U-482 - 1st War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason

Days at Sea
16 August 1944
26 September 1944


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Ships Attacked
KTB Time
30 Aug 44
55°33'N, 7°25'W
1 Sep 44
55°27'N, 8°15'W
3 Sep 44
55°44'N, 9°15'W
8 Sep 44
55°33'N, 7°55'W
8 Sep 44
55°33'N, 7°55'W
 Total = 32,621
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

                                                            Copy No.   
                                   K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h  
        "  U.-  482"  
        Kommandant:  Kapitänleutnant  Graf v. Matuschka  
        1st Patrol  
        Beginning on:     6. 8. 1944  
        Ending         :  26.  9.  1944.  
Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine Copy No. 1
Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine Copy No. 2
Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine, 2 Skl. B.d.U. Op Copy No. 3
Kommandierender Admiral der Unterseeboote Copy No. 4
Führer der Unterseeboote  W  e  s  t Copy No. 5
Führer der Unterseebootes-Ausbildungsflottille Copy No. 6
Kommando der 27. Unterseeboots-Flottille Copy No. 7
Kommando der 11. Unterseeboots-Flottille Copy No. 8
1 track chart To Copy No. 2 - 8
1 Excerpt of important Radio Messages To Copy No. 2 - 8
2 Attack sketches To Copy No. 3 and 8
1 Sketch of the operations area To Copy No. 3 and 8
9 torpedo firing reports To Copy No. 3, 4, and 8
        Note  1)  The boat was equipped with Kurier transmitter.  All Radio Messages and Kurier signals, which concern only equipment testing, are not incorporated in the KTB, but annexed to the separate Experience Report  
        2)  Every place in the text where enemy noise buoy is addressed these are buoys and vessels with the so-called circular saw noise.  
        Exception:  the buoy with destroyer mentioned on page 13, 15.02 hours.  
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- 1 -
                Excerpt of the Outbound Orders.  
        Depart Kiel on 6 August 1944 at 08.00 hours.  Transit to the north for training per instructions of the Agru-Front Branch.  
        Further escort to Trondheim, then transit into the operations area via naval square AF 1350 and AE 5980, then head for AL 23.  
        Operations Order No. 56 in effect.  
    06.08.44 Kiel-Wik    
      U-boat Base    
    08.00   Put to sea with 5 boats for first war patrol.  U-245, 482, 979, 1223, 680.  
    09.30   Point "Rot 01" taken in convoy, boats also deploy noise buoys.  
        Transit at 7 knots through the Great Belt.  Route 1, 28, "Buche" "Ulme" to "Schwarz 19 A".  
    10.35   Outgoing Radio Message 0930/6/019:  
        To 5. U.-Flottille:  Boats taken in convoy at "Rot 01".  
                                                                - U.-Matuschka -  
        Report sent by me because radio transmitter of the Senior Kommandant is out of service.  
    11.15 Kiel Bay Enemy bomber formation abeam to port, altitude 6000-7000 meters approaching Kiel, about 80 aircraft with fighter escort.  
    11.58 Kiel Bay Formation forced away by land anti-aircraft fire, circles in the Kiel Bay.  
    12.00 Kiel Bay Day's run:  Surfaced  28.00 nm  
      NNE 1, Sea 0, cloudless, Vis. good    
    12.08   Last formation passed out of sight.  
    12.15   9 enemy bombers with 8 accompanying fighters pass by astern at great height on westerly course.
        Fu.M.B. "Tunis" is brought out and yields continuous detections in the 9 cm range.  A lone bomber was present on the bearing when first seen by the operators.  Trust in the gear is thereby established.  
    12.31   All enemy aircraft out of sight.  
    16.00 AO 7469    
      NNE 1, Sea 0, Vis. good    
    20.00 Great Belt.    

Level of Korsör

      NE 1, Sea 0, x/10    
    24.00 AO 7193    
      Wind calm, Sea 0, bright moonlit night.    
- 2 -
    04.00 AO 7216    
      Wind calm, Sea 0, 1/3 overcast    
    08.00 AO 4873    
      N 1, Sea 0, 1-1/10, 1024 mb    
    12.00 AO 4818 Day's run:  Surfaced  176.00 nm  
      NW 0-1, 3/10    
    16.00 AO 4574 Escort stops to take gear up, boats take noise buoys in.  
        Continue transit at 10 knots, escort as anti-aircraft protection.  
    19.30 Point "Schwarz 25" Released by escort.  Group transit at 2 x HF to Horten.  
    20.00 AO 4435    
      WNW 2, Sea 2, 3/10, 1015 mb    
    24.00 Off Oslo Fjord Back and forth on changing courses off the fjord because the lighthouse is not burning.  
      WNW 2, completely overcast  
    01.00 Oslo Fjord Entered Oslo Fjord.  
    03.45 AO 1683 In the twilight 2 torpedo tracks observed to starboard, passed by astern.  End of run detonation not heard, shooting location not determined.  
    04.10   Outgoing Radio Message 0347/8/043:  
        Two torpedo tracks to starboard in naval square AO 1683.  
                                                                - U.-Matuschka -  
        Reported optically to the nearest watch ship and when entering to the Horton Signal Station.  
    04.30 Horten Entered the Horten war harbor, made fast at the pier.  
    08.00 - 17.30   Snorkel training by the Agru-Front Branch.  
    09.08. -10.08.44 Horten Snorkel and combat training.  
        1 deep dive attempt to depth 2A +20 meters.  Boat holds tight.  
    12.40   Incoming Radio Message 1119/10/068:  
        From 10 August switch to Coastal Circuit, Matuschka U.-482.  
- 3 -
    10.08.44 Horten    
    16.23   Incoming Radio Message 1421/10/073:  
        Kurier boats:  Equipment defect found in the Kurier transmitter.  Engineer Berner from N.V.K. arrives today, latest tomorrow by aircraft from Oslo to swap out gear.  
        2.  Depart when gear is operable.  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    11.08. - 13.08.44   At anchor in Frebergsvik at Horten to await the arrival of the Engineer from N.V.K.  
    14.08.44   Incoming Radio Message 1706/11/97:  
        "Ulber", "Meermeyer" in convoy to Kristiansand.  "Schumann", "Matuschka" proceed to Bergen.  At named points released from convoy, thereafter independent transit into the Atlantic.  
        Objective naval square AL 10.  Transit Routes "Ulber" via naval square AM 32, the three other boats proceed via naval square AE 60.  Behavior in accordance with Standing Orders 13 and 14, passing reports on request.  Snorkel mainly in darkness.  
    15.30   Weighed anchor in Fregersvik, arrived in Horten.  Engineer Brener arrived in the mean time.  Kurier transmitter is in service again.  
    18.30   Put to sea with 4 boats U-245, 482, 680, and 979 to proceed to Kristiansand without escort.  
    15.08.44 Kristiansand South    
    04.27   Passed the Kristiansand barrier inbound.  Boat made fast at the Silo in the west harbor alongside "U-245".  
    Morning   Fuel and provisions supplied.  
    21.00   Put to sea in convoy with U-245, 482, 286 for Bergen.  
    16.08.44 Level of Stavanger    
    06.50 West Coast of Norway Escort change at Tungenes.  
        Transit in convoy through the archipelago.  
    12.00   Incoming Radio Message 1114/16/2:  
        Boats proceeding to the Atlantic:  1.  "Matuschka" contrary to previous orders proceed via naval square AM 32.  2.  "Schäfer", "Ackermann" proceed via AE 60 to AL 50.  3. Past experience shows that the enemy reinforces air on detecting submarine movements on the Norwegian coast.  Proceed with caution.  
- 4 -
    16.08.44 West Coast of Norway    
    16.19 Bergen Made fast Dokkerskjär wharf.  
        Supply of fuel, provisions and 3.7 cm ammunition (consumed by check fire).  
    19.50   Departed Bergen with U-296 in convoy to Hellesøy to transit to the Atlantic  
    23.29 Hellesøy Released from convoy.  
    23.50 AN 2416 Dived, depth A -40 meters.  
    24.00 AN 2416    
      SW 3-4, Sea 3, light Swell, overcast, rain    
    00.18   Surfaced to grind in the exhaust gas valves.  
    00.34 AN 2415 Dived to proceed submerged at depth A -40 meters.  
        Course 315° to Naval square AF 7930.  By arrangement "U-296" steers somewhat to the south.  
    01.30   Begin snorkel cruise.  Half hourly interruptions to listen.  
    04.00 AN 2411    
    04.15   Snorkeling ended, twilight.  
        Continued at depth A -40 meters.  
    08.00 AF 8785    
    12.00 AF 8757 Day's run:  Surfaced      36.00 nm  
                         Submerged   39.00 nm  
                                              75.00 nm  
    16.00 AF 8745    
    19.00 - 19.15   Boat ventilated with the snorkel.  
    20.00 AF 8742    
    23.50   Surfaced for the 00.00 hour roll call from Kootwijk.  During program time very low frequency did not come through from Nauen.  As a result am missing 11 Serial Nos.  
    24.00 AF 8717 Very low frequency surfaced only at Volume 2, overlaid by Nauen and not received.  Intend to remain on the surface for the duration of the roll call, dark night, no detections.  
      Sea 3, dark night  
Sun and Moon Data 16.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 17.08.44
- 5 -
    01.05 AF 8717 On Tunis 9 cm detection to port ahead, 280°T, Volume 1quickly increasing.  
    01.08   Crash dive to depth A, then continued transit at depth A -40 meters.  
    01.50 AF 7932 Course changed to 270° to head for AF 7733.  
    01.40   Began snorkeling.  
    03.14   Surfaced to ventilate the boat.  Through clumsiness when diesel was stopped for all around listening the boat was so filled with smoke that you could barely see with your eyes.  
    03.40   Dived, continued snorkeling.  
    04.00 AF 7931    
    04.15   Twilight.  
    04.45   Snorkeling ended.  Continued at depth A -40 meters.  
    08.00 AF 7922    
    10.50 Overcast, hazy, Sea 3-4, medium-high S-Swell Began snorkeling to ventilate the boat and receive missing Serial Nos. on short wave via the rod antenna.  Weather and course abeam the Sea, favorable day snorkeling.  1 Diesel LF with attached charging.  
    11.45   Snorkeling ended, continued at depth A -40 meters.  
    12.00   Day's run:  Surfaced      13.5 nm  
                         Submerged   59.5 nm  
                                              73.0 nm  
    16.00 AF 7913    
    17.00 - 17.27 Sea 4, 9/10, sun shines through Boat ventilated with snorkel, than again deep.  
    17.18   Incoming Radio Message 1637/18/46:  
        Ulber, Schäfer, Rasch, Matuschka, Schumann, Emde, Meermeyer:  19 August at 08.00 hours switch to Ireland Circuit.  
    20.00 AF 7911    
    23.50   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AF 7833    
    03.55   End of snorkeling.  
    04.00 AF 7831 Twilight, surfaced.  An attempt to take a celestial navigation fix through the cloud gaps yields no useful results.  
      SW 3, 7/10, medium Swell  
        Reported position with 2 Kurier signals (Control transmitter was heard at Volume 3).  
    04.27   Dived, continued at depth A -20 meters.  
    08.00 AF 7822 Switched to Ireland Circuit.  
Sun and Moon Data 18.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 19.08.44
- 6 -
    10.16   Surfaced to shoot the sun.  
    10.18   Dived, continued at depth A -20 meters.  
    12.00 AF 7821 Day's run:  Surfaced        4.0 nm  
                         Submerged   58.0 nm  
                                              62.0 nm  
    15.57   Surfaced to shoot the sun.  
    16.00 AF 7821    
      NW 4, Sea 3-4, light Swell, 1/10, Vis. good, 1025 mb    
    17.15 AF 7813 Came to course 240°, headed for ordered square AM 32.  
    17.35 AF 7813 Five distant depth charges, only heard as dull rumble.  
    17.58   Distant depth charges.  
    20.00 AF 7816    
    22.30   Twilight.  
    23.00   Began snorkeling.  
    00.00 AF 7815    
    04.00 AF 7763    
    04.30   Snorkeling ended.  
    04.38   Twilight, surfaced.  Attempted to send Short Signal.  Check transmitter was not heard.  
    04.50   Crash dive for training to depth A.  
    05.10   Incoming Radio Message 0824/19/180 Officer-Only "Xant".  
        1)  New objectives:  Fischer AD 47, Rasch AM 36, Matuschka AM 50, Ulber AN 18, via AN 1650.  All naval squares.  More to follow.  
        2)  Radio Message 0834/19/181 Officer-Only "Hans".  
        To Rasch, Ulber, Matuschka, Fischer:  
        As a matter of principle:  a)  Transit unseen, appear by surprise.  The first attack must lead to a success.  Since areas have not been occupied in a long time, strong protection is not to be expected.  After being noticed behave according to the situation, shift under the coast, if necessary temporarily lay on the bottom.  b)  See Enclosure Excerpt of the Radio Log.  
    08.00 AF 7762    
    10.14 7/10, NNW-Sea 3 Began snorkeling to ventilate.  
Sun and Moon Data 19.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 20.08.44
- 7 -
    10.25 AF 7764 Wanz-detection in 170 cm range.  Intermittently locating ship-based gear.  Crash dive to depth A.  
    12.00 AF 7764 Day's run:  Surfaced         2.5 nm  
                         Submerged   53.0 nm  
                                             55.0 nm  
    15.02 AF 7756 Surfaced to shoot the sun and ventilate the boat.  
    15.04   Crash dive for 2 aircraft astern to starboard, 110°T, altitude 500 meters, range 10000 meters.  One aircraft from left to right, the other from right to left, type not distinguished.  Went to depth A.  
    16.00 AF 7759    
    17.00 AF 7759 Came to course 270°, avoidance maneuver to the west, in case we were noticed by the aircraft at 15.04 hours.  
    20.00 AF 7757    
    23.00   Twilight, began snorkeling.  
        All radio messages must be received on the rod antenna during the nightly snorkeling.  Short wave was received at Volume 3-4.  Very low frequency still hopeless.  
        "Esch" also reports among other things:  "Kootwijk" impossible.  At the moment 5 hour snorkelings one after another and thus all Serial Nos. may be received.  If the situation allows only short-term snorkeling outage of Ireland Circuit shortwave day roll-call is very disadvantageous.  
    24.00 AF 7749    
    03.50   Snorkeling ended.  
    04.00 AF 7747 Surfaced, reported by Short Signal:  
      WNW 4, Sea 3, overcast, Vis. good 1)  Own position, 2)  the lack of very low frequency reception on Ireland Circuit.  
        Control transmitter was not heard due to enemy interference.  Signal sent on the favorable designated frequency "A".  
    04.20   Tunis detection in 9 cm range, starboard abeam, bearing 90°T, Volume 2.  
    04.22   Dived, continued at depth A meters.  
    08.00 AE 9968    
    10.18   Surfaced to shoot the sun.  
    10.22   Dived, continued at depth A meters.  
    10.30 AE 9967 Came to course 215°, am now heading for AM 32 again.  
Sun and Moon Data 20.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 21.08.44
- 8 -
    12.00 AE 9991 Day's run:  Surfaced        3.3 nm  
                         Submerged   62.6 nm  
                                             65.9 nm  
    16.00 AE 9986    
    16.04   Surfaced, shot the sun, ventilated the boat.  
    16.08   Dived, continued at depth A.  
        Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix:  55°T, 18 nm.  
        The size of the navigation offset in 48 hours shows that the submerged speed with both motors KF was plotted at 2 knots too high, it was now calculated at 1.6 knots.  
    20.00 AE 9992    
      (corrected position)    
    21.45 AE 9992 At depth A meters sound bearing 345°R, 200°T.  Sound shifts from ahead to starboard astern.  
    21.55   At periscope depth bearing 45°R a group of three destroyers, 2 closed up, bow right target angle 80°, range 6000 meters high speed, one further away and behind.  Determined enemy course 0°.  
    22.00   Because there is no further shooting opportunity, quietly went to depth A +20 meters.  

Sounds disappear in 115°R.  New sound bearing in 85°T, steady and was louder, destroyer stopped, locates with Asdic, repeats every 3 seconds, apparently was not detected.

    22.28   Went to depth A +50 meters and silent running, destroyer put astern.  
    22.30   Destroyer gets underway, sounds shift astern quickly and disappear in 175°T.  
    22.45   Ended silent running, continued at depth A meters.  
    23.45   End of twilight.  
    24.00   Began snorkeling.  
    04.00 AN 1111    
    04.20   Snorkeling ended.  
    04.34   Surfaced.  Sent position by Kurier Signal one time on frequency A and one time on frequency B.  Check transmitter was heard with Volume 2-3.  
        Celestial navigation fix taken, difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 0°T, 0.5 nm.  
    04.45   Twilight.  
    05.13   Dived, continued at depth A.  
    08.00 AM 3236    
    09.00 - 09.05   Ventilated the boat with the snorkel.  (reduced pressure with E-compressor, pressure equalization via snorkel)  
    10.10 AM 3239 Sound bearing 290°R, 0°T, shifts quickly across the stern to 145°R and steadies in that direction, enemy stops.  
    10.24   At periscope depth in 145°, target angle 180° range 6000-8000 meters a vessel of patrol vessel-corvette size.  
Sun and Moon Data 21.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 22.08.44
- 9 -
    10.30   Target lost visually and acoustically.  
    10.52   Continued at depth A meters.  
    11.45   Incoming Radio Message 1741/21/123:  To all Kurier boats:  
        Temporarily send no further Kurier signals.  Expect further instructions in 3-4 days.  
        Up to now there has been no conformation of signals sent by me. Today's signal had still not been sent.  
    12.00 AM 3262 Day's run:  Surfaced        5.5 nm  
                         Submerged   50.0 nm  
                                              55.5 nm  
    14.08 SW-Sea 3, 1/2 overcast Began snorkeling.  Intend to remain up for one hour.  
    14.37 AM 3262 Snorkel alarm for aircraft bearing 45°R, 260°T.  In approach from right to left, medium altitude, range 3000-4000 meters.  Type "Blenheim" possible.  
        Because the snorkel is mostly in the trough or awash and proceeds smokelessly, (1 diesel LF with attached charging) probably not detected nor sighted based on the behavior of the aircraft.  
    16.00 AM 3264    
    20.00 - 20.11   Boat pressure equalized and ventilated with the snorkel.  
    23.25   Twilight, began snorkeling.  
    23.58   Surfaced, because the boat is completely filled with smoke.  During snorkeling the boat suddenly settled to depth A meters.  For reasons not entirely clarified was nearly 2 tons heavy.  
    24.00 AM 3283 In the dark night, guarded by Tunis, proceeded on the surface for 1 hour.  
    01.00   Dived.  
    01.27   Snorkeling continued.  
    01.26   Snorkel alarm, light seen on the sea bearing 86°R, 301°T, no sound bearing.  
    02.21   Continued snorkeling.  
    03.30 AM 3288 Course change to 240°, heading for AM 3355.  
    04.00 AM 3421    
    04.45   Snorkeling ended.  
    05.00   Twilight.  
    05.20   Dived, continued at depth A meters.  
    05.30   Incoming Radio Message 2013/21/125  Matuschka Officer-Only "Jota".   
        1.)  As attack area occupy sea area between area specified in Standing Kriegsmarine Order 481 B II and line naval square AM 5633 to 5817.  Depending on the defense situation up close to the focal point.
Sun and Moon Data 22.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 23.08.44
- 10 -
        2)  Nearly daily inbound and outbound convoys of up to 80 steamers strong.  Heaviest traffic concentration, fast and slow independent warships.  
        3)  Boats report good prospect for success here until noticed, then deployment of the defenses with air and U-boat hunters.  Therefore make the most of opportunities and act according to the situation.  
        4)  Steffen reported in June 1944 naval square 5257 destroyer, 5468 ferry convoy, in 53 southern and 55 northern third continually up to 5 patrol vessels.  A day and night air protection.  Mine situation in accordance with cited Kriegsmarine Order, barrier from September 1940 not recognized, not know if maintained or a new barrier deployed, however not accepted.  
    06.35 AM 3416 Sound bearing 85°R, 325°T, shifted astern to starboard.  Additionally propeller-like sounds a high squeal as if from a small non-lubricated shaft.  
        At periscope depth nothing distinguished. Sounds were fainter and disappeared in 150°R.  The sounds of the hogfish record were different.  
        Continued at depth A meters.  
    10.31 - 10.40 AM 3415 Boat ventilated with the snorkel.  
        Continued at depth A meters.  
    12.00 AM 3414 Day's run:  Surfaced       13.5 nm  
                         Submerged   51.5 nm  
                                             65.0 nm  
    16.00 AM 3339    
    16.09 - 16.20   Boat ventilated with the snorkel.  
    20.31 - 20.46   Boat ventilated with the snorkel.  
    23.20   Began charging transit with the snorkel.  
    24.00 AM 3361    
    04.00 AM 3355    
    04.45   Snorkeling ended.  
    04.57 Overcast, hazy, drizzle, Sea 2, medium-long Swell    
    05.15   Twilight.  
    05.31   Dived.  Continued at depth A meters.  
    06.00 AM 3357 Came to course 205°, headed for AM 2850.  
    08.00 AM 3373    
    12.00 AM 3376 Day's run:  Surfaced         5.5 nm  
                         Submerged   51.5 nm  
                                             57.0 nm  
    16.00 AM 3378    
    17.45 - 18.00   Boat ventilated with the snorkel.  
Sun and Moon Data 23.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 24.08.44
- 11 -
    23.03   Begin charging transit with the snorkel.  
    24.00 AM 3515    
    01.45 AM 3541 Snorkel alarm for Wanz detection on 173 cm, a gloomy steady tone, Volume 2, in the periscope no target distinguished.  
    02.03   Sound bearing in 180°R, 25°T, very loud steady bearing. For 3 minutes a piston engine was heard Volume 5, thereafter quiet again, sounds did not return.  Apparently it was a patrol vessel working with radar that held contact briefly.  
    02.33   Continued snorkeling.  
    04.00 AM 3541 Snorkeling ended.  
    04.57 AM 2692 Surfaced, celestial navigation fix and radio bearings taken on the radio beacons on the Hebrides:  "Butt of Lewis" and "Barra Head" ran in accordance with the Nautical Radio List.  (Difference between celestial navigation fix and radio bearings 2 nm).  
        Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix:  229°T, 14 nm.  
    06.10   Dived, continued at depth A meters.  
    08.00 AM 2694    
    11.03 - 11.32 SW-Sea 2-3, 3/10 Boat ventilated with the snorkel.  While snorkeling a school of hogfish cavort so that the sounds are heard directly in the boat.  All listeners brought before the gear (therefore the observation from 23 August at 06.35 hours were hogfish).  
    12.00 AM 2689 Day's run:  Surfaced       13.0 nm  
                         Submerged   51.0 nm  
                                             64.0 nm  
    16.00 AM 2823    
    16.58 Overcast, hazy, Sea 2, light Swell Sound bearing in 60°R, 265°T.  
      Went to periscope depth.  In 90°R, range 6000 meters a fishing trawler bow right, target angle 90°, low speed, vaguely distinguished.  Continued transit.  
    18.12 - 18.45   Boat ventilated with the snorkel.  
    19.24   Distant detonation.  
    20.00 AM 2825    
    20.45   Distant detonation Volume 2.  
    24.00 AM 2852 Began snorkeling, charging transit.  
    00.30   Course change to 180°, heading for AM 52.  
    04.00 AM 2855    
    05.28   Snorkeling ended.  
    06.15   Dived.  
    08.00 AM 2885    
Sun and Moon Data 24.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 25.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 26.08.44
- 12 -
    11.40   Surfaced, shot the sun.  
    11.45   Dived.  
    12.00 AM 2888 Day's run:  Surfaced        8.0 nm  
                         Submerged   47.0 nm  
                                             55.0 nm  
    13.16   Several, fast distant detonations one after another.  
    16.00 AM 0222    
    18.03 - 18.55   Ventilated with the snorkel.  Sky is obscured so I cannot get a second sun line for a navigation fix.  
    20.00 AM 0228    
    24.00 AM 0252    
    00.09 SSW-Sea 4 Began charging transit with the snorkel.  
    03.44   Snorkeling ended.  At Sea 4 snorkeling is possible, however, difficult for the diving plane operators.  
    03.59 SSW-Sea 4 Surfaced, charging transit continued on the surface.  Radio bearings taken on "Tory", "Mull of Kyntira" and "Barra Head".   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix of 30 nm in 205°T.  Therefore we must have had at the transit depth a SSW current of about 10 nm per day.  
    04.00 AM 0282    
    05.26   Dived, continued transit at depth A -20 meters.  
    06.00 AM 5248 Course changed to 113°, to enter the ordered operations area (navigation fix considered).  
    08.00 AM 5249    
    08.37   Sound bearing 7°R, 120°T, was quickly louder and shifted astern to starboard.  Sounds were said to be a destroyer.  Both periscopes are out of service at the moment due to the hydraulic installation.  (installed valves are constantly sticking) Therefore I must remain below.  
    09.02   Bearing lost in 170°.  
    10.00 - 10.10   Boat ventilated with snorkel.  
    12.00 AM 5281 Day's run:  Surfaced      16.0 nm  
                         Submerged   83.5 nm  
                 (navigation fix)      99.5 nm  
    13.42   Quickly one after another distant detonations.  Seems like scare depth charges from aircraft.  
    14.15 AM 5282 First sound bearing 60°R, 173°T, a second 355°R, 108°T, shifts to 10°R, steadies there.  
      Overcast, Vis. medium, Sea 2, medium Swell  
      At periscope depth, to action stations.  Periscope can be extended only after a long effort.  
Sun and Moon Data 26.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 27.08.44
- 13 -
When it breaks the water surface on the specified sound bearing 10° I see behind wave peak mast and bridge of a destroyer target angle 0° range 500 meters.  Went to depth A +20 meters and turned sharply.  Destroyer overruns the boat shortly thereafter very loud.  Both bearings shift to port.
    15.02   Again went to periscope depth, in 245 and 220°R, range 1500 meters each one destroyer of the "Hunt" class at low speed.  The first bow right the second left.  
        Reversal shot from tube II on the forward destroyer which passes before the bow.  
        Shooting data:  Target speed 10 knots, target angle right 120°, range 1000 meters, depth 4 meters, steering NS  




[+ refers to the note on the cover page]

After the shot went deep, slowly to depth A +60 meters.  Miss.  To silent running.  With the calm in the boat continuing sound is audible.  In the listening gear loud, beating diesel-type sounds as well as faint turbines are perceptible.  Both destroyers continue on and do not react to the shot noticeably.   By all indications they proceed with noise  buoys.+  Boat was overrun, no locating impulses, no depth charges.  
    15.57   The bearings put astern are lost.  
        The behavior of the destroyers, the absence of depth charges, locating and sound pursuit after the shot shows their task left them no time to devote to the boat, they were beginners, were almost deaf from the noise buoy and had only a vague suspicion of a U-boat therefore stayed only briefly at the location and/or did not hear the torpedo.
        The continued development of traffic and defense situation in the area will tell.  
    16.00 AM 5282 Continued at depth A meters.  
    18.45 - 19.16   Boat was ventilated with the snorkel.  
        The control room group returns to the disassembly of the hydraulic oil valve of the periscope installation.  Rust and metal chips in the oil.  
    20.00 AM 5283    
    24.00 AM 5291    
Sun and Moon Data 27.08.44
- 14 -
    02.00 Dark night, Vis. changing, Sea 2, medium Swell Surfaced, radio bearings give a difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix of 61°T, 11 nm.  Remained on the surface for Program time from "Kootwijk", the transmitter is available now.  
    02.36   Lighthouse on "Tory Island" in sight.  
    03.03   Dived.  
    03.40   Began snorkel cruise.  
    04.00 AM 5375    
    06.22 - 06.28   Surfaced to ventilate the boat.  After a snorkel listening pause the diesel would not start up and filled the boat with smoke.  
    08.00 AM 5374    
    10.00   During all around periscope sweep trouble strikes again, remained submerged throughout the day in AM 5370 to put hydraulic system back in order.  21.40 hours the system is again in service.  
    12.00 AM 5378 Day's run:  Surfaced      11.0 nm  
                         Submerged   59.0 nm  
                                             70.0 nm  
    21.45 AM 5377 Sound bearing astern to starboard bearing 130°T, shifts ahead.  At periscope depth bearing 110° two destroyers bow left, target angle 80°, in line ahead formation, range 5000 meters, to port in 240°T a further destroyer, bow right at the same range, all on parallel courses.  Only pure turbine sounds are heard.  
        Intend to attack only if am noticed with certainty.  Destroyers take no notice of me, are soon lost from sight.  
    23.15   Began snorkeling.  
    23.46   Snorkel alarm for light abeam to port.  
    24.00 AM 5377    
    00.08 Sea 2, medium SW-Swell Surfaced, took radio bearings.  
    00.47   Dove again, because the moon comes out.  
    01.16   Began snorkeling.  
    03.57   After moon set surfaced, charging transit in the dark night.  
        Intend with lightness to remain submerged in AM 5390, because this corner of my operations area promises success.  The lighthouses on the Irish coast give good navigation fixes.  
    04.00 AM 5375    
    05.44   Twilight, dived.  
    05.57 - 06.21   Snorkeled with both sides diesel drive.  
    06.21   Continued at depth A -40.  
    08.00 AM 5389 Went to depth A -50 meters.  
        Throughout the day submerged in position in AM 5390 on changing courses.  Brief distant sound bearings, however, no targets distinguished visually.  
Sun and Moon Data 28.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 29.08.44
- 15 -
    12.00 AM 5394 Day's run:  Surfaced      27.0 nm  
      Sea 2-3, medium Swell, 7/10                  Submerged   39.5 nm  
                                             66.5 nm  
    12.50   Incoming Radio Message 2224/28/161:  
        All Kurier boats:  Further Kurier testing temporarily suspended because the transmitter situation is still too uncertain.  Send no further signals.  
    15.25 AM 5395 Sound bearing in 120°, shifts slowly ahead to starboard.  At periscope depth masts and smokestack of a large steamer in AM 5398 are distinguished, bow left 90°, range 8000 - 9000 meters, enemy course 60°.  Attempt to get closer at GF however the range and target angle are always too great, then the steamer turns away to starboard into the North Channel.  
        Now at least I know how the wind blows and go to the south.  
    16.00 AM 5395    
    16.35   For about 50 seconds beating noises were heard as if a taught wire was rattling on impact.  The sounds grew louder and then sounded like the throwing of pebbles on the pressure hull, often mentioned in reports concerning locating sounds.  There were now also propeller sound bearings in 260°.  Showed a small silhouette and moved off.  Sounds reoccur but weaker, then cut out, bearings were fainter and then disappeared.  
    18.58 - 19.15   Boat ventilated with the snorkel.  
    20.00 AM 5395    
    23.50   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AM 5397    
    02.43 Dark night, partial overcast, WSW-Sea 3 Surfaced, charging transit at HF.  Back and forth in position on changing courses in AM 5380 and 5620.  
    04.00 AM 5384    
    04.35   Dived for Wanz steady detection on 170 cm.  
    05.06 - 06.00   Snorkeled.  
    08.00 AM 5623    
    12.00 AM 5397 Day's run:  Surfaced      19.0 nm  
                         Submerged   52.0 nm  
                                             71.0 nm  
    15.00 AM 5397 Sound bearing 40°R, 260°T.  At periscope depth on the bearing a destroyer bow left, target angle 10°, low range, runs past ahead.  To the right 2 aircraft approaching, behind the ship a convoy.  Short medium-high Swell complicates depth keeping and observing.  Turned to starboard to initiate attack on the nearest ship, a tanker of about 7000 GRT.  
      Sea 3-4, short medium-high Swell, nearly overcast, Vis. changing  
Sun and Moon Data 29.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 30.08.44
- 16 -
    15.40   Fan from tube I and IV.  T 3 Fat II on tanker.  
        Shooting data:  Enemy bow right, target angle 120°, target speed 9, range 2000 meters, depth 6 meters MZ on, legs right long, initial leg 2500 meters.  
                1st hit after 3 minutes 32 seconds.  
                2nd hit after 4 minutes 05 seconds.  
        In the direction of the target a large black smoke cloud, at the second detonation a high column of fire shoots burning oil upward.  The location is indeed a smoke and flaming sea, where no ship parts can be seen.  Suspect that the tanker exploded at the second hit.  
    16.05   Single shot from tube III, T 3 on "Liberty" freighter of 7000 BRT.  
        Shooting data:  Enemy bow left, target angle 90°, target speed 9 knots, range 2000 meters, depth 6 meters MZ on.  
        After 03 minutes 32 seconds a dull impact, that was also heard without gear in the boat.  After 7 minutes 24 seconds torpedo detonation, it was an end of run detonation on bedrock in depth 58 meters.  Suspect Pistol failure with certainty.  
        Subsequently all observations during the attack and the plotting journal give the following picture:  
        Convoy ran in on about course 40°, then zigzaged to 0° at 9 knots, about 8 to 10 steamers.  In line ahead at great distance.  2 or three steamers come into shooting position, the foremost ship pivots to about course 90°, at hit on tanker the rest of the line ahead pivots immediately 90° to starboard and I must go at GF to run in to shooting range and still reach the final ship.  The T 5 from tube II is not used, because of proximity of the coast and low water depth.  Tubes I and IV are still being reloaded.  
        Convoy steers in line ahead into the North Channel.   
        Again closed the torpedoing location of the tanker that is still wrapped in smoke and flame, a destroyer circles it.  
    16.45   Moved off on course 220° in the direction of deep water.  Up to now neither depth charges or aircraft bombs.  
    18.20   Destroyer to starboard on opposite course, distance 4000 meters.  
    18.38 - 19.27 AM 5623 Depth charge series at great and medium ranges.  Proceeded at depth 50 meters, 10 meters over the bottom at silent running.  Destroyer sounds on various bearings, no locating perceptible.  
    23.15   Began snorkeling.  
    23.52   Wanz detection snorkel alarm.  Destroyer sounds bearing 220 and 60°.  Lost again.  
Sun and Moon Data 30.08.44
- 17 -
    24.00 AM 5622    
    00.19   Bearings lost.  
    00.49   Snorkeled again.  
    04.00 AM 5613    
    05.00   Incoming Radio Message 1948/30/191:  
        From B-Dienst report 15.58 hours tanker torpedoed in naval square AM 5623.  
        (That is prompt confirmation, B-Dienst is on the ball)  
    06.50   Snorkeling ended.  Continued at depth A -20 meters.  
    07.50   Came about to close the traffic focal point at Inistrahull.  
    08.00 AM 5611    
    09.02 Sea 3-4 Propeller sounds from destroyers in bearing 69, 115, and 35°R.  
        In the periscope to port two destroyers and a destroyer-like vessel with lattice mast on opposite course, the latter at a small passing distance, the other two at 4000 meters. They take no notice of me.  
    12.00 AM 5612 Day's run:  Submerged 54.00 nm  
    13.37   4 distant detonations.  
    16.00 AM 5613    
    20.00 AM 5613 In the course of the day still repeated reports of destroyer sounds, all around periscope sweeps confirm the sound bearings.  Destroyers run by RPM between 14 and 16 knots, mostly on course 270 or 90°.  Locating sounds were not heard.  As long as the destroyers were close went to silent running.  
    23.27 Nearly overcast, moon through the clouds Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AM 5612    
    04.00 AM 5613 During a snorkel listening pause the starboard diesel clutch can no longer be engaged and remains out of service.  
        Therefore intend to move off a bit to repair the damage.  
    04.15   Observed a light for a long time which was recognized as a brightly illuminated steamer.  
    04.22   Surfaced.  It is the Swedish "GRIPSHOLM" announced by Radio Message (exchange of the seriously wounded).  
Sun and Moon Data 30.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 31.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 01.09.44
- 18 -
    04.33   A bomber flies past close behind the boat at low altitude across the course.  Had apparently not noticed the boat therefore did not open fire.  At the same time the observer reported detection in the 3 cm range, astern to starboard.  
    04.35   Crash dive, continued transit at depth A -30 meters,  
    08.00 AM 5612    
    08.12   Sound bearings in 12° and 40°.  To periscope depth.  It is the same patrol vessel group from yesterday at 09.02 hours.  
    08.19 AM 5612 Reversal shot from tube V (T 5).  
      Sea 2, medium Swell, partial overcast, sunny Shooting data:  Target speed 16 (by RPM), target angle bow right 140°, range 500 meters, depth 4 meters, steering NS.  
    08.22           Hit after 3 minutes 13 seconds.  
        As a white/gray explosive cloud shrouding disappears just the mast and the bow rise straight up, it hangs this way for a minute, or may have been on the bottom in 85 meters of water, then settles away.  
        Target was a destroyer-like vessel with prominent lattice mast and conspicuous crow's nest, one smokestack.  Suspect U.S.A. escort destroyer.  
        Moved off from the sinking location in the direction of deep water.  The other destroyers were beyond range, had now deployed clearly audible noise buoys.  Still two further destroyers come, an additional buoy runs from them, the bright buzzing sound is rather like a transformer.  Apparently the destroyers steer search courses, get closer and move away again, depth charge series up to 6 units, only one is thrown close by.  No locating impulses were heard.  When all destroyers were on one side put astern as evasion movement.  
    12.00 AM 5611 Day's run:  Surfaced        1.5 nm  
                         Submerged   43.0 nm  
                                             44.5 nm  
    13.20   No further sound bearings.  
    13.50   From 13.50 hours at 10 to 15 minute intervals depth charges in the vicinity very loud, no propeller sounds.  Course change and silent running does not change the facts.  The matter is scary.  I suspect depth charges from aircraft, that get their information from remotely locating destroyers or from deployed automatic listening buoys, a method that the boats have already observed.  
Sun and Moon Data 01.09.44
- 19 -
    14.26   Destroyer sounds bearing 87°. Further bearings develop.  It slowly develops into a proper depth charge pursuit, eventually up to 5 destroyers or patrol vessels are heard, they hang around mostly at low speed, occasionally stopping.  Asdic sounds, repeating every 2 seconds.  Depth charges, single and in series at irregular intervals, not however in dangerous range.  (From the experience of bomb volume during depth charge training at shooting flotilla , they lie between 500 and 1000 meters.)  Proceed at 85 meters in water depth 100 meters.  One depth charge throw had depth setting determined at 50 meters.  Got away by hook legs and Bolde deployment.   
    20.00 AM 5533    
    20.10   Put the boat on the bottom in 100 meters water.  All sound sources stopped.  Also listening gear converter.  
        From now no further depth charges.  
    24.00 AM 5533 On 1 September a total of 70 depth charges.  
    00.28   Boat raised from the bottom, there is only one sound bearing.  Moved off 2 hours submerged.  
    02.08   2 distant depth charges.  
    02.40   Began snorkeling, both sides diesel drive used for the first time, in so doing can only charge a little.  
    02.56   Sound bearing from noise buoy.  It is so loud that it continues to be observed despite the diesels.  Nothing is seen in the periscope.  Bearing is always put in the stern sector and made zigzags.  
    03.00   Bearing lost.  
    04.00 AM 5531    
    05.00   Incoming Radio Message 1919/1/125:  
        From B-Dienst reports about 07.00 hours a torpedoing is possible naval square 6412, 10°T 11 nm from Skarry Island.  
        (B-Dienst also detected this hit, however it must mean:  AM 5612 and "Tory Island".)  
    06.30   Snorkeling ended.  
    0645   From now on for the entire day continuous noise buoys, destroyer propellers, Asdic locating.  Changing courses steered and attempt get to a calm area to repair the clutch.  
    08.00 AM 5284    
    12.00 AM 5281 Day's run:  Submerged 40.00 nm  
    16.00 AM 5282    
Sun and Moon Data 01.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 02.09.44
- 20 -
    18.23   Again depth charges go off at irregular intervals, single and in series, mostly medium range, some quite clearly.  
    20.00 AM 5282    
    22.00   Headed for the bottom, put the boat on the bottom in depth 130 meters.  Uneven rocky bottom, the boat rumbles and purrs in the current.  
    22.23   Raised the boat from the bottom.  
        On 2 September a total of 71 depth charges, none dangerously close, no damage.  
    23.27   A destroyer overruns the boat.  No further depth charges.  
    23.37   The entire stern sector full of sound bearings that quickly come abeam, at times propeller sounds are heard directly in the boat.  
        The boat is positioned under a convoy at depth A meters.  
        To Action Stations, to Periscope Depth.  
        By calculation the battery is already so low that one can barely run at GF, besides only one E-motor is in service.  However for now it must do.  
      Bright moonlit night, Sea 2, light Swell Above is is a bright moonlit night, one can operate perfectly with the attack periscope extended.  Boat is positioned between the last ships of an outbound convoy, which shows no marked columns and seems organized as wide as it is deep.  



AM 5282 The first all around sweep presents a good shooting position which passes before the tube is ready, depth control is complicated with one E-motor.  In the mean time a steamer that initially had target angle left 5 now has target angle 0° range 300 meters.  
        Quickly went to depth 20 meters.  This was the last ship in reachable position therefore T 5 shot from behind.  
    00.06   Reversal shot from tube II (T 5) on freighter up to 5000 GRT in ballast.  
        Shooting data:  Target speed 8 knots, target angle bow right 160°, range 800 meters, depth 6 meters, steering NS, aim point stern.  
    00.14   Detonation after 7 minutes 56 seconds.  At the range no hit effects determined.  Suspect an end of run detonation.  Miss may be caused because 8 knots was too slow for the T 5, depth with the ship in ballast at 6 meters was set too great.+  
      + F.d.U. West says that the T 5 still results in a hit at long running times.  
Sun and Moon Data 02.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 03.09.44
- 21 -
        A few minutes later there are 3 noise buoys. in 295°, 330° and 55°.   Remained at periscope depth and waited on a straggler.  
    00.45   10 aircraft bombs or aircraft depth charges in the vicinity, additionally strafing sounds around the boat.  
        Went deep, boat settles, blew at depth 2A meters.  Apparently the flood valve of the port negative buoyancy tank was not entirely closed due to jamming.  
      AM 5282 Because the enemy knows of my presence behind the convoy I view maneuvering ahead or contact keeping in the bright moonlit night and heavy air in the vicinity of the coast as hopeless.  I can no longer afford being detected and a depth charge pursuit with the air and charge level and with one E-motor.  After the blowing I have just enough air for one surfacing.  
        Report convoy by Short Signal, move off to charge the battery and air, disassemble the diesel clutch, then return to the focal point in my operations area with an operable boat.  Here more success is anticipated as with previous attempt at convoys.  
    01.55 Nearly bright as day moonlit night, moon is shining through a veil of clouds, Sea 2, light Swell Surfaced.  2 destroyers in sight, put astern.  Detection in Tunis gear.  
    02.06   Outgoing Radio Message ss ss 0206/3/140  
        Westbound convoy AM 5291, speed 8 knots.  
    02.27   Dived, detection with Volume increasing to 9 suggested an approach.  
    02.50   Began snorkeling.  
    03.32   Snorkel alarm for destroyer at short range.  The boat must not have been noticed.  
    04.00 AM 5285    
    04.27   Continued snorkeling.  Must continue pure snorkeling during the day because the battery was so exhausted and I can only pump air submerged with the E-compressor.  
    08.00   Second Watch Officer reports that our Short Signal could not be solved because two letters were interchanged in the message key.  Therefore the same mistake was made again in the reverse code.  
Sun and Moon Data 03.09.44
- 22 -
    08.00 AM 5284 Incoming Radio Message 0524/3/144:  
        Despite all speculative attempts could not solve Short Signal on Ireland Circuit 0206/3/140, send again.  Serial No. 140 is settled.  
    08.05   Snorkel alarm for Sunderland which overflies the periscope close by and turns for another approach.  The aircraft came from the direction of the exhaust gas trail by which it was attracted.  At overflight 3 explosive echo locating pebble sounds quickly one after another, at the same time moment Wanz detection at 4 different places.  Went to depth A +20 meters and changed course 90°.  No bombs.  
        Shortly thereafter two noise buoys were heard with a bright buzzing tone, that could only originate from the aircraft.  One of them seems to have independent motion because with a steady boat course it first moves ahead then astern.  One hour and 15 minutes after the first buoy deployment Asdic impulses at 4 second cycle from the direction of the buoy.  Then all day all around always new noise buoys.  Suspect that the Sunderland is still busy with me.  
        Between 10.00 and 11.00 hours 9 depth charges at medium range then 2 x 2 close and two distant depth charges.  
    12.00 AM 5284 Day's run:  Surfaced           5 nm  
                         Submerged   28.0 nm  
                                             33.0 nm  
    16.00 AM 5276 So little was achieved with the last snorkeling that I must get there [through the day] at KF and snorkel come what may.  Therefore, I must forgo going to periscope depth and getting a picture of what was only buoys and what was aircraft.  
    20.00 AM 5272    
    22.51 Dark night, Sea 3 Began snorkeling, now only one buzzing buoy astern.  
    24.00 AM 5271 On 3 September a total of 23 depth charges.  
    04.00 AM 5168 Snorkeling ended.  
    06.00   Incoming Radio Message 1628/3/152:  
        Occupy as attack area:  
        1)  Emde same area as Matuschka,  
        2)  Schäfer same area as Reckhoff.  
    08.00 AM 5156    
    12.00 AM 5152 Day's run: Submerged  49.0 nm  
    12.00 - 12.21   Snorkeled to ventilate.  
    16.00 AM 5127 Snorkeled to ventilate.  
    17.22 - 17.45      
Sun and Moon Data 03.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 04.09.44
- 23 -
        Over the entire day disassembled the starboard diesel clutch, it was reported operable at 18.00 hours.  
    18.10   Came about to course 120° to get back to my operations area.  
    20.00 AM 5127    
    23.30   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AM 5133    
    04.00 AM 5168    
    04.45   Snorkeling ended.  
    04.53 Nearly overcast, moonshine through a veil of clouds, NNE-Sea 3 Surfaced to take radio bearings.  
      Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 22°T, 5 nm.  
    05.42   Dived, continued transit at depth A -20 meters.  
        Incoming Radio Message 1014/4/173:  
        1)  Matuschka, Schäfer, Emde:  
        In your operations areas there has been an increased number of detections of enemy units, possibly reinforcing U-boat hunts. If defenses require move off to sea.  Wait for calm.  
        2)  The same behavior for all other boats in operations areas under the coast with similar defensive situation.
    08.00 AM 5247    
    1143 - 11.48   Boat ventilated with snorkel.  
    12.00 AM 5238 Day's run:  Surfaced       10.0 nm  
                         Submerged   47.0 nm  
                                             57.0 nm  
    16.00 AM 5273 From 18.20 hours noise buoys begin again, occasionally also Asdic at 4 second cycle, isolated, distant depth charges.  
    17.00 - 17.30 Sea 3, overcast Snorkeled.  
    20.00 AM 5281 Incoming Radio Message 1651/5/191:  To all boats:  
        Enemy air operations northwest to southwest of the North Channel have increased considerably in the last period.  
    23.30   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AM 5285    
    04.00 AM 5297    
    05.30   Snorkeling ended.  
    08.00 AM 5533    
    12.00 AM 5611 Day's run:  Submerged 50.00 nm  
        From 14.37 hours picked up noise buoys on various bearings, sometimes faint propeller noises, identify at periscope depth, despite good visibility nothing was distinguished.  
    16.00 AM 5612    
Sun and Moon Data 04.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 05.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 06.09.44
- 24 -
    16.40   9 depth charges medium Volume.  
    16.44   8 depth charges medium Volume.  
    17.00 8/10, Vis. clear, Sea 1 At periscope depth abeam to starboard at medium range and altitude a "Catalina" approaching or flying away.  Went to depth A -30 meters.  
    17.12 - 17.44   Depth charge series at intervals of 2 to 5 minutes, the position of which one can take a bearing on from the noise of the water after the detonation.  Thereafter the throws shift from starboard abeam around the stern to port, the volume alternating between low - medium and long range.  
        The air reconnaissance often scatters the area with depth charges, 74 aircraft bombs were counted.  
    18.05   All around periscope sweep clear.  
    19.00   8 aircraft bombs not far.  
    19.08   10 aircraft bombs not far.  
        Noise buoys heard briefly.  
    20.00 AM 5612    
    23.40   Began snorkeling.  
    14.00 AM 5612    
    03.40   Snorkeling ended - charging transit.  
    04.00 AM 5621    
    06.00 - 06.15   Snorkeled.  
    08.00 AM 5621    
    12.00 AM 5622 Day's run: Submerged  25.0 nm  
      AM 5623 In old hunting area AM 5621 - 23 submerged back and forth in position with one motor KF, monitored with listening gear and half-hourly all around [periscope] sweeps.  
    16.00 AM 5623 Today there is a noticeable calm at this focal point, few depth charges from time to time very faint noise buoys.  
    17.30 AM 5623 Sound bearing 350°.  To action stations.  To periscope depth.  An independent, large passenger steamer with 1 mast and smokestack course 70°.  While closing on attack course identified as British hospital ship "ORANJE" 20000 tons.  Regulation markings white with green stripes, interrupted by red cross.  Ship is not listed in Standing War Order.  In accordance with "Gröner" built as a hospital ship.  
    20.00 AM 5389    
    23.15   Began snorkeling.  Ran half the snorkel periods to the west, the other half back again to the east in "the empty lane through which he must come" AM 5387 - 89.  No sound bearings.  
    03.36   Snorkeling ended.  Went to depth 40 meters.  
        Excerpt from the listening log:  
        03.50  hours destroyer 70°, medium loud to loud comes ahead.  
Sun and Moon Data 06.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 07.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 08.09.44
- 25 -
    04.00 AM 5387 03.55  Noise buoy 130°.  
        03.58  Destroyer 50° comes ahead, grew faint disappeared again.  
        04.26  Noise buoy 110°, faint lost after 15 minutes.  
        04.30  Sound bearing 230°, faint, shift ahead to port was louder.  
        04.50  Sound bearing 260°, 275° loud, probably a destroyer with noise buoys.  
        05.25  Bearing was fainter in 130° and disappeared.  
        05.27  New noise buoy 335° loud, was still louder, shifted ahead.  (covered a broad band)  
    05.30 AM 5387 A loud rushing is heard with the naked ear in the boat, exactly as on 2 September when the convoy overran.  
    05.32   Several sound bearings astern and in 30°, 50°, 80°, steamer sounds.  
        To Action stations, to Periscope depth.  
        In the attack periscope only smooth shadow masses are distinguished.  Switched over to the control room periscope.  Here it is bright enough for a submerged attack.  In fact the boat is again in the middle of an inbound convoy, ran along on the same course, the nearest steamers are easily distinguished, but failed to gain an overall view of the formation and strength of the convoy.
    05.51 Overcast, moon shines through the clouds, Sea 2, light Swell, twilight Shot from tube III (Ato) on freighter 5000 GRT  
      Shooting data:  Depth 6 meters, torpedo speed 40 knots, target 8 knots, target angle right 110°, range 800 meters, aim point center, Pi 1.  
        Hit 0 minutes 42 seconds.  Hit not observed.  
    05.55   Shot from tube I (T 3) on freighter 5000 GRT.  
        Shooting data:  Depth 6 meters, target speed 8 knots, target angle left 120°, range 800 meters, aim point center, MZ on.  
        Miss because fire control computer still set for torpedo speed 40 knots.  Error by me, because I forgot to specify the value.  
    05.56   Loud sinking sounds of the first steamer for 1-2 minutes perceptible in the entire boat.  Cracking of bulkheads and loud rushing, must be nearby to port because the boat came up while running along.  
    05.59   Shot from tube IV (T 5) on freighter 5000 GRT.  
        Shooting data:  Depth 6 meters, target speed 8 knots, target angle left 110°, range 400 meters, steering SS.  
        (Not as reversal shot because torpedo was deeper than depth A meters when opening the jammed outer tube door).  
        Detonation 2 minutes 7 seconds.  Hit not observed.  
        Turned away to port for stern shot on steamer to starboard  
        By the time I am around shooting position has passed and with it the last ships of the convoy.  
Sun and Moon Data 08.09.44
- 26 -
    06.11   Loud detonation, either a depth charge or another boat at the convoy.  
    06.23   Detonation medium loud.  
    06.25   Detonation medium loud.  
        Turned back on an easterly course, because apparently a steamer has lagged astern. Closed quickly at GF, it is a tanker that apparently lies stopped.  Ran up to it, miscalculated slightly and passed right in front of its bow, passing within a few meters of life rafts with occupants, where, as on the tanker, they are busy with flashlights.  
        (In addition to the unambiguous sinking sounds, further evidence that a steamer had gone to the deep)  
    06.37   Shot from tube V (T V) on stopped tanker directly astern about 6000 GRT.  
        Shooting data:  Depth 5 meters, range 400 meters, bearing and shooting angle 180°, deviated center, steering SS.  
        Hit after 37 seconds amidships.  
        Black explosion column mast height with light fiery glow.  Initially no visible effects.  In between all around sweep picked up a patrol fishing trawler in the vicinity.  Sinking sounds are now hears with the naked ear astern.  Periscope swung back, nothing more is seen of the tanker despite careful searching.  
      AM 5387 Success of the convoy attack:  
               Sunk 1 freighter    5000 GRT.  
                Sunk 1 tanker      6000 GRT  
        With shot on freighter 5000 GRT detonation after 2 min 7 seconds.  
        Because I am out of torpedoes I begin return transit.  Moved off on westerly course at depth A -20 meters.  
    08.00 AM 5387 Noise buoys and destroyer sounds astern and abeam, Asdic impulses.  
    08.18   The first depth charges, then in changing intervals up to 09.43 hours a total of 44 at medium range and close by, however none dangerous.  Mostly always one charge.  It gives one the impression that they are all aircraft depth charges and the aircraft are directed in an unknown manner.  It is suspected that they work connection with the noise buoys.  Throwing accuracy seems like bombing from high altitude with a closed cloud deck.  
    12.00 AM 5375 Day's run: Submerged  61.0 nm  
        The entire day again proceeded through a lane of always new noise buoys, which seem to come from aircraft again.  Made back and forth course changes up to 40°.  
Sun and Moon Data 08.09.44
- 27 -
    08.09.44 AM 5375 Passed through at LF, 10 meters over the bottom.  
    16.00 AM 5296 A detection with the maximum buzzing seems impossible.  Again noise buoys, in this case with Asdic impulses 4 second cycle and proper motion, because a few shift ahead.  
    20.00 AM 5292    
    21.34   2 bombs distant.  
    21.37   2 bombs distant.  
    22.48   Began snorkeling.  Still 3 noise buoys in 100°, 205°, and  240°, the latter with Asdic transmission.  
    24.00 AM 5259    
    00.17   Snorkel alarm because of Wanz detection.  218 cm steady tone.  
    00.23   Destroyer sound bearing 290° medium Volume.  
    00.25   Noise buoy 310°, heard loudly in the boat.  
    00.45   Destroyer sounds lost in 280°.  
    01.05   Continued snorkeling.  
    04.00 AM 5256    
    06.33   Snorkeling ended, continued at depth A meters.  
    08.00 AM 5228    
    12.00 AM 5227 Day's run: Submerged  61.0 nm  
        Day and night always still noise buoys. at times arising in the forward sector, occasional propeller sounds, now and then distant detonations, only a few somewhat closer.  Suspect that I am still in the vicinity of the convoy route.  
    23.18   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AM 0279    
    04.40 AM 0275 Snorkeling ended.  
    04.48   Surfaced.  Celestial navigation fix and radio bearings.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 320°T, 7 nm.  
    05.40   Dived.  
    08.00 AM 2965    
    12.00 AM 2961 Day's run:  Surfaced         7.0 nm  
                         Submerged   59.0 nm  
                                             66.0 nm  
    16.00 AM 2929 Several distant detonations.  
    20.00 AM 2925    
    23.32   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AM 2913    
    00.45   Snorkel alarm, probably an aircraft searchlight.  Watch Officer describes the appearance as a circular yellowish light source, steady illumination, claims to have recognized downward movement.  Went to depth A meters.  
    01.30   Incoming Radio Message 1116/10/182:  
        1.)  Reckhoff, Schäfer, Emde, Matuschka:  In your areas at the moment intense U-boat hunt.  Free to move off to sea according to defense situation at own discretion.  
Sun and Moon Data 08.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 09.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 10.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 11.09.44
- 28 -
        2.)  . . .  Not for us.  
        Radio Message 2031/10/190:  All boats:  
        1)  Kommandanten of boats operating under the coast must decide on their own, if a) due to defense situation the boat must move off temporarily or permanently, b) if, due to too much stress on the crew, the boat will return transit before required by fuel and torpedo consumption.  
        2)  Leadership is aware that basically submerged operation with snorkel drive under strong enemy defenses places high demands on performance especially on inexperienced crews.  
    03.52 AM 2911 Surfaced.  
        Outgoing Radio Message 0312/11/196:  
        From Matuschka:  AM 2911. Return transit, out of torpedoes.  Sank 1 September AM 5612 from search group destroyer, from inbound convoys:  30 August in 5397 tanker 7000 GRT, 8 September in 5387 freighter 5000 GRT, tanker 6000 GRT.  Shot T 5 SS freighter 5000 GRT, detonation 2 minutes 47 seconds, 95 cbm, situation follows.  
        Message was heard with Volume 5.  
        Intend to send situation report Radio Message in 24 hours, until then will head to the SW thereafter continue homeward course.  
    04.00 AM 2911 Dived.  Came to course 240° and depth A -20 meters.  
    08.00 AM 2911    
    12.00 AM 0136 Day's run:  Surfaced         5.0 nm  
                         Submerged   58.0 nm  
                                             63.0 nm  
        Incoming Radio Message 0953/11/198:  
        Matuschka:  Bravo, that is an excellent performance.  I confer on you the Iron Cross First Class.  
                                                 Your Ob.d.M. and B.d.U.  
    16.00 AM 0135 Several time during the day distant detonations.  
    20.00 AM 0137    
    21.45   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AM 0152    
    02.10   Snorkeling ended.  
    02.20 Dark night, starry clear, SW-Sea 3    
    02.39   Outgoing Radio Message 0128/12/114:  
        From Matuschka.  Situation:  10 days 3 strong convoys destroyers air.  Route AM 5282, 5387/97.  Noise buoys cover convoys, 2 nights at depth 40 meters first detection at being overrun.  Submerged attacks.  Defense air very heavy.  Over 300 depth charges, none dangerous, no destroyer runs.  
Sun and Moon Data 11.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 12.09.44
- 29 -
        Listening locating bad.  Noise buoys with own movement, Asdic 4 second, depth charges, systematic hunts by air, detection by buoys suspected, methods inaccurate here.  Night snorkeling undisturbed.  
    02.49   Dived.  Came to course 0°, continued homeward transit.  
        Incoming Radio Message 2001/11/107:  
        1) and 2)  . . . .   Not for us.  
        3)  Matuschka:  Continue return transit.  Proceed carefully, do not be cocky now.  
        Therefore to quench possible emerging cockiness I choose the cooler northern route between Iceland and the Faroe Islands.  
    04.00 AM 0146    
    08.00 AM 0119    
    12.00 AM 0116 Day's run:  Surfaced         6.0 nm  
                         Submerged   53.0 nm  
                                             59.0 nm  
    16.00 AM 0113    
    18.55   Distant detonation.  
    20.00 AM 1879    
    22.31   Began snorkeling.  
    23.56   Crash dive for Wanz detection 176 cm, steady tone, Volume 3-4 (no sound bearing).  
    00.00 AM 1876    
    01.30 Very dark night, Sea 2-3 Continued snorkeling.  
    03.45   Light bearing 50°T, no sound bearing.  Disappeared after a while.  Up to 03.00 hours steered deceptive course of 300°.  
        Incoming Radio Message 0946/12/123:  
        Matuschka, Förster.  
        In recognition of your splendid accomplishments I confer on you the German Cross in Gold.  
                                                 - Your Ob.d.M. and B.d.U. -  
    04.00 AM 1849    
    07.15   Snorkeling ended.  Charged with port side diesel cruise with attached charging, starboard side pure charging.  When battery and air are full - on both sides diesel cruise - giving 6 knots until lightness.  
    08.00 AM 1816    
    10.00   9 distant detonations.  
    10.06   8 distant detonations.  
    12.00 AM 1813 Day's run: Submerged  67.0 nm  
    12.25   Began snorkeling to renew the air.  
    12.45   Snorkel alarm for detection 133 cm, Volume 4, tone 4 second, pause 2 seconds.  No sound bearing.  
    14.02 - 14.40 - 14.50   10, 5, 4 distant detonations.  
    16.00 AM 1679    
Sun and Moon Data 12.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 13.09.44
- 30 -
    17.35 - 17.50   Snorkeled to ventilate.  
    20.00 AM 1673    
    22.35   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AM 1646    
    01.30   Charging ended, afterwards transit with both sides diesel cruise, (without supercharger) shows disadvantage that even with slight undercutting,  depth 15 meters, engines stop and boat was filled with smoke. Therefore, now, after charging continued snorkeling with diesel-electric - 5.5 knots.  
    04.00 AM 1616    
    07.00   Snorkeling ended.  
    08.00 AM 1476    
    12.00 AM 1449 Day's run: Submerged  79.0 nm  
    12.40 - 12.56   Snorkeled to ventilate.  
        13.30 - 22.10 in irregular intervals a total of 28 distant detonations.  
    16.00 AM 1446    
    18.19 - 18.29   Snorkeled.  
    20.00 AM 1419    
    22.40   Began snorkeling - charging transit.  
    24.00 AM 1416    
    04.00 AM 1273    
    07.00   Snorkeling ended.  
    08.00 AM 1243    
    12.00 AM 1219 Day's run: Submerged  71.0 nm  
    12.27 - 12.37   Snorkeled to ventilate.  
    12.31   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AE 8899    
    04.00 AE 8865    
    06.25   Snorkeling ended.  
    06.38   Surfaced, celestial navigation fix.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 280°T, 15 nm.  
    06.57   Dived, continued transit at depth A -20 meters.  
    08.00 AE 8836    
    12.00 AE 8833 Day's run:  Surfaced         6.0 nm  
                         Submerged   64.0 nm  
                                             70.0 nm  
    16.00 AE 8599    
    20.00 AE 8674    
    22.31   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AE 8648    
    04.00 AE 8619    
    07.14   Snorkeling ended.  
    08.00 AE 8621    
    12.00 AE 8388 Day's run: Submerged  70.0 nm  
    12.33 - 12.43   Snorkeled.  
    16.00 AE 8385    
    19.20 - 19.30   Snorkeled.  
Sun and Moon Data 13.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 14.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 15.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 16.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 17.09.44
- 31 -
    20.00 AE 8382    
    22.38   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AE 8364    
    04.00 AE 8335    
    07.00   Snorkeling ended.  
    08.00 AE 5999    
    12.00 AE 6774 Day's run: Submerged  70.0 nm  
    16.00 AE 6773    
    20.00 AE 6748    
    22.35   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AE 6745    
    00.00 AE 6745 Course change to 90°, headed for AF 4760.  
    04.00 AE 6459    
    04.30   Snorkeling ended.  Cross sea 4-5, boat lurches at periscope depth heavily, however, snorkeling definitely possible.  
    08.00 AE 6467    
    10.37 - 10.50 ESE-Sea 4-5, overcast, medium-high rain clouds Snorkeled to ventilate.  
    12.00 AE 6468 Day's run: Submerged  58.0 nm  
    16.00 AE 6469    
    16.24 - 16.43   Snorkeled to ventilate.  
    20.00 AE 6547    
    22.45   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AE 6548    
    01.00   Incoming Radio Message 1937/19/181:  
        Paragraphs 1-3 not for us.  
        2)  On 20 September at 08.00 hours switch to Coastal Circuit:  Matuschka, Rodler, Tillessen, Treuberg, Zorn.  
    04.00 AE 6855    
    07.05   Snorkeling ended.  
    08.00 AE 6864 Switched to Coastal Circuit.  
    12.00 AE 6866 Day's run: Submerged  64.0 nm  
    12.59 - 13.10   Snorkeled.  
    16.00 AE 6944    
    20.00 AE 6945    
    22.25   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AE 6945    
    04.00 AE 6964    
    06.33   Snorkeling ended.  
    08.00 AE 4744    
    12.00 AF 4745 Day's run: Submerged  74.0 nm  
    12.55 - 13.10   Snorkeled.  
    16.00 AF 4746    
    16.43 - 16.57   Snorkeled.  
    20.00 AF 5754    
    22.38   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AF 4756    
Sun and Moon Data 17.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 18.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 19.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 20.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 21.09.44
- 32 -
    04.00 AF 4765    
    06.40   Snorkeling ended.  
    07.00   Incoming Radio Message 0355/22/50:  
        Matuschka:  Return harbor is Bergen.  Convoy intake Marstein.  
        Radio Message 1805/21/43:  
        1)  For boats with return harbor Bergen escort positioned:  22 September 17.00 hours Hellisöy.  23 September 18.00 hours Marstein.  25 September 18.00 hours Hellisöy.  26. September 06.00 hours Marstein.  For these days no arrival report, radio silence.  Escort waits for 2 hours.  
        2)  Boats that cannot make these times move off from the coast and join the next convoy.  
                                                 - 11. U.-Flottille -  
        Radio Message 1936/21/39:  
        3)  Radio Beacon Group Bergen North and South run at the following times:  21 September North 04.00 to 06.00 hours, 22 September South from 03.00 to 05.00 hours.  24 September South from 15.00 to 17.00 hours, North from 00.00 to 03.00 hours,  25 September 20.00 to 22.00 hours and 02.00 to 06.00 hours.  26 September North and South from 01.00 to 04.00 hours.  
        Intend to reach the convoy 26 September at 06.00 hours at Marstein.  Proceeding there now with both E-motors LF.  
    08.00 AF 4871    
    12.00 AF 4878 Day's run: Submerged  79.0 nm  
    15.26 - 15.40   Snorkeled to ventilate.  
    16.00 AF 7216    
      S-Sea 3, overcast, Vis. good    
    20.00 AF 7251    
    22.10   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AF 7259    
    04.00 AF 7294    
    06.48   Snorkeling ended.  
    08.00 AF 7532    
    12.00 AF 7536 Day's run: Submerged  81.0 nm  
    16.00 AF 7641    
    20.00 AF 7645    
    21.12   Surfaced to take a navigation fix.  
    21.45   Dived.  
        2 stars observed over an unclear horizon could not be used, the 3rd gave a latitude, by which the boat is to the north.  
    22.15   Began snorkeling.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 23.09.44
- 33 -
    04.00 AF 7676    
    06.00   Snorkeling ended.  
    06.17   Surfaced for celestial navigation fix.  
    06.21 AF 7687 Aircraft approaching from astern to port.  Four-engined.  No previous detection.  
      Twilight, 4/10 overcast, dark clouds medium-high, Sea 2, light Swell  
        Outgoing Radio Message ss ss 0625/24/91:  
        Was attacked by aircraft, AF 7687.  
                                                 - U-482 -  
        Turned away hard to starboard.  Aircraft flies by to port at short range, altitude 200-300 meters.  3.7 cm already had a malfunction while being readied after surfacing, twins fire, no shots go.  Aircraft makes a big curve to starboard and disappears to starboard in a cloud.  
        Shortly thereafter a new approach again from astern to port, aircraft put astern.  Aircraft turns away to port and quickly passes out of sight in the clouds.  
    06.28   Crash dive to depth A -20 meters.  No aircraft bombs.  
        Cause of the 2 cm failure still not explained.  Continued transit at depth A meters.  
    07.50   Changed course to 180°, because depth sounding series gives a perfect difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix of about 70°T, 36 nm.  Accepted new plotted position.  
    08.00 AF 8475    
    12.00 AF 8715 Day's run:  Surfaced         2.0 nm  
                         Submerged   84.0 nm  
                                             86.0 nm  
    16.00 AF 8745    
    20.00 AF 8775    
    22.03   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AN 2321    
    02.42   Snorkeling ended.  
    02.57   Surfaced for radio bearings.  Beacon Group Bergen North in accordance with Radio Message 1936/21/59 from 02.00 - 06.00 hours.  
    03.03 AN 2327 Aircraft searchlight astern to port.  Aircraft flies on parallel course, abeam distance 200 meters, altitude 100 meters, passes to port.  Normal white searchlight cone oriented obliquely ahead on the water's surface, illuminated 6-8 seconds, extinguished when the aircraft was ahead to port.  No previous detection.  
      Dark night, 7/10, few stars, Sea 2, slight marine phosphorescence  
    03.04   Crash dive to depth A meters.  
Sun and Moon Data 24.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 25.09.44
- 34 -
        Suspect that the aircraft has located so sparingly, that Tunis was not panned fast enough.  From opening the conning tower hatch to searching with Tunis was about 2 minutes, from the end of snorkeling to surfacing 15 minutes, so that locating the snorkel for such an accurate approach is out of the question.  Tunis was previously checked and was operable.  
    03.55   Surfaced, to repeat bearings, previously only received Marstein with a bad minimum.  
    03.38 AN 2351 Tunis - Detection 9 cm astern to starboard, bright tone 1/2 second, pause 2 seconds, continuous searching.  Volume 2-3.  
    03.39   Crash dive depth A meters.  
        Under these conditions waived an exact position and content myself with sounding data because the 200-meter line provides a very good check.  
    04.00 AN 2351    
    04.04   Continued snorkeling without interference  
    06.30   Snorkeling ended.  
    07.50   Distant detonation.  
    08.00 AN 2357    
    12.00 AN 2386 Day's run:  Surfaced         1.0 nm  
                         Submerged   75.0 nm  
                                             76.0 nm  
    13.00   Am abeam Marstein by plotting, headed for the coast on course 90° (5° correction for current).  
    16.00 AN 2386    
    16.28   Medium-loud detonation.  
    16.41   Faint detonation.  
    20.00 AN 2395    
    22.03   Began snorkeling.  
    24.00 AN 2475    
    00.45   Snorkeling ended.  
    01.00 Dark night, Sea 3, SW 4-5 Surfaced for radio bearings.  Beacon Group Bergen North and South run from 01.00 to 04.00 hours.  Bearings from Bergen and Marstein show that the correction of 36 nm by soundings on 24 September worked perfectly.  
    01.13   Dived.  
    01.26   Continued snorkeling.  
    03.15   Snorkeling ended.  
    03.18 Starry clear only overcast over the coast Surfaced.  Position check by Radio Beacons Bergen - Marstein shows slight north offset.  Incorporated this.  
    03.45   Tunis - Detection 9 cm, Volume 3-4, tone 1/2 sec, pause 10 seconds.  
    03.47   Dived.  
Sun and Moon Data 25.09.44
Sun and Moon Data 26.09.44
- 35 -
    04.00 AN 2484    
    06.00   Groped at the entrance to Korsfjord purely by soundings because it is still too dark for periscope observation.  
    06.30 Twilight Surfaced. Boat is positioned at the entrance abeam Marstein.  Only 5 men in the conning tower with life belts, weapons not manned because the seas threaten to overrun the boat from astern.  
    06.38   Exchanged recognition signals with escort vessel, weapons manned.  
    06.52 - 08.00   Back and forth in position in Korsfjord because the escort must wait until 08.00 hours.  
    07.30 Korsfjord, abeam Børnestangen Aircraft abeam to starboard passing by from right to left, range 6000 meters, altitude 1000 meters.  Type Wellington, white paint, markings not recognized at range.  When shot at by escort vessel and land, the aircraft first shot old recognition signal and afterwards new recognition signal correctly from 06.00 hours.  Aircraft comes ahead to starboard, flies landward out of sight.  Suspect German captured aircraft.  
    07.50   Check fire with dry good ammunition from the boat and after the weapons were overhauled for 10 minutes, results:  
                3.7 cm: 1 shot, dead  
                Starboard twin: 1 shot, dead  
                Port twin: out of service because by submerged cruise detached from the lashing and upon surfacing was knocked out of the cradle.  
        After 10 minutes one twin was in service.  
      Running into Bergen: With intense work on the 3.7 cm a firing rate of one every 10 minutes a shot was achieved.  The causes of the malfunctions and failure of the weapons also on 24 September is covered in: General Experiences and Observations.  
    08.00   Transit in convoy for Bergen.  
    10.30   Made fast Bergen.  
    10.31   Reception by Marinehelferin [female German auxiliaries attached to the Kriegsmarine]  
    10.32   Boat reported back from first war patrol with the Flotillenchef 11. U.-Flottilla.  
                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  
Sun and Moon Data 26.09.44
- 36 -
      General Experiences and Observations.  
1)  Defense on outbound and inbound transit:
  a) Outbound transit between the Faroe Islands and Shetlands.  Submerged transit, snorkeled at night, only surfaced briefly for navigation fix and to send Short Signals.  Sightings:  3 aircraft, group of 3 destroyers, one corvette.  Detections:  1 time Wanz spare detector 170 cm, 1 time Tunis 9 cm.  Listening:  one destroyer with Asdic, 1 time distant depth charges.
    No pursuits, no approaches, remained unnoticed.
  b) Return transit between Iceland and the Faroe Islands, via AM 12, AE 86, 67, AF 47, 79 in submerged transit, only surfaced one time to take navigation fix.  No sightings, detections or sound bearings.
2) Traffic North Channel, Convoy protection:  Period from 27 August to 9 September 1944:
28 August     15.25 hours AM 5395 Inbound independent only mast and smokestack sighted.
30 August     15.00 hours AM 5397 Inbound convoy up to 10 steamers, 2 aircraft, 1 destroyer ahead, 1 astern.
1 September 04.44 hours AM 5613 Inbound independent, hospital ship "GRIPSHOLM".  (Wounded exchange)
2 September 23.37 hours  AM 5282 Outbound heavy convoy, ship numbers not determined at night, destroyer, probably also air ahead of convoy, area raked with depth charges for 4 hours, aircraft bombs behind convoy, 2 destroyers sighted,  noise buoys.
7 September 17.30 hours AM 5623 Inbound independent British hospital ship "ORANJE".
8 September 05.30 hours AM 5387 Inbound heavy convoy, ship numbers not determined at night, ahead of the convoy destroyers and saw buoys.
3) Defense in the operations area:
  Stayed 14 days in the operations area AM 50 from 27 August to 9 September.  Probably noticed on 27 August during miss on destroyer, with certainty however first at convoy attack on 30 August.
- 37 -
  a) Defense until noticed on 30 August:
    Inattentive destroyer patrols singly and in groups especially in AM 52 and 53 southern third.  Search area with speed 14 to 16 knots, no locating, still no circular saw.  No aircraft sightings.  Twice nights in 5370 and 89 up to two hours on the surface, in so doing only one Wanz detection.
  b) Defense after being noticed on 30 August:
    Increased search group activity, Asdic impulses, heavy air surveillance.  One time at night, 1 September surfaced briefly, in so doing a flyby close behind the stern and 9 cm detection.  Encountered circular saw buoy at the moment of the destroyer sinking.
4) Enemy detection means and methods:
  See Enclosure "Reporting concerning submerged and surfaced locating".
5) Operational possibilities for snorkel boats in the North Channel:
  The area had not been occupied in a long time, initially good prospects with comparatively harmless patrols.  After being noticed and deployed heavy defenses the boat was in the operations area 8 days, stayed on the convoy route and also at traffic focal point.
  Snorkeling at night almost always possible and then from time to time brief interruptions from Wanz detections, one time by sighting of a destroyer at low range, the boat was not noticed.
  Favorable for the boat were bad gamma [specific weight of sea water] under the coast, low water depth, and the ability to creep over the bottom or put the boat on the bottom (60 meters at Inishtrahull).
  The already poor listening conditions are further complicated by the saw buoys so that frequent all around periscope sweeps are required by day.
  A sure means to achieve success, is when the defense allows any stopping at the traffic focal point.  This view is based on the experience that twice night-convoys were first detected submerged only when overrun and the day-convoy at the first all around sweep the forward close escort ran past close before the bow. Inside the convoy undisturbed shooting.
- 38 -
  If defenses are not further strengthened, as recently observed, and do not come up with new methods or previous significantly improved approaches, it will also be possible for other boats to operate close under the coast.
  With operation of multiple boats, whoever is at the convoy must attempt to send Beta or Alpha Signals after his attack, if by so doing other inner or outer snorkel boats can still be made aware in good time, because nearby convoys cannot be detected submerged.
  Navigation presents no difficulties because radio beacons on the English and Irish coast run according to the Nautical Radio Handbook and lighthouses on the Irish coast burn as in peacetime.  (Lighthouse from Tory Island seen while snorkeling at night.)
6) Snorkel experience:
  The snorkel worked well and is held in high esteem by the crew.  No malfunctions.  Charging transit one side diesel cruise with attached charging, one side pure charging.  If after ending charging snorkeling is to be continued, then diesel-electric 5.5 knots.
  While snorkeling rudder and engine telegraph are operated from the control room and all orders by the Chief Engineer.  Advantage:  Observers at the periscope may be  in the completely darkened tower at night and are not distracted by giving orders for snorkeling listening breaks, no delay for Chief Engineer when requesting drive settings and giving the alarm when undercutting.
  Snorkeling is still possible in Sea 5. 
7) Behavior and stress of the crew:
  Behavior of the crew during the first war patrol was good.  It worked reliably in all places, fixed faults in the equipment quickly, enabling success.
- 39 -
  A special share of this goes to the Chief Engineer, Lt, Ing d.R. Vieth. who acted calmly and correctly in critical situations and on who increased operating demands were placed by the snorkel.  Highlighted is the control room group under Masch.-Maat Melder, which made the failed snorkel installation operable again. A pump and almost all hydraulic oil valves were jammed by metal chips and rust in the hydraulic oil and had to be opened up. Using engine oil, the system was again operational with limited power.
  The change in service routine by shifting of the meal during the snorkel time and sleep during the day settled in quickly and proved itself. The state of health was good. The submerged arrival and departure to and from the operational area 10 and 17 days presented no particular stress on the crew and was very peaceful.
  Staying in a heavily guarded operations area under the coast with almost continual sound bearings of noise buoys, destroyers, and particularly Wabos, Asdic, where you usually do not deliberately go, in spite of how and by whom it was detected, posed considerable emotional distress. Through experience, habituation and not least elevated courage through success one can finally accept with equanimity
8) Torpedoes:
  Two T 5s with correctly adjusted steering according to the situation and sufficiently accurate estimated shooting data missed. Presume in one case due to noise buoy, the other due to insufficient speed of freighters in ballast.  A reversal shot at a 16 knot destroyer without buoy hit after 3 minutes 13 seconds.  Two T 5 shot with SS [direct shot, no homing]. An exception both hits. 2-fan Eto-Fat on tanker 1 hit directly, 1 33 seconds later in the first return  run to the same target (blunt target angle). One T 3 AZ and MZ Pi failure (08.30.44 16.05 hours) the later was an end of run detonation. (7.5 minutes)
- 40 -
9) Anti-aircraft weapons:
  The anti-aircraft weapons were used for the first time on the penultimate day of the patrol on 24 September.  All failed.  The 2 cm weapons malfunction was due to rusted ammunition from the upper deck container, in the 3.7 to the jamming of cartridges in the cover and malfunction of the rammer and the safety and firing latch. Since the boat was only equipped with tracer ammunition and almost exclusively surfaced briefly at night, check firing was not carried out, instead only ever exchanged one 2 cm automatic and kept the weapons in order. The causes of the malfunctions could only be determined by check fire on arrival in calm.
  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  From leaving Bergen 16 August 1944 to return total distance covered    2729.00 nm
                                    Of that:             Surfaced         256.00 nm
                                                            Submerged   2473.00 nm
                                                                                2729.00 nm in 41 days at sea.
                                    Sank:    1 destroyer (or frigate)
                                                 1 tanker     7000 GRT
                                                 1 tanker      6000 GRT
                                                 1 freighter   5000 GRT
                                                                  18000 GRT
                                                                   = = = = = =
                                    1 freighter  5000 GRT detonation after 2 minutes 7 seconds
                                    1 freighter  5000 GRT detonation 7 minutes 56 seconds                                                                                   (T5 NS)
              On board 26 September 1944  
                                   Kapitänleutnant and Kommandant  


Appendices to U-482's KTB - click on the text at left to proceed to the documents
Chart Track chart
Radio Excerpt of the Radio log

                 Comments of the Befehlshabers der Unterseeboote
On the K.T.B. of "U 482" (v. Matuschka) from 6.8. - 26.9.1944.
        The boat operated in the North Channel and on the 1st patrol performed superbly.  It was recognized by the Kommandant that traffic routes could only be detected in the narrow lanes and success could be achieved.
        Untroubled all reachable targets were engaged resolutely in a heavily monitored area and the favorable situation exploited using multiple torpedoes in rapid succession. The Kommandant, with imperturbable calm did not allow himself to be confused by enemy defenses and attached no decisive value to the myriad sources of noise which intimidate the submerged boat and complicate detection of convoys.
          The first patrol brought a very good success.  The Kommandant was decorated with the German Cross in Gold.  
  Accredited successes:        1 tanker 6000 GRT sunk  
    1 freighter 5000 GRT sunk  
    1 Frigate sunk  
    1 tanker 7000 GRT sinking accepted.  
    1 tanker 5000 GRT hit possible  
    1 freighter 5000 GRT torpedoed.  

For the Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote

The Chief of the Operations Department  

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