U-487 was attacked and sunk by VC-13 aircraft from USS Core (CVE-13), July 13, 1943

LT Williams first two depth bombs splash on either side of U-487

LTJG Earl H. Steiger, the pilot of the F4F-4 that accompanied LT Williams, who was lost during the attack on U-487

LT Williams (Left) discusses attacking 3 U-boats in four days with VC-13 CO, LCDR Charles Brewer (Center - later lost in action in the Pacific), and LTJG James F. Scoby (Right - the pilot of the other attacking TBF-1 during the sinking of U-487) - note the VC-13 squadron insignia on the engine cowling of the F4F-4 Wildcat fighter



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VC-13 Narrative of Attack (from ASW-6 report)
Photos taken during the attack on U-487
Report on the Preliminary Interrogation of survivors of U-487
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-487
Memorandum from Cdr. Riheldaffer to Colonel Russel Sweet, Chief Captured Personnel and Material Branch, concerning letter to P/W Georg Kaminsky, ex U-487
Press release concerning LT Robert Williams' attack on four U-boats in a six week period and photos of "This Nation at War" broadcast from USS Core
LT Robert Williams' awards