U-564 - 3rd War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason

Days at Sea
16 September 1941
1 November 1941


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Ships Hit
KTB Time
24 Oct 41
35°57'N, 10°30'W
24 Oct 41
35°57'N, 10°30'W
24 Oct 41
35°57'N, 10°30'W
 Total = 7,198
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

                K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h  
               = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  
        U  n  t  e  r  s  e  e  b  o  o  t  e  s  "U  564"  
        = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =  
                           Beginning:    27.8.1941  
                           Ending:        1.11.1941  
                           Kommandant:        Oberleutnant zur See    S  u  h  r  e  n.  
                               Distribution: 2 x O.K.M. SkL/U.  
        1 x B d U.  
        1 x 2.A.D.U.  
        1 x 1.U.-Flottille  
        Boat original  
    Drafted 2.U.-Flottille    
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- 1 -
    17.08.41 Brest Berth 6    
    13.30   Torpedo and ammunition unloading.  
    18.08.41    "          " Shifted to berth 15, provisions unloading.  Shipyard conference.  Beginning of shipyard work.  
        Clearing the boat  
    19.08.41 to    "          "   15    
    09.09.41   Shipyard work.  
    05.09.41    "          "   15 Deep discharge.  
    06.09.41    "  Dock 7 Dry docked.  High charging.  
    09.09.41    "          "   13 Undocked.  
    10.09.41    "          "   11 Pier-side testing.  
    11.09.41    "          "   13 Shipyard trim test, degaussing.  
    12.09.41    "          "   13 Final adjustments.  Fuel oil, drinking and wash water loading.  
    13.09.41    "          "   16b Torpedo, ammunition and lubricating oil loading.  Took over the boat.  
    14.09.41    "          "   16b Provisions loading.  
    15.09.41    "          "   16b Cleaned the boat.  Final trim test.  Fuel oil loading, because main ballast and reserve fuel oil tank 4 was not completely filled.  
    16.09.41    "          "   13    
    14.00 NNE 2, Sea NNE 1-2, few clouds, clear Ready for sea.  Departed with U-371.  Initially escorted by Speerbrecher 1, then by 2 patrol boats to Point 32.  
    16.00 BF 5232 Transit via Point Stern to preliminary attack area.  
    20.00 Southwest of Brest    
      BF 5166    
      Vis. very good    
    20.17   Test dive.  
    20.40   Surfaced.  U-371 passes out of sight on southerly course.  
    17.09.41 South of Ireland, west of Brest    
    00.00 BF 5144    
    04.00 BF 4317    
      Increasing cloudiness, freshening    
    08.00 BF 4217    
      E 3, Sea E 2-3, extensive cloud deck, Vis. good    
    10.26 BF 4131 1 land-based aircraft in sight bearing 80°T.  It dived  
Sun and Moon Data 16.09.41
Sun and Moon Data 17.09.41
- 2 -
    17.09.41   and flew exactly towards us.  Crash dive.  At depth 45 meters one bomb of small caliber quite close.  Glass and fuse damage at many places in the boat.  
        Due to the cloud situation, decided to transit submerged.  
    12.00 BF 1789 Day's run:  Surfaced =     163.0 nm,  
                         Submerged =     1.0 nm = 164.0 nm.  
    16.00 BF 1785    
    17.09 Clouds with large holes Surfaced.  
    17.54   Crash dive for aircraft.  Proceeded submerged.  
    20.00 BF 1749    
    22.00   Surfaced.  
    18.09.41 Southeast of Ireland    
    00.00 BE 3939    
      Heavily cloudy, dark, clear    
    03.50   2 lights in sight bearing 40°T, shifted astern.  Probably fishermen.  
    04.00 BE 3647    
      Slightly murky    
    05.53   1 sailing vessel without lights in sight bearing 220°T.  Ran past.  
    08.00 BE 3278    
      Increasing cloudiness    
    12.00 BE 3153 Day's run:  Surfaced =     198.4 nm,  
                         Submerged =    21.6 nm = 220.0 nm.  
    16.00 BE 3111    
      Overcast, murky, slight wind and sea    
    19.00   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    20.00 AL 9959    
    19.09.41 Southwest of Porcupine Bank    
    00.00 AL 9921    
      Very bright night from Northern Lights    
    04.00 AL 9643    
    08.00 AL 9344 A patrol vessel in sight bearing 0°T.  Ran off on opposite course at AK.  Distance increased slowly, however increased visibility prevailed due to the increasing brightness.  
      SE 3, Sea SE 2, cloudy, lightly misty, gradually freshening, morning twilight  
    08.28 Moved off the the west somewhat and dived, to see what follows.  
        Four other patrol vessels in sight, gun boats or corvettes.  No steamers.  Speed 12-14 knots.  I believe that it is a patrol group for a convoy to be met, because from experience it is known that  
Sun and Moon Data 17.09.41
Sun and Moon Data 18.09.41
Sun and Moon Data 19.09.41
- 3 -
    19.09.41   at dawn in the U-boat danger area reinforcement is added to convoys close to the coast.  
    10.00   On passing out of sight surfaced and ran back at HF, due to overcoming spray and expected great air threat higher speed levels seemed inappropriate.  
    12.00 AL 9611 Day's run:  Surfaced =      206 nm,  
                         Submerged =  13.6 nm = 219.6 nm.  
    13.00   Pursued until 13.00 hours.  Because no further instructions were given by B.d.U to my sighting report, broke off the persecution under these unfavorable circumstances.  Assume that this group was sent to Gibraltar for amplifying the Mediterranean convoys.  Reported breaking off prosecution by Radio Message and by headed for the square ordered by B.d.U. by radio message.  
    16.00 AL 9524    
      Increasing cloud deck and abating wind, long S-Swell    
    20.00 AL 9431    
    20.09.41 West of Ireland    
    00.00 AL 9171    
      At first clear, then overcast, very dark    
    04.00 AL 8257    
    08.00 AL 8144    
      Slowly freshening to SSE 4, Sea SSE 3, overcast, murky    
    11.24   U-124 reports a convoy in square BE 1553.  Intend to operate on it.  By radio message report position and intentions to B.d.U.  
    12.00 AL 7263 Day's run:  Surfaced =      235.5 nm,  
                         Submerged =      4.5 nm = 240.0 nm.  
    13.50   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  U-564 continue transit to square AL 54 as ordered.  
        Came to old course.  
    16.00 AL 7286    
      Continued freshening    
    20.00 AL 7191    
    00.00 AL 7148    
      Very dark night with rain, wind and Sea from S 4-5 and 4, abating to S 3 and S 2    
Sun and Moon Data 19.09.41
Sun and Moon Data 20.09.41
Sun and Moon Data 21.09.41

Note:  Pages 4 and 5 are missing

BdU KTB 22 Sep:  Boats belonging to the Group "Brandenburg" were disposed in a patrol channel extending from the southern tip of Greenland in a south-easterly direction. The boats then, are stationed in positions from AD 95 to AD 89 and are to patrol these lines according to instructions. The following boats belong to this group:
U 94, 372, 562, 431, 564, 575, 69, 373, 572.
U-431 KTB 22 Sep 18.50:  Incoming Radio Message 1159/223/1850:  1. Ites, Hamm, Dommes, Suhren, Heydemann, Zahn, Loeser, Hirsacker form patrol line from AD 9564 to AJ 3986.  These boats form Group Brandenburg.    B.d.U.
U-431 KTB 26 Sep 1445:  Incoming Radio Message 1556/26/234:  New deployment for Group Brandenburg:  Occupy north-south line at the latitude of the following squares:  Ites AJ 26, Neumann AD 96, Hamm AJ 38, Dommes AD 94, Suhren AK 19, Heydemann AK 14, Southern limit the latitude of the square AJ 6949.  To the north no limit.    B.d.U.

- 6 -
    00.00 AL 3567    
      Weather abating, overcast    
    04.00 AJ 3648    
    08.00 AJ 3658    
      Again freshening, overcast, rain    
    12.00 AJ 3669 Day's run:  Surfaced 141 nm, Submerged 0 nm.  
    16.00 AJ 1757 Back and forth in position in attack area.  
      Wind from the W 8 jumping around, Sea SW 5-6, overcast, rain, misty    
    20.00 AJ 1727    
    00.00 AK 1584    
      Wind and Sea increasing, few clouds, hail squalls, Northern Lights    
    04.00 AK 1552    
    06.15   Dived.  
    08.00 AK 1388    
      Wind and Sea unchanged, overcast    
    12.00 AK 1385 Day's run:  Surfaced =      126.0 nm,  
                         Submerged =     17.3 nm.  
    14.49   Surfaced.  
    16.00 AK 1355    
      Wind slowly shifting through W to N, rain    
    20.00 AK 1326    
    00.00 AK 1194    
      Somewhat abating, few clouds, hail, Vis. medium    
    01.05   Dived.  
    04.00 AK 1159    
    08.00 AK 1161    
      Wing NNW 3-4, Sea NW 3, Vis. very good    
    09.47   Surfaced.  
    12.00 AK 1134 Day's run:  Surfaced =      59.4 nm,  
                         Submerged =   30.6 nm = 90.0 nm.  
    16.00 AK 1193    
      Further abating, few clouds, Vis. very good    
    20.00 AK 1333                                                        
Sun and Moon Data 27.09.41
Sun and Moon Data 28.09.41
Sun and Moon Data 29.09.41
- 7 -
    00.00 AK 1363    
      Overcast, misty, rain    
    04.00 AK 1312    
    08.00 AK 1164    
      Weather unchanged A new deployment comes by Radio Message. [AM 4788]  
    11.56   With economical transit speed headed for ordered square.  
    12.00   Day's run:  Surfaced =      150.0 nm,  
                         Submerged =     16.1 nm = 156.1 nm.  
    16.00 AD 7786    
      Wind and Sea freshening to SSW 5-6 and 4-5, overcast, rain    
    19.15   U-372 reports a convoy in square AJ 6567 on SW course, contact lost.  Range is already too great and the weather too bad to operate on it.  
    20.00 AD 7878    
    21.45   Reported position by Short Signal to B.d.U. with the intention thereby to report the unfavorable situation with respect to the convoy.  Radio message with date time group 21.35, by which boats operating on the convoy were to report position by Short Signal had not yet been received.  
    01.10.41 Southwest of Ireland    
    00.00 AK 1234    
      Freshening further, heavily cloudy, Vis. medium    
    04.00 AK 2142    
    08.00 AK 2169    
      WSW 10, Sea WSW 7, Vis. medium    
    12.00 AK 2256 Day's run:  Surfaced =      184.0 nm,  
                         Submerged =       0.0 nm = 184 nm.  
    16.00 AK 3177    
      Gradually abating, Vis. very good    
    20.00 AK 3328    
    22.48   Test dive.  
    02.10.41 Southwest of Iceland    
    00.00 AK 3356    
      Slight W-Sea, clear, very bright night    
Sun and Moon Data 30.09.41
Sun and Moon Data 01.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 02.10.41
- 8 -
    04.00 AK 3621    
    08.00 AK 3621    
      Somewhat freshening, few clouds, in places rain, Vis. good    
    12.00 AK 3662 Day's run:  Surfaced =      181 nm,  
                         Submerged =       1 nm = 182 nm.  
    16.00 AK    
      Few clouds, Vis. very good    
    18.54   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  Air reports at 12.00 hours convoy in naval square AL 6262, course 270°, 7 knots.  16 merchant ships up to 20000 GRT, 6 escort vessels, 4 destroyers.  
    20.00 AL 1671 Intend to operate on it, because because also for tomorrow air reconnaissance is scheduled on it.  
    23.24   By radio message the course of the convoy is now 200°.  
        I now suspect that the convoy is known to me by the course of the previous convoy en route to Gibraltar.  
    03.10.41 West of Scotland    
    00.00 AL 1851    
      SW 4, Sea SW 3, heavily cloudy, bright moonlit night, isolated rain showers    
    02.00   Port diesel out of service due to the replacement of a valve until 07.00 hours.  A short time later the starboard diesel main clutch slipped.  This malfunction lasted until 13.15 hours, reducing the speed of advance to the the convoy significantly. Nevertheless, I hope to be at the level of the convoy at noon tomorrow.  
    04.00 AL 0123    
    08.00 Weather unchanged.    
    10.40 AL 0199 Bearing signals taken from the aircraft assigned to the convoy.  From the bearing reports of 3 other boats determined the first exact position of the convoy, however no conclusions can yet be drawn as to the the speed of advance.  As a starting point for further operations I come to 7 knots on a southerly course.  
    12.00 AL 5119 Day's run:  Surfaced =        281 nm,  
                         Submerged =     1.85 nm = 282.85 nm.  
    14.19   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
Sun and Moon Data 02.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 03.10.41
- 9 -
    14.55   Surfaced.  
    16.00 AL 5181    
      Somewhat abating, high very extensive cloud deck, very clear    
    20.00 AL 5476    
    04.10.41 West of Ireland    
    00.00 AL 5776    
      Slight wind and Sea from the S, clear    
    04.00 AL 8178    
    08.00 AL 8711    
      Heavily freshening to SSE 7, Sea 5, overcast, rain, Vis. low    
    12.00 AL 8771 Day's run:  Surfaced =      241.8 nm,  
                         Submerged =       5.2 nm = 247.0 nm.  
    14.35   With an overcoming sea the starboard stern lookout Mtr. Steinert breaks his left upper arm.  
    16.00 BE 1244    
      Slightly abating    
    16.10   An approaching 4-engined land-based aircraft in sight, probably a "Condor".  Because the aircraft neither turns or shoots recognition signals, crash dive.  
    17.19   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  
        "By air reconnaissance the position of the convoy at 15.00 hours is naval square AL 8836."  
        Due to unfavorable weather situation have no navigation fix.  I believe that the "Condor" - if it was one - sighted me and request by radio message a navigation fix, to further operations on the reported convoy.  I search in the sector ordered by radio message, because no contact has been gained by boats.  
    20.00 BE 1511    
    05.10.41 West of Channel exit    
    00.00 BE 1549    
      Further abating, Vis. occasionally bad due to rain    
    04.00 BE 1535    
    08.00 BE 1535    
      Overcast, rain, slowly clearing    
Sun and Moon Data 03.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 04.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 05.10.41
- 10 -
    12.00 BE 1592 Day's run:  Surfaced =      215 nm,  
                         Submerged =       3 nm = 218 nm.  
    16.00 BE 1637 1 patrol vessel in sight bearing 140°T.  Came out quickly.  Turned away until it passed out of sight, then closed again until the patrol vessel was in sight.  Steers changing courses around the main course SW.  
      SE 4-5, Sea SE 3-4, heavily cloudy, misty, Vis. medium  
        Reported by Radio Message to B.d.U.:  
        Probable convoy in BE 1960.  
        However now obtained a good sun navigation fix, so I improve the position in a 2nd radio message.  
        Attempt to maintain contact on the patrol vessel.  
    17.47   Crash dive for an aircraft, that flies to the patrol vessel in an easterly direction.  Now the failure of the GHG and the current blindness of the reticule of the attack periscope are felt very unfavorably, especially in this misty weather with its poor visibility - visibility changing between 3 and 8 nm - they constitute an ever present danger to the boat. Then each aircraft that randomly approached the boat, sees and usually also throws bombs without the boat being able to dive deep enough, even with the best lookout  
        Submerged until 19.28 hours.  
    19.28   Surfaced.  Operated on the presumed SW-course, to cross all possible courses of advance from 235° to 180°, assuming a speed of 6.5 knots.  
    20.00 BE 1694    
    06.10.41 Northwest of Cape Vilano    
    00.00 BE 1929    
      Clearing, initially lightly misty, then clear    
    01.20   The search for this speed of advance remains unsuccessful, searched on a curve for 5 knots.  
    03.00   Search is unsuccessful.  Came to transit speed in the direction of the direction of advance of the convoy in the hope of finding it by day by air reconnaissance and bearing signals.  
    04.00 BE 1961    
    08.00 BE 4338    
      Heavily overcast, clearing and Vis. improvement    
    12.00 BE 4395 Day's run:  Surfaced =      233 nm,  
                         Submerged =    5.9 nm = 238.9 nm.  
    14.27   Crash dive for an unidentified aircraft.  
Sun and Moon Data 05.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 06.10.41
- 11 -
    16.00 BE 5414    
      SE 2-3, few clouds, Vis. good with a little mist    
    20.00 BE 5483    
    21.25   By Radio Message from B.d.U. allocation of search lines for the engaged boats and air reconnaissance was scheduled again for tomorrow.  In addition to this convoy a northbound one was also suspected here.  
    07.10.41 West of the Bay of Biscay    
    00.00 BE 5494 Transit to search line.  
      Very slight wind and sea, clear, Vis. good    
    04.00 BE 5474    
    08.00 BE 4963    
      Wind and Sea freshening, heavily cloudy, Vis. medium    
    09.00   Searching in ordered line.  
    12.00 BE 4985 Day's run:  Surfaced =      216 nm,  
                         Submerged =    2.1 nm = 218.1 nm.  
    16.00 BE 7324    
      Vis. very good    
    17.43   Crash dive for aircraft.  
    18.37   By Radio Message the B.d.U. established new search lines, to run counter to the convoy in long legs.  Air reconnaissance was scheduled for tomorrow.  
    20.00 BE 7366 Transit to search line.  
    08.10.41 West of Cape Finistere    
    00.00 BE 7538    
      SE 4, Sea SE 3, overcast, bright moonlit night.    
    04.00 BE 7823    
    08.00 BE 7884 Searched.  
      Slightly cloudy, Vis. very good    
    12.00 CF 1311 Day's run:  Surfaced =      251 nm,  
                         Submerged =    1.3 nm = 252.3 nm.  
    14.55   Bearing signals from aircraft and bearing reports from U-boats.  By this the convoy is located about 45 nm north of us.  
Sun and Moon Data 06.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 07.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 08.10.41
- 12 -
    16.00 BE 7892    
      Heavily cloudy to overcast, in places heavy rain, Vis. changing from 0.1 - 5 nm    
    17.27   Alpha Alpha:  Enemy convoy in sight square 7916.    U-83.  
        Therefore I am located in the immediate vicinity and operate on it.  
    18.13   New contact keeper report from "U-83", whereby the convoy proceeds at low speed and steers a southerly course.  U-83 was asked to send bearing signals.  
    20.00 BE 7913 At first no bearing signals.  Visibility is very bad.  When bearing signals are finally sent, a false direction determination was made probably due to incorrect coupling of the auxiliary antenna  
      SSW 4, Sea SSW 3, freshening, overcast, misty, Vis. very low  
      I accept it as correct, based on the situation known here - poor visibility and inaccurate navigation - also bearing signals sent when the contact keeper was no longer located directly at the convoy and a subsequent radio message giving the approximate direction of the the convoy, because with the resulting radial approach of the boats, the probability is that the convoy will be found again.  
        On the basis of both contact keeper reports and the bearings searched for the convoy without success.  
    09.10.41 West of Portugal    
    00.00 BE 7987    
      Wind jumping to the W, overcast, very heavy rain    
    04.00 CF 2138    
    08.00 CF 2192    
      Wind somewhat abating, slowly clearing    
    12.00 CF 2438 Day's run:  Surfaced =      180 nm,  
                         Submerged =      0 nm = 180 nm.  
    14.30   A Condor in sight at very long range, shoots recognition signals.  
    16.00 CF 2496 Air reconnaissance apparently unsuccessful, because there are no bearing signals.  
      Slight wind and Sea from the north, heavily cloudy, Vis. medium to good  
    17.40   New sector assignment by the B.d.U., for tomorrow new air reconnaissance.  
Sun and Moon Data 08.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 09.10.41
- 13 -
    20.00 CF 2739 Believe that I am in the ordered position.  
    10.10.41 West of Portugal    
    00.00 CF 2791    
      Weather unchanged, somewhat misty    
    04.00 CF 2776    
    08.00 CF 2798    
      Clearing, Vis. good    
    08.50   Test dive.  
    12.00 CF 2874 Day's run:  Surfaced =      250.4 nm,  
                         Submerged =       1.6 nm = 252.0 nm.  
    13.45   Bearing signals from the Condor.  Convoy was found again very far to the east.  
    15.51   Have only a little fuel left.  Therefore request fuel resupply, or very soon operation on the convoy at high speed will no longer be possible.  
    16.00 CF 2874    
      Few clouds, Vis. very good    
    19.27   Radio Message from B.d.U. whereby supply is anticipated from 13 October.  
    20.00 CF 5311    
    11.10.41 West of Lisbon    
    00.00 CF 5363    
      Nearly calm, heavily overcast and bright night with Vis. good    
    00.28   B.d.U. gives new instructions to search for the convoy with suspected general course of 120°.  All of the boats operating on the convoy form Group "Breslau".  
    04.00 CF 6193    
    08.00 CF 6299    
      Overcast, drizzle in places and misty and at times Vis. bad    
    11.27   Began advance to ordered search line.  
    12.00 CF 6636 Day's run:  Surfaced =      180 nm,  
                         Submerged =       0 nm = 180 nm.  
    12.20   A steamer in sight bearing 165°T, coming from Lisbon on course 270°.  
    13.02   An aircraft over the steamer bearing 180°T.  At the same time bearing signals requested by Control.  I believe the steamer is Portuguese and do not approach him, because on this route on a previous patrol I had met Portuguese before.  
Sun and Moon Data 09.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 10.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 11.10.41
- 14 -
        I definitely want to approach the convoy.  There are no bearing signals sent, so I assume that the aircraft has initially taken the steamer boat for the convoy and has given the signal provided.  
    16.00 GG 4462 I search further at high speed, because I believe it is correct to look for the convoy by all means and the area covered searching at fuel-efficient speed is is too small and the possibility of finding it is greatly reduced.  
      Gradual clearing and visibility improvement  
    18.25   Meeting with "U-206".  
    20.00 CG 4278    
    22.25   By Radio Message am assigned deployment in a patrol line.  Additionally air reconnaissance anticipated for tomorrow.  
    12.01.41 West of Lisbon    
    00.00 CG 4293    
      SE 1-2, Sea SE 1, clear, Vis. good    
    04.00 CG 4381    
    08.00 CG 4393    
      Changing cloudiness with occasional rain, Vis. good changing    
    08.15   Met with "U-206".  
    09.12   Test dive.  
    10.34   Advance direction SE ordered for patrol line.  
    12.00 CG 5177 Day's run:  Surfaced =      241.4 nm,  
                         Submerged =       1.6 nm = 243.0 nm.  
    15.03   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    15.24   Surfaced.  
    15.30   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    15.45   Surfaced.  
        A new patrol line for tomorrow came by Radio Message.  
    16.00 CG 4551    
      Wind S, Sea S 1, few clouds, clear, Vis. very good    
    16.35   Met with "U-206".  This boat has also had to crash dive for aircraft.  
    16.35   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    17.04   Surfaced.  
    17.29   "U-563" reports enemy convoy in sight square CG 5514.  
    18.10 Cape Roca in sight Operated on this report.  
    18.45   Enemy located square 5279.    "U-563".  
    20.00 CG 5541    
Sun and Moon Data 11.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 12.10.41
- 15 -
    20.40 CG 5518 Met together with "U-206" and "U-563" and exchanged situation.  Then agreed to search 10, 20 and 30 nm distance from the coast at 15 knots to the south.  
        Search the strip 20 nm off the coast.  Just past Cape St. Vincent I have only 6 cbm and must slow down.  
    13.10.41 Cape St. Vincent    
    00.00 CG 5587    
      Slight wind and Sea from the SSW, few clouds, dark clear    
    04.00 CG 5859    
    06.15 CG 8223 Star shells bearing 133°T.  
    08.00 CG 8262 Many steamers, 2 mastheads, apparently from a warship and smoke clouds with north-south course in sight.  Moved off to the south, to maintain contact on an eastbound smoke cloud.  I do not believe that the convoy is the old formation bound for Gibraltar.  Either it is entirely another convoy or it has disbanded and each ship strives at highest speed close to the territorial waters of Portugal and Spain to get to Gibraltar.  
      Few clouds, Vis. very good  
        The reports of the other boats imply the same.  
    10.41   "U-563" reports a convoy in square 8232.  
        I am not convinced by this sighting report, because I have driven through this area before and found no convoy, for now the area can be disregarded.  
    11.05 CG 8294 Meeting with "U-71".  
    12.00 CG 8299 Day's run:  Surfaced =      271 nm,  
                         Submerged =      3.6 nm = 274.6 nm.  
    12.14   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    12.39   Surfaced.  
    13.54   Radio Message from B.d.U. to Group Breslau:  
        "Convoy proceeds to Gibraltar.  Pursue in the Strait of Gibraltar."  
    14.20   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    15.00   Surfaced.  
    16.00 CG 8624    
      Few clouds, Vis. very good, very calm    
    17.46   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    18.37   Surfaced.  
Sun and Moon Data 12.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 13.10.41
- 16 -
    19.35   Meeting with "U-83".  
    20.00 CG 8639 Closed the Spanish coast to the north in the evening twilight without finding anything.  As for the entire patrol, the visibility was also very low this night for searching.  
    14.10.41 Southwest of Cadiz    
    00.00 CG 9422    
      Very dark night with hazy horizon    
    04.00 CG 9512 With 4 cbm fuel oil I can no longer allow myself to encounter a destroyer hunt or other unforeseen events.  I proceed to the vicinity of the supply place with the intention of putting the boat on the bottom there.  
    07.21   Dived.  
    07.37 CG 9577 Put the boat on the bottom depth 48 meters.  
                                 In summary of this patrol:  
      1.)  The weather was against us the entire time.  The convoy was apparently well informed of the past weather conditions in the Atlantic and understood how to use this to advantage.  
      2.)  With all the difficulty of our air reconnaissance in the surveillance of this large sea area, with the shorter days the demand for even more extensive air reconnaissance is always stronger. We should have aircraft that can cover the entire North Atlantic and in addition are seaworthy enough, even in sea state 4, to land the vicinity, to float, so as to be immediately available next morning in the location.  
      3.)  The prevailing visibility of 5-6 nm now in the area is the greatest enemy of the boat.  Countering surprise by a fast surface vessel, is only possible for the best-trained lookout while you can never get away unseen before an aircraft has a chance to bomb and [the boat] usually receives its blessing at depth 20-30 meters.  
      A detection device, which so far has only 5-6 nm range, is just sufficient for the night and densest fog, but the requirements at the Front are much higher.  
    12.00   Day's run:  Surfaced =      70 nm,  
                         Submerged =   7.1 nm = 77.1 nm.  
    17.00   Boat raised from the bottom.  Proceeded submerged to the supply point, so as not to expose the supply point apart from a torpedoing.  
Sun and Moon Data 13.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 14.10.41
- 17 -
    20.00 CG 9577 Surfaced.  Entered the supply point is run through the southern main entrance. With few exceptions, all the beacons were illuminated. [supplied from SS Thalia in Cadiz]  
    22.00   Supply steamer in sight.  
    22.30   Made fast to the supply steamer.  Supply completed.  Mtr. Steinert debarked with broken arm.  
    15.10.41 Southwest of Cadiz    
    04.00 CG 9521 Supply ended, cast off.  
      SE 1-2, Sea SE 2, few clouds    
    04.18   Radio Message to Group Breslau:  
        From dawn on 18 October operation against a convoy is anticipated, that is believed to proceed via CG 9590 to the west.  Until then free to operate.  (Deployment of individual boats in lines follows.). [U-564 to square CG 9160 - off Huelva]  
    04.35 CG 9513 A lugger with darkened lights off the entrance in sight.  Out maneuvered.  
    07.48 CG 9465 Dived.  
      Freshening, misty    
    12.00 CG 9467 Day's run:  Surfaced =      41 nm,  
                         Submerged =  25.2 nm = 66.2 nm.  
    13.06 Misty Surfaced.  
    13.26   Dived.  
    16.00 CG 9456    
    20.29 CG 9455 Surfaced.  Headed for the ordered square under the coast.  
      W 3, Sea 2, clear sky, hazy horizon    
    16.10.41 Southwest Huelva    
    00.00 CG 9412 Off the coast single steamers and fishermen with set lights.  
      Completely calm Sea, few clouds, horizon somewhat hazy, quite bright    
    04.00 CG 9173    
    04.06   1 shadow in sight bearing 60°T.  
    04.08   To Action Stations.  I intend to shoot a torpedo at the patrol vessel, which I take it to be.  
    04.20   While maneuvering ahead he briefly flashes lights at us with a signal light and sets darkened lanterns.  Apparently he has noticed something; additionally he suddenly starts to smoke strongly.  Moved off and shifted to the other side.  
    04.54   At range = 1200 meters when we ought to shoot, the patrol vessel suddenly turns toward the boat.  Because  
Sun and Moon Data 14.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 15.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 16.10.41
- 18 -
    04.52   the boat was only at low speed, it took a long time until it resumed driving and turned, although the diesels with E-motors were set at AK.  
    04.55   The patrol vessel came to within 250 meters and attempted to ram.  As the boat gathered speed the distance slowly increased.  At 800 meters the patrol vessel began to shoot with his cannon, which he had apparently manned beforehand (it was a fishing trawler with a high forecastle).  Also he now turned a bit off to starboard to shoot then be immediately showed target angle 0° again.  He apparently feared a stern shot from us.  
        He shot alternately explosive and star shells the impacts lay in bearing very well, the range however were all over.  
        Apparently the patrol vessel lost us, he throws 6 depth charges and is lost from sight in smoke.  
        Set off from the coast.  
    07.56 CG 9417 Dived.  
    12.00 CG 9441 Day's run:  Surfaced =      100 nm,  
                         Submerged =   26.7 nm = 126.7 nm.  
    16.00 CG 8666    
    20.00 CG 8656    
    20.22 SW 1, Sea 0-1, few clouds, misty Surfaced, advanced to the coast.  
    17.10.41 Southeast of Cape St. Vincent    
    00.00 CG 8386 Under the coast again the same traffic.  
      Nearly calm, clear starry sky    
    04.00 CG 8383    
    07.51 CG 8628 Dived to proceed submerged.  
      Heavily cloudy    
    12.00 CG 8651 Day's run:  Surfaced =      172 nm,  
                         Submerged =   38.5 nm = 210.5 nm.  
    13.08 Few clouds, slight SE-Sea, Vis. very good Surfaced.  An aircraft in sight at long range.  
    13.10   Dived.  
    13.26   Surfaced.  
    16.00 CG 8593    
    17.20   Radio Message to Group "Breslau":  
        1.)  Intend to conduct an attack in square CG 95 middle and eastern third with all boats.  
        2.)  Strive to reach the following waiting positions by 18 October or as soon as possible thereafter:  Opitz, Bargsten and Suhren.  
Sun and Moon Data 16.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 17.10.41
- 19 -
    17.10.41   Radio Message continued:  
        south of square CG 9555, Kell, Flachsenberg and Kraus about square CG 9586.  
        3.)  Advance absolutely unnoticed.  By day remain submerged in waiting position.  For very low frequency reception go to receiving depth in the first quarter of the hour.  Code word "Westwarts" when convoy passes square CG 9644, "Morgenrot" with time when the convoy is in CG 9592.  
    18.55 CG 8595 1 smoke cloud in sight bearing 100°T.  At twilight closed, is it a steamer with illuminated Spanish neutrality markings.  
    20.00 CG 8596    
      Wind shifting over W to NE, clear    
    21.45 Headed for ordered waiting position. Headed for ordered waiting point.  
    18.10.41 West of the Strait of Gibraltar    
    00.00 CG 8915    
      Initially clear, then misty    
    04.00 CG 9712    
    06.35 CG 9494 1 shadow bearing 190°T, apparently a patrol vessel of the "Kingfisher" type.  So as not to give away the waiting location, refrained from torpedoing.  
    08.00 CG 9577 Dived.  
    12.00 CG 9578 Day's run:  Surfaced =      140.9 nm,  
                         Submerged =     14.1 nm = 155.0 nm.  
    16.00 CG 9576    
    20.00 CG 9581    
    20.41 E 5, Sea 4, misty, very dark Surfaced.  
    21.35   2 warships in sight bearing 273°T, with target angle 0°, probably destroyers.  Type not distinguished, 2 equal height and thick smoke stacks, clearly separated from each other.  Turned away.  Destroyers passed 3-500 meters behind the stern, speed about 17 knots.  
    19.10.41 West of Spanish Morocco    
    00.00 CG 9574    
    02.56 CG 9736 A detonation cloud bearing 60°T.  
    03.06   Star shells shot in the same direction.  
    03.07   A second, still larger detonation.  Suspect torpedo hits.  
    03.30   Heavy star shells in the direction of the detonations.  
Sun and Moon Data 17.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 18.10.41

Note:  Page 20 is missing.

- 21 -
    22.10.41 West of the Strait of Gibraltar    
    00.00 CG 9847    
    04.00 CG 9817    
    07.54 CG 9851 Dived, put the boat on the bottom depth 68 meters.  
      NE 3, Sea 2-3, Vis. very good    
    12.00   Day's run:  Surfaced =      96.5 nm,  
                         Submerged =    5.5 nm = 102.0 nm.  
    20.18 Few clouds, Vis. good, dark new moon night Surfaced.  
    21.36   By Radio Message:  "Westwarts 17.00 hours."  
    22.10   "Morgenrot" 20.00 hours.  
    23.22 CG 9579 1 shadow in sight bearing 70°T.  Suspect forward escort of the convoy.  
        Because I am positioned to the south, I search the area from the south systematically, because I believe that the convoy has detected the presence of U-boats and therefore attempts to make way to the south.  
    23.10.41 South of Portugal    
    00.00 CG 9579    
      Initially somewhat freshening, then abating again, clear night    
    00.11   Escort comes in sight, 1 destroyer and 2 corvettes on course 265°.  Search on the opposite course for the convoy.  In the direction of my advance, where I suspect the convoy to be, very heavy star shell firing.  
    01.47   Alpha Alpha:  Enemy convoy in sight square 9585.    U-71.  
    01.55 CG 9584 Convoy comes in sight.  Attempt to approach from starboard ahead [from the north]. In spite of repeated approaches this fails as a result of a tight escort screen (3 destroyers and 2 escort vessels).   






CG 9579

Now I try to attack the convoy from the south, the same picture.  Also on this side 5 escorts.  Steaming from behind is not possible.  I now go ahead to starboard very close to the escort screen.  The approach bypasses the outermost 5 destroyers and I shoot torpedoes through the escort screen of the convoy.  
    03.03 00 Shot from tube I  
      06 Shot from tube II  
      12 Shot from tube III  
      18 Shot from tube IV  
    03.05 42 After turning, shot from tube V.  
        Believe the range is very far, target angle 70°,  
Sun and Moon Data 22.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 23.10.41
- 22 -
    23.10.41   (range = 6000 set in lead angle calculator), however within range.  
        5 misses.  Was probably not within range.  
    03.27   Reloaded.  
    04.00 CG 9812 Gave continuous contact keeper reports and bearing signals.  



  Intend now by all means to break through the heavy screen.  I am already positioned between 4 destroyers and the convoy and have only one destroyer to starboard - that is to say in the north, I am attacking from the south - which I now want to overtake with my speed excess, when port diesel fails due to complete absence of lubricating oil pressure. I must perforce give up this plan, and only through the carelessness of the British destroyers and escort vessels get back out of the envelopment. In which the vessels are sighted at only 500 meters range despite the relatively clear night.  
    05.35   I move off, since dawn begins soon and I hope that during the next day a large part of the 14 escorts vessels sighted by me alone without the starboard escort proceed back to Gibraltar.  
        The number of escorts suggests that the presence of several German submarines was known off the Strait of Gibraltar.  
    08.14 CG 9728 Dived on the general advance direction of the convoy.  4 hours to rest.  
      E 2, Sea 1, overcast misty  
    12.00 CG 9719 Day's run:  Surfaced =      245 nm,  
                         Submerged =    14.3 nm = 259.3 nm.  
    12.21   Surfaced.  Convoy in sight ahead to starboard.  Hold contact.  
    16.00 CG 8953    
      Cloudy, freshening, light haze    
    20.00 CG 8866    
    20.11   Maneuvered ahead to attack at night from the northern side.  
    20.15   Bearing signals sent for "U-83".  
    24.10.41 Southwest of Cape St. Vincent    
    00.00 CG 8589 Because I believe that boats are brought up by contact keeper reports and bearing signals, I run in to arrack.  
      N 3, Sea 2, heavy cloud deck, occasional rain, dark, Vis. medium  
      The screen is weaker, but still relatively strong.  Attempt, because now at last something must happen, to break through between 2 escorts at high speed.  
    00.09   But since the U-boat war does not go without violence,  
Sun and Moon Data 23.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 24.10.41
- 23 -
    00.09   I was sighted by two destroyers and put in a vise. Dived between the two destroyers approaching me with target angle 0°.  They can not throw depth charges at once, but must turn away, because otherwise they would be together. Ran to the north and then receive some somewhat distant depth charges.  
    00.12   4 depth charges.  
    00.15   5 depth charges.  
    00.16   1 depth charge.  
    00.37   1 depth charge.  
    00.42   3 depth charges  very far, (sounding?).  
    00.43   4 depth charges  very far, (sounding?).  
    00.44   3 depth charges  very far, (sounding?).  
    00.47   2 depth charges  very far, (sounding?).  
    00.52   1 depth charge  loud (torpedo detonation?).  
    00.55   1 depth charge  loud (torpedo detonation?).  
    01.39   Surface, trusting that a protective hand has guided our henchmen in a wrong direction. I can hear nothing, the listening gear has failed.  
        On the surface all is clear, bearing 160°T I see a burning steamer with an escort using a searchlight.  Apparently searchlight sweeps are intended to prevent U-boats from surfacing.  
    02.10   U-71 reports contact on the convoy.  
    03.05 CG 8579 Convoy again in sight bearing 250°T.  Attacked again steaming from behind.  
    04.38 CG 8574 Shoot two torpedoes from astern, despite promising target angle there is again no hit although this time I thought I must his a ship.  However one shoots precisely and often miss.  
      With the setting of the moon still a dark night  
        I still have 5 torpedoes.  These must all hit, otherwise I will not shoot.  
    05.48 CG 8493 Ahead to starboard there is still only 1 escort vessel, which closes the convoy one time and then sets off further to the NE.  I hold on to this vessel and close slowly sheering in the hounds curve in his wake.   The horizon to the south is black. As the escort now makes its foray to the NE, I steam forward between him and the convoy at AK.   Truly the best shooting position for now, I can shoot 5 torpedoes in peace.  Range about 2000 meters, target angle 70°.  
Sun and Moon Data 24.10.41
- 24 -
    06.35.55   The shots fall:  
        Tube I      06.35.55  
        Tube II     06.36.13  
        Tube III    06.36.27  
        Tube IV    06.35.36  
        Tube V     06.39.06  
        5 detonations after a running time of:  
                         2.41 minutes  
                         2.31 minutes  
                         2.22 minutes  
                         3.14 minutes  
                         3.56 minutes  
        I easily get outside the escort screen, because the star shell fan in my sector is a failure.  At the same time however I am forced off far to the east, in addition dawn begins.  
    08.18 CG 8466 Dive, because I must expect aircraft.  I believe that the convoy has zig zagged to the north even before being able to verify.  All boats had at least one contact with the convoy this night.  This is reassuring for me because my contact keeper reports suffered from not always accurate navigation - my gyro compass often jumps and I am up to 40° off course.  
    10.50   Surfaced.  Heavy air surveillance.  
    11.17   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    11.40   Surfaced.  To starboard a smoke cloud.  
    12.00 CG 8438 Day's run:  Surfaced =      160 nm,  
      NNE 3-4, Sea 3, few clouds, at low height, Vis. very good                  Submerged =   20.8 nm = 180.8 nm.  
    xx.26   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    00.45   Surfaced.  
    xx.09 CG 8423 Bearing signals from the convoy from an assigned Condor.  
    xx.07 Increasing cloudiness Report by Radio Message to B.d.U. that by bearings and given by the aircraft plus own observation that the convoy at 13.00 hours is in square 8416, course 325°, 7 knots.  
    xx.x8   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    xx.x5   Surfaced.  
    xx.x6 CG 8175 Forced to submerged by a destroyer.  
    xx.x8   Surfaced.  
    xx.xx   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    xx.xx   Surfaced.  Contact is lost.  Reported by Radio Message.  
    xx.xx CG 8147 Crash dive for a two-engined flying boat, which surprised us and threw a bomb.  Also it brings a destroyer.  As a result contact is finally broken off.  
Sun and Moon Data 24.10.41
- 25 -
    19.17 CG 8144 1 depth charge.  
    19.27   5 depth charges.  
    19.34   2 soundings.  
    21.33 CG 8145 Surfaced.  Searched for the convoy.  
      Sea 3 from the NW, Vis. good, Cumulus clouds    
    25.10.41 West of Portugal    
    00.00 CG 7331    
    04.00 CG 4899    
    08.00 CG 4853    
      Slight wind and Sea, few clouds, Vis. medium    
    10.43 CG 4843    
      Vis. very good Met with "U-83".  
    11.00   1 Condor in sight.  After recognition signals are exchanged flies towards both boats and then after a circle in the assumed direction of the convoy.  
    12.00 CG 4815 Day's run:  Surfaced =      160 nm,  
                         Submerged =   19.6 nm = 179.6 nm.  
    13.00   Bearing signals from the convoy.  
    16.00 CG 4494    
      Long NW-Swell, increasing cloudiness, Vis. very good    
    16.30   B.d.U. gives the position of the convoy from the bearings and position report of the Condor.  
    17.43   1 steamer in sight bearing 40°T.  It is either a neutral or a U-boat trap.  Operated on the convoy.  
    20.00 CG 4721 In view of the favorable weather situation I decide to reload from the over deck.  
      Abated further  
    20.57   Begin reloading.  
        By Radio Message air reconnaissance is scheduled for tomorrow.  Additionally assignment of B.d.U. search sectors.  
    23.23   Transfer ended.  
    26.10.41 West of Portugal    
    00.00 CG 4716    
      Totally slight wind and Sea from the NW, initially bright from moonshine, then a very dark night    
    00.13   Test dive.  
    00.48   U-83 reports the convoy in sight.  Afterwards reports arrive regularly.  
Sun and Moon Data 24.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 25.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 26.10.41
- 26 -
    26.10.41   Operated on contact keeper reports from "U-83".  
    04.00 CF 6926    
    04.10   Star shells bearing 260°T.  
    05.48   1 shadow bearing 248°T.  Suspect convoy escort.  
    06.35   1 shadow bearing 110°T.  The convoy must be in the direct vicinity.  
    06.46   1 depth charge detonation.  
    06.50 CF 6911 Convoy in sight.  Hold contact.  
    07.11   4 depth charges far off.  
    08.00 CF 6836    
      Heavily cloudy, in places rain, Vis. changing    
    09.25   Dived for a flying boat.  
    10.00   Surfaced.  
    11.13   Crash dive for the same flying boat.  
    11.35 CF 6816 Surfaced.  Contact lost.  Probably the convoy has zig zagged to the north.  
    12.00 CF 6815 Day's run:  Surfaced =      201 nm,  
                         Submerged =   5.7 nm = 206.7 nm.  
    15.52   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  Intend to operate on the convoy until Flachsenburg and Bargsten are out of torpedoes and Schulze, who is coming from the north, is brought up.  
    16.00 CF 6463    
      Freshening to NE 5, Sea 5, nearly closed cloud deck, Vis. good    
    16.15   Convoy in sight.  Held contact, sent bearing signals for Italian U-boats.  
    17.57   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    18.18   Surfaced.  
    18.20   Crash dive for an aircraft.  
    18.35   Surfaced.  
    19.55 CF 6474 After 3 hours of holding contact I see another U-boat, which will now gain contact on the convoy. Angled in at the beginning of darkness, which happens very suddenly, held up and let the other boat go first.  
      E 5, Sea 5, clear horizon, very dark night  
    21.45   1 detonation, probably a torpedo.  
    21.46   A second , similar detonation.  
    23.20 CF 6177 The convoy which proceeds in broad formation often changes this and stops in position.for a very ling time while changing.  
        A main course has not yet developed. The training of the merchant ships in convoy driving has been brought to a high level. A formation warships could not proceed more exactly. The convoy makes turns and then pivoting movements in line abreast up to 90°, whereby the outermost ship that I am trying to approach runs at up to 12 knots.  
Sun and Moon Data 26.10.41
- 27 -
        The night is pitch black and lowest visibility. I'm passing escorts and try to attack the convoy now steering 280° from the north.  
    27.10.41 Between the Azores and Portugal    
    00.00 CF 6174    
      Very dark night with marine phosphorescence    
    02.21   After some attempts I come between the close escort and the foremost starboard ship to shoot at overlapping steamers.  
    02.21.00   Shot from tube I.  
    02.23.44   Shot from tube V.  
        Because the bearing transmitter had failed, shot with fixed angle 0° and 180°.  
        The targets fired at were not hit, but now proceeding in broad line abreast the convoy offers a broad target and a steamer must actually be hit in any case.  The main thing is the that the torpedoes do so.  After 18:09 minutes running time after the first shot a perfect torpedo detonation is heard in the boat. Either another boat shot or it went as a cold or surface runner.  
        I'm still trying to move off on the surface.  Believe I have come free to the northeast, but lose orientation because of the dark night and always fogged binoculars and stand again in the middle between the steamers and escorts who also see me, but shy away before ramming and do not use their artillery because of the swell.  Star shells are useless because of the low-hanging rain clouds.  



  We circle and for a time drive around each other.  I will not dive because it will break contact and a recovery in the dark night seems unlikely.   But I was so driven into a corner, such that I had to dive.  
        Went deep.  
        No depth charged.  
        Either they have no more or believe it is pointless in the Sea State. I want to surface immediately again, I'm just at depth 40 meters,  
Sun and Moon Data 26.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 27.10.41
- 28 -
    27.10.41   with the naked ear propeller sounds are heard and afterwards in our vicinity the crash of the depth charges.  
        Went deep again.  Ran off to the SE.  
    04.00 CF 5366    


  One detonation each.  
    08.00 CF 6144 Surfaced.  Searched for the convoy on the general direction of advance.  
    12.00 CF 6141 Day's run:  Surfaced =      134 nm,  
                         Submerged =   21.7 nm = 155.7 nm.  
    13.07   U-563 reports the convoy in square CF 5239, course 330°.  
    14.44   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  
        "Suhren and Bargesten search in the general direction of advance.  Enemy speed up to 7 knots.  Italian U-boats close from left and right  
        U-563 gives continuous contact keeping reports.  
    16.00 CF 3771 Am positioned behind due to being forced to submerge, hope that at the latest to be in contact with the convoy again.  
      Vis. good with could deck breaking up  
    20.00 CF 2922    
    28.10.41 North of the Azores    
    00.00 CF 2823    
      Wind shifting to the east and abating, bright night    
    04.00 CF 2496    
    05.14 CF 2469 Star shells bearing 310°T.  
    05.30   A searchlight in the same direction.  The convoy must be there.  
    08.00 CF 2429    
      Vis. medium    
    08.35   Morse bearing 330°T.  
    09.45 CF 2413 Now it is getting light and the convoy comes out.  
        Held contact, gave contact keeper reports and bearing signals.  
    12.00 CF 2173 Day's run:  Surfaced =      214 nm,  
                         Submerged =      0 nm = 214 nm.  
    16.00 CF 2143    
      ENE 3-4, Sea 3, few Cumulus clouds, Vis. very good    
    16.20   1 Condor in sight.  Circles over the convoy and sends bearing signals.  
    18.46   1 detonation.  
Sun and Moon Data 27.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 28.10.41
- 29 -
    19.26   Also "U-432" is at the convoy.  
    20.00 BE 7893    
      Vis. changing in haze, bright night    
    00.00 BE 7918 The convoy now consists of about 8 steamers and around the same number of escorts.  
      Wind and Sea abating, fog in places  
    02.02   Forward sweeper shoots star shells in our direction, however they lie short.  They can not see the boat; at the same time was sending bearing signals.  
    02.10   1 detonation.  Apparently the convoy again made a strong zig zag.  
    02.32 BE 7913 Radio Message from B.d.U.:  Group Breslau return transit.  You have outdone yourselves in toughness.  Suhren is shooting king.  
        Came to course 70° for return transit.  
    04.00 BE 7684    
    08.00 BE 8448    
      N 4, Sea 3-4, overcast, clear    
    08.57   Test dive.  
    09.22   Surfaced.  
    12.00 BE 8438 Day's run:  Surfaced =      274 nm,  
                         Submerged =    1.7 nm = 275.7 nm.  
    16.00 BE 8522    
      With abating wind, cloud deck breaking up    
    19.20   A Condor in sight bearing 40°T on NE-course.  
    20.00 BE 8347    
    30.01.41 Northwest of Cape Vilano    
    00.00 BE 8337    
      Few clouds and rain showers, bright moonlit night    
    04.00 BE 6788    
    08.00 BE 6849    
      Overcast, rain, clear air    
    12.00 BE 6826 Day's run:  Surfaced =      268 nm,  
                         Submerged =       5 nm = 273 nm.  
    16.00 BE 6913    
      Few clouds    
    16.50 BE 6687 1 flying boat, in all probability a DO 18, in sight.  Circles several times over a sailing vessel and then approaches the boat.  
    17.07   Dived because the flying boat shoots no recognition signals.  
Sun and Moon Data 28.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 29.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 30.10.41
- 30 -
    17.31   Surfaced.  
    18.14   The flying boat flies towards us again.  Again dived.  
    18.50   Surfaced.  
    20.00 BE 6697    
    31.01.41 West of Brittany    
    00.00 BF 4487    
    04.00 BF 4574    
    08.00 BF 4569    
      Wind somewhat abating    
    09.05   Dived.  
    11.26   Surfaced.  
    12.00 BF 4649 Day's run:  Surfaced =      219 nm,  
                         Submerged =   12.2 nm = 231.2 nm.  
    16.00 BF 6449    
      NE 3-4, Sea 3, heavily cloudy, clear, rain    
    20.00 BF 5582    
    01.11.41 Off Lorient    
    00.00 BF 5592    
      Cloud deck breaking up    
    04.00 BF 6455    
    08.00 BF 6487    
      Cloudless, fog banks    
    08.35   Dived.  
    08.45   Put the boat on the bottom depth 45 meters.  
    12.00 BF 6473 Day's run:  Surfaced =      72 nm,  
                         Submerged =     1 nm = 73 nm.  
    12.08   Surfaced.  
    12.30   Taken in convoy.  
    14.18 Lorient Made fast Lorient.  
                                                      Oblt.z.S. and Kommandant  
Sun and Moon Data 30.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 31.10.41
Sun and Moon Data 01.11.41

Appendices to U-564's KTB - click on the text at left to proceed to the document
Torpedo Torpedo firing reports

                              Comments of the Befehlshabers der Unterseeboote  
                              on the Kriegstagebuch of "U-564" (27.8. - 1.11.41)  
1.) An superbly performed patrol. Skill, fighting spirit and daring brought the tough commander his wonderful success.   Through his exemplary contact keeping more boats were brought up to the Gibraltar convoy.
2.) The continued sending of bearing signal by the contact keeper, even if contact is broken, was now generally ordered by the B.d.U.

For the Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote

    The Chief of the operations Department  

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