U.S.S. POPE (DE-134)
Care Fleet Post Office
New York, New York
  Serial No. 001  
9 June 1944
From: The Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander in Chief, U. S. Fleet
Via: The Commander Task Group 22.3 (Commanding Officer, U.S.S. GUADALCANAL, CVE-60).
Subject: Anti-Submarine Action Report on U-505 as Observed by U.S.S. POPE (DE-134).
Reference: (a) U.S. Navy Reg., Arts. 712, 874(6), & 948.
  (b) COMINCH restr. ltr FF1/A12-1/A13-3 of 29 Oct. 1943.
Enclosure: (A) Chronological Order of Events.
          1.          Subject matter is forwarded herewith as enclosure (A), in accordance with references (a) and (b).  
                                                                                                  E. H. HEADLAND  



USS POPE ltr. DE134/
  FMR/A16-3/rbp, serial  
  No. 001, dated 9 June 1944.  
4 June 1944
Chronological order of events as observed by U.S.S. POPE (DE-134)
All Times G.C.T.
1105: U.S.S. POPE (DE-134), a unit of Task Group 22.3, steaming on course 000° (T), speed 13 knots, in screening position dead ahead of carrier, distance 4000 yards. Navigational position, 21° 30' N, 19° 10' W.
1106: Observed U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149) leaving her station 38° relative on starboard bow of carrier, distance 3650 yards, in a sharp turn to starboard. U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149) reported possible sound contact on her starboard beam, distance 1200 yards.
1107: Carrier signaled to take stations for flight operations. U.S.S. POPE (DE-134) came right 90° to take proper station.
1110: U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149) made hedgehog attack.
1112: Fighter plane from carrier ordered to investigate contact.
1114: Fighter plane no. 1 reported sighting submarine below the surface and marked the spot with a burst of machine gun fire.
1115: Fighter plane again dived and marked submarine with a burst of machine gun fire. The spot marked bore approximately 150° (T), 8000 yards from this vessel. U.S.S. PILLSBURY (DE-133) and U.S.S. JENKS (DE-665) left screen to assist U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149). U.S.S. GUADALCANAL (CVE-60) turned away from contact and came to course about 270° (T).
1117: U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149) launched depth charge attack. U.S.S. POPE (DE-134) proceeding on course 270° (T) to rejoin U.S.S. GUADALCANAL (CVE-60) in accordance with orders from C.T.G. 22.3.



1119: Submarine surfaced bearing 120° (T), distance 4000 yards from this vessel and close aboard U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149). U.S.S. PILLSBURY (DE-133), U.S.S. JENKS (DE-665) and U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149) opened fire. Sounded General Quarters.
1120: This vessel proceeding at full speed to scene of action. Observed men on deck of submariine inflating life rafts and abandoning ship. Fighter plane making strafing runs.
1122: This vessel within short gun range of submarine but did not open fire due to proximity of U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149) to target, and due to apparent abandoning of submarine.
1125: One Destroyer Escort reported launching torpedo into the water.
1126: Submarine crew surrendering, with hands in the air.
1127: Attacking escorts and aircraft ceased firing. All hands abandoning submarine. Submarine observed to be still underway and circling.
1129: ComCortDiv 4 ordered U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149) to put a boat over to board submarine and pick up survivors.
1131: Submarine observed to be settling very slowly by the stern.
1132: This vessel ordered by ComCortDiv 4 to circle the scene of action at two miles range to search for other submarines in the area.
1134: Observed U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149) rescuing survivors. U.S.S. JENKS (DE-665) ordered to put over a boat to search from debris from submarine.
1139: Observed boat at the rail on U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149).
1141: U.S.S. PILLSBURY (DE-133) reported her boat in the water with intentions of boarding submarine. Submarine still underway and proceeding in circle.
1143: U.S.S. CHATELAIN (DE-149) ordered by COMCortDiv 4 to put boat in water and search for evidence.
1147: U.S.S. PILLSBURY (DE-133) reported their boat alongside the submarine and requested that planes be ordered not to fire any more.



1155: ComCortDiv 4 reported boarding party aboard the submarine and that one or two men had gone below.
1210: C.T.G. 22.3 ordered ComCortDiv 4 to have boarding party remove all books and publications from submarine.
1220: This vessel ordered to rejoin carrier.
1222: ComCortDiv 4 reported boarding party in possession of the submarine: also that submarine was damaged aft and that there was no air aboard. Position: 21° 30' N, 19° 10' W.
1331: Submarine observed stopped.
1450: Carrier (U.S.S. GUADALCANAL (CVE-60)) took submarine in tow.
1500: Submarine identified by Destroyer Escorts as U-505. Name of captain: LENGE. Time at sea: about 80 days.
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