U-701 was attacked and sunk by an A-29 of the 396th Bomb Squadron July 7, 1942

LT Kane and his crew pose for the camera

Lockheed A-29  - USAAF version of the Hudson MK-III originally built for the British



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Excerpt from the 16-31 May 1942 BDU KTB covering 19-20 May 1942 - Includes General comments on mining operations and Operational Orders for operations for New York (U-87), Overfalls (Entrance to Delaware Bay) (U-373) and Chesapeake (U-701).
Photos of the victims of minefield laid by U-701 on 11June 1942  off the entrance to Chesapeake Bay
Excerpt from ESF War Diary of June 1942 - Chapter II, The German minefields
Message and Analysis of LT Tuttle's attack June 12, 1942
Message, Log and Analysis of LT Kane's attack July 7, 1942 - resulted in the sinking of U-701
Photos of the rescue of survivors July 9, 1942
Use of hypnosis and injections during interrogation at Norfolk
Preliminary Interrogation Report
Translation of Draft Letter to Dönitz Prepared by Kapitänleutnant Horst Degen while at Fort Devens, Massachusetts late July, 1942
Summary and transcripts of room conversations at the Joint Interrogation Center, Fort Hunt, Virginia
Transcripts of Interrogations by Navy Interrogators
Transcripts of Interrogations by Army Interrogators
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-701
Photos of Kapitänleutnant Horst Degen