U-575 was sunk 13 March, 1944 by depth charges from USS Haverfield, USS Hobson and HMCS Prince Rupert and by depth bombs from British Wellington and Fortress aircraft of Squadrons 172, 206 and 220 and an VC-95 Avenger aircraft of USS Bogue.

LTJG Pattie's depth bombs DB splash off starboard bow - 20mm gunfire splashes from HMCS Prince Rupert to port



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172 Squadron, Report on U-boat Sighting and Attack by Wellington aircraft "B" - 0151Z 13 March 1944
206 Squadron, Report on U-boat Sighting and Attack by Fortress aircraft "R" - 0805Z   13 March 1944
USS Haverfield, Narrative of Anti-Submarine Action Report
Photos taken during the attacks on U-575.
Atlantic Fleet ASW Unit, Task Group 21.11 (Bogue) -- Study of Operations for the Period 26 February to 19 April 1944 (excerpt covering the period of the attack on U-575)
COMINCH, OP-34-E, Meteorological Questions of Interest to Aerological Section
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-575

Diary of Helmut Gramlow, U-575 First Watch Officer