Excerpt of the Radio Log "  U.-537  "
Patrol "U.-537" from 18 Sept. 1943 to 8 Dec. 1943
18.09.43 U-boat Escort Frequency
11.31 5. U.-Flottille
  Taken in convoy with U-537.  Going from "nb" to "ke".                       U-848
05.10.43 Coastal Circuit
11.33 1.)  Heilmann report position tonight.
2.)  Lüth and Kentrat switch to "Ireland" Circuit from 5 October.  Arrive via Piening Route in accordance with Radio Message of 14 August, at own discretion.
  3.)  S c h r e w e from 5 October 08.00 hours switch to "Ireland" Circuit.
07.10.43 Ireland Circuit
01.54 1.)  Lüth and Kentrat tomorrow 08.00 hours switch to Coastal Circuit.
  2.)  Mahrholz, Grave, Hille, S c h r e w e gave passing report on arrival in square AL.
  3.)  Wekatzel and Heilmann report weather tonight.
07.10.43 Near and Remote Service Norddeich
20.48 (outside the beat frequency gap)
  ßß Have passed 20°W to the west.                                                     U-537
07.10.43 Ireland Circuit
22.17 S c h r e w e  has passed 20°W to the west.  Signal on 36 meters with Volume 2/3.
08.10.43 Ireland Circuit
18.25 1.) S c h r e w e  continue transit in accordance with special task.
2.) New objective for Lamby is AK 50.  In named area await further orders.  Economical fuel consumption.
3.) S c h r e w e , Scheibe and Wenzel from 9 October 08.00 hours switch to "Hubertus" Circuit.  Looks Coastal, Engel, Bahr, Techand, Purkhold Ireland.
08.10.43 Ireland Circuit
18.35 S c h r e w e
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- 2 -
13.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
04.30 S c h r e w e
  To simulate battle group stationed in square 20 on reaching square 34 send 2 different Short Signals shortly after one another .  In so doing each time change keyer [radio operator] and frequency.  Afterwards in square 20 each day at various times send 1 Short Signal or 1 short Radio Message.  After each transmission change area, use special caution not to be seen.  Orders concerning further transit and special task to follow.  All square AJ.
13.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
22.26 ßß No weapons use possible due to Sea State.  Fuel inventory 150 to 200 cbm.
13.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
23.35 ßß My position is AJ 3448.                                                                U-537
14.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
15.36 Quadruple overboard, NW 11, shifting clockwise, Sea 8, very high Swell. 9/10, showers, Vis. 1-4 nm, 991 mb, rising, water +8°C, air +4°C, 181 cbm.
15.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
10.02 Schaumburg, Rollman, Bork, Möller tonight before 05.00 hours report weather by Short Signal.  S c h r e w e report weather in clear text.
15.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
11.48 S c h r e w e report:
  1)  At which location quadruple was broken. 
  2)  If quadruple was in lashed down position. 
  3)  If shields were folded. 
  4) What needs to be done for  those places with a view towards strengthening the mounting.
15.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
18.30 1)  Gun mount above and bolt base ring. 
  2)  No, both lashings broke. 
  3)  One shield brace torn away. 
  4)  Basic problem is too weak gun mount.  Lashings and strengthen braces and gun mount base.
16.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
03.26 S c h r e w e, Schaumburg, Davidson and Ferro tonight between 01.00 and 05.00 hours report weather by Short Signal.
16.10.43 Ireland Circuit
04.16 SW 5, Sea 3, Stratocumulus, Vis. 5, water 6°C, air 8°C, 1001 mb, falling.
                                                                                                           S c h r e w e
- 3 -
16.10.43 Ireland Circuit
05.56 Short Signal weather report.                                                               U-537
17.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
01.05 S c h r e w e between 01.00 and 05.00 hours report weather by Short Signal also Scheibe, if position is over 20 nm north of supply point.
17.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
03.49 Detection Alderney about 10 cm AF 7124, 8-1500 Hz, Volume 2, Anton Emil double tone 400 Hz, Volume 3.
                                                                                                           S c h r e w e
17.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
03.50 Short Signal weather report.                                                               U-537
17.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
10.23 1.)  Settled Serial No. 807 etc.
  2.)  Radio Message 0043/17 from S c h r e w e distorted.
  Contents:  Detection (12 letters unclear) 10 cm, AF 7124, 8-1500 Hz, Volume 2, AE 9132, double tone 400 Hz, with Volume 3.
17.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
12.50 In Radio Message 0043/17 must mean:  Detection Alderney about 10 cm.
                                                                                                            S c h r e w e
18.10.43 Hubertus Circuit
12.55 S c h r e w e
  Continue transit to complete special task.  Operation as radio boat thereby settled.  From 19 October 08.00 hours switch to America I Circuit.
23.10.43 America I Circuit
23.48 S c h r e w e
  After completion of special task move off 300 nm and report completion by Short Signal.  Then free to maneuver in square BB and east therefrom.
25.10.43 Ireland Circuit
18.27 Stands 7 mb high.                                                                                 S c h r e w e
26.10.43 America I Circuit
05.15 S c h r e w e, and Schwebecke before 05.00 hours report weather.
27.10.43 America I Circuit
14.23 S c h r e w e, Barber (Officer-Only).
27.10.43 America I Circuit
21.40 3.)  S c h r e w e during the new moon period exploit favorable opportunities
- 42 -
  off harbor in BB 6386.  Radio message 1123/27/154/264 is important.
02.11.43 America I Circuit
23.23 S c h r e w e
  When sending the next necessary radio message, report if weather gear was heard.
05.11.43 America I Circuit
19.15 Schauenberg, S  c  h  r  e  w  e
  No supply possible, begin return transit accordingly.  As soon as noticed report situation or position.
06.11.43 America I Circuit
00.21 From now Wanze G 1 is not to be used. (and so forth).
08.11.43 America I Circuit
06.57 Receiving weather gear through enemy distortion is difficult.  At square BC 4170 mainly "Wanzen" and Naxos (typical Rotterdam).  On 31 October with out of service Naxos aircraft attack, no bombs.  Position BC 5940, 105 cbm, N 9, Sea 7, 1000 mb.
                                                                                                            S c h r e w e
11.11.43 America I Circuit
01.58 Naval square BB 9651 Consolidated 4 aircraft bombs, moving off.    S c h r e w e
12.11.43 America I Circuit
01.22 BB 9972 Consolidated 4 depth charges.  E 2, Sea 2, fog, 1014 mb.  S c h r e w e
17.11.43 America I Circuit
22.21 S c h r e w e
  If weather gear heard, report "yes".  Add Short Signal weather report.
19.11.43 America I Circuit
18.21 Naval square BC 5496 fast running independent southwesterly course.  Periscope seen.  NW 5, Sea 4, Vis. 12 nm, 1020 mb.
                                                                                                            S c h r e w e
22.11.43 America I Circuit
00.47 S c h r e w e
  Free to maneuver in entire present area.  To simulate several U-boats daily send one Radio Message or Short Signal.  Use various keyers [radio operators] and frequencies.
22.11.43 America I Circuit
03.02 U-537, 538, 541, 542, 543, 544, 843:
  Due to large valve overlap all Type 9 c boats with C engines from DT Werft U-537 to 843 from heavy water intake in the diesel exhaust gas lines and therefore into the engine at low speed without supercharger and even with low Sea State strong impairment.
- 5 -
  At the moment remedy only possible by driving one side switched to charging with supercharger or diesel-electric drive with supercharger.  Adaptation measures are inwork.
22.11.43 America I Circuit
02.02 Battery damage from reported bombs.  2 bow tubes out of service for submerged firing.  68 cbm, S 4, Sea 3, Vis. bad, rain, 1016 mb.
                                                                                                           S c h r e w e
22.11.43 America I Circuit
11.30 Short Signal weather report.                                                               U-537
23.11.43 America I Circuit
16.47 ßß Intend to begin return transit on 26 November.                              U-537
24.11.43 Coastal Circuit
09.40 Short Signal weather report.                                                               U-537
25.11.43 America I Circuit
23.45 1.)  Kolbus give Short Signal weather report to serve as passing report.
  2.)  S c h r e w e report weather tonight.
27.11.43 Ireland Circuit
02.25 N 4, Sea 4, Vis. medium, 9/10 low overcast, 1002 mb rising, air 6°C.
                                                                                                            S c h r e w e
28.11.43 Ireland Circuit
05.30 ßß  Began return transit due to fuel inventory.
28.11.43 America  I Circuit
23.28 1.)  Zoppert, Stahl, Hungershausen, Müller, Jordan switch to Coastal Circuit from 29 November 08.00 hours.  S c h r e w e Ireland Circuit.
  2.)  S c h r e w e report weather tonight.
  3.)  Northbound convoy positioned tomorrow about in square CF 3220.  Bartke watch out for strong air reconnaissance.
29.11.43 Africa a Circuit
03.01 Short Signal weather report.                                                               U-537
30.11.43 Ireland Circuit
21.24 1.)  S  c  h  r  e  w  e  report weather tonight.
  2.) Franke switch to Coastal Circuit from 1 December at 08.00 hours.
01.12.43 Ireland Circuit
03.14 Short Signal weather report.                                                               U-537
- 6 -
Excerpt of the Radio Log "  Officer-Only  " U-537.
Patrol "U-537" from 18 Sept. 1943 to 8 Dec. 1943.
08.10.43 Ireland Circuit.
18.35 Westbound convoy 8 October noon in AL 37, 9 October in AL 15 naval square F!W C.
27.10.43 America I Circuit.
14.23 Off St. Johns lie own mines between 47° 23'N and 47° 45'N coast, and 52° 17'W.  "Barber" report if deployed outside given positions.
17.11.43 America I Circuit.
13.18 1.)

From now entry routes are only to be driven in darkness, also boats with failed or switched off Wanze. Therefore arrival at meeting point for inner escort in morning twilight.

  2.) Encounters with enemy fighters is mainly off Brest.  Transit in fighter endangered area during lightness must be minimized.  Therefore meeting point for inner escort is only at Point 344.
25.11.43 America I Circuit.
22.38 1.) Boats with Operations Order 56, Keyword "Kammerarrest":  From 1 December 00.00 until further notice naval square 6378 of the large square west of and naval square 6389 of the large square east of LU.  Naval square 2957 and naval square 8924 of the large square south of MZ.  FC 9835 and 3562.
  2) For boats with Operations Order 54.
    The connecting line of the named squares gives an area, in which way to pass the boats of type 913 (see Operations Order 54, Paragraph 12), from 1 December attack is forbidden for the time being.
29.11.43 Ireland Circuit.
20.16 1.) On 3 December 16.00 hours Address "Ursula Schmitz, Lessingstraße 84" is in effect for U-boat chart encoding.
  2.) With same time point Address "Johanna Ehrlich, Markstraße 20" is out of effect.
  3.) F.d. Unterseebootsflottillen and U-boat bases distribute in their areas.
  4.) R.P.T. Nordmeer.
04.12.43 Coastal Circuit.
18.39 1.) To boats with Operations Order 56, keyword "Kammerarrest":  from 6 December until further notice naval square 6378 of the large square west of and naval square 6389 of the large square east of LU GT 3659, GS 2465.
  2.) Boats with Operations Order 54 see explanation in Officer-Only of 25 November.
  3.) The area named in Officer-Only also remains barred.