File: DE133/(FMR)/A16-3/cab Care of Fleet Post Office
Serial #001 New York, N. Y.
  8 June 1944
From: The Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander Task Group 22.3.
Via: The Commander Escort Division Four.
Subject: Contact and Action Report - capture of U-505.
Reference: (a) U.S. Navy Regulations, Article 712.
  (b) Lantflt. ltr. 13CL-43 (Revised)
Enclosure: (A) DRT - Track chart.
          1.         On the morning of 4 June 1944, Task Group 22.3, composed of CTG 22.3 on U.S.S. GUADALCANAL CVE60, U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133, U.S.S. POPE DE134, U.S.S. FLAHERTY DE135, U.S.S. CHATELAIN DE149, and U.S.S. JENKS DE665, was conducting anti-submarine patrol in area Northeast of the Cape Verde Islands. The Task Group was steaming on base course 000°T, speed 13 knots, escorts screening U.S.S. GUADALCANAL CVE60 in accordance with diagram #35 of appendix to General Signal Book; stations as follows:  
  in position Lat. 21-30-00N, Long. 19-20-00W.  
          2.         Sequence of events are as listed:  
1109 By TBS from U.S.S. CHATELAIN De149, "We are investigating possible sound contact".
1111 By TBS from U.S.S. GUADALCANAL CVE60, to ComCortDiv4 on U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133, "Take another vessel and assist U.S.S. CHATELAIN DE149. Other vessels come with me."
1114 U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133 turned toward direction of contact at full speed.
  By TBS from U.S.S. CHATELAIN DE149, "Contact bearing 042 range 300; 055 range 350; 068 range 428."
  By TBS from ComCortDiv4 "(U.S.S. KENKS DE665) take position 090°T from (U.S.S. CHATELAIN DE149) and make square search."
  U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133 continued heading for contact to commence square search on opposite side".



Serial #001 - 2 -
Subject:      Contact and Action Report - capture of U-505  
1117 U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133 streamed FXR gear; came to course 350°T; changed speed to standard (15 knots)
1118 U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133 sounded General Alarm. Plane observed over spot reported "I can see the submarine below the surface now".
  Depth charge attack by U.S.S. CHATELAIN DE149, after which a report from U.S.S. CHATELAIN DE149 "Looks like we struck oil".
1121 Submarine surfaced bearing 120°T, distance 3850 yards.
1124 U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133 opened fire with main battery (3"/50 cal.), 40 mm, and 20 mm at range 3250 yds, range closing.
1125 Ceased firing on orders ComCortDiv4.
1127 Resumed firing on orders ComCortDiv4.
1128 U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133 ceased firing on orders ComCortDiv4.
  Rounds expended: 21 rds. 3"/50 armor piercing; 14 rds 40 mm armor piercing; 202 rds. 20 mm. No casualties. Estimate 1-2 3"/50 hits and 2 40mm hits.
  Submarine boarding and salvage party called.
  Enemy observed abandoning ship. U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133 now closed to within 2000 yds.
1135 Deck of submarine clear of personnel.
1138 Motor whale boat cast off with U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133 submarine boarding and salvage party, Lt.(jg) A. L. David in command.
  Submarine observed to be underway, speed about 7 kts, turning to right in a tight circle of about 800 yds. diameter.
1146 U.S.S. PILLSBURY DE133's submarine boarding and salvage party aboard and in possession of submarine.
1157 Making preparations to pick up survivors on starboard side.
1159 Commenced picking up survivors.
1208 Finished picking up survivors, totaling seven. Maneuvering ship to come alongside submarine. Submarine still turning in a tight circle at a speed of about 4 1/2 knots, surfaced from the after gun forward.
1245 Alongside submarine with first line over, secured to submarine, submarine still underway and turning. Submarine pierced skin of ship in lower sound room (A402C). Damage as follows: 2 horizontal cuts 2 1/2" x 4". Compartment flooding. Called repair party.



Serial #001 - 3 -
Subject:      Contact and Action Report - capture of U-505  
1254 Line parted, submarine still underway speed 4 1/2 knots and turning, rudder of submarine jammed hard right. Maneuvering to get other lines over in attempt to take in tow and use pumps before she sinks.
1310 Alongside, two lines over and secured. Submarine again pierced skin of ship in Motor Room B-2 and Peak Tank A-401W. Repair parties summoned. Compartments flooding.
  Damage as follows: B-2 One horizontal hole 5-6" x 19". A-401W one horizontal hole 21" x 4-5" with oval shaped 2" thick pieces of metal 6-8" x 18-24" wedged downward. It is assumed that this is part of submarine's bow plane. Three compartments now flooded below water line.
1318 At approximately this time Mr. David was able to cut off power of submarine and she stopped.
1323 Cast off lines on submarine when extent of damage was determined; motor room now flooded to waterline about 11 ft., discontinued efforts to take submarine in tow. All hands except skeleton watch turned to on damage control.
1425 Submarine boarding and salvage party whale boat alongside with confidential publications, charts, documents, instruments, etc.
          3.         During the sequence of events between the time of our first line to the sub and the second time we got lines over, the boarding party and prize crew from U.S.S. GUADALCANAL (CVE-60) arrived and it was determined that the sub would remain afloat. By this time all survivors had been picked up (58 or 60 in all) and we transferred a motor whale boat full of confidential publications, material and equipment to the U.S.S. GUADALCANAL CVE-60. I might add that at the moment of boarding only one German was aboard the sub and he was dead. Mr. David and his team rushed below to prevent scuttling, yanked the wires off 6 or 8 pre-set demolition bombs, checked for open valves etc. Then estimating that the sub might sink at any moment, Mr. David and part of his crew concentrated on breaking open safes and lockers and gathering all things of confidential nature.  
          4.         For his outstanding accomplishments and for his action beyond the normal call of duty and with utter disregard for his own life, I recommend the award of the Navy Cross to Lt.(jg) A.L. David and the Award of the Bronze Star to each member of his boarding party.  
          5.         Later in the afternoon the U.S.S. GUADALCANAL CVE60 took the U-505 in tow and further salvage work was possible.  
                                                                                             GEORGE W. CASSLEMAN  




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