U-210 attacked and sunk by HMCS Assiniboine, August 6, 1942

        HMCS Assiniboine, escorting Convoy SC 94, sighted U-210 on the surface in poor visibility.  This series of photos was taken during a 25 min gun duel between the destroyer and the boat at close range.  Fire from the U-boat's 2 cm. gun started a fire in Assiniboine's forecastle which spread aft almost to the bridge.  The boat's entire bridge crew, including the C.O. Kapitänleutnant Lemcke, was killed by a direct hit from one of the destroyer's 4.7" guns to the conning tower.  U-210 attempted to submerge but surfaced quickly and the crew abandoned ship.  Assiniboine picked up 10 survivors and HMS Dianthus 28, six of which were later transferred to Assiniboine.






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Report on the Interrogation of the Survivors of U-210