U-67 was attacked and sunk by an aircraft from USS Core (CVE-13), July 16, 1943

LT Robert P. Williams' DB splash close aboard U-67 - shock wave from explosion just forming abaft conning tower

LT Williams and his Radioman ARM 1/C Morris Grinstead next to a TBF-1 Avenger torpedo bomber



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Photos taken during LT Robert Williams attack
USS McCormick report Prisoners of War - Rescue and Interrogation of
USS Merrimack Report on Prisoners of War from German Submarine - Transportation of and Delivery to U.S. Shore Authorities
Photos of U-67 POWS arriving at NOB Norfolk, Virginia and POW Personal Record Cards
Report on the preliminary interrogation of survivors of U-67
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-67
Press release concerning LT Robert Williams' attack on four U-boats in a six week period and photos of "This Nation at War" broadcast from USS Core
LT Robert Williams' awards