U-513 was attacked and sunk by a PBM aircraft of VP-74, July 19, 1943

PBM-3s in flight - August 1943

Interior view of PBM-3 - January 1944

USS Barnegat (AVP-10) underway off the coast of Brazil on 4 April 1944 - The ship is painted in the "two-tone" Measure 22 camouflage scheme - Note the "star and bar" aircraft insignia on the bow aft of the hull number.



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Narrative from ASW-6 report from attacking aircraft
USS Barnegat report: Prisoners of War from German Submarine - Recovery of, Treatment of - and Information Learned
Report on the preliminary interrogation of survivors of U-513
Post Mortems on Enemy Submarines - Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-513