U-515 under attack by destroyer escorts and aircraft from USS Guadalcanal, April 9, 1944

Hydrogen bottles on Platform I burn after hits from U.S.S. Chatelain's 3"/50 guns


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Report by U.S.S. Pope with endorsements and sample enclosure (ASW-1 Form)
Messages sent between U.S.S. Pope, Commander Escort Division 4, and Commander Task Group 21.12 (Guadalcanal)
Narrative - Sinking of U-515 by U.S.S. Chatelain
Photographs taken during during the final attacks on U-515
Photos of Rescue operations from USS Chatelain and POWs aboard USS Guadalcanal
Excerpt of Report of USS Guadalcanal Task Group 21.12 second ASW cruise covering April 7 - 12, 1944
Statements signed by Henke and the crew of U-515 aboard USS Guadalcanal
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-515 and U-68 (combined report)
Photos of U-515 crewmembers at their 2001 and 2002 reunions at Cuxhaven, Germany
Kriegstagebuch for U-515's first patrol
Kriegstagebuch for U-515's second patrol
Kriegstagebuch for U-515's third patrol
Kriegstagebuch for U-515's fourth and fifth patrols
Kriegstagebuch for U-515's sixth patrol