U-564 - 1st War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason

Days at Sea
17 June 1941
27 July 1941


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Ships Attacked
KTB Time
27 Jun 41
59°57'N, 30°24'W
27 Jun 41
59°57'N, 30°24'W
27 Jun 41
59°57'N, 30°24'W
KONGSGAARD (damaged)
29 Jun 41
59°21'N, 37°48'W
 Total = 28,145
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

                                       K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h  
                                                        "U 564"  
                          Kommandant:        Oblt.z.S.  S  u  h  r  e  n.  
                          Beginning:              3.4.41.  
                          Concluded:            16.6.41.  
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- 1 -
    03.04.41 Hamburg, Blohm und Voß Commissioning.  
    04.04.41       "             "              " Boat taken over.  
    05.04.41       "             "              "    
    08.00   Ready for sea.  Transit to Kiel.  
    19.13 Kiel, Tirpitz Mole Made fast alongside "Lech".  
    06.04.41 Kiel, Tirpitz Mole Baggage given over.  
    07.04.41 Kiel Gave over the ice protector in the Deutsche Werke.  While uninstalling rammed the quay wall with the bow.  As a result of failure of the automatic battery switch the E-motors did not go to "AK Reverse".  
        Ships construction testing in the harbor.  
    08.04.41 Kiel Sound testing, radio direction finder calibration.  
    09.04.41 Kiel Trim test, piston firing [shooting with just the piston in the tube]
    10.04.41 Kiel Exercise torpedo loading.  Testing of the sound gear.  
    11.04.41 Kiel Free time.  
    12.04.41 Kiel Radio direction finder calibration, during which "U-83" rammed us in the port side of the stern.  Shot the exercise torpedoes.  Replacement of the air search periscope.  
    13.04.41 Kiel Boat taken over.  
    14.04.41 Kiel    
    08.00   Ready for sea.  Transit to Rönne/Bornholm.  
    20.30 Rönne Made fast.  
    15.04.41 Rönne    
    11.00   Ready for sea for sound testing.  However, the sound testing had to be broken off due to bad weather.  Transit to Gotenhafen with 8 hour full throttle and fuel consumption measurement cruise.  
    16.04.41 Gotenhafen    
    01.30   Made fast alongside the sailing ship "ALBERT LEO SCHLAGETER".  
    07.00   Shifted to the steamer "PELIKAN" for torpedo testing by the TEK.  
    17.04.41 Gotenhafen TEK testing.  
    18.04.41 Gotenhafen TEK testing, followed by artillery fire.  
    19.04.41 Gotenhafen Completion of TEK testing.  
      Transit to Danzig.  Made fast alongside "IBERIA".  
    20.04.41 Danzig Weapons cleaning.  Kommandant's muster.  
- 2 -
    21.04.41 Danzig Independent training.  Detection test with patrol boats.  
    22.04. - 26.04.41 Danzig UAK testing.  
    27.04.41 Danzig Tour of the city  
    28.04.41 Danzig Mine loading in Hela.  Submerged mile.  Machinery maneuvers.  
    29.04.41 Danzig Oil trace test.  Mine firing.  Transit to Rönne for sound testing.  
    30.04.41 Rönne    
    06.30   Made fast.  
    07.30   Ready for sea for sound testing off Hasle.  
    17.30   Sound testing ended, made fast in Rönne.  
    01.05.41 Rönne    
    04.00   Ready for sea.  Transit to Danzig.  
    17.30 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Made fast alongside "NEISSE".  
    02.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Independent training by Kaptlt. Müller.  
    03.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Torpedo loading, independent training.  
    04.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Torpedo loading.  B 3 attempt.  
    05.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Fuel consumption cruise, clearing the boat, cannon cleaning.  
    06.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Torpedo loading, day and night firing.  
    07.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Conclusion of the independent training.  Torpedo loading.  Shifted to the "HAMBURG".  
    08.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Day firing at the "SAAR".  Day and night attack training at the "BISMARCK".  
    09.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Torpedo loading, cannon exercises.  
    10.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Clean ship.  Cannon exercises and weapons cleaning.  
    11.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Clean ship.  
    12.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser Transit to Gotenhafen.  Ammunition loading for small and main caliber test firing.  Made fast "HAMBURG".  
    13.05.41 Danzig-Neufahrwasser    
    10.00   Ready for sea.  Transit to Pillau for artillery firing.  
    16.30 Pillau Made fast alongside "PRETORIA".  
    14.05.41 Pillau Small and main caliber firing.  
- 3 -
    15.05.41 Pillau Transit to Danzig.  
    16.05.41 Danzig Boat cleared.  
    17.05.41 Danzig Transit to Gotenhafen.  Torpedo loading.  Conference for tactical training.  
    18.05. - 24.05.41 Gotenhafen Tactical training.  
    22.05.41   Fished out the crew of a Ju 88 (4 men) drifting in a lifeboat.  
    25.05.41 Gotenhafen End of tactical training.  Final conference.  
      Transit to Danzig.  
    26.05.41 Danzig Transit to Kiel.  
    27.05.41 Kiel    
    13.30   Made fast alongside "LECH".  
    17.30   Dry docked at Deutsche Werke.  
    28.05.41 Kiel Experiment with Nah-Sonder-Gerät. [mine detecting sonar]
    29.05.41   Undocked.  Shipyard meetings for final adjustments and overhaul.  
    30.05.41   Testing of the Nah-Sonder-Gerät.  Made fast in the shipyard for final adjustment and overhaul.  
    31.05. - 11.06.41 Kiel Final adjustment and overhaul.  
    06.06.41   Dry docked.  
    09.06.41   Undocked.  
    11.06.41   Sea trial.  
    12.06.41   Final adjustment day.  
    13.06.41   Torpedo loading, pressure dock.  
    14.06.41   Degaussing, medical examination, magnetic compass calibration, radio direction finder calibration, provisions and ammunitions loading.  
    15.06.41 Kiel Boat taken over.  
    16.06.41   Replacement of the air search periscope, oxygen, freshwater and provisions loading.  Final trim test.  
                                 K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h    "  U  5  6  4  "  
                                      Kommandant:  Oblt. z.S. Suhren.  
        Beginning on:  17.6.1941.  
        Concluding on:  27 7.1941.  
- 1 -
    17.06.41 Kiel Bay Cast off from the U-boat tender "LECH".  
    05.50 Sea 1-2, lightly cloudy, Vis. good Transit with "U-137, U-143, U-202, U-372" under escort by Sperrbrecher 13 through the Great Belt to the Kattegatt.  
    08.00 AO 7432    
    12.00 AO 7544 Day's run:  Surfaced 58 nm.  
    16.00 AO 7299    
    20.00 AO 7244    
    18.06.41 Skagerrak    
    00.00 AO 4796    
      Slight Sea, Vis. good, high Cirrus clouds    
    04.00 AO 4737    
    08.30 AO 4469 Made fast to "U-372".  
    09.20 Skagen Division of the convoy.  "U-372" transit to Horten, the other boats under escort from 3 patrol boats for Kristiansand South.  
    10.25   Test dive.  
    12.00 AO 4451 Day's run:  Surfaced     285.4 nm  
      Freshening wind and Sea, lightly misty, gradual visibility deterioration                  Submerged     1.6 nm  
    16.00 AN 3637    
    19.25 Off Kristiansand South Dissolution of convoy.  "U-137 and U-143" continue on, "U-202 and U-564" enter Kristiansand South to form new convoy.  
      Slight abating, Vis. good  
    20.45 Kristiansand Made fast at the pier, Matrosen Freude put ashore (heavy swelling of both feet)  
      Vis. clear, lightly cloudy  
    21.45 Kristiansand Cast off, with 2 patrol boats for Feiestein.  
    19.06.41 West of Norway.    
    00.00 AN 3537    
      Vis. heavily changing in fog    
    04.00 AN 3513 "U 137" and "U-143" in convoy with 2 patrol boats in sight.  Course along the Norwegian coast to the NW at 9 knots.  
Sun and Moon Data 17.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 18.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 19.06.41
- 2 -
    08.00 Vis. good, medium high broken cloud deck    
    08.30 Feiestein Escort by patrol boats ended.  Intention:  longest possible surface transit in NNW direction.  
    12.00 AN 2949 Day's run:  Surfaced     231 nm  
                         Submerged     0 nm  
    13.20   Test dive.  
    16.00 AN 2398    
      Extensive cloud deck with a few holes, Vis. good    
    20.00 AN 2329    
    20.06.41 European North Sea    
    00.00 AF 8747    
      Freshening wind and Sea, Vis. good, no night.    
    04.00 AF 7923    
      Growing Sea, Vis. slowly deteriorating    
    06.45   Sent Short Signal:  Have passed 62°N.  
        Nothing heard.  
    08.00 AF 7648 Short Signal concerning passing sent once again.  
      Sea 4, misty, low, extensive cloud deck Understood.  
    09.00   Due to unfavorable and changing visibility proceeded submerged at depth = 20 meters. +) [see next page]  
    12.00 AF 7633 Day's run:  Surfaced     210.6 nm  
                         Submerged     9.4 nm  
    14.10 Weather unchanged with somewhat better visibility Surfaced, transit continued on course 315°.  
    16.00 AF 7523 Came to course 280°.  
    20.00 AF 7278    
    21.06.41 North of the Faeroes    
    00.00 AF 7186    
    02.00   Radio Message from B.d.U. whereby American warships in the blockade area are not to be attacked.  
    04.00 AF 7175    
      Gradual visibility improvement    
    08.00 AE 9395    
      Cloud deck breaking up, abating wind and Sea    
    12.00 AE 9265 Day's run:  Surfaced     196.4 nm  
                         Submerged     5.6 nm  
Sun and Moon Data 19.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 20.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 21.06.41
- 3 -
    14.50 AE 9257 1 three-masted schooner, probably Danish fishing cutter with SE-course, avoided.  
    16.00 AE 9273    
      Sea 2, broken cloud deck, Vis. good    
    20.00 AE 9434    
      Vis. sometimes bad in rain showers    
        +)  On 20 June at 09.00 hours:  and assuming that location was betrayed by sending the Short Signal twice.  Utilized submerged transit to check the propulsion system.  
    20.47   Radio Message from B.d.U. "U-564" reported by Short Signal position AE 37.  
        On the assumption that large square AE was confused for AL in the radio message nothing sent.  Further to Radio Message: Short Signal received at 20:08 hours with the signature "U-564" was incomprehensible, the sender will transmit again since nothing was sent here.  
    22.06.41 Between Iceland and the Faroes    
    00.00 AE 9445    
    00.36   Assignment of the attack area (Point "Rolf" in 209°T, 112 nm) by radio message. [AK 1150 from BdU KTB]  
    04.00 AE 8659    
      Vis. good, across the entire horizon extensive cloud deck    
    05.30   Reading of the Proclamation of the Führer and the Note presented by the Soviet Union.  
        State of war with Russia.  
    05.55 AE 8649 Avoided a sailing vessel.  
    08.00 AE 8592    
      Sea 1-2, Vis. medium    
    12.00 AE 8573 Day's run:  Surfaced     240 nm  
                         Submerged     0 nm  
    12.30 AE 8572 [illegible hand written entry]  
      Sea 1-2, Vis. medium, hazy horizon    
    14.40 AE 8551 Dived, because a large patrol vessel with cannon and depth charges.  
    15.41   At range 250 meters 1 torpedo with depth setting 2 meters fired.  Missed, probably passed behind or went under.  
Sun and Moon Data 21.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 22.06.41
- 4 -
    15.48   Ran off submerged to 2000 meters, surfaced with cannon and machine gun ready.  
        Opened fire.  4-5 hits achieved, of which 1 in the waterline.  MFC/30 failed immediately after the first shot, because the bottom of the magazine came off.  
        At first the patrol vessel turned away and showed a small silhouette, then turned toward us at target angle 0° and returned cannon fire.  He homed in as usual from the short side and at the 5th shot lay short 50 meters.  Then secured cannon.  Dived.  Order:  periscope depth.  
        Forward diving plane jams hard down.  Therefore I deemed it correct to go immediately to depth = 60 meters.  
        Propeller sound are distant, 3 depth charges were thrown at great range.  Went to periscope depth.  
        In the GHG new sounds were heard, coming from two 4-smokestack destroyers.  Because the destroyers were 6-8000 meters apart, went between them and ran off at high speed.  
    xx.03 AE 8543 Nothing more heard and seen; surfaced.  
    xx.04 Hazy horizon, closed cloud deck During blowing crash dive for a "Sunderland".  
    xx.56 Nothing in sight.  Surfaced.  
    20.00 AE 8544    
    xx.34   Crash dive for a "Sunderland:.  Went to depth = 40 meters.  One bomb.  
    xx.24   Surfaced.  continued transit.  
    xx.50   Crash dived for an aircraft.  
    xx.37   Surfaced.   
    xx.15   While blowing crash dive for "Sunderland".  Proceeded submerged at depth = 35 meters believing that the "Sunderland" would conduct reconnaissance in this area despite the 3-4 hours of twilight.  
    23.06.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AE 8492 Proceeded submerged.  At great range 18 depth charge detonations, at regular intervals.  
    03.37 AE 8497 Surfaced.  Continued transit to the operations area.  
    04 25 AE 8727 Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight square AL 1627.  Enemy runs at low speed, enemy steers easterly course.  "U-552".  
      Vis. changing, light swell  
        Operating on the reported convoy.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 23.06.41
- 5 -
    08.00 AE 8773    
      Patches of fog    
    12.00 AE 3166 Day's run:  Surfaced     123 nm  
                         Submerged    27 nm  
    16.00 AL 3145    
      Vis. now good, heavily cloudy    
    17.50   Crash dive for a flying boat.  
    18.35   Surfaced.  
    20.29 AL 2287 Crash dive for a flying boat (probably Sunderland).  
      Vis. very good, few clouds    
    20.51   Surfaced.  Crash dive for a flying boat.  
    21.02   Surfaced.  
    21.27   Dived for a flying boat.  
    22.04   Surfaced.  While blowing crash dive for a flying boat.  
    22.37   2 detonations, very far off.  
        Because there are always flying boats searching in our direction, I believe that we must be on the general course of the convoy.  I attempt to close on course 189° submerged.  
    23.13   Surfaced.  Will still make one more attempt to approach the convoy on the surface.  
        One masthead in SE-direction, propeller sounds heard in S-direction.  Hold on to propeller sounds, in order to first get contact on the convoy.  
    23.33   One masthead in sight bearing 215°.  Quickly comes closer,  Turned stern to, attempt to run off on the surface.  
    23.37   Dived.  At silent speed came to course 35°.  The vessel which approached us at medium-speed and target angle 0° was a destroyer of the Alfredi-class which closed to 3000 meters, then to zigzagged to 1000 meters.  A 2nd destroyer remained at some distance from him.  

Now I suppose that we have been seen earlier this evening by the flying boat and because it has summoned a hunting group positioned with the convoy here, I remain at periscope depth and at silent running always put the searching destroyer astern.  S-gear [sonar] has not been heard properly.  For us at periscope depth sound conditions are very bad, believe the same for the enemy.

Sun and Moon Data 23.06.41
- 6 -
    00.30 AL 2416 Boat was over flown by a flying boat.  Destroyer gave with searchlight 3 times "Richard".  Then the destroyer and the flying boat ran off to the south.  
        Ran off at silent running on course 345°.  
    xx.46 AL 2213 Because thereafter nothing more was seen and heard, surfaced dynamically with a brief blow of main ballast tank 3.  2 destroyers are still recognized astern.  They seemed to be stopped, but then get underway and approach us. Put them exactly astern.  
      Vis. clear, few clouds, bright twilight  
        Dived again.  At silent running again ran off at periscope depth.  
    xx.40   Nothing to see and to hear.  
    xx.16 AL 2279 Again surfaced dynamically with a brief blow of main ballast tank 3.  Nothing seen.  Initially continued on with E-motors, after 10 minutes blew and ran with diesels.  
      Weather unchanged  
        After a short time stopped to deceive the destroyers with their sound bearings, then, at high speed operated on the convoy reported by "U-203", as I believed that catching up to the convoy reported by "U-552" was hopeless and questionable and in the best case could get there before 11-12°W.  
    08.00 AL 2337    
      Vis. good, clear horizon, few connected clouds, slight Sea    
    xx.40 AL 2344 Surfacing U-boat in sight.  Recognition signals exchanged.  It was "U-202".  He had tried to approach to the same convoy; and according to his statement had been raked as well.  Then left behind, had sighted an approximately 14 knot fast banana boat. [illegible hand written sentence]  
    12.00 AL 1468 Day's run:  Surfaced     156 nm  
      Light rain                  Submerged    26 nm  
    16.00 AL 1475 Continued on diesel-electric because the port outer cooling water pump in one hour leaked over one ton in an hour.  
      Drizzle, light Swell  
    20.30 AL 1517 Cooling water pump probably remains out of service, continued to run on one diesel.  
    25.06.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AK 3646    
      Freshening NW wind and Sea    
    04.00 AK 3581    
      Wind NW 6, Sea NW 4    
Sun and Moon Data 24.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 25.06.41
- 7 -
    08.00 AK 2685    
    12.00 AK 2733 Day's run:  Surfaced     310 nm  
                         Submerged     0 nm  
    16.35 AK 2318 A German U-boat in sight bearing 120°T.  Held on intending to discuss a coordinated operation on the convoy.  However, the boat suddenly dived.  
      Slowly abating Sea and wind  
    20.00 AK 1853 Reached the supposed intersect point with the convoy.  Nothing in sight.  The convoy may have shifted his main course north or east. I assume the former, since in the northern area near Greenland and Iceland escort can be done by flying boats and the convoy would be discovered.   In addition, the other boats are searching  the southeastern sector, because they are deployed there.  
    21.00   Came to northerly course.  
    26.06.41 North Atlantic, southeast of Greenland    
    00.00 AK 1688    
      Vis. very good, cloudy    
    04.00 AK 1628    
    08.00 AK 1455 Crash dive for flying boat.  It is unclear if it is flying regular reconnaissance or belongs to the escort of a convoy.  If it belongs to a convoy then that can only be located to the south or as I initially thought to the east of us based on our previous courses, the area searched to the west and the movements of the aircraft.  
    11.28   Therefore came to northwesterly course to the operations area.  
    11.22   Radio message:  Suspect convoy square AK 1420.  Several destroyers and a Sunderland sighted.  Patches of fog.  "U-556"  
        That is our exact square.  I believe now that we are to the west and about 10 nm north of it.  Came to course 70°.  
    12.00 AK 1287 Day's run:  Surfaced     294.9 nm  
      Wind NE 6, Sea NE 5, cloudy, Vis. good                  Submerged      5.1 nm  
    14.25   Contact keeper report:  Convoy line abreast, speed about 9 knots.  
    15.49   Sent position by Short Signal, to prompt further contact keeper reports.  We can only be north of it, therefore gradually changed course to the south.  
Sun and Moon Data 25.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 26.06.41
- 8 -
    15.43 AK 2179 A steamer and 4-5 smoke trails in sight bearing about 150°T, course about 80°.  
      Sea and wind unchanged, Vis. good, occasional rain showers  
    15.59 Rain showers Flying boat in sight bearing 0°T.  The same from this morning.  Comes very close, dived.  Immediately after surfacing set off to the NE of the convoy.  In my view the convoy steers an easterly course.  Blind, I position myself 18-20 nm ahead of the convoy.  Every 70 minutes the flying boat returns, seems to fly one small then one large circle of about 18 nm radius around the convoy.  
        From 19.00 hours the flying boat has appeared regularly three times  
    20.00 AK 2274    
    22.18 Wind and Sea slowly abating German U-boat in sight between us and the convoy.  Go close by, such that the convoy bears 245°T.  Convoy has steered 85°.  
        The U-boat, U-79, gives the formation and escort of the convoy.  Continued to move ahead.  
    23.41   Dived for flying boat.  
        Am positioned directly ahead on the main course line of the convoy.  
    27.06.41 North Atlantic, southeast of Greenland    
    00.00 AK 2432 The first steamer in the periscope.  A gun boat is ahead of the convoy which proceeds in three columns.  A large auxiliary cruiser at the northern tip.  Intend to shoot 5 torpedoes, and maneuver between the center and southern column, because I am to the south.  
    01.55   Two detonations heard, suspect scare depth charges from the escorts.  
        The convoy zig zags 20° to starboard and thus greatly complicates the situation because the center column approaches me at target angle 0°.  
        1st shot on a 4 master set off somewhat from the southern column with 8 cargo hatches at a broad target angle (105°), range 1000 meters.  
        2nd and 3rd shots on the 3rd and 4th steamers, because the 2nd was smaller.  Range = about 600 and 400 meters.  A water column is seen at the 4-master. When I want to shoot the 4th torpedo, a steamer, which must have been loaded with ammunition, flies completely  
Sun and Moon Data 26.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 27.06.41
- 9 -
        into the air.  For a long time the periscope is shrouded in the detonation cloud.  Heavy cracking and boiler explosions typical of a sinking steamer are heard.  
        Ran at high speed at periscope depth to the south, to get out of the thick smoke.  
        This hit must have resulted from the 3rd shot; since in the boat a 2nd torpedo detonation was heard at all stations while shooting the 3rd torpedo. The steamer fired at 3rd was therefore closest to the boat.  The range could have been at most 300 meters; I suppose that I overestimated the range in the twilight.  
        I did not observe the results from the 2nd shot with the periscope, I was blinded for a long time by the detonation cloud. When the boat was out of the cloud, I saw that the convoy proceeded completely confused.  
    01.59   I still attempted to shoot with the stern tube, 2 tankers, which apparently stopped with their bows opposite to each other, but the boat cut under.   Back at periscope depth only hazy shadows were visible, since the boat had run off at high speed. The shadows steamed off to the north and south.  
        From the three detonations to now depth charges were thrown by the escorts in series of up to 6, however, these were far off.  
    02.10   10-15 minutes had passed from the 1st shot when I saw a destroyer with target angle towards me at high speed. I went to high speed, so that the destroyer passed astern, so that a shot with the stern tube was questionable. I did not shoot, because the destroyer, drove past at 100 meters.  
        After that 6 heavy depth charge detonations rocked the boat.  Both E-motors stopped and we soon hung at depth 25 meters.  As practiced in training, the automatic battery switches were checked for transfer. The pointers of the automatic switch indicated "On", so nothing was done by the assigned combat post.  The E-motors were still stopped and the boat settled (to depth 30 meters).  The time up to restarting the motors is no longer ascertainable, however, seemed eternal.  It must have been between 2 and 5 minutes.  
        The situation was very unfavorable, since the listener reported approaching propeller noises.  In the control room I heard  
Sun and Moon Data 27.06.41
- 10 -
        a vessel coming over the stern from port at about 12 knots.  An ugly moment. At the same time the Obermaschininst had personally checked the No. 1 automatic battery switch and found that this was popped, without changing the display device at the same time.  
        From the motors now came the report that both E-motors to were ready for 190 RPM.  At last at this RPM the slowly falling boat was finally able to go deep quickly and flooding, which can be the worst thing in such a situation was avoided, so now it could even be pumped out.  
        At depth = 60 meters both diving planes were up, but the boat was only caught by blowing main ballast tank 3 at depth = 80 meters with a stern down angle of 15°.  

From depth 50 to 80 meters about 200 liters was pumped out of a regulating and reserve fuel oil tank under a pressure of 11 atmospheres above datum.  At depth 80 meters, the pressure in the regulating tank was reduced to 8 atmospheres above datum. Now the main drain pump was used to draw from this regulating tank below 8 atmospheres above datum.  The rubber gasket of the filter cap was pushed out by the pressure on the suction side of the pump so that the pump drew air through the filter cover, and thus failed.  A pressure of 14 atmospheres above datum pressure was applied to the regulating tank now at 2.5 atmospheres above datum, so that now could it be pumped out effectively at depth = 65 meters.  The boat was only controlled by an air base in the main ballast tank 3 for depth = 70 meters.  We proceeded at that depth at silent running.

        An escort or destroyer often went past in our vicinity and over us at slow speed.  The sound pursuit continued up to about 08.00 hours.  
        From 07.00 hours it was determined in our sound gear that the listening conditions were unfavorable due to the rising seas.  Until then no depth charges were thrown.  The reason for this behavior of the enemy is still puzzling to the boat's leadership, perhaps he heard us, but only vaguely.  
        I then waited an hour and then could surface.  
    09.20 AK 2432 In summary I determined the following during  the attack on this convoy:  
      Light mist, Sea 2-3, freshening wind  
      In general, boats with new crew on their first war patrol should, especially during attacks on convoys,  
Sun and Moon Data 27.06.41
- 11 -
        avoid difficult situations such as letting themselves settle.  The boats should accept shooting multiple torpedoes at a greater range from the outside the convoy - even if one or another passes.  
        The boat must conduct the attack so that after shooting it has enough time get to sufficient depth calmly and be controlled there with defense by the escorts.  Because if there is a proper sound and depth charge persecution, and a boat is in the state as it was mine, namely semi-mobile and also loud from pumping and much rudder movement, the enemy will encounter more favorable prosecution conditions.  
        Even a skilled and perfect Engineering Officer can not devote 100% of his attention to depth control because he does not know how the men will behave in the control room during enemy action, and thus must divide his attention.  Only after it has gone properly once; arise peculiarities and the most likely recurring failures, while simultaneously highlighting the most reliable war soldiers, which can then be assigned in the right place.  
        In general, most of the crew were not aware of the seriousness of the situation, as they took their cue from us. So here the attitude of the crew was good and calm.  And though most were faced with a situation which they themselves did not understand, but only after overcoming the scary moments and calm instructions.  
    09.32   Ran off to the SW, to move away from the convoy and the possibly attached hunting group.  I thought a pursuit was inappropriate and wrong for the very tired boat.  In addition, our speed was reduced by a malfunction in the port diesel for about 6-8 hours (breaking a push rod).  
    12.00 AK 2287 Day's run:  Surfaced     105 nm  
      SW 4, Sea 3, lightly misty                  Submerged   30 nm  
    16.07 AK 2277 Dive to proceed submerged to rest and for diesel repairs.  
    20.00 AK 2198    
    22.32 Freshening Surfaced.  Transit to ordered attack area.  
    28.06.41 East of Greenland    
    00.00 AK 2187    
      Vis. good, wind and sea increasing.    
Sun and Moon Data 27.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 28.06.41
- 12 -
    04.00 AK 1299    
      Slowly abating    
    08.00 AK 1288    
    12.00 AK 1195 Day's run:  Surfaced     115.2 nm  
      Sea S 3, heavily cloudy, light mist, however Vis. good                  Submerged   18.8 nm  
    16.00 AK 1173    
    20.00 AD 9468    
    29.06.41 East of Greenland    
    00.00 AD 9443    
    04.00 AD 9355 Came to course 140° intending to strike out in an arch to the SE to search the determined traffic route.  
      Gradual Vis. deterioration  
    08.00 AD 9396    
    12.00 AD 9872 Day's run:  Surfaced  180 nm  
    13.15   Test dive.  
    16.00 AD 9852    
    18.25   Radio Message from B.d.U. to report position, fuel and successes.  
    18.50 AD 9855 1 smoke cloud in sight.  
      NNE 3, Sea NNE 2, extensive cloud deck, Vis. good    
    18.59   Dived to attack.  
    19.58   Shot on a 3500 GRT size merchant steamer with conspicuously high mast and smokestack.  From periscope observation estimate about 110 meters, 32 meters high.  On the hull was the Icelandic flag, painted for camouflage, because it was perfectly fresh and the name illegible.  The steamer ran at 12 knots.  A lookout position with binoculars was located on the upper bridge.  
        Hit amidships.  Steamer traveled in ballast and sank in 5 minutes.  
    20.45 AD 9891    
    30.06.41 Southeast of Greenland    
    00.00 AD 9899    
      Sea NE 2, few clouds, Vis. very good    
    04.00 AK 1543    
    04.49   Sent Radio Message to B.d.U., the boat is in AK 15  
Sun and Moon Data 28.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 29.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 30.06.41
- 13 -
    30.06.41   with 72 cbm fuel and has sunk a steamer of 3500 GRT.  
    08.00 AK 1544    
      Gradual Vis. and weather deterioration Allocation of a new attack area by Radio Message.  Initially continued to run ob the old course to intersect the NE/SW steamer lane several times.   [AJ 3785 depth 150 nm BdU KTB]  
    12.00 AK 1739 Day's run:  Surfaced     139.1 nm  
      Wind shifting heavily counterclockwise.                  Submerged     8.9 nm  
    14.54 AK 17 Steamer in sight.  Comes closer quickly at target angle 20°.  Attempt to maneuver ahead on the surface; spoiled due to heavy smoking of the diesels.  
      Sea SE 3-4, Vis. good often limited in rain squalls  
    14.56   Dived for submerged attack, attempted to reach shooting position at AK, however the steamer zig zags heavily away, it is possible he saw us however not likely.  
        Steamer was followed in the periscope, until just the mast and smokestack are seen.  
    15.34   Surfaced.  Steamer out of sight in a rain squall.  With the assistance of plotting searched all courses of the steamer from 240° - 250°.  Nothing found.  
    16.00 AK 1766    
      Vis. heavily limited by rain showers, seas increasing    
    20.29 AJ 3691 Dived, to listen for the steamer.  Nothing found.  Pursuit broken off.  
    21.04   Headed for the assigned attack area.  
    01.07.41 North Atlantic southeast of Greenland    
    00.00 AJ 3686    
      NE 8, Sea NE 6, heavy rain showers    
    04.00 AJ 3917    
      Slowly abating    
    08.00 AJ 3867    
    12.00 AJ 3881 Day's run:  Surfaced     186.9 nm  
      rain                  Submerged    13.1 nm  
    16.00 AJ 3878    
    19.13   Test dive.  
    20.00 AJ 6318    
      Vis. bad due to rain and over coming seas, heavily cloudy    
Sun and Moon Data 30.06.41
Sun and Moon Data 01.07.41
- 14 -
    02.07.41 North Atlantic south of Greenland    
    00.00 AJ 6256    
    04.00 AJ 6272 Back and forth in position in attack area.  
      Sea 3, Vis., changing    
    12.00 AJ 3787 Day's run:  Surfaced     146.9 nm  
      SW 4, Sea SW 4-5, Vis. medium                  Submerged    1.8 nm  
    1x.00 AJ 6227    
    16.00 AJ 3756    
    20.00 AJ 3732    
    20.29 Sea abating somewhat, few clouds, Vis. medium, misty Came to course 154°, to operate on the convoy reported by U-108 in accordance with Radio Message from B.d.U.  Although the convoy is far away, I will go even though perceive a small chance of success, as I see by the Radio Messages of the other boats that the traffic detected is very meager due to the poor visibility conditions.  
    03.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AJ 3818    
      Vis. changing, rain showers    
    04.00 AK 4141    
    08.00 AK 4422    
      Vis. diminished in rain    
    08.34   Because there are no further contact keeper reports, reduced speed to save fuel.  
    12.00 AK 4496 Day's run:  Surfaced  250 nm  
      Rain, Vis. low    
    16.00 AK 4889    
    20.00 AK 7219    
      SE 6, Sea SE 4, weather improving    
    23.04   Main ballast and reserve fuel oil tank 2 converted for use as a ballast tank.  Test dive.  
Sun and Moon Data 02.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 03.07.41
- 15 -
    04.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AK 7285    
      Increasing seas    
    04.00 AK 7537    
      Sea SE 5, thunderstorms, hail, rain, Vis. entirely bad.    
    08.00 AK 7593    
    12.00 AK 7918 Day's run:  Surfaced  186 nm  
    16.00 AK 7985 Absolutely no other contact keeping reports. I suppose now that I'm the only boat that is searching for the convoy reported by U-108.   Since I have gone far from the old attack area, this is reported by Short Signal.  
      Sea increasing again  
    20.00 BD 1263    
    21.06   [probably a test dive]  
    05.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BD 1611    
      SW 6, Sea SW 4-5, clear    
    04.00 BD 1699    
    08.00 BD 1925    
      extensive cloud deck, Vis. medium to good    
    12.00 BD 1991 Day's run:  Surfaced  200 nm  
    16.00 BD 1955    
    20.00 BD 1924    
      SW 7, Sea SW 6, few clouds, Vis. good    
    21.36   Test dive.  
    06.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BD 1675    
      Sea abating 4-5, occasional rain    
    04.00 BD 1671    
    08.00 BD 1566    
      Wind shifting to the west, short steep seas, extensive cloud deck    
    12.00 BD 1534 Day's run:  Surfaced     96.5 nm  
                         Submerged   3.5 nm  
    16.00 BD 1281    
    19.02   Dived.  
Sun and Moon Data 04.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 05.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 06.07.41
- 16 -
    20.00 BD 1216    
    23.13   Surfaced.  
    07.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BD 1214    
      Slowly abating    
    04.00 BD 1135    
    08.00 AK 7899    
      Abating further, misty, Vis, medium    
    12.00 AK 7849 Day's run:  Surfaced       80 nm  
                         Submerged  13.5 nm  
    16.00 AK 7736    
      Slight wind and sea, misty, Vis. bad    
    20.00 AK 7726    
    08.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AK 7446    
      Slight Sea Vis. bad    
    04.00 AJ 9622 Back and forth in position in attack area.  
    08.00 AK 7444    
      In general Vis. bad, changing in fog and rain    
    12.00 AK 7742 Day's run:  Surfaced  160 nm  
    16.00 AK 7784    
    20.00 BC 3325    
      Gradually clearing    
    20.17   Test dive.  
    23.24   Short Signal sent:  To possibly obtain a shift of attack area, because for 4 or more days there has been no traffic, the current area was very unfavorable due to the poor visibility and to the south and east promised more success.  
    09.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BC 3367    
    04.00 BD 1117    
    08.00 AK 7884    
      Vis. good limited occasionally in mist, slowly freshening    
    12.00 AK 7896 Day's run:  Surfaced       159 nm  
                         Submerged       1 nm  
    16.00 AK 7951    
    20.00 AK 7916    
      Vis. very good, Sea 3-4, cloudy    
Sun and Moon Data 06.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 07.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 08.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 09.07.41
- 17 -
    10.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AK 7598    
      Slight Sea, cloudy, moonshine    
    04.00 AK 7576    
      Lightly misty    
    08.00 AK 7468    
      No Sea, Vis. good    
    12.00 AK 7456 Day's run:  Surfaced       144 nm  
                         Submerged      16 nm  
    16.00 AK 9662    
      Freshening, Vis. changing    
    20.00 AK 9692    
      Misty, Vis. low, slight wind and sea    
    21.44   Test dive.  
    11.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AK 7717    
      Vis. limited heavily by rain    
    02.06   Dived. because of very unfavorable visibility, however found good listening conditions.  
    04.00 AK 7745    
    07.34 AK 7763 Surfaced.  
    12.00 BG 3321 Day's run:  Surfaced       128 nm  
      Vis. greatly changing due to fog from 0.1 to 8 nm                  Submerged   14.5 nm  
    16.00 BC 3355    
    20.00 BC 3322    
      Vis, changing due to fog    
    12.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AK 7755    
    01.52   Dived, because sound range is greater then visibility.  
    04.00 AK 7725    
    08.16 AK 7722 Surfaced.  
      Wind WSW 4-5, Sea WSW 3, misty, Vis. changing from 100 meters to 5 nm    
    12.00 AK 7482 Day's run:  Surfaced       110 nm  
      Unchanged bad Vis. at tomes below 100 meters                  Submerged     13 nm  
Sun and Moon Data 10.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 11.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 12.07.41
- 18 -
    15.00 AK 7429 Dived, because there was no visibility.  Shortly after diving a rhythmic beating heard in the GHG.  72 beats per minute.  Believe that it is a steamer proceeding in ballast, whose propellers were out.  
      Fog, slight Seas  
    16.54   Surfaced and operated on the sound bearing of the steamer however, nothing seen.   
        Dived.  Again the same sounds.  True bearing remains the same when turning the boat.  Sometimes the beating stopped for a short time, jumped over to the other side, was heard all over the horizon, but to always came back in the same direction,  
    18.16 Misty, slight Sea, Vis. low to medium Surfaced, proceeded at high speed in the direction of the sound bearing.  Nothing seen.  
    19.04   Dived.  Sounds first found after a long search.  Again in the same direction.  
    19.48   Surfaced.  Pursued at 2 x GF.  Nothing seen, however  
    22.08   submerged sounds were very loud.  
    22.26   Surfaced, with visibility still very bad, nothing seen.  
    23.27   Dived one more time, however nothing more heard.  
    13.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 AK 7585    
    01.05 Slight Sea, misty, fog in places Surfaced and continued on the surface, because there is slight visibility improvement.  
    03.29 AK 7831 Dived to proceed submerged, because visibility is very bad again.  Submerged these beating sounds are heard again.  Now it was clear, that it was not a vessel but probably was fish. This sound was also heard during the attack on the convoy at 27 June after perfect destroyer sounds were heard before. This noise was then believed to be destroyers at listening speed.  It is likely that there had also been fish at that time, so the actual listening pursuit lasted only until about 4:00 hours.  
    08.00 AK 7881    
    12.34 AK 7841 Day's run:  Surfaced       115 nm  
      Slight Sea, Vis. medium to good, extensive cloud deck                  Submerged     35 nm  
    16.00 AK 7763    
      Visibility improving.    
    20.00 BC 3313    
Sun and Moon Data 12.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 13.07.41
- 19 -
    14.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BC 3263    
      Vis. clear    
    04.00 BC 3552    
      Dark night and Vis. clear, slight Sea, overcast, misty in places    
    08.00 BC 3363    
    12.00 BD 1152 Day's run:  Surfaced  167 nm  
      Overcast, very slight Sea, light drizzle, Vis. medium to good    
    16.00 BD 1241    
    20.00 BD 1218    
      Despite rain Vis. good    
    21.44   Dived for tightness test at great depth.  
    23.29   Surfaced.  
    15.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BD 1133    
      Heavily overcast sky, Vis. medium    
    04.00 AK 7859    
    08.00 AK 7819    
      Overcast, drizzle, Vis. good, slight Sea    
    12.00 AK 7496 Day's run:  Surfaced       154 nm  
      Wind E 3, Sea E 2, overcast, Vis. good                  Submerged       6 nm  
    16.00 AK 7456    
    20.00 AK 7415    
      Weather unchanged    
    00.00 AK 7448    
      Wind freshening to NE 5, rain, at times misty, Vis. medium    
    04.00 AK 7479    
    08.00 AK 7818    
      Abating and clearing, Vis. good    
    12.00 AK 7858 Day's run:  Surfaced       190 nm  
                         Submerged       0 nm  
Sun and Moon Data 14.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 15.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 16.07.41
- 20 -
    16.00 BD 1133    
      Freshening, few clouds, Vis. good    
    20.00 BD 1252    
    00.00 BD 1376    
      Clear, Vis. good    
    04.00 BD 1637    
    08.00 BD 2475    
      Completely low Sea, cloudless, Vis. very good    
    09.20 BD 2488 German U-boat in sight.  After exchanging recognition signals got together.  It was "U-97" situation and intentions exchanged.  "U-97" goes on easterly course to waiting position for the reported convoy.  
    12.00 BD 2735 Day's run:  Surfaced  215 nm  
    16.00 BD 2846    
    20.00 BD 2897    
      Clear, slight sea, Vis. good    
    18.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BD 5322    
      Vis. clear with dark night    
    04.00 BD 5334    
    04.25   Test dive.  
    05.06   Surfaced.  
    08.00 BD 6117    
      Cloudy, slight sea, wind calm, Vis. good    
    12.00 BD 5365 Day's run:  Surfaced       183.2 nm  
                         Submerged     1.8 nm  
    15.04   By Radio Message from B.d.U. assigned deployment in a patrol line to catch the convoy reported by the Luftwaffe.  
    16.00 BD 5381    
    20.00 BD 6144    
    19.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BD 6129    
    04.00 BD 6212    
      Dark night, slight Seam Vis. good    
Sun and Moon Data 16.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 17.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 18.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 19.07.41
- 21 -
    19.07.41 North Atlantic    
    08.00 BD 3894    
      Overcast, slight Sea, Vis. good    
    12.00 BD 3946 Day's run:  Surfaced  215 nm  
    16.00 BD 3935    
      Sunshine, Vis. very good    
    20.00 BE 1719    
    20.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BE 1729    
      Very dark night    
    01.20   Test dive.  
    04.00 BE 1841    
    08.00 BE 1864 Back and forth in position in patrol line.  
      Overcast, Vis. very good    
    12.00 BE 1853 Day's run:  Surfaced       164 nm  
      Freshening                  Submerged       1 nm  
    20.00 BE 1828    
    21.07.41 North Atlantic    
    00.00 BE 1867    
      Cloudy, dark night, heavy marine phosphorescence    
    04.00 BE 1853    
    08.00 BE 1867    
      Cloud deck breaking up    
    12.00 BE 1852 Day's run:  Surfaced  161 nm  
    15.00   Radio Message from B.d.U. whereby there are no boundaries to the attack areas.  Intention:  
      . Because there is only a small fuel inventory to stay in the existing operations area, will advance to the north and in the area of "U-203" to the limit of fuel inventory, because there is a reasonable prospect of success on the narrowing routes. Also, I assume that "U-203" will not be in his position before my return transit.  
    16.00 BE 1892    
      Abating, clear, sunshine    
    20.00 BE 8135    
Sun and Moon Data 19.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 20.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 21.07.41
- 22 -
    00.00 North Atlantic, west of Ireland    
    00.00 BE 1671    
      Clear dark night    
    03.39   Test dive.  
    04.00 BE 1619    
    08.00 BE 1382    
      Changing cloudiness, Vis. good, Sea 1    
    10.10 BE 1364 A U-boat in sight bearing 280°T.  Recognition signal exchanged, closed the boat, "U-331".  He had been underway three weeks, however had seen no steamers, only three German U-boats.  Then ran on course 87° at LF to his ordered area.  
    12.00 BR 1337 Day's run:  Surfaced       166 nm  
                         Submerged     0.8 nm  
    16.00 AL 8896    
      Slight Sea, sunshine, light mist, Vis. good    
    20.00 AL 9742    
    23.07.41 North Atlantic west of Ireland    
    00.00 AL 9485    
      Dark night, extensive cloud deck, increasing wind and Sea    
    04.00 AL 9461    
    08.00 AL 9199    
      Vis. and weather deteriorating    
    09.45   Dived, due to bad visibility.  Submerged transit to carry out propulsion system check.  
    12.00 AL 9246 Day's run:  Surfaced       168 nm  
                         Submerged    11.9 nm  
    14.08 Only slight Vis. improvement Surfaced.  
    16.00 AL 9221    
    20.00 AL 6858    
      Fog, rain, slight gradual Vis. improvement    
    24.07.41 North Atlantic, west of Ireland    
    00.00 AL 6823    
      Heavily cloudy, occasional rain, dark night    
    04.00 AL 6562    
    08.00 AL 6675    
      Extensive cloud deck with few holes,    
Sun and Moon Data 22.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 23.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 24.07.41
- 23 -
      slowly freshening, Vis. changing due to rain showers    
    12.00 AL 6925 Day's run:  Surfaced  185 nm  
    16.00 AL 6989    
      Changing cloudiness, rain in places    
    20.00 AL 9363    
    22.51   Convoy reported by B-Dienst.  Course changed towards it in the hope that the convoy will be reported at dawn by another boat and that we will be in the vicinity, because large search courses are no longer feasible due to fuel.  
    25.07.41 West of Ireland    
    00.00 AM 7172    
      Few clouds, Vis. medium    
    04.00 AL 9651    
    08.00 AL 9651    
      Heavily overcast, Vis. changing due to rain showers    
    12.00 AL 9569 Day's run:  Surfaced  175 nm  
    15.40   Bearing signals from aircraft hear at a southbound convoy.  Impossible to operate due to fuel situation.  
    16.00 AL 9914    
      Heavily cloudy, Vis. medium to good    
    17.37   Reported starting return transit by Radio Message.  
    20.00 AL 9958    
      Vis. low due to mist    
    22.05   A flying boat in sight bearing 220°T. probably a "Consolidated", in about 5000 meters range.  Course 0°.  Flies past without seeing us.  Perhaps a convoy lies behind him.  Therefore came to SSW course.   
    22.23   After 30 minutes dived, to possibly find something out by listening.  
    23.00   Nothing heard, surfaced.  Came to old course.  
    26.07.41 Southwest of Ireland    
    00.00 BE 2332    
      Overcast, misty, very dark night, heavy marine phosphorescence, slight Sea    
    04.00 BE 3519    
    08.00 BE 3674    
      Overcast, Vis. medium    
    12.00 BE 3674 Day's run:  Surfaced       247.7 nm  
                         Submerged      2.3 nm  
    16.00 BE 3861    
      Extensive cloud deck with holes, Vis. good    
Sun and Moon Data 24.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 25.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 26.07.41
- 24 -
    26.07.41 South of Ireland    
    20.00 BF 1764    
      Slight Sea, overcast, Vis. good    
    2x.55   1 aircraft in sight bearing 135°T, range 9 nm.  Flies away without seeing us on course 250°.  
    27.07.41 West of Brest    
    00.00 BF 1881    
      Overcast dark night    
    04.00 BF 1973    
    0x.50 BF 2782 1 aircraft in sight bearing 130°T.  Was only seen for a short time in the clouds.  
    08.00 Heavily cloudy, Vis. good    
    12.00 BF 2881 Day's run:  Surfaced  203 nm  
    12.25   1 aircraft in sight, recognition signals exchanged.  
    14.05   1 aircraft in sight bearing 50°T, course 260°.  
    16.00 Brest Entered Brest.  
      Few clouds, Vis. very good    
Sun and Moon Data 26.07.41
Sun and Moon Data 27.07.41

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Torpedo Torpedo firing reports

                                              Comments of the B.d.U.  :  
                A patrol borne by a great fighting spirit whose resolute and courageous execution deserves every recognition. The judgment of the Kommandant's artillery attack on the patrol vessel and his experiences during the attack on the convoy are fully approved, the success of the patrol is good.

For the Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote

    The Chief of the operations Department  

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