U-604 was scuttled on August 11, 1943 after an attack by a PV-1 of VB-129, July 30, 1943

U-604 broaches bow first after LTJG Davies' depth charge attack.

LTJG Davies' PV-1 passes over U-604 after a strafing attack.

U-604's stern broaches, large air bubbles coming to the surface astern.

U-604's stern hangs in the air for three minutes before sliding out of sight leaving oil slick and stationary air boil.


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Anti-Submarine Action by Aircraft (ASW-6) report completed after LTJG Davies' flight
Analysis of Anti-Submarine Action by Aircraft (ASW-6) report
Photographs and Anti-Submarine Action by Aircraft(ASW-6) report completed after LCDR Prueher's flight
Report by Fleet Air Wing Sixteen on the attacks upon and sinking of U-604
Photos of Bootsmaat Peter Binnefeld, coxswain aboard U-604
Photos of Funkmaat Georg Seitz, radioman aboard U-604
Preliminary Report of the Interrogation of Survivors from U-604
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-604 and U-185