These photographs were generously provided by Robin Flinn

They were selected from 7 rolls of film taken during the 1st war patrol of U-532 from 25 March - 15 May 1943.  They are presented in the order they were taken.  Duplicate and baldy exposed images were omitted. 

Roll 1 - taken early in the patrol  - well prior to the resuppy on 5 May 1943

Watch Officer with sun goggles on the bridge.  UZO torpedo aiming pedestal (without binoculars mounted) at left. Taken from the bridge looking aft
Watchstander in rain gear on the bridge.  Voice tube in the center and pressure-proof gyro-compass repeater on the right.    
Taken from the bridge looking aft showing the lower wintergarten.  On either side of the flag pole mount/antenna stanchion are the antenna conduit left and stern light right. Taken from the upper wintergarten showing the 37 mm anti-aircraft gun below on the upper deck. Taken from the bridge looking aft along the starboard side.  Covers for two of the 6 Ato torpedoes carried in cansters below the upperdeck are visible.
Taken from the bridge looking forward showing the 10.5 cm cannon.  U-532 is unusual in that the boat has one net-guard/antenna aft and two forward, perhaps as a result of her FuMO 29 Seetakt radar installation on the front face of the bridge.
Crewmembers who are not watchstanders on deck, probably to have a cigarette and a bit of sun.
Taken from the bridge the 20 mm anti-aircraft gun on the lower wintergarten is not mounted    

Roll 2 - First series probably taken early in the morning of 4 May 1943 - the day before resupply

Watchstander in rain gear and sun goggles on the bridge, other crewmembers relaxing.
The CO, Ottoheinrich Junker, on the bridge with a bandage under his eye.   Lower left - support for the attack periscope.  Lower right - support for the air search periscope
  Engineering Officer and a Watchstander Crewman standing on the lower wintergarten.
The series below were taken on the same day probably after 11.00 when other resupplying boats were in sight
Crewman relaxing on the bridge. Obersteuermann (Navigator - Warrant Quartermaster) standing bridge watch, Engineering Officer in civilian shirt.
Crewmen relaxing.

Crewmen checking out each other's beards.

An Oberbootsmann (Chief Petty Officer) standing watch. Crewman at right is wearing something around his neck, perhaps an indication of his duties or something more lighthearted like a birthday.
  CO back on the bridge in dress uniform. Engineering officer in the conning tower hatch.
  Other boats at the resupply point, U-461, U-598

Roll 3 - First series probably taken early in the morning of 5 May 1943 - resupply day

Watchstanders in rain gear, other crewmen relaxing. Support for the air search periscope at right, barrel of the 20 mm antiaircraft gun on the upper wintergarten is visible in the background.
  A crewman in the conning tower looking up through the hatch.  Behind him the torpedo data computer is protected from water spray by a tarp.
The series below was taken during resupply 5 May 1943
The resupplier - U-461 maneuvering nearby.  
Gun crews and relaxing crewmen relaxing (one with a camera) on the upper wintergarten.  Both 20 mm anti-aircraft guns are mounted. A different crewman is wearing something around his neck.
  Crewman with a camera and one wearing something around his neck.  
The CO on the bridge. Another crewman with a camera. Watchstander at left is leaning against the support for the attack periscope.

Roll 4 - First series taken during resupply 5 May 1943

  The boat's inflatable boat departs for the resupplier, perhaps to pick up the doctor as with three crewmen there is little room for supplies.
    Perhaps waving goodbye to the resupplier or the inflatable boat.
The series below was probably taken just after resupply probably during the afternoon of 5 May 1943
    Taken from the bow looking aft - the aerials for the FuMO 29 Seetakt radar installation are visible on the front face of the bridge.
  Taken from the stern looking forward.  On either side in the foreground the metal covers for the aft most upper deck torpedo canisters can be seen.
  The Obersteuermann and a crewman with something around his neck appear to be doing some paperwork.
Oberbootsmann standing watch. Watch Officer and watchstander. Engineering Officer on the bridge.
Unusual twin forward net guards and slot for the radio direction finder loop are visible. Obersteuermann and watchstander.   Lower left - top of the support for the air search periscope.

Roll 5 - taken late in the cruise while submerged

Forward planesman. Aft planesman Blowing air distributor at right.
Aft planesman.  On the left the vent valve position indicator. Probably the Control Room Petty Officer - standing just aft of the aft planesman in front of the blowing distributor.  Ladder to the conning tower is at the left.
Crewman with hands on the main blowing distributor, compartment ready indicator box to the left. Taken from forward in the control room - a crewman in the forward hatch looking into the control room, cables passing through the hatch are for Metox.
    Engineering Officer overseeing the planesmen.
  Crewman far forward to port in the control room probably operating vent valves for the forward ballast tanks.
  Crewman far aft to starboard in the control room operating valves for trimming.
Taken from just forward of the hatch leading to the control room - the CO in his bunk with a book on his fold down table.
Radiomen probably listening to the submarine broadcast while submerged over the Telefunken T3PLLä38 receiver using the direction finder loop as antenna.  Photograph of Hitler mounted on the on the frame at left.
Radioman with ELA 1012 broadcast receiver in the background.    

Roll 6 - Home coming 15 May 1943

First series was taken while boat is on the return route Kernlander but is not yet in water where there is a threat of mines. The crewmen are not wearing life jackets and the National Ensign has not been set.
Watch Officer. The Engineering Officer. CO looking through binoculars.
  Engineering Officer talking with the Obersteuermann.
    Obersteuermann shooting the noon sun.
  CO using the sextant probably to measure the distance to one of the escorts.
The series below as taken in the afternoon in shallow water where there was danger of mines.
Crewmen are now wearing life jackets. MG 34 machine gun is mounted, the DF loop is raised.
Biscay cross aerial is mounted in a socket just forward of the support for the air search periscope.  
Watch Officer. Engineering Officer. Île de Groix to starboard (about 5 nm from Lorient)
Biscay cross aerial is stowed and the Kreigswimpel (commissioning pennant) fly's from a pole in a socket just aft of the air search periscope. Aircraft escort.  
Naval Ensign is flying.   Signalman using flags to communicate with speerbrecher.
Bridge is crowded.  The boat's commissioning pennant flutters at right.    

Roll 7 - Home coming 15 May 1943

First series begins with the boat just outside Lorient harbor.

Engineering Officer. Surface escort, mainland in the background.
  The CO on the bridge, binoculars mounted in the UZO.   La Citadelle at Port-Lewis ahead to starboard.
The boat enters Lorient harbor. Escorts are dismissed, the boat heads for the U-boat bunker in the distance.
Line handlers prepare to enter the dock. U-boat bunker.
The CO cons the boat into the bunker. Dockyard workers and staff officers standing at the bunker entrance.
The series below were taken in the days immediately following the patrol
Engineering Officer probably at quarters.
Engineering Officer in service dress  
A luncheon perhaps with Flotilla staff officers. Flotilla staff officers by car