Photographs Taken during the Inspection of U-505 in Bermuda

Members of the inspection team arrive in Bermuda.

U-505 is moored next to U.S.S. Abnaki.

View of the stern showing the open aft torpedo loading hatch.

View of the conning tower from U.S.S. Abnaki.

U-505's conning tower emblems are covered with tarps, damage from 3"/50 caliber gunfire is apparent.

View of the bridge showing the circular dipole antenna for the radar warning receiver.

Close-up of circular dipole antenna, voice tube visible to the right.

Mount for torpedo aiming binoculars, well for sky periscope is visible to the right.

Conning tower hatch, well for sky periscope is to the left, mount for torpedo aiming binoculars at the top.

3.7 cm M42U in LM42 mounting, knocked off kilter by depth charge attack.

3.7 cm M42U, U.S.S. Abnaki in the background.

View from winter garden, shields of 3.7 cm M42U folded forward, ammunition storage canisters opened.

Ammunition storage canisters from winter garden looking aft.

Starboard side ammunition storage canisters for the 3.7 cm M42U.

Port side ammunition storage canisters for the 3.7 cm M42U.



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