U-703 - 8th War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason

Days at Sea
19 July 1943
3 August 1943


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Ships Hit
KTB Time
30 Jul 43
71°03'N, 51°30'W
T-911 (No. 65)
 Total = 559
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

                           K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h  
                                             "U  703"  
                                           8th Patrol  
        Kommandant:  Oberleutnant zur See  B  r  ü  n  n  e  r  
Beginning:  15 May     1943
Ending:       3 August 1943
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- 1 -
    15. - 18.05.43 Hammerfest, alongside "BLACK WATCH" Light overhaul work, fresh provisions supply.  
    16.00 Hammerfest, alongside "BLACK WATCH" Cast off for transit to Narvik.  
    16.07 Hammerfest Harbor Taken in convoy by "R 159".  
    20.00 Steered by instructions of the Kommandant on the Archipelago Route in convoy with "R 159" through the Sørøysundet Signal from "R 159":  
      To RGP from Admiral Nordmeer:  
      1.)  . . . . .  
      2.)  Send Bielfeld from Tromsø without escort on "Route Rot".  
    00.00 Steered by instructions of the Kommandant on the Archipelago Route through Kågsundet, Grøtsundet and Gisundet    
    00.26   Escort by "R 159" ended.  
    01.25 Passed Tromsø    
    04.00 Steered by instructions of the Kommandant on the Archipelago Route through Solbergfjord, Mjøsundet and Astafjord.    
    08.00 Steered by instructions of the Kommandant through the Ofotenfjord    
    09.27 Lødingen abeam    
    11.25 Off Narvik in Ofotenfjord Recognition signal exchanged with Ju 52.  
    11.55 Narvik alongside "GRILLE" Made fast.  Report to F.d.U. Norwegen.  After conference with organization Engineer transfer cruise to Trondheim is necessary.  
    12.00 Narvik alongside "GRILLE" Day's run:  Surfaced      268.7 nm  
                         Submerged     0.0 nm  
                                            268.7 nm  
    17.02 Narvik alongside "GRILLE" Cast off for transit to Trondheim.  
    17.28 - 17.49 Steered through Ofotenfjord Test dive, trim test.  
    20.00 Ofotenfjord and Vestfjord    
    21.05 Tranøy abeam to port    
    22.20 Måløy abeam to port. Sent Short Signal:  ßß 20th day of the current month 23.00 hours Frohavet.  
- 2 -
    20.05.43 Norwegian Sea    
    00.00 AF 3539 Intention:  set off 50 nm from the coast to transit to Trondheim.  
    04.00 AF 3577    
    08.00 AF 3757    
    12.00 AF 6141 Day's run:  Surfaced      255.7 nm  
                         Submerged     1.1 nm  
                                            256.8 nm  
    16.00 AF 5629    
    17.14 AF 5656 Vessel in sight.  Waited for it.  
    17.30   To the radio room for sending:  Square AF 5656 unknown vessel, apparently a fishing trawler.  
    18.55   Ran at 2 x HF on the surface towards the vessel.  
        It is the Norwegian fishing cutter "M 344 B".  
        To the radio room:  Reported vessel is fishing cutter "M 344 B".  
        Seems to be a harmless fisherman.  
        Continued transit to Trondheim.  
    20.00 AF 5685    
    21.28   Incoming Radio Message 2057/709:  Bielfeld.  Fisherman seems suspicious. In some cases, armed sabotage cutter.  Remain in the vicinity,  Operation by a BV [BV 138 aircraft] intended.  
    21.58 AF 9727 [position in error] Incoming Radio Message 2147/711:  Bielfeld Radio Message 2057 and 2112 are withdrawn.  Continue transit.  
    22.01 Off Halten Taken in convoy by "M 161".  
    23.10   Incoming Radio Message 2112/710:  To Radio Message 1855:  Attack free.  
    00.00 Steered by instructions of the Kommandant through Kraakvaagfjord to Trondheim    
    02.15 Passed Agdenes Lighthouse    
    03.10 Rødberg Lighthouse    
    04.10 Trondheim, Shipyard Made fast.  
    21.05. - 16.07.43 Trondheim Shipyard Shipyard period, conning tower construction, Fu.M.G. [radar] installation, installation of the Runddipol for Fu.M.B., installation of the FAT-setting gear.  
    06.07.43 Trondheim Shipyard Change of Kommandant.  Transfer of the boat from Kaptlt. Bielfeld to Oblt.z.S. Brünner.  
- 3 -
    16.07.43 Trondheim Shipyard Shipyard sea trial.  
    17.07.43 Off Trondheim Radio direction finder calibration, degaussing.  
    18.07.43 Trondheim shipyard Outfitting of the boat.  
    19.07.43 Trondheim shipyard Took over fresh provisions.  
    10.55 Trondheim Shipyard Cast off, farewell by Flotilla Commander.  
    11.31 Trondheim Roadstead Final trim test.  
    12.00 Trondheim Roadstead Convoy intake by "M 401" in accordance with outbound orders steered via Buholmråsa south of Kya.  
    16.00 Steered by instructions of the Kommandant  on Archipelago Route    
    20.00 Steered by instructions of the Kommandant on Archipelago Route    
    20.05 South of Kya, Point KY 1A Released from convoy, began patrol.  Valid Operations Order:  Operations Order No. 1 F.d.U. Norwegen.  
      NE 1, Sea 1, 2/10, 1005 mb, Vis. 12 nm  
    20.15 Point KY 1 Both diesels 2 x HF, intend to set off 60 nm from the coast at high speed.  
    21.40 - 22.10 Norwegian Sea    
      AF 6474 Test dive.  
    22.17 - 22.27 AF 6471 Crash dive for training.  
    20.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    00.00 AF 5656    
    03.00 AF 5617 Came to course 3°, diesel-electric LF, to objective 73°30'N, 8°00'E to deploy Weather Buoy WF 106 in accordance with Outbound Orders.  
    04.00 AF 5611    
      NNE 2-3, Sea 1-2, 1007 mb, misty, fog, Vis. changing    
    07.00 AF 5372 Sighted drifting mine.  
    08.00 AF 5348    
    11.00 AF 5315 Crash dive for training.  
    11.07 AF 5315 Surfaced.  
    12.00 AF 5312 Day's run:  Surfaced      249.0 nm  
      N 2, Sea 1, 9/10, 1009 mb, Vis. good                  Submerged      2.0 nm  
                                          251.0 nm  
    12.41 AF 5312 Drifting mine shot.  
Sun and Moon Data 19.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 20.07.43
- 4 -
    20.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    16.00 - 17.55 AF 2942 Test dive, fire control training failure exercises.  
    18.04 - 23.31 AF 2918 Crash dive for training, depth control training.  
    20.00 AF 2912    
      NW 2-3, Sea 1-2, 7/10, 1011 mb, Vis. good Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 333°T, 8.0 nm.  
    21.13 AF 2675 Drifting mine shot.  
    22.24   Outgoing Short Signal:  2225/20/60:  Have reached prescribed position line to send control report.  
    21.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    00.00 AF 2645    
    04.00 AF 2378    
      NW 2-3, Sea 1-2, 1/10, 1012 mb, Vis. good    
    07.30 AF 2345 Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 273°T, 2.5 nm.  
    08.00 AF 2345    
    12.00 AB 8899 Day's run:  Surfaced      133.2 nm  
      W 2, Sea 2, 2/10, 1015 mb, Swell, Vis. good                  Submerged     8.5 nm  
                                         141.7 nm  
    14.15 AB 8893 Dived to proceed submerged (cylinder head 2 on the port diesel must be changed.  Details see K.T.B. Maschine).  
    16.00 AB 8869    
    19.09 AB 8863 Surfaced to ventilate the boat.  
    19.45 AB 8863 Dived.  
    22.44 AB 8839 Surfaced.  (changing cylinder head finished.)  
    23.13 AB 8836 Drifting mine shot.  
    22.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    00.00 AB 8899    
      SW 3, Sea 3, 5/10, 1012 mb, Swell, Vis. good    
    04.00 AB 8569    
      WNW 3, Sea 2, 1/10, 1010 mb, Vis. good    
    06.30 AB 8563 Drifting mine shot.  
    08.00 AB 8612    
    12.00 AB 8347 Day's run:  Surfaced      98.8 nm  
Sun and Moon Data 20.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 21.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 22.07.43
- 5 -
    22.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    12.00 AB 8347 Day's run:  Surfaced      98.8 nm  
      W 4, Sea 3-4, 4/10, 1010 mb, Vis. 8 nm                  Submerged   17.4 nm  
                                         116.2 nm  
    14.30   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 356°T, 22 nm.  
    16.00 AB 8311    
    16.02 - 18.37 AB 8311 Test dive, fire control training.  
    20.00 AB 5977    
      W 4, Sea 4, 1/10, 1006 mb, Vis. good    
    23.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    00.00 AB 5944    
    04.00 AB 5599    
    08.00 AB 5566    
    12.00 AB 5299 Day's run:  Surfaced      140.3 nm  
      WNW 3, Sea 2, overcast, 8/10, 1000 mb, Vis. 8 nm                  Submerged      6.4 nm  
                                          146.7 nm  
    13.36   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 346°T, 18 nm.  
    15.50   Presented Radio Message 1324/705:  "Brünner" Officer-Only Hans from F.d.U.:  After deploying weather buoy 106 increased speed.  After 107 head for attack area AT 72.  
        Boat is in position to deploy weather buoy 106 in accordance with Outbound Orders.  Proceeded at low speed against the sea.  
    16.00 AB 5532    
    18.00   Presented Radio Message 1636/709:  Brünner after completion with 106 with increased speed head for the southern tip of "Hopen Island" via AB 3852.  More to follow.  
    20.00 AB 5533 Deployment of the buoy takes a long time, because work is made more difficult by the Sea State.  For details, as well as suggestions for improvement see Enclosure 1 to the K.T.B.  
      W 2-3, Sea 2, 8/10, 1001 mb, Vis. 6 nm  
    20.55 AB 5533 Buoy 106 deployed unanchored, because the deep see anchor malfunctioned.  
    22.15 AB 5611 Test dive, balanced the boat.  
    23.20 AB 5611 Surfaced, course 54°, diesel-electric 2 x HF to head for the southern tip of "Hopen Island".  
    24.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    00.00 AB 5378    
    01.12   Outgoing Radio Message 0030/719:  F.d.U.  106 deployed unanchored.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 23.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 24.07.43
- 6 -
    24.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    04.00 AB 5365    
      NW 3, Sea 1-2, overcast, 9/10, 1000 mb, Vis. good    
    08.00 AB 6131    
    12.00 AB 3855 Day's run:  Surfaced      171.5 nm  
      NW 2, Sea 1-2, 8/10, 998 mb, rain showers, Vis. changing                  Submerged      2.9 nm  
                                          174.4 nm  
    12.40   Presented Radio Message 1006/24/725:  Brünner report why anchor was not deployed.  
                                                                     F.d.U. Norwegen  
    14.16   Outgoing Radio Message 1300/730:  F.d.U.  Failure deep sea anchor.  Anchor cable jammed before anchor reached bottom.  Position square AB 3836, NW 3, Sea 2, cloudy, 998 mb, Vis. good.  
    14.18 - 14.30   Crash dive for training.  
    15.53 - 16.05   Crash dive for training.  
    16.00 AB 3913    
    16.50   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 233°T, 13 nm.  
    18.40   Presented Radio Message 0943/735:  To F.d.U. and Benker from Grau, Officer-Only Hans:  (unclear) mine at 71°20.3N, 52°11.4E  
        2.)  Patrol vessel naval square 7261 back and forth.  
    19.50   Presented Radio Message 1734/738: Contents:  To    Brünner:  At Hopen Island examine discovered hut with 3 men, if shipwrecked take over, if enemy station destroy, report results.  Afterwards in accordance with Serial No. 705.  
    20.00 AB 3669    
      WNW 2, Sea 2, 8/10, 997 mb, Vis. good    
    21.30 - 21.41   Crash dive for training.  
    25.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    00.00 AC 1437    
    04.00 AC 1297    
      SSW 1-2, Sea 2, 10/10, 993 mb, Vis. 4 nm    
Sun and Moon Data 24.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 25.07.43
- 7 -
    25.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    06.15   Hopen Island In sight.   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 220°T, 7 nm.  
        East of the island an extensive ice field.  Headed for the southern tip.  Along the coast there is ice free water.  Ran at low speed with continuous sounding about 1500 meters off the east coast.  All weapons ready to fire.  
    07.45   Went as slow as possible close to the coast to examine the hut located there.  No men are seen.  
    08.00 Off Hopen Island    
      AC 1267    
    08.45   Dingy launched with Second Watch Officer and 3 men under fire protection of the boat.  The hut is empty.  Except for 3 old boxes of already spoiled explosive ammunition nothing special  
    10.00   Dingy back.  
    10.07   Steered further along the coast.  
    10.57   Headed to the huts mentioned in the Radio Message.  On one shot from the 8.8 cm one man appears.  
    11.04   Dingy with the same crew skillfully on land.  
    11.58   Dingy back with Russian Captain Beliaev of the Russian steamer "DEKABRIST" (7363 GRT) torpedoed by the German Luftwaffe on 4 November 1942.  Took the man on board.  Hut is otherwise uninhabited however still much provisions.  By statement of the Captain 3 further crew members from the same steamer live further to the north.  
    12.00 Off Hopen Island Day's run:  Surfaced      208.9 nm  
      AC 1264                  Submerged     2.4 nm  
                                           211.3 nm  
    12.07 Off Hopen Island Steered further along the coast to the north.  
      AC 1264    
    13.13   Reached the hut indicated by the prisoner.  After a few machine gun shots 3 people appear, to the call of the Captain, they immediately pack their things and take a boat to us to come aboard.  One woman, supposedly "Fräulein Doctor" and 2 Midshipmen of the "DEKABRIST".  
    13.25   While the boat turns in position to lay transverse to the coast, suddenly the stern grounds, although the boat made no weigh through the water.  As it soon turns out, there is a strong southerly current along the coast, gradually turning the bow of the boat away from land, so that it rests after some time with the whole keel on a shoal.  
Sun and Moon Data 25.07.43
- 8 -
    25.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    13.25   After exact sounding nearby and away and careful examination of the rudder and screws I get the boat free again after pumping all regulating tanks and torpedo compensating tanks cells over the forestem.  Thank God!  Except for tightness of the forward flood valve of main ballast tank 3 starboard no damage determined.  
    11.45   Second Watch Officer and one Petty Officer with the boat of the 3 Russians left to search the three huts.  
    15.39   Second Watch Officer and Petty Officer back.  Nothing suspicious.  The last three Russians to arrive are put ashore.  Believe that taking them aboard not acceptable with respect to other operations of the boat, also unnecessary.  They wore their fate with equanimity!  
    15.55   Moved off from the coast.  
    16.00 Off Hopen Island Steer along the coast to the south at a distance of 3 nm, course 134° [typo?] until the southern tip is abeam, then course to proceed to the position to deploy buoy 107, diesel-electric 2 x HF.  
      AC 1264  
      SW 1-2, Sea 0, 10/10, 997 mb, at times thick fog  
    17.25 AC 2192 Thick pack ice, which I bypass to the west.  Continually encounter icebergs.  Due to thick fog I decide to go further to the south to get around the ice safely.  
    19.04 - 19.51 AC 1525 Test dive.  
    20.00 AC 1528    
      SW 1, Sea 1, 10/10, 998 mb, at times thick fog    
    21.46   Outgoing Radio Message 2032/777:  F.d.U.  
        1.)  From Hopen Island took aboard Captain Russian steamer "DEKABRIST" torpedoed on 4 November 1942 by the German Luftwaffe.  
        2.)  Still 3 other crew members on Hopen Island from the same steamer (among them a woman).  
        3.)  No station determined.  
        4.)  Still 105 cbm, of this only 80 cbm consumable due to contamination by bunker paint.  
        5.) Heading to position for 107.  
    00.00 Norwegian Sea    
    02.15   Presented Radio Message 0010/787:  Three merchant ships, one destroyer, 1 patrol vessel located at 14.00 hours in AT 7879, course 70°, reconnaissance by Ju 88.  
Sun and Moon Data 25.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 26.07.43
- 9 -
    26.07.43 Norwegian Sea    
    02.20   Presented Radio Message 0011/788:  Brünner report: Type of station and if destroyed.  
    04.00 AC 1884    
    05.23   Outgoing Radio Message 0409/793:  Hopen Island no station determined, as reported in Radio Message 2303/777.  Serial No. 760 missing.  
    08.00 AC 4319    
      E 1, Sea 1, 8/10, 1005 mb, Vis. good    
    12.00 AC 5171 Day's run:  Surfaced      217.0 nm  
                         Submerged     1.8 nm  
                                           218.8 nm  
    12.20   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 256°T, 21 nm.  
    13.16 - 13.54 AC 5145 Crash dive for training.  
    15.58 - 16.31 AC 5149 Crash dive for training.  
    16.00 AC 5149    
    18.30 - 18.51 AC 5192 Crash dive for training.  
    19.24 AC 5195 Dived to determine the cause of the rising air while submerged.  Cause not determined.  
    19.xx   Surfaced.  
    20.00 AC 5196    
      S 1, Sea 0, 5/10, 1007 mb, Vis. very good    
    27.07.43 Barents Sea    
    00.00 AC 5531    
    04.00 AC 5629    
      SSE 1, Sea 0, 10/10, 1007 mb, light rain    
    07.30 AC 6457 upper-left corner Reached position for weather buoy 107.  
    08.00 AC 6457    
    09.57 AC 6457 Weather buoy 107 deployed.  For experience with deployment see Enclosure 1 to the K.T.B.  
    11.57   Outgoing Short Signal:  1157/27/727:  ß ß 107.  
Sun and Moon Data 26.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 27.07.43
- 10 -
    27.07.43 Barents Sea    
    12.00 AC 6458 Day's run:  Surfaced      190.5 nm  
      SE 2-3, Sea 1, 10/10, misty, 1003 mb, Vis. around 5 nm, steady rain                  Submerged     8.6 nm  
                                         199.1 nm  
    15.59 - 16.46 AC 6579 Crash dive for training.  
    16.00 AC 6579    
    20.00 AC 6839    
      W 1, Sea 1, 10/10, 1000 mb, Vis. changing    
    28.07.43 Barents Sea    
    00.00 AC 6959    
    04.00 AT 4787    
      NW 5, Sea 3, 7/10, 1003 mb, Vis. good    
    08.00 AT 7216 Reached attack area AT 72.  
    10.22 - 10.39 In attack area AT 7251 Crash dive for training.  
    12.00  "     "         "   AT 7255 Day's run:  Surfaced      245.0 nm  
      NNW 2, Sea 2-3, 5/10, 1008 mb, Vis. good                  Submerged     3.6 nm  
                                         248.6 nm  
    12.20   Came to NE course, to close land.  
    13.17   Land in sight!  It is the coast north of Kostin Strait.  Then back and forth in position.  
        Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 264°T, 13.0 nm.  
    16.00 - 16.40 In attack area AT 7258 Crash dive for training.  
    17.41  "     "         "   AT 7254 Dived to proceed submerged.  I want to go closer to the coast and observe the north exit of the Kostin Strait once in more detail.  Course 75°, both E-motors LF.  
    20.00  "     "         "   AT 7252    
    20.30  "     "         "   AT 7252 At periscope depth.  Gradually the entrance of the Kostin Strait comes out.  
    20.48  "     "         "   AT 7252 Smoke cloud in sight.  Coming out of the Kostin Strait, disappears after a while.  Slowly moved towards the entrance  
    22.56  "     "         "   AT 7253 In the Kostin Strait a masthead and smoke feather in sight.  Still have 90 meters water under the keel, I decide to close up to the 40-meter line in the Kostin Strait.  
Sun and Moon Data 27.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 28.07.43
- 11 -
    22.56   Maybe I can catch the discovered vessel.  Enemy mines are not expected since the Kostin Strait is not important.  
    22.58   To Action Stations!  
        Gradually the smokestack comes out.  The vessel steers randomly changing courses.  It is probably the patrol vessel reported by Grau.  I run very slowly towards him.  
    00.00 In attack area AT 7261    
    00.03  "     "         "   AT 7261 Two flying boats (MBR 2) flying past in the north on westerly courses.  
    02.38   After much effort, I have finally sneaked up.  As suspected it is a patrol vessel.  I must take my battery, which is already half empty, very much into consideration. It is also completely calm above.  Water depth 42 meters.  Only a very light swell.  Navigation is easy because there are many beacons on land.  The vessel is of 300-500 tons.  Probably runs at 3-5 knots.  Through a further change of course he runs towards me before the tubes so that I can shoot out to sea from the Kostin Strait.  
    02.55  "     "         "   AT 7261 upper edge right Single shot from tube IV.  
              Shooting data:  
        Target angle red 80°, target speed = 3.5 knots, range = 750 meters, torpedo depth = 3 meters, "MZ on", aim point center.  
        Miss!  [the vessel] probably ran even slower.  On the patrol vessel nothing stirs.  No people are seen.  The steamer turns slowly, so that I can shoot once more.  
    03.00  "     "         "   AT 7261 upper edge right Single shot from tube I.  
                Shooting data:  
        Target angle red 80°, target speed = 2 knots, range = 400 meters, torpedo depth 3 meters. "MZ on", aim point Aft 10 meters.  
        Again miss!  It later turns out range at the shot was about 600 meters.  Also parallax error.  After about 8 minutes 30 seconds detonation.  Probably it is the torpedo shot above going high order at the end of the running track.  Now the men on the patrol vessel wake up. He increases speed and turns in wild circles.  No further chance to shoot.  Went to depth 20 meters and ran submerged out of the Kostin Strait.  
    04.00  "     "         "   AT 7261    
    05.24  "     "         "   AT 7253 Surfaced.  My battery is nearly empty.  Additionally I want to gain as much sea room as possible before aircraft summoned here force me to remain submerged still longer.  
Sun and Moon Data 28.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 29.07.43
- 12 -
    05.24   Masthead and smokestack of the patrol vessel are still seen, soon pass out of sight.  Ran off with both diesels GF.  
    08.00 In attack area AT 7251    
      W 1, Sea 0, overcast, 10/10, Vis. good    
    12.00 In attack area AT 7216 Day's run:  Surfaced       82.8 nm  
      Calm, Sea 0, 10/10, foggy, light rain                  Submerged    27.4 nm  
                                         110.3 nm  [typo 110.2 nm]  
        Back and forth in position about 15 nm off the coast.  
    16.00 In attack area    
    16.57 In attack area Crash dive for training.  
    17.46 In attack area Surfaced.  Cannon prepared for training.  After precisely establishing rolls, an artillery attack will be tested.  I intend to sink the patrol vessel with artillery.  The test works well.  No issues arise.  
    17.52 In attack area Presented Radio Message 1354/781: Brünner from F.d.U. Officer-Only Hans.  
        1.)  Attack against traffic detected from "Kolguj" to Belushya.  
        2.)  Belushya is protected with MBR 2 flying boats, Catalina and two-engined biplanes.  
        3.)  Grau reports in AT 7261 an individual patrol vessel moving back and forth.  The inner bay is mined.  
        4.)  Report trafic and surveilance by Short Signal.  
        I absolutely must have had this radio message before arriving in my attack area.  If the patrol vessel had not come out under certain circumstances I would have entered even deeper into the Kostin Strait.  
    20.00 In attack area    
      Calm, Sea 0, 10/10, 1007.5 mb, Vis. changing    
    23.12 - 23.53 In attack area Crash dive for flying boat (MBR 2).  Was not detected.  
    00.00 In attack area    
    00.24 In attack area    
Sun and Moon Data 29.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 30.07.43
- 13 -
    00.24   Crash dive for 2 flying boats (MBR 2).  Was not detected.  
    00.54   Here reconnaissance is always flown with 2 aircraft.  
    04.00 In attack area    
      NW 1-2, Sea 1, 3/10, 1007 mb, Vis. good    
    05.54 - 06.21 In attack area Crash dive for 2 flying boats (MBR 2).  Was not detected.  
        Probably the returning reconnaissance.  
    08.00 In attack area    
    12.00 In attack area Day's run:  Surfaced      161.7 nm  
                         Submerged    5.8 nm  
                                           167.5 nm  
    12.4x In attack area Crash dive for 2 flying boats (MBR 2). Was not detected.  
    13.10 In attack area At periscope depth.  The two flying boats circle continuously south of me over the sea.  Is something coming?  
    14.25 In attack area    
      AT 7285 Correct!  Mastheads in the south, three vessels in sight.  Course about 20°, apparently line abreast.  
    14.28 In attack area To Action Stations!  Both GF, course for the steamers.  The circling flying boat cannot have seen me with the prevailing Sea State.  The center vessel is a steamer of about 1300 GRT.  The flanking vessels are patrol vessels (fishing trawlers).  I come well forward and lay between the steamer and the starboard escort.  Intention:  three-fan on the steamer, of which one torpedo with FAT loops right, then the stern torpedo on the starboard escort with FAT loops left.  
        By zigzagging shortly before the shot the steamer goes past about 150 meters behind my stern, however does not see me.  It is a small freighter and passenger steamer.  The port escort already has target angle 120°, past! Therefore hard starboard.  The steamer now has target angle 178° to 179°, range 800 meters.  I shoot a circle runner behind him.  
    15.40 In attack area Single shot from tube III.  
      AT 7282         Shooting data:  
        In accordance with FAT shooting instructions  
        Target angle green 90°, target speed = 3.4 knots, range = 1500 meters, torpedo depth = 4 meters, "MZ on", loops left short, fore-run 1500 meters.  
        Miss!  Unfortunately the steamer steers a very inexact course.  May have gone past the circle. The crew indicates a sound like the impact of a torpedo was heard.  Pistol failure?  I do not believe it.  
    15.48 In attack area Three-fan from tube I, II, IV on the starboard patrol vessel, that is somewhat set back.  
      AT 7282  
Sun and Moon Data 30.07.43
- 14 -
    15.48           Shooting data:  
        Target angle red 90°, target speed = 7.5 knots, range = 1300 meters, depth = 4 meters, "MZ on".  
        After 90 seconds a hit astern.  Apparently by "MZ".  The entire stern flies away.  As the broad blackish explosion column subsides nothing more is seen of the bridge and smokestack.  In seconds the aftership quickly settles astern.  After about 50 seconds only the forestem juts into the air.  The steamer turns away and searches in the distance.  The port patrol vessel comes towards me at target angle 0°.  I no longer see the flying boats.  I disappear into the deep.  A few badly placed depth charges follow.  No damage.  In the mean time the sinking sounds of the now sinking patrol vessel are heard.  Sounds as if the pebbles are thrown on the boat.  The patrol vessel attempt listening pursuit with stopping to listen, continued to run off etc.  In total 10 depth charges.  By chance I am positioned in the deepest part of my attack area.  Put the boat on the bottom in depth 2A +26 meters because my battery is already nearly empty again.  
    16.25 In attack area They will certainly not find me in this hole.  The boat holds tight except for the port outer exhaust gas valve.  The entire outboard pressure lies on the inner.  The flange of the exhaust gas manifold is badly packed and leaks heavily.  See reporting in the Maschine Section.  
      AT 7282  
    17.25 In attack area Nothing happens.  I go higher slowly.  
      AT 7282    
    18.15 In attack area Surfaced!  Mastheads of the patrol vessels are still seen astern.  Both diesels GF.  Course west.  
    18.42 In attack area Outgoing Radio Message 0002/716:  F.d.U.  
        1.) One steamer, 2 patrol vessels, course 15°, of these sank: 1 patrol vessel.  Depth charges, no damage.  
        2.)  Strong enemy air surveillance.  
        3.)  6 torpedoes, 50 cbm, last Serial No. 702.  
    18.54 In attack area Crash dive for 3 flying boats (MBR 2).  On course for the sinking location.  They believe I am still submerged there, one hears many bomb explosions far off.  They continue maneuvers until about 23.00 hours.  We surfaced at just the right time.  Remained submerged to reload torpedoes.  
      AT 7273  
    23.59 In attack area Surfaced.  
      AT 7271    
Sun and Moon Data 30.07.43
- 15 -
    00.00 In attack area    
      AT 7271    
      NNW 4, Sea 2, 10/10, 1007 mb, Vis. medium    
    00.30   Ran to the north in my attack area.  
    02.45 In attack area    
      AT 7214 Crash dive for 2 "MBR 2".  Apparently they search for us quite eagerly.  Was not seen.  
    03.22 In attack area Surfaced.  
    03.26 In attack area Crash dive for 2 "MBR 2".  Was not seen.  
    03.55 In attack area Surfaced.  
    04.00 In attack area    
    04.07 In attack area Crash dive for 4 flying boats (MBR 2).  Now I have had enough.  Came to westerly course and ran off submerged to the west.  Remained submerged until the next afternoon.  
      AT 7217  
    08.00 Barents Sea    
      AT 7139    
    12.00 Barents Sea, AT 7137 Day's run:  Surfaced      44.1 nm  
                         Submerged   38.3 nm  
                                             82.4 nm  
    12.58 Barents Sea, AT 7137 Surfaced!  I intend to move off to the west out of my operations area for a while, until the Russians have calmed down.  After about 20 minutes on the surface, already again.  
    13.18 Barents Sea,  AT 7137 Crash dive for land-based aircraft!  There is nothing we can do.  
    14.15 Barents Sea,  AT 7137 Surfaced.  Course 300°, both diesels 2 x HF.  
        Outgoing Short Signal 1428/724:  ßß Temporarily set off due to heavy air surveillance.  
    15.08   Presented Radio Message 0943/717:  Brünner:  Return transit with increased speed Andfjord Narvik.  
    15.10 Barents Sea,  AT 7137 Began return transit.  
    16.00 Barents Sea,  AT 7116    
    20.00 Barents Sea,  AT 9323    
      N 1, Sea 0, 8/10, 1007 mb, Vis. 10 nm    
    00.00 Barents Sea,  AC 6895    
    04.00 Barents Sea,  AC 6847    
      NNW 1-2, Sea 1, 10/10, 1008 mb, Vis. 8 nm    
    08.00 Norwegian Sea,  AC 6754    
Sun and Moon Data 31.07.43
Sun and Moon Data 01.08.43
- 16 -
    12.00 Norwegian Sea Day's run:  Surfaced      244.1 nm  
      AC 5955                  Submerged     4.5 nm  
      NNW 1, Sea 0, 9/10, 1008 mb, Vis. 8 nm                                    248.6 nm  
    16.00 Norwegian Sea    
      AC 5864    
    16.04 - 16.36 Norwegian Sea,  AC 5864 Test dive.  
    20.00 Norwegian Sea,  AC 5848    
      S 1, Sea 0, 10/10, 1007 mb, Vis. 8 nm    
    00.00 Norwegian Sea,  AC 5794    
    04.00 Norwegian Sea,  AC 4958    
      S 1, Sea 0, 9/10, 1003 mb, Vis. 10 nm    
    08.00 Norwegian Sea,  AC 4869 Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 88°T, 9.7 nm.  
    12.00 Norwegian Sea,  AC 4884 Day's run:  Surfaced      233.0 nm  
                         Submerged     3.4 nm  
                                           236.4 nm  
    16.00 - 16.36 Norwegian Sea,  AC 7134 Test dive.  
    20.00 Norwegian Sea,  AC 7141    
      NE 3-4, Sea 3, 9/10, 997 mb, Vis. 8 nm    
    00.00 Norwegian Sea,  AB 9373    
    04.00 Norwegian Sea,  AB 9553    
      NE 3-4, Sea 3, 10/10, 995 mb, Vis. 8 nm    
    08.00 Norwegian Sea,  AB 9598    
    09.30   Coast in sight.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix = 0°T, 20.1 nm.  
    11.23   Outgoing Short Signal 1123/3/790:  My position is square AB 9867.  
    11.27   Recognition signal exchanged with patrol boat.  
    11.40 Entrance to Andfjord Reached objective point.  
    12.00 Steered by instructions of the Kommandant through the Andfjord, Topsundet and Thielssund to Narvik Day's run:  Surfaced      307.3 nm  
                       Submerged     1.5 nm  
                                         308.8 nm  
Sun and Moon Data 01.08.43
Sun and Moon Data 02.08.43
Sun and Moon Data 03.08.43
- 17 -
    15.00 Off Harstad Pilot taken aboard for further travel.  
    16.00 Steered by instructions of the Kommandant on the Archipelago Route through the Ofotenfjord    
    20.00 Narvik, alongside "METEOR" Made fast.  
        Remaining day's run:  Surfaced      307.3 nm  
                                          Submerged     1.5 nm  
                                                            308.8 nm  
                         Final remarks and Experiences.  
      1.)  During the listening pursuit on 30 July in square AT 7282 explosive locating was used in great numbers (about 30 units) by the enemy (Russian patrol vessel).  The sound is similar to a depth charge very far off.  At times the explosive locating was thrown at very short intervals (15 to 20 seconds).  Obviously no magnetic fusing (sometimes falling past the boat), there also detonated very far away.  Suspect:  simple explosive locating with impact fusing.  Otherwise no observations.  
      2.)  The flying boat encountered in the attack area square AT 72 (MBR 2) worked without locating gear.  Always flew far below the cloud cover.  No detection in the Fu.M.B. during the entire patrol.  
      3.)  The Fu.M.G. was already out of service on the first day of the patrol.  The malfunction could not be found.  Also the 6 KVA transformer was so heavily loaded by the Fu.M.G. that other gear could hardly be connected  
      4.)  The crew worked well, although the patrol was carried out with a total of 15 new soldiers (among them the First Watch Officer, Navigator, Chief Engineer).  
                         Day's run:       1) Cruise from Narvik to Trondheim  
        Surfaced 452 nm, Submerged 1.1 nm, total 453.1 nm  
                                               2) Patrol from 19 July to 3 August 1943  
        Surfaced 2727.1 nm, Submerged 134.5 nm, total 2861.6 nm
        Total:  Surfaced       3179.1 nm  
                   Submerged    135.6 nm  
                          Total     3314.7 nm  
                       On board 3 August 1943  
                  Oberleutnant zur See and Kommandant.  
Sun and Moon Data 03.08.43

Appendices to U-703's KTB - click on the text at left to proceed to the documents
Radio Excerpt of the Radio Log
Report Report on deployment of Automatic Weather Stations

                                                           Enclosure   1   to F.d.U. Norwegen Gkdos 2719  

Comments of the F.d.U. Norwegen

to the K.T.B. "U 703" from 15.5. - 3.8.43
1) To 23 July 20.55 hours and Enclosure 1:  Deep sea anchor of the weather buoy must receive an anchor line brake for deployment in a Sea State that ensures uniform unwinding from the drums even during movements of the boat.
2) To 25 July 15.55 hours:  The Hopen Island undertaking was carried out with skillful seamanship.  The grounding occurred without blame to the Kommandant because the Island is remote and only inadequate charts are available.
3) To 29 July 03.00 hours:  With such rare shooting opportunities a fan should be shot in every case.
4) To 29 July 17.52 hours:  Error lies with leadership.  Otherwise nothing of note.
Admiral Nordmeer 6 September 1943
B.No. Gkdos 0983 A1   
                  the Marinegruppenkommando and Flottille Kommando  
                  Enclosed is the KTB of "U 703" for the period from 15.5 to 3.8.1943 with corresponding Attachments and the comments of the F.d.U. Norway are submitted.  
                  The comments of the F.d.U. Norwegen are approved.  Otherwise nothing of note.  
Marinegruppenkommando Nord Command Center,
and Flottillenkommando 21 September 1943.
  B.Nr.:  Gkdos 4692/43  A2  
                          To.  Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine - Skl. -  
                                     Nothing of note.  
                                                                      On behalf of!  

Comments of the Befehlshabers der Unterseeboote on

to the K.T.B. "U 703" (Brünner) from 18.5. - 3.8.1943.


                   A well and thoughtfully executed patrol.

For the Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote

    - The Chief of the Operations Department -  

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