U-505 captured by Task Group 22.3, June 4, 1944

U.S. Colors fly over captured U-505

Task Group 22.3 Commander, Captain D. V. Gallery, presenting U-505's flag to ADM Jonas H. Ingram at Navy Department, Washington D.C.


These rare color images of U-505 were taken by Richard Cosby as the boat was towed into the Chicago river in June 1954 - This was just prior to the boat's installment at the Museum of Science and Industry - Photographs courtesy of Richard Cosby



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Task Group 22.3 report Capture of German Submarine U-505
Enclosure A1 Commander Escort Division Four
Enclosure A2 USS Chatelain report Capture of U-505
Enclosure A3 USS Pillsbury Contact and Action Report - Capture of U-505
Enclosure A4 USS Pope Anti-Submarine Action Report on U-505 as Observed by U.S.S. Pope
Enclosure A5 USS Flaherty report Capture of U-505
Enclosure A6 USS Jenks Action Report
Enclosure A7 Composite Squadron Eight ASW-6 Reports
Enclosure A8 Statement of Commanding Officer of U-505
Enclosure B Chronological Narrative of Action
Enclosure C Track Charts
Enclosure D Radio Log
Enclosure E List of Prisoners
Enclosure F List of Boarding Parties
Enclosure G Task Group 22.3 Report Photographs
Enclosure H Plan of the Day for 4 June
Enclosure I Complete A/S Cruise Report
Memo from Captain Gallery to TG 22.3 on the importance of keeping your mouth shut!
Analysis of Anti-Submarine Action by U.S.S. Chatelain
Photographs of POWs aboard U.S.S. Guadalcanal
ULTRA Intercepts from U-505
Inspection Team Photographs taken on arrival in Bermuda
U-505's KTB
Navy Department Press Release
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