May Point Red completed.  Afterwards warfare west of "Freetown".
16.) Officer-Only to U-111:
  On 25 May supply from tanker "BELCHEN" completed.  Fuel and as possible torpedoes and provisions.  Ship positioned on 25 May 06.00 hours in local time all 6 hours in AJ 25 center.   Recognition signs: 3 men on the forecastle without headgear.  In addition, normal recognition signals.  Report completion beyond 100 nm circle of the supply place by short signal and occupy ordered position.
17.) Because of the breakout of "BISMARCK" and "PRINZ EUGEN" has apparently been noticed by the enemy, enemy operations are to be expected, above all, in the west area.
18.) Expect simultaneous supply with "PRINZ EUGEN" (to U-111)
19.) Enemy contact keeper reports BISMARCK and PRINZ EUGEN in AD 7638 at 10.44 hours.  To the Fleet is radioed:  Contact keeper forced off.  Enemy to draw to own U-boats.  Probably two to three contact keepers.
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20.) To U-94, 43, 46, 557, 66 to support the fleet form a patrol line from square AJ 6815 - AJ 6895.  Positions must be reached by 25 May at 6.00 hours.  Depth 10 nm.  Attack free only against hostile warships.  Radio silence except for tactically required reports.
21.) New attack areas:
  U-93  AJ 6550
  U-73  AJ 6950
  In position attack free only against enemy warships.  Radio silence except for tactically required reports.
22.) 1)  Anticipated conduct of "PRINZ EUGEN" supply on 25 May at the place ordered for U-111.
  2)  In the area of U-boat deployment Flottenchef gives on U-boat wavelength information about enemy contact keeper if necessary.
23.) Officer-Only to All:
  Previous intentions changed. "BISMARCK" goes toward BF 65, probably via BE 60. "PRINZ EUGEN" goes toward BD 70.
  At 20.00 both are located about AK 16.
24.) BISMARCK in square AK 19.
  Hit by aircraft torpedoes.  In the incident area naval forces include aircraft carriers. BISMARCK separation from PRINZ EUGEN assumed.
25.) BISMARCK flies a blue pennant in a prominent position while passing through square BE as far as possible.
26.) BISMARCK possibly camouflaged.  Small bow sea black and white vertical lines from forward to aft.
27.) Officer-Only to U-74-48:
  BISMARCK passes probably 13.00 hours or later.
28.) B.d.U. to U-69:
  Assumption about net barrier Lagos about 550 meters to the north of the head of the east mole and 170 meters to the north of the head ....... gains ... according to new information it is likely that several machine guns are on the mole.
29.) Officer-Only to U-93:
  On 29 May from tanker "BELCHEN" take over fuel and if possible provisions and torpedoes.  BELCHEN positioned all six hours on 29 May 00.00 hours M.O.Z. in AJ 21 center.
  Recognition signs: 3 men on the forecastle without headgear, additionally normal recognition signals.  Report completion beyond 100 nm circle of the supply place by Short Signal.
30.) To U-557:  Complete fuel supply on 1 June in AJ 21 from tanker "BELCHEN", from 00.00 hours M.O.Z. positioned all six hours center of square, recognition signs: 3 men on the forecastle without headgear, additionally normal recognition signals.  Report completion beyond 100 nm circle of the supply place by Short Signal.