Sunday - 4 June 1944
COMMAND DUTY: Duty Section:           Second
0000-1200           Comdr. Trosino Standby:                  Fourth
1200-2400           LT. Comdr. Kane  
Gun. Duty Off.     Lt.(jg) Wathen Nav. Duty Off.           Lt. Cdr. Bikkers
C & R Duty Off.  Lt.(jg) Bowen Comm. Duty Off.       Ens. Stilwell
Supp. Duty Off.   Lt.(jg) McKenna Air Duty Off.              Lt.(jg) Salvage
Med. Duty Off.    Lt.Cdr. Pinkham Eng. Duty Off.            Ens. Middaugh
  CPO Mess Hall Duty  Morrison, E.J. CSF
0000 (about) Recover Aircraft.
0100 Set clocks ahead if ordered.
0215 (about) Launch Aircraft.
0515 Reveille.
0530 Breakfast.
0600 (about) Recover and Launch aircraft.
0630 General Quarters.
0700 Early Mess for men of the Catholic Faith in Library.
0800 Turn to.
0900 Quarters for Muster, Flight Deck Parade, Physical Drill.
0930 General Church Services in Crew's after Mess Hall.
1015 Catholic Church Services in Crew's after Mess Hall.
1100 Dinner
1200 Rest Period - Music on Hangar Deck.
1300 Holiday Routine.
1700 Supper.
1900 Classical Music (Recorded) in library with Scherrebeck, PhM2c, commentator. "Rhapsody in Blue" - Gershwin and "Scenario for Orchestra from Showboat" Jerome.
2030 (about) Movies, to be announced, 7 hands from E and 7 hands from M Div., Kern. rig, unrig, and sweep down after movies.
Flight Operations
(1) Inspection of Crew's Living Spaces and Mess Halls.
Forward Crew's Head Seats are busted, need repair. The wash basins need plugs. Several drains need scupper covers. Also salt water spray nozzle.
A-301-L Dirty split kits.
First Div. Locker Bucket of clothes on deck. Compartment - improper storage of clothes.
A-302-L Dirty under lockers and bunks. Spit kits are dirty.



Inspection continued:
A-203-L Radar Section Dirty in corners.
A-203-L Quartermaster  
  part of compartment. Dirty in corners.
A-303-L   Dirty under lockers - except signalman's part of compartment. Trash cans full and dirty.
Deck OFfice   Dirty
C-303-L   All around dirty, men sleeping without mattress covers, 2nd Div. section all right.
Mess Attendants compt. Dirty deck and head is in bad shape. Also need repair job done.
Crew's Head aft.   Needs light bulbs.
Ens. J.H. Griffin - Engineering Officer.    
Mach. R.R. Werner - "              "    
CEM A.A. Shepherd - Electrical Officer    
Roney, D.D. MM1c Sullivan, O. MoMM1c (Diesel)
Murdock, S.N. MM1c Hamner, L.W. MoMM1c
Reissender, D.R. MM2c Kelly, L.B. NT2c
Heyder MM2c Lockrem, E. EM1c
Markwiewicz, C.A. MM2c Larson, G.P. EM2c
Hines, N.L. MM2c Langford, M.E. EM2c
Venker, F.H. (on boarding crew) Depp, H.J. Em3c
C & R Dept.
      Lt.(jg) C. Bowen - C & R Officer.
Wright, J. BM1c Hamilton, S.F. S1c (SF Striker)
Tudury, L.A. SF2c Seger, R.K. S1c     do
Lopez, J.S. Cm2c Boyles, F.W.     S1c (CM Striker)
Perkins, R.G. S1c Fink, R.W. S1c     do
Communications Dept. Navigation Dept.  
Chapman, N.F. CRM Lt. R.B. Nathen Ass'st Nav Off
Barnes, J. RM1c (on boarding crew)    
Carter, D. SM2c        do Berry QM3c (on boarding party)
Bluestein, J.P Y2c Porterfield QM1c
Supply Dept.   Medical Dept.  
Memovich, N.F.   Ch. Pharmacist Jackson Med. Officer.
Ensley, C.O.   Dayer, H.A. PhM1c
Jackson, E.      
Gunnery Dept.      
Blair, J.P.   Melchert, E CTM
Sparks, R.T.   Brown, D.R. S1c
Luloff, F.N.   Bryson, C.M. S1c
Roberts, K.O.   Donahoo, J.C. S1c
Fosburgh, A.Q.   Kasser, W. S1c
Boyd, E.      



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