U-307 - 8th War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason

Days at Sea
4 August 1944
23 August 1944


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Ships Hit
KTB Time
18 Aug 44
00.40 - 00.50
77°46'N, 15°00'E
 Total = 50
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

                                              - 1 -                                           
                                                   Copy No.  . . . . . . .  
        G  e  h  e  i  m  e    K  o  m  m  a  n  d  o  s  a  c  h  e.  
                       K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h  
                                       "  U  307  "  
        Kommandant:  Oberleutnant z.See d.R.  H  e  r  r  l  e  
                     Beginning:  12.7.44.  
                   Concluding: 25.8.44.  
1. Copy care of B.d.U. for O.K.M.
2. Copy care of B.d.U. for O.K.M.
3. Copy for B.d.U.
4. Copy for Kmdr.Adm. der U-Boote
5. Copy for F.d.U. Norwegen
6. Copy for F.d.U. Ausbildung
7. Copy for 27. U-Flottille
8. Copy for 13. U-Flottille
      1 track chart for Copy No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  
      1 Excerpt of Important Radio Messages  
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- 2 -
    12.07.44 Narvik Made fast alongside "HUASCARAN".  
    15.07.44 Bogen Dry docked in Bogen Bay.  
    17.07.44 Narvik Undocked, Made fast alongside "HUASCARAN".  
    28.07.44 Narvik Torpedo loading and fuel oil loading at "HUASCARAN".  
    29.07.44 Bogen - Ramsund - Narvik Shifted to Bogen Bay, provisions loading from "KÄRNTEN", afterwards T V loading Ramsund.  
    30.07.44 Narvik Final trim and deep diving test.  

Ramsund - Bogen

T V torpedoes exchanged for T III Fat II.  10 SS-men taken over in Ramsund Bay from U-Brünner.  Thereafter shifted to Bogen Bay and anchored there.  Departure must be postponed due to illness of the Kommandant.  
[Note:  from the FdU KTB these were Norwegian volunteers in the Waffen-SS]
    02.08.44 Narvik    
    07.00   Shifted to Narvik to take over Kommandant and to shoot anti-aircraft weapons.  
    10.00   Departed at 10 knots for Hammerfest.  
    13.05 Lödingen Pilot taken over.  
    17.23   Outgoing Radio Message:  Passed Harstadt, switched to Ulli Circuit.  
                                                                       - Herrle -  
    22.55 Tromsø Made fast Tromsø, pilot disembarked.  
    03.08.44 Tromsø    
    06.25   Departed Tromsø, proceeded in company with U-739 under R-Boat escort.  
    21.15   Anchored in Hammerfest, took over the assault troop leader, Leutnant Koehl.  
- 3 -
                                              8th  P  a  t  r  o  l  
                                       (Operation "Schneehuhn")  
      Operation in accordance with Operations Order 15 and Special Order.  
        Beginning:  4.8.44.  
    04.08.44. Hammerfest    
    14.00   Departed Hammerfest, trim test off Håja. Put to sea behind R-Boat escort.  
    18.10 AL 7272 Passed SR 1, released escort, headed for AB 3120 - Eisfjord at 12 knots.  
    20.00 AL 7241    
      WbyN 3-4. Sea 2, overcast, mist, (fog), 1026 mb    
    05.08.44 South of Bäreninsel    
    00.00 AL 4767 On transit to Eisfjord.  
      W 4, Sea 3, overcast, mist, fog, 1025 mb    
    04.00 AL 4484    
      W 3-4, Sea 3, overcast, mist, fog, rain, 1025 mb    
    08.00 AL 4414    
      SW 3, Sea 2, overcast, mist, rain, 1022 mb    
    11.58 [6. SS-Gebirgsdivision ”Nord”?] Outgoing Radio Message:  F.d.U. for Westa 6 Bansk . . .  
                                                                     - Herrle -  
    12.00 AB 6358 Day's run:  Surfaced  197 nm  
      SWbyW 3, Sea 2, overcast, mist, fog, 1021 mb    
    16.00 AB 3972    
      WbyS 3-4, Sea 3, overcast, fog, 1020 mb    
Sun and Moon Data 04.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 05.08.44
- 4 -
    05.08.44 South of Bäreninsel    
    18.15 - 18.40 AB 3839 Test dive.  
    20.00 AB 3559    
      WNW 2-3, Sea 1-2, overcast, fog, 1016 mb    
    06.08.44 West coast of Spitzbergen    
    00.00 AB 3247 On transit to Eisfjord.  
      NWbyW 2, Sea 1-2, overcast, fog, 1016 mb    
    04.00 AB 3121    
      SEbyE 3, Sea 2, overcast, fog, rain, 1016 mb    
    08.00 ÄG 7827    
      SEbyE 3, Sea 2-3, overcast, fog, mist, 1014 mb    
    09.40   Prins Karls Forland in sight ahead.  
    10.20   Passed Prins Karls Forland to port 4 nm away.  
      With the intention of exploiting the prevailing low visibility weather conditions for fast penetration into the Eisfjord, went to GF.  
    11.30   Passed Alkhornet to port at 2 nm distance.  
    12.00 Eisfjord Day's run:  Surfaced        284 nm  
      SE 3, Sea 2-3, overcast, fog, mist, 1016 mb                  Submerged        1 nm  
                                           285 nm  
    12.37   Dived and headed for Adventfjorden.  In the Bay and at Longyearbyen no traffic recognized.  Afterwards headed for Diabasodden.  
    16.00 Eisfjord    
      SE 3, Sea 1, overcast    
    19.20 Sassenfjorden Reached debarkation point for reconnaissance patrol (Diabasodden).  Put them ashore.  
    20.00 Sassenfjorden    
      SEbyS 2, Sea 1, cloudy, 1015 mb    
Sun and Moon Data 05.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 06.08.44
- 5 -
    06.08.44 West coast of Spitzbergen    
    22.20 Gipsvika Anchored in Gipsvika in 14 meters water.  Flooded down so that the over deck is submerged, conning tower camouflaged with nets.  
    19.60 [?] [Note: these were all U-boat crewmen] Reconnaissance patrol of 14 men, with Chief Engineer and First Watch Officer put ashore to explore the huts in the vicinity.  
    20.30   At the entrance to Eisfjord off Barentsburg 3 destroyers and 3 vessels similar to large type American PC-boats in sight.  Destroyers disappear in the direction of Barentsburg, PC-boats run in widely separated close under the coast at Erdmannflya and Bohemanflya into Nordfjorden.  
      Weighed anchor and headed for a position at the end of Sassenfjorden, at the entrance to Tempelfjorden. There let the boat drift ready to dive in 90 meters water.  
    21.30   Outgoing Radio Message:  Destroyer formation off Barentsburg.  
                                                                       - Herrle -  
      An attack was not made because:  1.)  The Chief Engineer was not on board, 2.)  the range to shooting position, which must be covered submerged, is at least 25 nm and the battery is at most at 50% capacity, 3.) because completion of the special task would be endangered.  
    23.48   Incoming Radio Message:  Herrle from F.d.U.  Attack free, as long as special task is not endangered.  
    08.08.44 Sassenfjorden    
    02.30 [U-boat crewmen] Reconnaissance patrol back on board.  
    03.12   Dived and headed for Gåsøyane.  
    11.50   Surfaced 1 nm south of Gåsøyane, pre-flooded and anchored close under the coast there.  
Sun and Moon Data 06.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 07.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 08.08.44
- 6 -
    09.08.44 Sassenfjorden At anchor.  
    10.08.44 Sassenfjorden At anchor.  
    11.08.44 Sassenfjorden    
    17.30   Radio Message from "Schneehuhn".   Pickup at Diabasodden.  
    18.10   Weighed anchor, dived and headed for Diabasodden.  
    19.52   Surfaced, took over reconnaissance patrol.  
    22.11   Dived, headed for old anchorage.  
    23.26   Surfaced, charged the battery.  
    12.08.44 Sassenfjorden    
    02.30   From a hut in nearby Sassendalen, apparently inhabited by agents, picked up an outboard motor as our own is beyond repair with available materials.  
    04.10   Departed in the direction of the sea.  
      Intend to carry out the exploration off Barentsburg to land the reconnaissance patrol on the sea side at Kapp Bjørset, then to anchor in the Van Muydenbukta.  
    06.46   Passed Cape Alkhornet.  
    08.00 ÄG 7596 Dived to proceed submerged.  Intention:  carry out the landing about 00.00 hours 13 August.  
      SE 2, Sea 1, cloudy, 1015 mb  
    12.00 ÄG 7588 Day's run:  (from Cape Alkhornet) Surfaced       20 nm  
      SE 1-2. Sea 1, cloudy                                                      Submerged      7 nm  
                                                                                   27 nm  
    16.00 ÄG 7587    
      SEbyS 1, blue sky, cloudy, 1012 mb    
    16.27   Surfaced.  
Sun and Moon Data 09.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 10.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 11.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 12.08.44
- 7 -
    12.08.44 Sassenfjorden    
    20.00 ÄG 7852    
      SE 2, Sea 1, cloudy, 1012 mb    
    23.10   Reconnaissance patrol disembarked at Kapp Bjørset.  
    13.08.44 Bellsund Since the rubber boat of the reconnaissance patrol went even further to the north under the coast and also reserve provisions were stowed on land, submerged during this time.  
    00.00 ÄG 7835  
      SWbyS 1-2, Sea 1, blue sky, 1012 mb  
    04.00 ÄG 7835    
      SbyE 1, Sea 1, blue sky    
    07.20   Rubber boat on board, departed for Bellsund.  
    07.28   Outgoing Radio Message (Officer-Only):  F.d.U. for Ast Oslo from Herrle:  Longyearbyen successful, no Americans, air base unusable, Norwegian Anti-aircraft troops.  
    08.00 ÄG 7838    
      S 1, Sea 1, blue sky, 1013 mb    
    09.55   Passed Kapp Martin.  
      Intend to explore huts in Recherchefjorden and Calypsobyen.  
        Calypsobyen and 2 other shanties at Maria Theresiatoppen abandoned.  
    12.00   Day's run:  Surfaced        68 nm  
                         Submerged    15 nm  
                                              83 nm  
    23.50   At anchor Van Muydenbukta.  
    14.08.44 Van Muydenbukta Lying at anchor, main ballast tank 1 and 5 flooded.  
    15.08.44 Van Muydenbukta    
    07.05   Ju 88 flew past, course 0°.  
        Lying at anchor.  
Sun and Moon Data 12.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 13.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 14.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 15.08.44
- 8 -
    15.08.44 Van Muydenbukta    
    11.50   Weighed anchor intending to explore Van Mijenfjorden.  
    14.00   Off Camp Morton huts completely cleared and abandoned.  
    13.48   Incoming Radio Message:  Herrle from F.d.U.  Weather aircraft Ju 88 flight 15 August morning Eisfjord, not completely viewed, nothing in particular.  
    17.05   At anchor Kaldbukta.  Hut on the east side of the bay is a military survival depot.  Provisions and military clothing found.  Set hut on fire.  
    16.08.44 Van Mijenfjorden At anchor at Kaldbukta.  
    17.08.44 Van Mijenfjorden    
    09.60   Weighed anchor.  
    10.20   Other huts at Lågneset recognized as survival depots and set on fire.  
    12.50   Anchored off Sveagruva.  Large intact smelter with supply depot and approximately 30, in part two story houses.
    14.30   Outgoing Radio Message (Officer-Only):  F.d.U. from Herrle:  
        Van Mijenfjorden large smelter.  Question destroying.  
    14.40 [Note these were U-boat crewmen] Assault troops ashore.  
    17.25   Incoming Radio Message (Officer-Only):  F.d.U. to Herrle:  
        Destroy only if smelter unoccupied and boat remains unnoticed.  Ensure completion of main task is paramount.  
Sun and Moon Data 15.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 16.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 17.08.44
-9 -
    17.08.42 Van Mijenfjorden    
        Installation is a larger extensive survival warehouse with machine gun platforms.  Among other items, helmets for about 50 men, machine guns and military clothing were found. The  houses were abandoned, some still decorated perfectly. Supply installations: large boiler house with 4 turbines, generators, boilers 3, and 2 additional motor units and loading dock blown up. Houses and offloading pier set on fire.  
    17.51   Radio Message from Schneehuhn:   
        Pickup Russekeila.  
    23.35 [U-boat crewmen] Assault troops back.  Weighed anchor.  Headed for the exit of the fjord.  
    18.08.44 Van Mijenfjorden    
    00.28   At Camp Morton, close under the coast, about 100-ton size, R-boat similar to a cutter, heading east in sight.  Turned towards it, manned anti-aircraft weapons.  It stops at Camp Morton and part of the crew disembarks.  
    00.40   Cutter opens fire with a machine gun mounted on the forecastle, caliber 2-3 cm, from 3000 meters range.  These are well placed, but terminate immediately after the 3.7 cm cannon replies.  
    00.50   Cutter shot on fire with 3.7 cm and 2 cm.  Afterwards ran off.  It burns out with several explosions heavily smoking.  
    03.02   Passed Kapp Martin, heading to Russekeila to pick up the reconnaissance patrol.  
    04.00 ÄG 7861    
      SW 1-2, Sea 1, overcast, 1015 mb    
    06.34   Passed Kapp Linné.  
Sun and Moon Data 17.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 18.08.44
- 10 -
    18.08.44 Van Mijenfjorden    
    07.03   Took the reconnaissance troops on board.  
      Intention:  During the coming night take out the anti-aircraft emplacements at Revneset (Adventfjorden). The following is intended: assault troops will go ashore near the anti-aircraft emplacements, the boat will open fire at the appointed time from the sea to suppress operations [on the part of the enemy] and drive them into our own people.  
    08.00 ÄG 5599 Dived, to head for Kapp Alkhornet submerged.  
      NbyW 2, Sea 1, overcast, 1015 mb    
    12.00 ÄG 7598 Day's run:  Surfaced        66 nm  
      NbyE 2, Sea 1, overcast, cloudy                  Submerged    2.5 nm  
                                           68.5 nm  
    15.00 ÄG 7595 Surfaced and headed for Eisfjord close under the coast.  
    16.00 EbyS 2, Sea 1, cloudy, blue sky, 1015 mb    
    16.02   Passed Kapp Alkhornet   
    17.41   11 nm off Adventfjorden dived and headed for it.  
    23.50   Off anti-iaircraft emplacements Revneset and explored their position.  
        Headed for the debarking position further east behind Revneset.  
    19.08.44 Eisfjord    
    01.43   Surfaced behind Revneset to debark the assault troops.  Open fire arranged for 04.30 hours.  
    03.11   Dived, headed for the anti-aircraft emplacements.  
    04.39   Surfaced off the anti-aircraft emplacements, range 2000 meters,  Opened fire from all barrels on the accommodation huts.  Enemy shoots only about 3 shots with 4 cm Beauforts and then adjusted fire.  4 men flee towards Hiorthhamn, the  
Sun and Moon Data 18.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 19.08.44
- 11 -
    19.08.44 Eisfjord    
    04.39   rest probably perished in the quickly in the flaming huts.  
    04.55   Ceased fire, headed for embarkation place.  
    06.00   Assault troops embarked.  They had completely destroyed the battery, both cannons, a 4 cm Beaufort and a 1.2 cm burst open.  Headed for the open sea.  
      West coast of Spitzbergen    
    07.35   Passed Kapp Alkhornet, headed for Ny-Ålesund.  
    08.00 ÄG 7595    
      NNE 2, Sea 1-2, blue sky, cloudy, 1011 mb    
    12.00 ÄG 7595 Day's run:  Surfaced        60 nm  
      N 3, Sea 2, blue sky, cloudy, 1011 mb                  Submerged      5 nm  
                                             65 nm  
    16.00 ÄG 7277    
      N 2-3, Sea 2, fog, overcast, 1013 mb    
    18.50   At Ny-Ålesund.  Settlement is abandoned.  Stored there are about 100 sacks of white flour, large quantities of canned fish, technical spare parts, etc.   London, [the settlement] across the sound, is also vacated.  
    20.08.44 West coast of Spitzbergen    
    03.08   Departed Ny-Ålesund for Kapp Bjørset to take on the provisions abandoned there as a reserve by assault troops.  
    04.00 ÄG 7287    
      NE 2-3, Sea 2, cloudy, (rain), 1003 mb    
    05.15 [Ast. = Abwehrstelle = local military intelligence center] Outgoing Radio Message (Officer-Only):  F.d.U. for Ast. Oslo from Herrle.  
Sun and Moon Data 19.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 20.08.44
- 12 -
    05.15   Outgoing Radio Message (Officer-Only):  F.d.U. for Ast. Oslo from Herrle.  
        Barentsburg unoccupied.  Heerodden anti-aircraft, emplacements Revneset demolished by assault troops.  Additionally for F.d.U. Van Mijenfjorden armed cutter demolished, Sveagruva destroyed.  
    11.25   Incoming Radio Message:  Group Trutz, Herrle from F.d.U.:  
        Weather aircraft reports 08.20 hours in AB 7857 1 cruiser, 3 destroyers, 2 corvettes course north, 20 knots.  
    12.00 ÄG 7823 Day's run:  Surfaced  169 nm  
      NW 1, Sea 1, cloudy, fog, 1002 mb    
    14.00   Reached Kapp Bjørset, rubber boat ashore.  
    14.55   Boat returns.  Headed for Harsynodden (South Spitzbergen).  
    16.00 ÄG 7829    
      Calm, overcast, mist (rain), 1001 mb    
    19.37   Incoming Radio Message:  Herrle, Group Trutz from F.d.U.:  
        1)  In AB 7850 reported cruiser formation may be heading for Spitzbergen or to screen a carrier.  2)  Herrle inform Schneehuhm.  
    20.00 ÄG 7897    
      WbyS 2, Sea 1-2, blue shy, mist, 1003 mb    
    21.08.44 West coast of Spitzbergen    
    00.00 AB 3273 Transit to Harsynodden.  
      W 4, Sea 3, overcast, mist, 1005 mb    
    04.00 AB 3269    
      NWbyW 4-5, Sea 3-4, overcast, 1005 mb    
    04.50   Off Harsnynodden.  
Sun and Moon Data 20.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 21.08.44
- 13 -
      Because of strongly freshening wind and increasing Sea State a landing by rubber boat is not possible according to the assault troops this task was not completed.  
    05.05   Departed for Bäreninsel [for site exploration at Ellahytta [a house on the southwest shore of Ella Lake Bjørnøya]  
      South of Spitzbergen    
    05.44   Outgoing Radio Message:  Main task completed, still Bäreninsel, request return transit via Hammerfest to pick up secret things and give over part of Schneehuhn equipment.  
                                                                       - Herrle -  
    08.00 AB 3618    
      NWbyW 5, Sea 4, overcast, cloudy, mist, 1008 mb    
    11.16   Incoming Radio Message:  Herrle, return transit Hammerfest, Narvik.  No landing on Bäreninsel. Report passing 76°N.  
                                                                       - F.d.U. -  
    12.00 AB 3922 Day's run:  Surfaced  259 nm  
      WbyN 5, Sea 4, overcast, rain, 1010 mb    
    12.22   Went to diesel-electric. 7 knots.  
    12.55   Outgoing Radio Message:  76° Latitude.  
                                                                       - U-307 -  
    13.59   Incoming Radio Message:  1)  Pietsch report if convoy certain, the units counted, or whether yesterday's cruiser group is possible.  2)  Herrle according to condition of boat and situation operation against convoy at own discretion.  
                                                                       - F.d.U. -  
      Given the very poor condition of the battery I decide not to operate on the convoy reported by Pietsch.  
    14.46 - 15.00 AB 3956 Test dive.  
    16.00 AB 3959    
      W 5/6, Sea 4, cloudy, drizzle, overcast, 1013 mb    
    16.15 AB 3959 Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 306T, 8 nm.  
Sun and Moon Data 21.08.44
- 14 -
    21.08.44 South of Spitzbergen    
    19.30   Passed the southern tip of Bäreninsel.  
    20.00 AB 6322    
      W 4-5, Sea 3-4, overcast, mist, 1015 mb    
    22.10   Outgoing Radio Message:  Position 30 hours off escort intake point.  
                                                                       - U-307 -  
    22.08.44 South of Bäreninsel    
    00.00 AB 6364    
      W 4, Sea 3, overcast, 1015 mb On return transit.  
    04.00 AB 6399    
      W 4, Sea 3, overcast, 1014 mb    
    08.00 AC 4442    
      WbyS 3, Sea 2, overcast, cloudy, (rain), 1014 mb    
    12.00 AC 4484 Day's run:  Surfaced       171 nm  
      WSW 3, Sea 2, cloudy, (passing showers), 1014 mb                  Submerged      1 nm  
                                           172 nm  
    16.00 AC 4729    
      SWbyS 3, Sea 2, cloudy, blue sky, 1014 mb    
    20.00 AC 7139    
      SSW 3-4, Sea 3, cloudy, mist, (rain), 1013 mb    
    23.05   Because up to now there has been no Radio Message concerning escort from U-boat base Hammerfest,  
        Outgoing Radio Message:  Position 4 hours off objective point.  
    23.08.44 North of Ingøy    
    00.00 AC 7248 Up to now no orders concerning convoy intake, therefore set off to sea again.  
      SW 2, Sea 2, cloudy, passing showers, 1012 mb  
    02.00   Headed for SR I.  
    03.05   Convoy intake at SR I  
Sun and Moon Data 21.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 22.08.44
Sun and Moon Data 23.08.44
- 15 -
    23.08.44 North of Ingøy    
        Remaining distance:  Surfaced      117 nm  
        Spitzbergen Fjords: Surfaced        216 nm  
                                      Submerged      68 nm  
                                total Surfaced     1315 nm  
                                total Submerged     36 nm  
                                                total    1752 nm  
                                 Of this Surfaced 1648 nm  
                                         Submerged  104 nm  
    06.30   Made fast in Hammerfest alongside "BLACK WATCH".  
    24.08.44 Hammerfest    
    15.50 - 17.30   Aircraft alarm.  Dived off Hammerfest.  
        Afterwards anchored off the net barrier "BLACK WATCH".  
    21.40   Weighed anchor, got underway.  
    22.25   Convoy intake at Håja, transit behind escort to Tromsø  
    07.15 Tromsø Released escort.  
    07.58   Pilot on board for transit to Lödingen.  Continued transit.  
    09.53   Incoming Radio Message:  Herrle from F.d.U.:  Do not interrupt relocation transit, come to Narvik without stopping. From Lödingen switch to base frequency 479 kHz and check in.  
    15.50 At Harstadt Aircraft!  Approaching from directly astern out of the haze, did not respond to Recognition Signal.  First turns after opening fore at range = 4000 meters, shoots Recognition Signal and was identified as a Ju 52.  
Sun and Moon Data 23.08.44
- 16 -
    19.00 Lödingen Disembarked pilot, switched to base frequency.  
    19.08   Outgoing Radio Message:  Passed Lödingen.  Herrle.  
    22.00   Entered Narvik, made fast alongside "STELLA POLARIS".  
      This patrol went according to plan, also for the purposes of the embarked assault troops. The attitude of the crew was positive despite the additional troops and narrow space conditions.  
        On board 26.8.44.  
                    Oberleutnant zur See and Kommandant.  


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                                                                           Enclosure 1 to F.D.U. Norwegen Gkdos - 4592 -
Comments of the "F.d.U. Norwegen"

on the K.T.B. of "U 307" from 12.7. to 25.8.44

1) Well executed landing operations by the experienced Kommandant.
2) To 7 August:  During the enemy patrol the Chief Engineer must not go ashore ! Behavior is reprimanded.
3) Success:  Mine and settlement at Syeagruva destroyed. Antiaircraft installations at Revneset destroyed in cooperation with Army assault troops, shot 1 armed boat on fire.

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