U-202 - 6th War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason with the help of Ken Dunn

Days at Sea
27 May 1942
25 July 1942


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Ships Hit
KTB Time
22 Jun 42
12.34 - 12.38
39°03'N, 72°14'W
1 Jul 42
35°03'N, 70°54'W
 Total = 10,725
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

                                          Kriegstagebuch  U 202  
                              Kommandant:  Kapitänleutnant    L  i  n  d  e  r  
          Current Operations Order:   No.  50.  
        Beginning on 27.4.1942.  
                                                     Concluding on 25.7.1942.  
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    27.04.42 Brest, Shipyard Munitions offload, provisions offload, medical examination.  
    28.04.42   Muster for awarding of Iron Crosses by Flottille Chef.  
    29.04.42   Boat in dry dock V.  
    30.04. - 15.05.42   Work service.  Shipyard on board.  
    16.05.42   Undocked.  Shifted to Box 2.  
    17.05.42   Battery overcharge/equalization completed.  
    18.05.42   Pier side testing.  While shifting back into the box the port stern diving plane was damaged.  Boat dry docked again.  
    19. - 20.05.42   Repair of the diving plane.  
    21.05.42   Dummy torpedo loading.  
    08.05   Cast off.  Followed by dummy torpedo firing.  
    09.00   Made fast Box 2.  
    13.30   Shipyard trim test, afterwards radio direction finder calibration and degaussing.  
    23.05.42   Torpedo, ammunition, fuel and lubricating oil loading.  In the E-motor room the port motor was worked on, because the power consumption is different for the two armatures.    For this purpose the screw had to be rotated.  In so doing the propeller contacted the oil barge lying alongside.  
    24.05.42   Final adjustments.  
    25.05.42   Provisions loading.  
    26.05.42   Final trim test, afterwards another radio direction finder calibration, followed by AK cruise.  Afterwards dry docked to repair the propeller.  
    27.05.42   Fresh provisions loading.  
    13.00   Undocked.  
    18.54   Farewell to the crew by the Flottille Chef.  
    19.50   Put to sea from Brest.  
    20.00   Ran in convoy with Sperrbrecher 19.  
    20.15 SW 5, Sea 4-5, 6/10, +12°C, Vis. medium Passed the net and mine barrier.  
    02.50   Released from escort by the patrol boats at Point 32.  Main rudder had failed,  engaged hand ruder.  
Sun and Moon Data 27.05.42
Sun and Moon Data 28.05.42
    05.50 SW 4-5, Sea 4, 10/10, +12°C, 1005 mb, Vis. medium Penmarch Lighthouse abeam.  
    08.45   Taken in convoy at L 2.  
    11.05   Made fast Lorient A 4.  
    12.00   Day's run:  Surfaced 105.0 nm.  
    19.57   Cast off Lorient A 4.  
    20.10   Taken in convoy.  
    21.25   Released from convoy at L 2.  Ran on Route Bogenlampe.  
    24.00 SW 4, Sea 3, 2/10, +13°C, 1001 mb, Vis. good BF 5533 left edge upper.  
    04.00   BF 5551 lower left edge.  
    06.05 SW 3-4, medium Swell, 4/10, +12°C, 1019 mb, Vis. good BF 6547 lower-right.  Dived to proceed submerged.  
    08.00   BF 5571 upper-left.  
    12.00   BF 5496 upper-left corner.  Day's run:    Surfaced 97.5 nm  
                                                                   Submerged 13.9 nm.  
    16.00   BF 5494 lower-right corner.  
    18.32   Ruder failure.  Short in the electrical part.  Steered by hand ruder.  
    20.00   BF 5489 lower-right.  
    22.13   BF 5723 upper-left.  Surfaced.  
    24.00 W 3-4, medium Swell, 7/10, +14°C, 1018 mb, Vis. medium Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix from radio bearings 212°T, 16 nm.  
        BF 5743 lower-left  
    04.00   BF 4991 left edge lower.  
    06.53 WSW 3, medium Swell, 8/10, +13°C, 1017 mb, Vis. good BF 4978 lower edge right.  Dived to proceed submerged.  
    08.00   BF 7331 upper-center edge.  
    12.00   BF 7322 lower-right.  Day's run:        Surfaced 88.3 nm  
                                                              Submerged 36.4 nm.  
        Deep diving test to depth A +20 meters.  
    16.00   BF 7324 upper-center.  
    20.00   BF 7315 upper-right corner.  Main rudder in service again.  
    22.10   BF 7318 upper-left.  Surfaced.  
Sun and Moon Data 28.05.42
Sun and Moon Data 29.05.42
Sun and Moon Data 30.05.42
    24.00 W 2, Sea 2, 10/10, +14°C, 1018 mb, Vis. changing BF 7237 center.  
    04.00   BF 7138.  
    08.00 WNW 1-2, Sea 1, 10/10, +14°C BE 9339.  Am located just short of 12°W.  Am proceeding on the surface due to the good visibility.  
        Clouds are breaking up.  
    09.30   Passed 12°W.  
    10.00 Cloudless.    
    12.00 Fog, Vis. between 500 meters and 3 nm BE 9319 upper edge left.  Day's run:     Surfaced 157.2 nm  
                                                              Submerged   22.6 nm.  
        Proceeding further on the Great Circle route.  
    16.00   BE 9223 upper-left corner.  
    19.20   BE 6877 left edge lower.  U-boat in sight bearing 250°T, 8000 meters away.  Course east.  Exchanged recognition signals.  
    20.00 SSW 1, Sea 1, 10/10, +15°C, 1022 mb, Vis. good BE 6795 upper-center.  
    23.08   Passing report sent from square BE 67.  
    23.30   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  Linder reports his position from square BE 67.  
    24.00   BE 6748  
    04.00   BE 5952 center-left.  
    08.00 SSW 3, Sea 2-3, 1/10, +15°C, 1018 mb, Vis. good BE 5835 lower-right.  
    10.08   BE 5825 upper edge right.  
    10.42   Surfaced.  
    12.00   BE 5821 lower-left.  Day's run:       Surfaced 254.1 nm  
                                                              Submerged 1.4 nm.  
    16.00   BE 5498 lower-center.  
    19.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 286°T, 25 nm.  
    20.00 SSW 3, Sea 3, 5/10, +14°C, 1017 mb, Vis. good BE 4693 lower-center.  
    24.00   BE 4657 upper-left.  
    04.00   BE 4569 upper-left.  
    08.00 SW 3-4, Sea 3, 10/10, +13°C, 1013 mb, Vis. medium BE 4554.  
    10.30   BE 4541 lower edge right.  Crash dive for training.  
Sun and Moon Data 30.05.42
Sun and Moon Data 31.05.42
Sun and Moon Data 01.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 02.06.42
    10.50   Surfaced.  
    12.00   BE 4463 lower-left.   Day's run:    Surfaced 192.8 nm  
                                                             Submerged 0.8 nm.  
    16.00   BE 4452 left edge upper.  
    20.00 SW 2, Sea 1-2, 10/10, +15°C BD 6639 lower-left.  Steamer in sight bearing 150°T, 15000 meters away, course 50-60°.  Type like "SOPHIE RICKMERS".  The steamer is located in about BD 6666 upper-right.  
        Let go.  Reason:  
        1.)  Steamer runs exactly on Route Anton.  
        2.)  I have no time for a long hunt, have only 10 days to complete my special task, must still travel 2000 nm.  
    24.00   BD 6628 center-left edge.  
    04.00   BD 6539.  
    08.00 SW 1-2, Sea 1, 10/10, +14°C, 1015 mb, Vis. good BD 6527.  
    11.06   BD 6439 center-right.  Crash dive for training.  
    11.27   Surfaced  
    12.00   BD 6439 center-left.  Day's run:      Surfaced 182.2 nm  
                                                               Submerged 0.8 nm.  
    16.00   BD 6427 center-left.  
    20.00 NNE 1, Sea 1, 10/10, +14°C, 1013 mb, Vis. bad BD 5374 left edge upper.  
    24.00   BD 5284 upper-center.  
    01.40   BD 5275 left edge upper.  White light bearing 200°T.  Ran towards it.  
    02.30   Made out as a sailing vessel on course NW.  Closed to 300 meters.  Portuguese three-masted gaff schooner, sailing close to the wind on NW course.  Prescribed markings and lighting.  Not hindered.  His position is square BD 5277.  
    04.00   BD 5198 upper-left.  
    08.00 NW 2, Sea 2, 8/10, +12°C, 1017 mb, Vis. good BD 5178 upper-right.  
    12.00   BD 4389 upper-left.  Day's run:   Surfaced 224.1 nm.  
Sun and Moon Data 02.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 03.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 04.06.42
    16.00   BD 4299 lower-center.  
    20.00 WNW 2, Sea 1-2, 3/10, +14°C, 1023 mb, Vis. very good BD 4542 upper edge right.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 227°T, 21 nm.  
    24.00   BD 4453 center-left.  
    04.00   BD 6663 lower-right corner.  
    08.00 W 1, Sea 1, 8/10, +12°C, 1028 mb, Vis. good BC 6654.  
    12.00   BC 6564 lower-left.  Day's run:   Surfaced 221.4 nm.  
    12.38   Crash dive for training.  
    12.42 Cloudless, 1030 mb, +16°C, Vis. very good Surfaced.  Rubber boat prepared for training.  Over deck inspection completed.  
    16.00   BC 6549 upper-right.  
    20.00 SW 0-1, Sea 0, 1/10, +16°C, 1030 mb, Vis. very good BC 6458 upper-left corner.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 23°T, 3 nm.  
    24.00   BC 5694 upper-right.  
    04.00   BC 5911 lower-right.  
    08.00 SSE 1, Sea 1, 9/10, +9°C, 1024 mb, Vis. medium BC 5852 upper-left.  
    12.00   BC 5769 upper-left.  Day's run:      Surfaced 242.4 nm  
                                                               Submerged 0.8 nm.  
    16.00   BC 5767 upper-right corner.  
    20.00 SE 4, Sea 4, 10/10, +9°C, 1009 mb, fog, Vis. 200 to 1000 meters BC 7333 upper-left corner.  
    24.00   BC 7327 right edge lower.  
    04.00   BC 7346 upper-center edge.  
    08.00 S 3, Sea 3, +6°C, 999 mb, fog, Vis. 200 meters BC 7295 lower edge right.  
    12.00   BC 7537 lower-right.   Day's run:      Surfaced 223.7 nm.  
    13.34   BC 7564 upper-left.  Crash dive for training.  
    14.50   Surfaced.  
    16.00   BC 7559 lower edge right.  
    20.00 WSW 4, Sea 3, 10/10, +8°C, 1009 mb, Vis. medium BC 7825 lower edge left.  
    24.00   BC 7791 lower-center.  
Sun and Moon Data 04.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 05.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 06.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 07.06.42
    04.00   BC 7779 lower-left.  
    08.00 WSW 1-2, Sea 1, 3/10, +11°C, 1016 mb, Vis. good CC 2136.  
    12.00   CC 2151 center-left edge.  Day's run:  Surfaced 186.3 nm  
                                                                   Submerged 3.1 nm.  
    16.00   CC 1382 upper-center.  
    17.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 201°T, 21 nm.  
    20.00 SW 2, Sea 1, 4/10, +19°C, 1015 mb, Vis. good CC 1553 upper-left.  
    21.07   Short Signal to B.d.U.:  Fuel inventory 82 cbm.  
        Not acknowledged.  
    23.18   Short Signal sent again and understood.  
    24.00   CC 1468 lower-left.  
    04.00   CC 1475 left edge lower.  
    08.00 SW 1-2, Sea 1, 10/10, +18°C, 1014 mb, Vis. between 1 and 10 nm CB 3924 upper-right corner.  
    10.38   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  Dietrichs immediately report weather, Linder immediately report position.  
    11.37   Short Signal to B.d.U.:  My position is square CB 3921.  
    12.00   CB 3861 upper-right.    Day's run:  Surfaced 254.6 nm.  
    12.08 Fog, Vis. 200 meters Dived due to fog.  
    16.00   CB 3852 right edge lower.  Surfaced.  
    16.12   Dived due to fog.  
    20.00 N 2, Sea 1, 10/10, +16°C, 1013 mb, Vis. changing CB 3851 lower-left.  Surfaced.  
    24.00 Visibility was better. CB 3753 lower-right.  
    01.55   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  To Linder:  Boat is not proceeding at economical speed.  Bad fuel utilization!  
                Speed was adjusted so that the Special Task  can be completed on the appointed day ordered in B.d.U. Gkdos 2090 A 2 of 23 May 42.  To meet this deadline, had to run at average cruising speed.  
Sun and Moon Data 08.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 09.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 10.06.42
    04.00   CB 3741 lower-left.  
    08.00 WNW 0-1, Sea 0, cloudless, +14°C, 1017 mb, Vis. medium CB 2951 lower-left corner.  
    12.00   CB 2853 lower-center.  Day's run:     Surfaced 151.8 nm  
                                                                Submerged 16.7 nm.  
    16.00 --, --, cloudless, +25°C, 1017 mb, Vis. very good CB 2762 right edge lower.  
    20.00   CB 2742 lower-center.  
    22.38   CB 1962 lower-left.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 320°T, course about east, very great range.  Type not distinguished.  
    23.50   Surfaced.  
    24.00 SSW 1, Sea --, 2/10, +24°C, 1015 mb, Vis. very good CB 1965 lower-center.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 110°T, 13 nm.  
    04.00   CB 1946 right edge lower.  
    08.00   CB 1859 lower-center edge.  
    12.00 SW 1, Sea 1, +16°C, 1012 mb, fog, Vis. 200 meters CB 1796 upper-left corner.  Day's run:  Surfaced 226.9 nm  
                                                                   Submerged 3.2 nm.  
    15.40   CB 1779 upper-left.  Dived due to fog.  
    18.11   Surfaced.  
    18.24   Dived again.  
    19.54   Surfaced.  
    20.00 SSW 0-1, Sea -, +13°C, 1011 mb, Vis. 200 meters CB 1777.  
    20.54   Dived due to fog.  
    22.25   CA 3999.  Surfaced.  
    23.06   Dived.  
    24.00   CA 3999 left edge lower.  
    00.53   Surfaced.  Continued on the surface despite fog and very bad visibility because I will lose too much time and will not arrive at the correct time.  
    04.00   CA 3989 lower edge right.  
    08.00 SSW 1, Sea 0-1, 3/10, +16°C, 1010 mb, Vis. 300 meters CA 6234 upper edge left  
    10.32   CA 6215 lower-right.  Dived due to fog.  
Sun and Moon Data 10.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 11.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 12.06.42
    12.00   CA 6215 lower-left.  Day's run:     Surfaced 137.3 nm  
                                                            Submerged 22.4 nm.  
    14.47   Surfaced.  
    15.00   Dived due to fog.  
    16.00   CA 6136 lower-center.  
    19.23   Surfaced.  
    20.00 WbyS 1, Sea -, 5/10, +17°C, 1007 mb, Vis. bad CA 6134.  
    24.00   CA 2951 lower-right.  
    00.50   Dived.  I will proceed submerged up to the 20-meter line and then remain on the bottom there until darkness.  
    02.55   Boat touched bottom in 23 meters in square CA 2925 lower-right.   
    05.06   Boat raised from the bottom and surfaced.  Ran towards the coast with E-motors LF unblown, over deck about 20 cm above the water.  I run well in this condition until the boat touches bottom, then, when the task is completed, blow and run off.  
    05.52   Boat touches bottom in square CA 2925 upper center.  
    06.05 Vis. about 100 meters Nothing is seen of the shore, however the surf can be heard easily.  The [rubber] boat must run by sound bearings to the shore. Have a line attached to [the rubber boat] to retrieve it back on board.  Launched the rubber boat.  
    06.35   Rubber boat is back.  On the shore, a man came with a light, but was apparently reassured by the people.  Meanwhile, the boat has been set higher than intended on the beach by the slight swell. It has turned to a heading of 235°, so roughly parallel to the shore.  Land cannot be seen.  Blew and tried to come free with E-motors.  No success.  The boat is too stuck.  Flooded again, so as not to get still higher on the beach.  Now try the same maneuver (blowing out with air and back AK) at the risk of being heard on land with the diesels.  
Sun and Moon Data 12.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 13.06.42
                                                       This maneuver is also unsuccessful.  However, succeeds in the following: turning the boat on course by [Baksen - not understood word] to a heading of 130° with the bow seaward.  
    07.00         The fog is lighter.  Land comes in sight.  I lie about 200 meters from the shore close to the radio station at Amagansett. So despite the fog I am only about 1 nm to the east of the ordered landing point.  On the beach can be seen: a house, to its left a sort of tower (probably the beacon), still further to the left a bit behind the coast on a hill, the radio station with two masts.  But now it is gradually getting lively on land. Cars driving back and forth, but not stopping at the landing site.  A dog barks loudly and persistently.  At times, bursts of machine guns but from quite far.   For this purpose lively spotlights play at the radio station, and at three other points on the island.  However, they remain ineffective because visibility in fog is still about 600 meters.  The sector above is free down to about 30° all around the horizon.  Within it starry sky. The searchlights are all working above, but do not penetrate because of the ground fog.  I suspect that either our AK maneuver with the diesels was heard, and was taken for aircraft noise, or that something seemed not right to the man with the light, and he made a report to a watch.  
              The boat lies with about a 40° list, quite still and dry.  Low water is at 08:14 hours.  Then I must make a last attempt on the ebb flooding tide.   Meanwhile, pumped with compressed air.  The boat is prepared for demolition and the crew is ready to disembark.  Radio Message with report is ready to send.  There is only a slight hope.  Most grueling is the helpless feeling waiting for the accumulating water.  All tanks are pumped except for fuel bunkers.  Torpedoes are still in the boat.  
    09.00         The water comes slowly - however in an hour it will be bright then I must be away or carry out demolition.   So now a final attempt.  Blew all ballast tanks with the last air, both diesels ahead 3 x AK with the E-motors switched in.  
    09.10         T h e   b o a t   m a k e s   a    l i t t l e   p r o g r e s s    w i t h   e a c h   s w e l l   and is free of the bottom after about 4 tries!  Hurrah!!  Elation in the boat.  But now must get away while it is still dark!  On land we were apparently not noticed.  All the hustle and bustle is not taking place right on the coast, but in the background.  
              The boat was made ready for diving.  Tank fillings established.  I still have 35 kg. of compressed air in the bottles. The visibility is better, about 4000 meters. That was the utmost and final time for us to get away,  
Sun and Moon Data 13.06.42
        otherwise we could march along at tomorrow's Flag Day parade in New York! The diesel saved us, they achieved the previously unreached power of 520 revolutions per minute.  
    10.50 --, --, 2/10, +19°C, 1005 mb, Vis. medium CA 2964 upper-center.  Dived.  Balanced the boat.  Initially continued further submerged, the crew needs some rest.  The nervous strain of the last hours was too great!  The attitude of the entire crew was outstanding!  
    12.00   CA 2964 center-right.  Day's run:     Surfaced 98.2 nm  
                                                             Submerged 25.3 nm.  
    16.00   CA 2969 center-left.  
    17.00   Surfaced.  Visibility about 5000 meters.  
    18.45 SSE 1, Sea 1, +20°C, 1005 mb, fog, Vis. 300 meters CA 3775 upper-center.  Dived due to fog.  
    20.00   CA 3775 lower-right.  
    23.07   Surfaced.  
    24.00 SSE 1, Sea 1, 4/10, +20°C, 1003 mb, Vis. good CA 6121 upper edge left.  
    03.25   Short Signal concerning the special task to B.d.U. sent and understood.  
    03.53   Confirmation of the Short Signal.  
    04.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 175°T, 6.5 nm, CA 6168 right edge upper.  
    08.00   CA 6279 upper-right.  
    11.47   Radio Message from B.d.U. (10.40 hours) not decoded.  
    12.00 SSE 1-2, Sea 1, 3/10, +21°C, Vis. good CA 6537 center-right.  Day's run:     Surfaced 123.0 nm  
                                                            Submerged 19.3 nm.  
    15.00   Radio Message from B.d.U. decoded:  
        1.)  Linder and Liebe free to maneuver in sea area west of the longitude and north of the latitude of square CA 6999.  Focal point square 27 [New York].  Go at the new moon!  
        2.)  Poske free to maneuver.  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    16.00   CA 6647 right edge lower.  
    17.30   CA 6673 lower-left.  Large object bearing 125°T 6000 meters away.  Ran towards.  
    17.40   Dived, to look at the object in detail.  In the GHG propeller sounds bearing 70°T, 110 RPM.  
Sun and Moon Data 13.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 14.06.42
        Possibly a submerged U-boat, because only pronounced propeller beats, however no propulsion machinery heard.  So at first caution.  
    19.20   Surfaced.  The object in question is a large iron cylinder, about 8 meters long, diameter 2.5 meters.  Sank by gunfire.  White smoke comes from the shell holes.  Pursued the propeller sounds just heard.  It disappeared to the north shifting out to 35°T.  
    20.00 S 0-1, Sea 1, 2/10, +26°C, 1001 mb, Vis. good CA 6649.  
    20.52   Dived to listen because up to now nothing is in sight.  The sounds now bear 95°T, shifting to the south.  
    21.17   Surfaced.  Pursued for an hour.  
    22.15   Nothing seen.  Broke search off because it is possible that it may be self noise.  
    24.00   CA 6664.  
    00.34                                                  Radio Message to B.d.U.:  Appendicitis case. Today is the eighth day.  Fever up to 39° rising.  Today 39.7°.  Only occasional moderate pain.  Pulse strong 115.  So far, only opium and ice packs.  Abdomen soft, limited small hard painful area. Good general condition, Mech.Gef. Zimmermann.  No more opium on board.  
                                                                - Linder -  
    04.00 SE 4, Sea 3, 5/10, +23°C, 100 mb, Vis. medium CA 6668 lower edge left.  
    05.40   Radio Message to Linder:  After eight days rupture danger is over.  Tea diet, ice packs, opium now useless.  Thinking of an incarcerated hernia.  
                                                     - Flottillenarzt 1.U-Flottille. -  
    06.00   The patient has strong pain.  The boat lies uneasily.  Give morphine for the first time.  Go for a few hours on a calm course.  
    08.00   CA 6669 lower-center edge.  
    12.00 SSW, Swell 3, 9/10, +23°C, 999 mb, Vis. good CA 4447 upper edge left.  Day's run:   Surfaced 167.3 nm  
                                                                  Submerged 5.3 nm.  
    16.00   CA 6932 upper-right.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 60°T, 10 nm.  
    20.00   CA 6685 right edge lower.  The patient is substantially better.  The crisis seems over.  
Sun and Moon Data 14.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 15.06.42
    24.00 W 3-4, Sea 3, 10/10, +20°C, 1003 mb, Vis. moderate CA 6614 upper edge right.  
    04.00   CA 6583 center-right.  
    08.00   CA 6548.  
    12.00 NW 2, Sea 1-2, 0/10, +19°C, 1007 mb, Vis. good CA 6464 left edge lower.  Day's run:   Surfaced 164.2 nm.  
    14.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 285°T. 11 nm.  
    14.28   CA 6454 upper-right.  Crash dive for training.  
    15.13   Surfaced.  
    16.00   CA 6442 lower-right.  
    18.44 WNW 2, Sea 2, 2/10, +22°C, 1009 mb, Vis. very good CA 5637 left edge lower.  Smoke cloud in sight bearing 295.  Pursued.  Recognized as a steamer.  Target angle bow left 150°, course 310°.  Therefore for New York.  Speed 12 knots.  Ran towards.  
    20.00   CA 5625.  
    20.53   CA 5622 lower-left.  Crash dive for 2 aircraft bearing 30°T, far off, initial course 270°, then to target angle 0°.  
    22.46 W 1, Sea 1-2, 2/10, +20°C, 1009 mb, Vis. very good Surfaced.  Steamer and smoke cloud out of sight.  Did not pursue further because the steamer will be at Sandy Hook in about 8 hours and I can only attack first then if I do not have to dive before an aircraft again.  
    24.00   CA 5619 upper-center edge.  
    04.00   CA 5585 upper-left.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 230°T, 16 nm.  
    08.00   CA 5813 left edge lower.  
    12.00 S 1, Sea 0-1, 7/10, +22°C, 1010 mb, Vis. medium CA 5766 left edge lower.  Day's run:   Surfaced 166.6 nm  
                                                                 Submerged 6.6 nm.  
    12.43   CA 5768.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 90°T, course 200°, very far off.  Type not recognized.  Remained submerged for a while because I an close under the coast.  
    16.00   CA 5769.  
    17.07   Surfaced.  
    20.00 SSE 1, Sea 1, 2/10, +25°C, 1008 mb, Vis. good CA 5857 center-right.  
    24.00   CA 5971 center-left edge.  
Sun and Moon Data 15.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 16.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 17.06.42
    00.46   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  1.)  For boats in the area of the North American coast including von Bülow no supply is possible.  2.)  Degen free to maneuver.  Move off if required.  
    04.00   CA 5982 center-right.  
    08.00 SW 1, Sea 1, 9/10, +24°C, 1007 mb, Vis. medium, Heavy lightening in the south CA 6771 center-left.  
    12.00   CA 6782 center-right.       Day's run:   Surfaced 150.9 nm  
                                                                  Submerged 10.9 nm.  
    16.00   CA 6871 center-right edge.  
    20.00 SSW 2, Sea 2, 5/10, +27°C, 1005 mb, Vis. medium CA 6882 center-left.  
    22.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 88°T, 31.8 nm.  
    24.00   CA 6947 lower-center.  
    04.00   CA 6856 lower-right.  
    08.00 NW 1-2, Sea 1, --, +22°C, 1008 mb, Vis. medium CA 6842.  
    12.00   CA 6737 upper-left.       Day's run:   Surfaced 161.0 nm.  
    15.27   CA 6713.  Crash dive for training.  
    15.48   Surfaced.  
    16.00   CA 6713 upper-center.  
    17.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 96°T, 62 nm.  
    20.00 W 1-2, Sea 1, 5/10, +27°C, 1008 mb, Vis. good CA 6574 center-left.  
    24.00   CA 6456 center-right.  
    01.42   CA 6452 upper-left.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 50°T, target angle 90°, course 310°, altitude 800 meters, 1000 meters away, came out of the clouds.  Boeing B 17.  Was not noticed!  
    03.09   Surfaced.  
    04.00   CA 6451 upper-center.  
    08.00 SSW 0-1, Sea 1, 9/10, +23°C, Vis. bad CA 6419 lower-right.  
    10.35   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  To all U-boats off the North American coast:  Traffic situation in area CA 79 in accordance with Radio Message from Degen again quite favorable.  Boats  
Sun and Moon Data 18.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 19.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 20.06.42
        occupy this area, as long as fuel allows.  And report this with "Yes" by Short Signal.  
        I can no longer run in this area without supply.  So will remain here.  
    12.00   CA 6415 left edge upper.   Day's run:   Surfaced 116.1 nm  
                                                                     Submerged 4.5 nm.  
    12.55   Dived due to fog.  
    16.00   CA 5399 lower-edge right.  
    16.36   Surfaced.  
    16.57   CA 5399.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 130°T, target angle right 50°, course 260°, 4000 meters away, fast land-based aircraft.  
    20.00   CA 5395 lower-center.  Surfaced.  
    22.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 301°T, 30 nm.  
    24.00 SW 0-1, Sea 1, --, +23°C, 1005 mb, Vis. medium CA 5263 lower-left.  
    00.24   CA 5262 lower-right.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 10°T, target angle 10°, course 180°, 4000 meters away.  
        I want to run close under land tonight and then lie on the bottom there.  Perhaps there is more traffic there than here.  I have now searched the route from New York in the Supplement to the Operations Order long and thoroughly without finding any traffic running here.  
    04.00   CA 5261 lower-right.  
    04.11   Surfaced.  
    06.20   Fishing flotilla of about 8 vessels with lights bearing 225°T, (CA 5253 left edge lower).  Avoided.  
    06.48   Radio Message from B.d.U. concerning expansion of the blockade area.  
    08.00 S 1, Sea 0-1, +21°C, 1006 mb, Vis. medium CA 5252 upper-center  
    10.43   CA 5245 center-right.  Dived.  Ran submerged up to the 30-meter line.  
    12.00   CA 5245.   Day's run:       Surfaced 81.7 nm  
                                              Submerged 22.6 nm.  
    14.32   Boat put on the bottom depth 30 meters.  Listening watch.  Then remained lying the rest of the day.  
Sun and Moon Data 20.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 21.06.42
    03.00   Nothing heard up to now.  Raised the boat from the bottom.  Ran off further, cannot remain here.  It is a very bright moonlit night, with only about 2-3 hours of darkness.  
    04.00   CA 5245 lower-left.  
    05.52   CA 5246 lower-left corner.  Surfaced.  
    08.00 --, --, --, +21°C, 1006 mb, hazy, Vis. medium CA 5294 center-left.  
    10.45   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  1.)  Linder and Deecke go to naval square 79.  Return transit first with 25 cbm.  Inventory required.  Supply now possible.  
        2.)  Fuel economy of Deecke is bad.  There is no reason for high consumption.  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    11.24   CA 5627 lower-center.  Smoke cloud bearing 330°T.  A steamer comes out of the haze on the horizon already high out.  Bow right target angle 10°, course 140°.  
    11.45   Dived for submerged attack.  
    11.48   Torpedo Weapons and Action Stations.  
    11.57   Tubes 1 to 5 are ready.  
    12.00   CA 5627 lower edge right.  Day's run:  Surfaced 62.8 nm  
                                                                 Submerged 15.7 nm.  
        The steamer comes out completely, he does not zig zag, I must however shoot from long range, because I cannot get any closer.  
    12.34 Wind calm, W 0-1, +20°C, cloudless, hazy horizon, 1006 mb, Vis. good Three fan from tube I, II, IV fire!  Shooting data:  Bow right, target angle 80°, speed 11 knots, range = 2000 meters, spread angle 2, depth 3 meters, aim point center.  
    12.38 CA 5627 Hit after 4 minutes 43 seconds = 4350 meters.  Hit center.  High detonation cloud, afterwards white smoke from the boiler room.  Ran closer.  Steamer does not even have a flag, additionally no special markings.  Armament not recognized.  Steamer sets no boats out, but rather slowly turns towards me.  Is it a trap?  I had better give him a coup de grace.  Except for the smoke no effect from the shot is noticed.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.06.42
    12.50   Coup de grace from tube III.  Without lead angle.  Just when the torpedo left the tube the steamer settles heavily by the stern and sinks quickly over the stern post, before the coup de grace arrives.  Now 2 boats are seen, which apparently were put to the water on the hit lee side.  
    12.59   Surfaced.  Ran to the boats.  At the sinking location a great number of rolls or bales, apparently paper rolls.  
    13.12   The Captain is taken aboard out of a boat.  The steamer is said to be "RIO TERCERO", ex "PORTUNSTELLA", with 4864 GRT.  In the Spring of 1940 was supposedly purchased by the Argentineans from the Italians.  According to the log it proceeds (the other cargo papers are sunk) since the beginning of the year between Buenos Aires and New York.   
        On 20 January from Buenos Aires to New York  
          "  22 February  "    New York to Boston  
          "  1 March        "    Boston to New York  
          "  21 March      "    New York to Buenos Aires  
          "  20 May         "    Buenos Aires to New York  
          "  22 June         "    New York to Buenos Aires.  
                This steamer seems to me perfectly to drive in enemy service.  Cannot get much from the Captain's statement he can speak neither English nor French, and we are not Portuguese.  The steamer was loaded with 3000 tons of coal and piece goods, among them machine parts.  What he brought to New York cannot be determined.   Because the steamer has a cooling device according to Gröner, it probably brought meat to USA.  
                Because the Captain was an Argentinean, I did not take him prisoner, instead let him climb into his boat again.  
    13.55   Captain debarked.  Have just left the two boats, all waving enthusiastically, because an aircraft at target angle 0° and low altitude is spotted coming out of the haze.  Crash dive!  
Sun and Moon Data 22.06.42
    14.02   4 aircraft bombs at depth A meters.  Well placed, however too high.  No damage.  It was a three-engined land-based aircraft.  Initially moved off.  
    16.00   CA 5652 upper right.  
    16.21 to 19.10   The aircraft seems to throw bombs randomly.  A total of 15 detonations at great range heard.  
    20.00   CA 5656 lower-center.  
    20.17   Surfaced.  
    20.52   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  1.)  . . .  
                                                      2.)  . . .  
                                                      3.)  Linder and U-67 report situation tonight.  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    23.30   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 205°T, 11 nm.  
    24.00 ESE 1, Sea 1, 2/10, +25°C, 1006 mb, Vis. good CA 5936.  
    02.12   Radio Message to B.d.U.:    Situation:  
1.) No traffic close under the coast, medium air, no sea patrol.
2.) Today a steamer proceeding independently sunk.  Argentinean "RIO TERCERO", ex "PORTUNSTELLA".  Cyclic traffic New York - Buenos Aires.  Without flag and neutral markings.
3.) Still 8 plus 2 torpedoes, 50 cbm.  CA 5935.
4.) Sun haze, bright moonlit night.  S 1, Sea 1, +24°C, 1007 mb, steady.
5.) Appendix healed.
6.) Am missing Serial Number 227 of 15 June, 54 to 56 of 20 June.
                                                                - Linder -  
    03.00   CA 5966 right edge upper.  
    04.00   CA 6744 center-left edge.  
    07.12   Surfaced.  
    08.00 SSE 1, Sea 0, 2/10, +26°C, 1006 mb, Vis. moderate CA 6772 center-right.  I intend to run to the level of Cape Hatteras on course 130°, because apparently traffic runs to and from New York here.  From there I will advance as far as possible to land.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 23.06.42
    12.00   CA 9125 center-right.  Day's run:      Surfaced 103.2 nm  
                                                               Submerged 28.0 nm.  
    16.00   CA 9168 upper-right.  
    17.51   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  Linder, Liebe, operate north of the latitude of square CA 7950, Degen, Deecke, Bülow south there from.  If at all possible, close under the coast.  By day on the bottom, nights attack submerged, traffic still runs as before close to square 7950.  Focal point of the attacks here.  Stay tough.  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    20.00   CA 9511  
    22.00 SW 4, Sea 3, 5/10, +28°C, 1005 mb, Vis. good CA 9516 upper-center.  Steamer bearing 80°T, bow left target angle 70 - 90°.  9 nm away.  Began maneuver ahead.  
    22.30   Steamer makes small zig zags.  General course 315°.  Large passenger steamer, 2 masts, 1 smokestack, white paint yellow masts.  
    22.50 Heavy lightening all around, rain squalls Steamer lost from sight in rain.  
    23.54   Steamer again in sight.  Approached too near, angled off a bit.  
    23.54   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  To Linder:  Immediately report:  
        1.)  Time and location of the sinking.  
        2.)  Visibility conditions.  
        3.)  Course and behavior of the steamer.  
        4.)  Was it recognized as Argentinean and as "RIO TERCERO"?  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    24.00 SSW 2, Sea 2, 8/10, +28°C, 1005 mb, Vis. good, rain showers CA 9182.  The steamer runs at 14-15 knots.  Get ahead only slowly despite highest speed.  Supercharger of the starboard diesel has failed, repairs by onboard means are not possible.  Switch in starboard E-motor somewhat to maintain RPM.  In doing so the diesel smokes heavily.  
    00.45   Steamer again out of sight.  
    01.09   Steamer in sight.  
    02.18   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  For all boats in the area of square CA 79 including Berger possibility of supply is likely.  Further details follow.  Nevertheless  
Sun and Moon Data 23.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 24.06.42
        conserve fuel.  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    02.30   CA 9154 upper-left.  Steamer sets lights!  Is now fabulously illuminated.  Big disappointment.  But in any case I will consider him a little closer.  
    03.00   I am positioned just ahead of the steamer and run on the favorable horizon in the NE.  Have a four-fan ready to shoot at the slightest suspicious behavior.  
    03.30   Ran towards.  
    03.34 WSW 2, Sea 2, 10/10, +25°C Fan cancelled!  At range = 1000 meters apparently I am sighted by the steamer.  He illuminated the already easily recognizable Portuguese colors even more with spot lights.  All promenade decks, boat deck and all port holes are brightly lit.  Steamer stops.  I run to 500 meters.  He's smaller than I initially thought, about 10,000 GRT.  Markings are clearly visible.  
    03.39   Torpedo tubes secured.  Ran again off to the SE.  Unfortunately I do not have the name, however I believe that large Morse traffic in this area is not prudent.  Anyway, he displayed the behavior of a good conscience!  It must be the Portuguese "SERPA PINTO" which is announced later. Type is "NYASSA".  
    02.18   Radio Message to B.d.U.:  
        To 1.)  Naval square CA 5627 on 22 June 12.38 hours.  
          "  2.)  Good visibility, hazy horizon.  
          "  3.)  Course 135°, without zig zag.  
          "  4.)  After statement the Captain was subsequently released.  
                                                                - Linder -  
    04.00   CA 9151 upper edge right.  
    04.15   Steamer out of sight.  
    08.00 S 1, Sea 1, 9/10, +25°C, 1006 mb, Vis. moderate, lightening with St. Elmo's Fire on the rod antenna, machine guns. CA 9191 lower-right  
    12.00   CA 9514 lower-right.  Day's run:  Surfaced 217.6 nm.  
    16.00   CA 9554 lower-left corner.  
Sun and Moon Data 24.06.42
        In the Radio Message from B.d.U. of 01.44 hours more details are announced concerning supply, I am somewhat short from yesterday's hunt.  For the moment will remain here so as not to waste fuel in case no supply is possible. But I ask again in any case.  
    17.25   Radio Message to B.d.U.:  1.)  Yesterday 10000 GRT passenger steamer type "NYASSA" hunted from naval square CA 9516 to 9127, 14 knots, course 320°.  Sets lights at darkness.  Closed to 500 meters.  Portuguese markings.  Believe misuse of flag unlikely.  Possibly Portuguese?  
        2.)  Still 44 cbm.  Request decision on supply otherwise return transit.  
        3.)  NNW 2, Sea 2, overcast, 1006 mb, Vis. medium.  
        4.)  Am missing Serial No. 281.  
                                                                - Linder -  
    20.00   CA 9589 center-right.  
    21.22   CA 9831 lower-right.  Crash dive for training.  
    21.51   Surfaced.  
    24.00 NE 3, Sea 3, 10/10, +23°C, 1005 mb, Vis. bad CA 9839 lower-center.  
    01.20   Because no decision regarding supply had been received, I presume that it is certain.  Advance course west for Hatteras.  
    04.00   CA 9865 upper-center.  
    08.00   CA 9833 upper-right corner.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 49°T, 36 nm.  
    12.00 NW 2, Sea 1, 0/10, +24°C, 1014 mb, Vis. good CA 9823 upper-center.  Day's run:     Surfaced 140.7 nm  
                                                                 Submerged 1.3 nm.  
    16.00   CA 9813 upper-left.  
    20.00   CA 9732 upper-center.  
    22.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 301°T, 10 nm.  
    20.00   CA 9488 center-left edge.  Single high mast with one smokestack in sight.  Before the mast a short forecastle is occasionally visible.  Bow left target angle 10°.  Course 130°.  Destroyer possible.  Still take position ahead target angle 0°.  
    20.39 --, --, --, +29°C, 1019 mb, Vis. good CA 9488 center-left edge.  Dived to attack.  
Sun and Moon Data 24.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 25.06.42
        After diving no sound bearings.  In the periscope still nothing seen.  
    22.00   Very faint sound bearing.  In the periscope still nothing.  Will surface immediately to look.  
    22.39   Surfaced.  The horizon is clear.  Pursued.  Perhaps the vessel turned on opposite course and went back.  Confusion between acute and obtuse target angle is precluded, target angle 10° was observed perfectly.  
    24.00   CA 9479 right edge upper.  
    01.00   Nothing more comes in sight.  Break off search.  Continue westerly advance.  
    04.00   CA 8932 upper-center.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 200°T, 8 nm.  
    08.00 --, --, --, +25°C, 1021 mb CA 8921 upper-right.  
    12.00   CA 8833 left edge upper.  Day's run:   Surfaced 156.9 nm  
                                                                    Submerged 2.8 nm.  
    16.00   CA 8821 upper-right.  
    16.45   CA 8813 right edge upper.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 300°T, target angle 0°, course 120°, 14000 meters away, land-based aircraft.  
    18.28   Surfaced.  
    18.44   CA 8813 left edge upper.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 80°T, course 290°, 12000 meters away.  Land-based aircraft.  There seems to be something good here!  
    20.00   CA 8813 right edge upper.  
    22.49   Surfaced.  
    24.00 ESE 1-2, Sea 1, 0/10, +28°C, 1021 mb, Vis. very good CA 8588 lower-right.  
    00.42   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  1.)  Hold contact.  2.)  Boats positioned favorably report Yes by Short Signal if operating on Bülow report.  
        Must wait for a while, because this message has not yet arrived because of the two crash dives.  
    04.00   CA 8635 left edge lower.  
    04.39   Radio Message from Bülow received:  26 June CA 9570 steamer and escort course 320°.  Forced to submerge by 4-smokestack destroyer.  A few depth charges, 2 hour listening pursuit.  Suspect convoy.  
Sun and Moon Data 25.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 26.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 27.06.42
        No contact due to fuel.  - Bülow -  
        Ah ha! I am positioned very favorably, must have the convoy in about 6 hours, if it really exists!  
    05.12   Came to intercept course 340°.  
    05.42 Very bright moonlit night Short Signal to B.d.U.:  1.)  Yes.  2.)  Report enemy speed.  
    06.22   Short Signal confirmed.  
    08.00 NNE 1-2, Sea 1, 7/10, +27°C CA 8364 lower-left.  Good visibility.  
    08.52   Radio Message from Bülow:  To Linder:  Enemy speed probably 10 knots.  - Bülow -  
                                                       I have also calculated at this speed.  However, if it's really a convoy, it will run a maximum of 8 to 9 knots, then I am already positioned with my course at the meeting point ahead of him.  If it is faster than 10 knots, I cannot catch it in time to still get ahead to attack.  
    12.00   CA 5957 upper-left.  Day's run:     Surfaced 177.6 nm  
                                                            Submerged 15.6 nm.  
    12.19   Positioned at meeting point.  Nothing seen.  Advance still 1/2 hour to the north.  
    12.45                                                  Broke off hunt.  Ahead of me nothing is seen.  I will still run against the convoy for now, maybe it's even slower than 8 knots.  
    16.00 SE 2, Sea 1, 10/10, +20°C, 1023 mb, Vis. good, drizzle CA 5983 lower-right.  
    20.00   CA 8336 lower-right corner.  
    24.00   CA 9149 upper-center.  
    04.00   CA 9189 center-left edge.  
    06.30   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 72°T, 47 nm.  
    07.04   Radio Message from Deecke:  Convoy CA 8789.  2 steamers, 2 destroyers, 10 knots, course north.  
        That is not for me, the position is too unfavorable.  
    08.00   CA 9526 upper-right corner.  
    09.00   CA 9537 upper edge right.  Light bearing 90°T.  Steamer on course 320° distinguished.  At about 1000 meters the Swiss flag and marking on the hull "Switzerland" recognized.  Not illuminated.  
    11.00   Steamer out of sight.  
    12.00 NE 1, Sea 1, 0/10, +24°C, 1019 mb, Vis. good CA 9641 upper-right.  Surfaced 182 nm.  
Sun and Moon Data 27.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 28.06.42
    12.30   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  Boats at Hatteras that are positioned favorably to operate on Deecke-convoy report by Short Signal "Yes" whether contact keeper reports are requested.  
    13.28   Radio Message from Deecke:  (08.40 hours) out of sight in CA 8762 at 15 knots.  Visibility only 3 nm, heavy haze, mirror flat sea.  Apparently a large zig zag for Hatteras.  No sound bearings.  - Deecke -  
        It is good that I did not begin to operate on the enemy.  The speed of 10 knots seemed unlikely to me for such a convoy from the beginning.  
    14.21   CA 9648 center-right edge.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 220°T, target angle 20°, course 20°, 4000 meters away, land-based aircraft.  
    15.27   Surfaced.  
    16.00   CA 9673 upper-center.  
    18.00   CA 9684 drifting lifeboat, empty.  Without name, only with No. "4".  Destroyed by ramming.  
    20.00 ENE 1, Sea 1, 0/10, +27°C, 1019 mb, Vis. very good CA 9923 center-left.  
    24.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 185°T, 20 nm.  CA 9983 lower-right.  
    01.00   CA 9982 lower-center.  Drifting life raft, empty.  Destroyed by ramming.  
    04.00   CA 9972 lower-left.  
    08.00   CA 9944 lower edge left.  
    12.00 E 0, Sea 0-1, 6/10, +24°C, 1017 mb, Vis. very good CA 9924 upper-left.  Day's run:    Surfaced 174.5 nm  
                                                           Submerged 3.3 nm.  
    16.00   CA 9691 left edge upper.  Ran again to the west.  
    16.28   CA 9667 lower-center.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 340°T.  Target angle right 60°, course 100°, great range, type not recognized.  
    17.39   Surfaced.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 215°T, 8 nm.  
    20.00 E 2, Sea 1, 0/10, +27°C, 1-019 mb, Vis. very good CA 9681 lower-right.  
    24.00   CA 9592 lower-right.  
    02.30   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 338°T, 28 nm.  
    04.00   CA 9518 upper-right.  
Sun and Moon Data 28.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 29.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 30.06.42
    08.00 E 0-1, Sea 0, 5/10, +26°C, 1019 mb, Vis. very good CA 9437 upper-center.  
    12.00   CA 9449 upper-left   Day's run:  Surfaced      170.5 nm  
                                                          Submerged      3.0 nm.  
    16.00   CA 8667 upper-center.  
    17.55   CA 8658 upper-center.  Smoke cloud bearing 220°T.  



                                                 Mastheads come in sight.  Bow left, target angle 120°,                                                       about 15 nm away.  Steamer smokes heavily and in very brief intervals.  General course is still not determined.  Ran at highest speed with E-motor supplement on the Starboard diesel.  Make 14.5 to 15 knots.  Hopefully the steamer is not faster.  The bearing shifts astern very slowly degree by degree.  
    20.00   CA 8697 center-left.  
    22.21                                                  A single masthead is seen next to the steamer.  He proceeds therefore with a destroyer escort.  Must have very valuable cargo.  
    24.00   CA 9758.  I am positioned somewhat ahead on the enemy general course 125°, speed by plotting 10.5 knots.  
    00.28   CA 9782 upper-right.  Dived for attack.  
    00.58         The destroyer is in sight in the periscope.  Type like "CHURCHILL class" only with 3 smokestacks.  The after one is missing.  He proceeds at a slight distance from the steamer as U-boat screen.  The superstructure with the promenade deck goes from the level of the bridge all the way to the stern without interruption. Several decks above one another.  At least 6 lifeboats on each side.  The steamer makes a massive impression about 9000-10000 GRT.  The destroyer stops sometimes and runs various speed levels, depending on its course. At the yardarm a three-digit signal.  Hopefully only a course signal!  
    01.20                                                  Steamer lies very beautify abeam of me.  Bow left.  The destroyer proceeds with bow right target angle 60° on northerly course passing ahead of the steamer.  He has zig zagged to course 100°.  So I do not seem to be noticed yet.  I pay attention only to the destroyer, the steamer I have already.  I will give him a four-fan with a very small spread angle so that many torpedoes will hit so there is no need for a coup de grace.  The destroyer maintains its course. I am now positioned between him and the steamer.  The fan is ready!  
Sun and Moon Data 30.06.42
Sun and Moon Data 01.07.42
    01.27 NE 1, Sea 1, 0/10, +24°C, 1015 mb, Vis. good CA 9782 right upper-edge.  Fan fire!  Data:  speed 11 knots, target angle left 93°, spread order 1°, range = 2000 meters, depth 3 meters, aim point center.  
                                                      Destroyer bears 350°T, relative bearing 140°.  After the shot I take one quick look at him, he just Morsed to the steamer, can only read "ar".   Then went deep with hard rudder and AK.  
    01.29   Hit after 1 minute 43 seconds = 1600 meters!  Initially a bright metallic click without detonation, a perfect pistol failure.  At short intervals three similar clicks with subsequent detonations.  Therefore all 4 torpedoes have hit.  
    01.31   2 heavy dull explosions at the steamer.  Boiler explosions or munitions.  
    01.32   Destroyer has stopped, goes towards.  Runs towards to throw.  However we are already at depth A +70 meters.  
    01.34   9 depth charges at short intervals, over the boat, go somewhat deeper.  
        7 further well placed depth charges, the boat settles rapidly from depth A +100 meters to A +120 meters.  The destroyer has stopped.  Awkward, because I must increase speed to get higher.  No water intake determined in the boat.  
    00.37   Steamer sinks!  8 minutes after the hits!  Heavy rattle and crackle, typical sinking sounds.  Now the destroyer will probably be concerned with rescue work!  
    00.41   Again 4 quite well placed depth charges.  The boat had been brought to depth A +90 meters, however on reducing speed immediately settled through quickly to depth A +120 meters.  Cause inexplicable.  The destroyer is still searching, stops sometimes.  Locating is heard. Ran off on general course 30°.  
    01.52   No further sound bearings from the destroyer.  He'll finally fish out the people.  His stopping and delivering the last depth charges may  
Sun and Moon Data 01.07.42
      well have been the maneuvers with backing down the propellers to bring the boat to a stop at the accident scene.  I have blown main ballast tank 4 twice during the persecution.  I have the impression that the destroyer initiated [his runs] off it.  But on the other hand it is possible that he thereby got the approximate location of the boat!  
    01.54   2 depth charges far off.  
    02.24   Faint sounds bearing 230°T, not distinguished further.  
    03.57 NE 1, dark night CA 9758 center-right.  Surfaced.  At the sinking location nothing is seen, also no rescue lights.  Ran off on course 70°, have reached the ordered fuel inventory of 25 cbm for return transit.  
    06.27   Radio Message to B.d.U.:  
      1.)  After 6-1/2 hour AK hunt sank large steamer with destroyer escort in square CA 9782.  Course 125°, speed 11 knots.  Suspect transport.  Type like "SEMINOLE".  Thereafter well placed depth charges at great depth.  No damage.  
      2.)  Return transit with 24.5 cbm.  High pressure weather, Still 4 plus 2 torpedoes.  
                                                                - Linder -  
    08.00   CA 9819 lower-right.  
    08.52   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  To Linder:  Return transit first with 16 cbm.  Use torpedoes.  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    12.00 NE 1, Sea 1, 0/10, +23°C, 1015 mb, Vis. very good CA 9833 upper-right.   Day's run:    Surfaced      229.2 nm  
                                                             Submerged      8.8 nm.  
        Because I am already set off quite far from the coast, before I answer it I will first reload the forward Ato tonight.  (Stern torpedoes have still not been shot.)  
    14.45   CA 9679 center-left edge.  Crash dive for training.  
    15.48   Surfaced.  
                                                      CA 9678.  A check of the forward over deck canister shows that that it is completely crushed to a length of about 1 to 1.5 meters, to such a depth that the torpedo probably sits an iron grip.  Now the suddenly settling to great depth tonight is explained. The whole canister has been torn forward (probably at the first depth charges) has flooded and suddenly made the boat bow down by the bow and very heavy.  If the air bottle is damaged, then it is very probable that it accounts for 1.9 cbm!  
    18.48   CA 9598 center-left.  Barrel in sight, shot it up with machine gun.  
Sun and Moon Data 01.07.42
    01.07.42   Contents about 500 liters of gasoline.  
    19.59   CA 9598 center-right edge.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 260°T, bow left, target angle 80°, course 0°.  Very far off.  
    21.08   Surfaced.  From periscope observation the forward over deck canister blows heavily.  
    24.00   CA 9679 center-left.  
    00.20 Start preparations for torpedo downloading.  Only set up the winch and try to see whether the torpedo can be withdrawn. If not, I cannot do anything.  
    01.20 The torpedo cannot be withdrawn, even though the block and tackle is being pushed to the limit.  After raising the tube is found that the bottom of the tube is severely dented and torn. As the torpedo has now been subjected to 20 atm, I'll open the tube, so that the very unpleasant air trap is eliminated.  The torpedo is secure so that it cannot slip backwards from a large stern down angle.  
    02.30   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 300°T, 20 nm.  
    04.00   CA 9582 center-right.  
    08.00 SSW 2, Sea 1, 0/10, +25°C, 1013 mb, Vis. very good CA 9571.  
    10.30   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  To Linder, Deecke and Degen:  Supply will take place in square 40 or 70 of the large square east of CB.  Return transit accordingly.  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    12.00   CA 9482 center-right.   Day's run:    Surfaced      151.8 nm  
                                                                Submerged      5.5 nm.  
    16.00 SSW 3, Sea 2-3, 3/10, +30°C, 1011 mb, Vis. very good CA 9471.  
    20.00   CA 8683 center-right edge.  
    24.00   CA 8673 center-right.  
    04.00 SW 3, Sea 3, 6/10, +27°C, 1008 mb, Vis. medium CA 8593 center-right edge.  Lightening.  
    08.00   CA 8583.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 357°T, 28 nm.  
    12.00 W 1, Sea 1, 6/10, +23°C, 1012 mb, Vis. good CA 8514 lower-right.   Day's run:  Surfaced  140.5 nm.  
    16.00   CA 8466 left edge upper.  
    16.07   Crash dive for aircraft bearing 140°T, course 40°, 4000 meters away.  
Sun and Moon Data 01.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 02.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 03.07.42
    19.00   Propeller sounds in the GHG bearing 160°T.  Nothing seen in the periscope.  
    19.31 S 0-1, Sea 1, 3/10, +27°C, 1013 mb, Vis. good CA 8469 left edge lower.  Surfaced.  Steamer bearing 160°T, target angle 0° course 340°.  It is already high over the horizon.  Distance 7 nm.  Immediately dived again.  
    19.40                                                  Steamer zig zags to starboard to course 40°.  It is very fast, by the time of the approach 15 knots.  Size about 9000 GRT.  Between both main masts 3 times each 2 pole masts located on the starboard and port side.  Quite thick smokestack.  By sound bearing 2 propellers.  Type somewhat like the Dutch "BRASTAGI".  Unfortunately I have only two torpedoes forward.  In any case must shoot even at great range, such a steamer does not come every day.  I can no longer surface and maneuver ahead, with my restricted highest speed.  In addition, the air is so brisk here that at bet I will be forced to submerge after a few hours.  And then every opportunity will be lost.  Therefore go!  Steamer zig zags now between course 15 and 45°.  
    19.51 S 0-1, Sea 0-1, 3/10, +27°C CA 8469 lower-left.  Two-fan fire!  Shooting data:  Speed 15 knots, target angle left 91°, range = 3000 meters, depth 3 meters, spread angle 1°, aimpoint center.   
      Steamer has zig zagged again, lies about target angle 70°.  The fan probably passed ahead.  Once again I let him reach target angle 90° and then give him the stern torpedo.  
    20.10   Tube V fire!  Shooting data:  Speed 11 knots, target angle left 80°, range = 3000, depth 3, aimpoint center.  
    20.12   Steamer zig zags away again!  This torpedo will no longer get there!  Load tube V with the last Eto.  
    20.00   CA 8469 lower-left.  
    21.30   CA 8469 surfaced.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 180°T, target angle 90°, course 90°, 8000 meters away.  Land-based aircraft.  
    22.40   An all around periscope sweep already shows an aircraft bearing 210°T, course 90°, land-based aircraft.  There are quite beautiful flight operations here!  Remained submerged until twilight.  
    24.00   CA 8547 lower-center.  
Sun and Moon Data 03.07.42
    00.14   Surfaced.  
    01.55 SW 1, Sea 1, 2/10, +27°C Radio Message to B.d.U.:  In square CA 8469 double and single miss on large freighter type "BRASTAGI", course north, 15 knots.  Still 1 plus 1 torpedo.  Forward over deck canister with torpedo heavily damaged by depth charges.  Still 20 cbm.  Return transit.  High pressure weather.  
                                                                - Linder -  
    03.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 75°T, 63 nm.  
    04.00   CA 8629 lower-center.  
    08.00 --, --, --, +27°C, 1016 mb, Vis. good CA 9418 left edge lower.  
    12.00   CA 9429 lower-center.  Day's run:  Surfaced      126.2 nm  
                                                               Submerged    21.1 nm.  
    16.00   CA 9551 lower edge right.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 109°T, 23 nm.  
    20.00   CA 9562 lower-right corner.  
    24.00 SW 1, Sea 1, 5/10, +30°C, 1017 mb, Vis. very good CA 9651 lower-center edge.  
    04.00   CA 9639 lower-left.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 28°T, 7 nm.  
    08.00   CB 7428 left edge lower.  
    12.00 SW 1-2, Sea 1, 5/10, +27°C, 1015 mb, Vis. good CA CB 7439 lower-right.  Day's run:  Surfaced  163.6 nm.  
    16.00   CB 7527 lower-right.  
    20.00   CB 7565 lower-right.  
    24.00 SW 3, Sea 2-3, 9/10, +28°C, 1015 mb, Vis. very good CB 7646 lower-right.  
    04.00   CB 7652 center-left.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 298°T, 18 nm.   
    08.00 SW 2, Sea 2, 9/10, +25°C, 1014 mb, Vis. medium CB 7663 center-left.  
    12.00   CA CB 8451 lower-right.  Day's run:  Surfaced  162.7 nm.  
    12.59                                                  Radio Message from B.d.U.:  (12.11 hours)  Supply for Linder, Deecke, Heyse from Schäfer in square 8656 of the large square east of CB anticipated.  Receiving boats immediately report arrival and fuel inventory at arrival.  Economical transit speed.                                                                 - B.d.U. -  
    15.54                                                  Radio Message to B.d.U.:  Arrival 10 July 08.00 hours with 6 cbm.  Day's consumption 2.2 cbm,  Ob.Masch Petersen injury on both  
Sun and Moon Data 04.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 05.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 06.07.42
        shins.  Periosteum probably damaged.  For over three weeks, no cure. So far, cod liver oil dressings.  Naval square CB 8453.                                         - Linder -  
    14.48   CB 8461.  Crash dive for training.  
    15.05   Surfaced.  
    16.00   CB 8462 center-right.  
    19.30   Began stern torpedo download.  Canister and torpedo are undamaged and in good condition.  
    20.00 SW 1, Sea 1, 0/10, +28°C, 1015 mb, Vis. very good CB 8564 center-left.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 102°T, 28 nm.   
    20.45   Torpedo download ended.  
    20.46   Radio Message to Linder:   Healing not expected.   Rest and continue cod liver oil.                        - Flottillenarzt -  
    22.36   CB 8566  dived.  Balanced the boat.  
    23.30   Surfaced.  
    24.00   CB 8644 upper-right.  
    04.00   CB 8655 upper-right.  
    08.00   CB 9444 upper-center.  
    12.00 WSW 3, Sea 2, 0/10, +26°C, 1015 mb, Vis, very good CB 9455 center-right edge.  Day's run:  Surfaced  156.4 nm  
                                                                Submerged    2.5 nm  
    13.25                                                  Radio Message from B.d.U.:  (12.08 hours)  Previous meeting point Linder, Deecke, and Schäfer void.  New meeting point square 2991 of the large square east of CB on 10 July from 14.00 hours.  Bearing signals from Linder from 16.00 hours.  Both boats take over fuel and provisions for economical return transit.  Deecke report completion.                                                                             - B.d.U. -  
    16.00   CB 9528 lower-center.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 85°T, 27 nm.   
    20.00 WSW 4, Sea 3, 7/10, +28°C, 1014 mb, Vis. very good CB 9533 upper-left.  
    24.00   CB 9373 lower-right corner.  
    04.00   CC 7147 upper-center.  
    08.00   CC 7128 lower-left.  
    12.00 WSW 1-2, Sea 1, 3/10, +27°C, 1014 mb, Vis. very good CC 7133 center-left.  Day's run:  Surfaced  168.0 nm.  
    14.18   CC 4878 upper-left.  Crash dive for training.  
    14.33   Surfaced.  
    16.00   CC 4876 right edge upper.  
Sun and Moon Data 06.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 07.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 08.07.42
    19.16   Radio Message from B.d.U. (18.25 hours)  1.)  Linder, U-402, Bülow report weather.  
        2.  . . .  
        3.  . . .                                              - B.d.U. -  
    20.00   CC 4868 left edge upper.  
    24.00 SW 1, Sea 1, 0/10, +28°C, 1017 mb, Vis. good CC 4918 center-right.  
    03.12   Short Signal weather report to B.d.U. sent and understood.  
    04.00   CC 4695 center-right.  
    08.00   CC 5446 lower-center  
    09.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 42°T, 8 nm.   
    12.00 WS 2, Sea 2, 0/10, +26°C, 1017 mb, Vis. good CC 5436 upper-right.  Day's run:   Surfaced      167.1 nm  
                                                              Submerged    0.9 nm.  
    16.00   CC 5275 upper-right.  
    20.00   CC 5256 lower-left corner.  
    24.00   CC 5339 upper-right.  
    01.20 SSW 1, Sea 1, 2/10, +25°C, 1020 mb, Vis. medium Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 106°T, 22 nm.   
    04.00   CC 5323 lower-left.  
    05.30   CC 2989 center-right.  U-boat sighted briefly bearing 10°T.  
    08.00   CC 2991 located at position.  Steamed back and forth in small legs until it got light.  
    10.23   U-boat bearing 190°T,  Recognition signals exchanged.  On closing a second boat sighted as well.  So Deecks and Schäfer are seen.  
    12.00   CC 2992 upper-left.  
    12.15   Tow and hose connections are established.  
    12.40   2 cbm of lubricating oil are taken over.  
    14.15   30 cbm fuel oil are taken over.  Connection released.  For the time being, provisions transfer cannot be done because it has freshened.  Deecke fuels now, I steam close by.  
    16.00   CC 2969 upper-center.  
    16.32                                                  While working on deck 4 people are washed overboard from Deecke.  2 of them reach the boat again, the other two drift astern, ran to fish them out.  
Sun and Moon Data 08.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 09.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 10.07.42
    16.40   Both people are fished out.  
    20.00   CC 3742 lower-left.  
    20.45   Deecke had finished fueling; sent both people over to him in the rubber raft.  
    21.45 SW 3, Sea 3, 3/10, +26°C, 1017 mb, Vis. very good Began provisions transfer.  The sea is still too large to work with the rubber boat, therefore transferred with line connection.  
    22.45   Have taken over 900 kg of provisions.  As far as I was concerned I wanted none at all, but Schäfer needed to lose the weight.  Entire supply is completed.  
    23.01   CC 3719 lower-left.  Test dive.  Balanced the boat.  Schäfer has also dived on southerly course.  
    23.23   Surfaced.  Continued on Great Circle course 69°.  
    24.00   CC 3727 center-left.  
    04.00   CC 3732 lower-right.  
    07.28   Radio Message from Deecke (04.46 hours)  1.)  Schäfer reports:  Fueling completed.  Linder 31 cbm, 2 cbm lubricating oil, 14 days provisions.  Deecke 34 cbm, 14 day's provisions.  Remaining inventory 228 cbm, 83 day's provisions.  2.)  SW 5, Sea 4, 2/10, 1020 mb, Vis. good.  
                                                                - Deecke -  
    08.00 SW 2, Sea 2, 8/10, +23°C, 1017 mb, Vis. good CC 3587 upper-left corner.  
    12.00   CC 3592 upper-right.  Day's run:    Surfaced    123.3 nm  
                                                               Submerged    1.0 nm.  
    16.00   CC 3654 center-right.  
    17.10   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 72°T, 38 nm.   
    19.31   Radio Message from Deecke (15.30 hours)  CC 3652  Periscope perfectly determined.  Is own boat possible?.  
        Caution for me!  I am surfaced in the area.  
    20.00   CD 1423 lower-left.  
    20.30   Radio Message from B.d.U. to Deecke:  Own boat possible, possibly Linder.  
        Not likely, I am located about 3 hours behind Deecke.  
        Transmitter switchboard is out of service.  
    24.00   CD 1277 upper-center.  
Sun and Moon Data 10.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 11.07.42
    04.00   CD 1286 upper-center.  
    08.00 NNW 2, Sea 1, 8/10, +20°C, 1023 mb, Vis. medium CD 1348 center-left.  
    12.00   CD 1356 upper-center.  Day's run:    Surfaced  174.5 nm.  
        Transmitter switchboard is again provisionally in service.  A transformer was burned out.  
    16.00   CD 2119.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 84°T, 7 nm.  
    17.15   CD 2127 upper-right.  Crash dive for training.  
    17.33   Surfaced.  
    20.00 NE 1-2, Sea 1, 0/10, +24°C, 1024 mb, Vis. very good CD 2135 left edge upper.  
    21.24                                                  Radio Message from B.d.U.:  (20.35 hours)  1.)  Piening, Linder, U-402 report weather.  
      2.)  Linder, Deecke, Wilamowitz, Heyse 13 July 08.00 hours switch to Ireland Circuit.  
      3.)  Löwe, U-67, Degen report situation.  
    24.00   BC 9879 center-left.  
    02.17   Short Signal weather report sent and was understood.  
    04.00   BC 9891 lower-left.  
    08.00 SE 1, Sea 1, 9/10, +19°C, 1023 mb, Vis. good BC 9948 left edge upper.  Switched to Ireland Circuit.  
    12.00   BC 9952 lower-right.  Day's run:    Surfaced    177.8 nm  
                                                               Submerged   0.9 nm.  
    16.00   BC 9939 right edge upper.  
    20.00   BD 7731 center-left.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 93°T, 18 nm.  
    22.43   BD 7499 center-right edge.  Crash dive for training.  
    23.08   Surfaced.  
    24.00 S 1-2, Sea 1, 0/10, +20°C, 1021 mb, Vis. good BD 7577 right edge upper.  
    02.00         I go once again for a day on course 270°.  I have saved fuel up to now in the good weather, and can hold here a day.  Direct tanker traffic from Central America to England runs about here.  
    04.00   BD 7545 lower-left.  
    08.00   BD 7465 lower-center.  
Sun and Moon Data 12.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 13.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 14.07.42
    12.00 SSW 3, Sea 2, 0/10, +21°C, 1020 mb, Vis. good BD 7455 lower-right.  Day's run:    Surfaced    149.5 nm  
                                                             Submerged   1.0 nm.  
    16.00   BD 7455 right edge lower.  
    17.00   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 250°T, 7.5 nm.  
    18.00   Again came to old return transit course.  
    20.00   BD 7445 lower-left.  
    24.00 S 4, Sea 3, 5/10, +20°C, 1018 mb, Vis. good BD 7454 upper-right.  
    04.00   BD 7461 upper-right.  
    08.00   BD 7517 center-right.  
    12.00 S 3, Sea 2, 5/10, +20°C, 1020 mb, Vis. good BD 7524 lower-right.  Day's run:  Surfaced  123.6 nm.  
    16.00   BD 7378 lower-center.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 72°T, 27 nm.  
    19.08   BD 7379.  Crash dive for training!  
    19.46   Surfaced.  
    20.00   BD 7379 center-right edge.  
    24.00 S 1, Sea 1, 7/10, +20°C, 1024 mb, Vis. good BD 7395 lower-left.  
    04.00   BD 8172 right edge lower.  
    08.00 S 1, Sea 1, 9/10, +20°C, 1025 mb, Vis. good BD 8191 upper-left.  
    12.00   BD 8248 center-left.  Day's run:    Surfaced    170.8 nm  
                                                              Submerged   1.6 nm  
    16.00   BD 8266 center-right.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 82°T, 23 nm.  
    20.00   BD 8352 lower-center.  
    24.00 SSE 0-1, Sea 0-1, 0/10, +20°C, 1029 mb, Vis. good BD 8363 upper-center.  
    00.15   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 0°T, 2.3 nm.  
    04.00   BD 9127 center-left.  
    08.00 --, --, 7/10, +19°C, 1023 mb, Vis. moderate BD 9138 upper-left corner.  
    12.00   BD 9215 center-right.  Day's run:    Surfaced  174.0 nm.  
    16.00   BD 9223 lower-right.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 56°T, 4 nm.  
    16.50   BD 9231 lower-right.  Crash dive for training.  
    17.07   Surfaced.  
Sun and Moon Data 14.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 15.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 16.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 17.07.42
    19.33   Radio Message from B.d.U. (18.55 hours):  1.)  U-654, Linder, U-402 report weather.  
        2.)  Kölle, Lohmann give situation.  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    20.00   BD 9311 lower-center.  
    20.17 NNE 1, Sea 1, 10/10, +21°C, 1030 mb, Vis. good BD 9311 lower-center.  Smoke cloud bearing 50°T.  Pursued.  Soon several smoke clouds are in sight.  A convoy!!  His position is BD 6979.  Current course 250°.  As soon as the mastheads come in sight the matter is settled.  
    22.09   Radio Message to B.d.U. (21.46 hours) Kr Kr :  Convoy square BD 6979, course 250°, medium speed.   - Linder -  
    22.46   Radio Message from B.d.U. to Linder:  Hold contact on convoy, as long as fuel permits.  Suhren, U-654 go!  
                                                                - B.d.U. -  
    22.50   Enemy zig zags to the south.  General course therefore 210°.  
    23.23   Radio Message to B.d.U. (22.58 hours):  BD 9313, general course 210°, speed 7 knots.    - Linder -  
    23.29   Enemy zig zags to the southeast.  His general course will now become south.  
    23.44   Alpha-Alpha (23.29 hours):  Enemy steers southerly course.  
    24.00   BD 9315 lower-right.  
    18.07.42   Enemy now hold course 130°, therefore he probably heads for Gibraltar.  
    00.01   Destroyer bearing 85°T, turned stern to, ran off.  
    00.13   Alpha-Alpha (00.05 hours):  Enemy steers southeasterly course.  
    00.05 ENE 1, S 0-1, 10/10, +19°C, 1030 mb, Vis. bad, low clouds, nearly no horizon to see Convoy passes out of sight.  Destroyer still runs after me.  The large twilight course change will probably come soon or the course 130° is already the course change and the destroyer is only intended to force the possible contact keeper away.  
    00.20   Destroyer passes out of sight.  Pursued the convoy again.  Give the last position to B.d.U.  
    00.53   Radio Message (00.06 hours):  Forced off by destroyer.  Last convoy position BD 9327.  Course 130°, speed 8 knots.  Pursuing.  - Linder -  
    01.00 Vis. very bad Nothing more seen.  Will dive to listen.  
Sun and Moon Data 17.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 18.07.42
    01.50   BD 9319 lower-left.  Dived to listen.  Good sound bearing in 150-155°T.  The convoy must have zig zagged to the south again.  Also from plotting it is possible that he is in BD 9354  
    01.39   Surfaced.  
    02.32   Radio Message to B.d.U. (01.30 hours):  Convoy by sound bearings BD 9354.  Southerly zig zag.  No wind, Sea 0-1, low clouds, Vis. bad, 1030 mb, +19°C.    - Linder -  
        Pursued on course 180°.  
      The general course is only to the south.  The zig zags alternate between 130 and 210°.  I pursue on a due south course, even though the convoy bears 150°T, in order to prevent the convoy from breaking through to the west or southwest.  For I think it is still possible that the SE to S-course was only the dusk zig zag, and in reality the convoy proceeds on a SW course to Central or South America.  Then he could zig zag back again at any time so I must stay to the west of it.  If he does not come, then he proceeds to Gibraltar and will be found again.  
    03.12   BD 9349 upper-center.  Dived to listen, because nothing is seen.  Sound bearing in 205°T.  After prolonged observation the bearing becomes fainter.  Therefore the convoy has come back to its old course 210°. Until surfacing it remains on the same bearing.  
    04.00   BD 9349  
    04.15 Vis. bad Surfaced.  Pursued on the direct course of the sound bearing.  Reported to B.d.U.  
    04.54   Radio Message (03.46 hours):  Last sound bearing is from BD 9375.  Therefore has taken initial course of 210° again.  
                                                                - Linder -  
    05.45   BD 9378 upper-right.  Dived once again to listen.  Very faint sound bearing in 212°T, shifting slowly to 219°T.  
    06.30 Visibility was better. Surfaced.  Pursued.  At dawn the convoy must come in sight directly ahead.  
      NE 0-1, Sea o, 10/10, +19°C, 1030 mb  
Sun and Moon Data 18.07.42
    07.31   Radio Message from B.d.U.:  Continue operation on Linder-convoy, even if contact is broken.        - B.d.U. -  
    07.40   BD 9611 lower-right.  Smoke cloud bearing 200°T.  This is it again, located in BD 9641 center-left edge.  
    08.00 Vis. medium BD 9611 lower-right.  Must set off a bit, with brightness an escort vessel of the stern screen comes out too high.  
    08.37   Alpha-Alpha Signal to B.d.U. (07.14 hours):  Enemy convoy in sight BD 9563, course 210°.        - Linder -  
    09.47   Radio Message from B.d.U. (09.27 hours):  To Linder:  Hold contact without regard to fuel.  Supply from an outbounder is assured.        - B.d.U. -  
    11.54 --, --, 9/10, +20°C, 1030 mb Alpha-Alpha (11.06 hours):  Enemy located BD 9566.  
                Now an escort of the stern screen comes in sight, suspect it is the same one.  I am at the limit of visibility.  
    12.00   BD 9563 center-left.  Day's run:     Surfaced 175.9 nm  
                                                              Submerged 6.6 nm.  
    13.40   Bauer reports the convoy in BD 9591.  
    13.51   Radio Message to B.d.U. (13.17 hours):  Escort vessel course 255°, 12 knots.  Position BD 9594.    - Linder -  
    14.09 SSE 0-1, Sea 0, 6/10, +23°C, 1030 mb, Vis. good to very good Corvette bearing 175°T, comes closer at target angle 0°.  
      Turned away, ran off.  Position now BD 9568 lower-center edge.  
                                                       Ran at highest speed, in the flat sea nearly at 16 knots.  Distance remains about the same.  The corvette does not let go, gradually comes closer.  Forces me damnably far from the convoy which passes quickly out of sight.  A vigorous zig zag can be expected when I am forced far enough away.  
    14.25                                                  Corvette begins to fire artillery!  The impacts are badly placed, most about 2000 meters behind my stern or quite far to the side.  
    14.45   The corvette shoots still diligently but poorly until out of range.  
    15.00   The corvette seems to have broken off the useless hunt because the distance is slightly larger.  
    15.15   The corvette disappears on the horizon.  Again pursued.  
    15.29   Radio Message to B.d.U. (14.48 hours):  Was hunted by corvette  
Sun and Moon Data 18.07.42
      and fired at from great range with artillery.  Last convoy position BD 9598.        - Linder -  
    15.40   Suhren reports contact with the convoy.  
    16.00   BD 9565 lower-left corner.  
    18.52                                                  Scholtz reports contact.  Now the third already!  I operate on the reports of the current contact keeper.  The corvette managed to force me about 40 nm behind the convoy.  It is questionable whether I can still approach before dark.  Cylinder 1 of the port diesel is leaking and making water, the diesel smokes heavily and is now limited in performance.  In the meantime Forster has gained contact and reported.   This means that there are now 4 boats besides me at the convoy, contact is thus ensured.  If I operate until tonight, I can return transit without supply.  If this is reported to B.d.U. he may decide on the advantage of a 5th contact holder against the disadvantages of the need to provide an outbounder to supply.  
    20.00 E 1-2, Sea 1, 8/10, +23°C, 1031 mb, Vis. very good BD 9839 lower-center edge.  Have not seen anything up to now.  
    20.27   Radio Message to B.d.U. (19.43 hours):  
        1.)  Have shaken off corvette,  Operated for three hours on convoy.  Am still positioned 30 nm behind from the last position from Scholtz.  
        2.)  Question return transit, if there is no contact by darkness.  Supply then still not required.  
                                                                - Linder -  
    20.57   Possible smoke trails bearing 140°T.  Very great range, still uncertain however can be easily seen, then the convoy now steers 130° again.  
    20.55   Radio Message from B.d.U. (20.38 hours):  To Linder:  Return transit to France.        - B.d.U. -  
    21.05   The smoke trails have not been confirmed.  Began return transit on course 78°.  At the beginning of darkness began work on the port diesel.  Hopefully the piston will not have to be pulled!  
    24.00 E 0-1, Sea 1, 3/10, +19°C, 1030 mb, Vis. very good BD 9927.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 305°T, 5 nm.  
Sun and Moon Data 18.07.42
        Now there is busy radio traffic.  The four boats all have contact.   The enemy has now used aircraft, by which the boats are probably quite harassed however, they can still reach shooting position.  
    02.35   BD 9926 lower-left.  A bright red glow below the horizon bearing 180°T, that is seen for about 30 seconds.  Possibly a torpedo hit with following fire or a heavy explosion.  
    04.00 Vis. medium BD 9934 lower-left.  
    04.30   Searchlights below the horizon bearing 175°T however very far off.  Possibly there are also star shells fired.  
    05.45   Several times shearchlights and/or star shells bearing 175°T.  
    07.30   Repairs to the port diesel have ended.  The external lubrication connection (on the exhaust side) was leaking, so that the cylinder water got into the combustion chamber.  The diesel is in service again.  
    08.00   BE 7711 lower-center.  
    12.00 E 1, Sea 1, 9/10, +19°C, 1030 mb, Vis. very good BE 7721 upper edge right.  
      Day's run:    Surfaced  189.7 nm.  
    12.15   BE 7721 upper edge right.  Crash dive for training.  
    12.32   Surfaced.  
    16.00   BE 7497 upper-right.  
    18.30   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 105°T, 10 nm.  
    19.04 E 1, Sea 1, 10/10, +19°C, low clouds, showers BE 7578 upper-center.  Smoke cloud bearing 260°T.  
      It is possible however, that it is only a cloud. On the entire horizon there are showers that generate dark clouds curtains of various forms, which are very easily confused with clouds of smoke.  In any case pursuing for a look.  
    20.00   BE 7574 center-left.  
    20.15   I have now pursued about 13 nm without sighting anything, or sighting the questionable smoke cloud once again.  So it was only an illusion.  Came to old course.  
Sun and Moon Data 19.07.42
    24.00   BE 7573 center-left.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 327°T, 6 nm.  
    04.00   BE 7559 lower-left.  
    08.00 --, S 0-1, 8/10, +17°C, 1030 mb, Vis. good BE 7566 lower-center.  
    12.00   BE 7651 lower edge left.  Day's run:  Surfaced   146.1 nm  
                                                                 Submerged   1.3 nm.  
    15.20   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 54°T, 5.4 nm.  
    15.00   Radio Message from Bauer (13.30 hours):  Heavily smoking convoy square BE 7924.  Northerly course, moved off in accordance with orders.        -  Bauer -  
        I can no longer take part in convoy operations due to my fuel inventory.  
    16.00   BE 7638 center-left.  
    17.31   BE 7639 upper-center.  Crash dive for training.  
    17.56   Surfaced.  
    19.43 ENE 0-1, Sea 0-1, 9/10, +18°C, 1030 mb, Vis. very good BE 8415 lower-left.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 330°T, bow left target angle 90°, course 240°, altitude 1000 meters, very far off.  Suspect flying boat.  
    20.00   BE 8145 lower-left.  
    20.55   Surfaced.  
    24.00   BE 8425 upper edge left.  
    04.00 N 1, Sea 0-1, 10/10, +19°C, 1028 mb, Vis. moderate BE 8432 upper-center.  
    08.00   BE 8278 upper-right.  
    12.00 Vis. changing, fog banks on the horizon BE 8286 center-left edge.  Day's run:   Surfaced  133.2 nm  
                                                                 Submerged   4.1 nm.  
    15.15   Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 86°T, 12 nm.  
    16.00   BE 8372 center-left.  
    20.00 NNE 1, Sea 1, 7/10, +19°C, 1026 mb, Vis. medium BE 8358 lower-left.  
    24.00   BE 8366 lower-left.  
    04.00   BE 9151 lower-left.  
    08.00   BE 9138 lower-left.  
Sun and Moon Data 19.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 20.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 21.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 22.07.42
    09.24 NE 1-2, Sea 1, 7/10, +18°C, 1024 mb, Vis. changing, fog banks BE 9139 upper-right.  Sailing vessel bearing 20°T, 10 nm away.  Recognized as a fishing cutter.  Ran towards.  Halted.  French fisherman "A 5938" from Auray.  Papers checked and were found to be in order however is located outside of the Standing Kriegsmarine approve fishing limit.  Was advised of this limit.  
    12.00 1/10, Vis. very good BE 9218 lower left.  Day's run:   Surfaced  173.6 nm  
    12.39   BE 9218 lower-right.  Fishing vessel "LG 3876" from Bordeaux halted.  Found to be in order.  Not delayed.  
    14.48   BE 9228 lower-left.  Crash dive for training.  
    15.18   Surfaced.  
    16.00   BE 9229 center-left.  Up to the evening still another 11 fishing cutters come in sight.  Of these 4 are observed, so far as they lay on my  course.  Nothing unusual found.  All in possession of papers; all display the correct flag and the yellow Vichy pennant.  
    20.00   BE 9321 upper-center.  
    23.03 N 2, Sea 1-2, 0/10, +20°C, 1023 mb, Vis. very good BE 6998 lower-left.  Dived to proceed submerged by night.  
      Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 180°T, 3.4 nm.  
    24.00   BE 6998 lower-center.  
    04.00   BE 6999 lower-left.  
    07.53 NW 2, Sea 2, 10/10, +19°C, 1021 mb, Vis. medium Surfaced.  
    08.00   BF 4777 upper-left.  
    10.20   BF 4779 right edge upper.  Crash dive for aircraft bearing 70°T, target angle 0°, course 250°, altitude 1000 meters, 7000 meters away.  Land-based aircraft with 2-engines.  
    12.00   BF 4787 upper-center.   Day's run:    Surfaced   107.6 nm  
                                                                 Submerged  19.2 nm.  
    12.42 1/10, Vis. very good Surfaced.  
    14.00   Short Signal to B.d.U.:  Position 48 hours off meeting point with escort.        U-202.  
    16.00   BF 4799 upper-left.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 88°T, 8 nm.  
    20.00   BF 4898 upper-center.  
    22.00   BF 4989 upper-center.  Dived to proceed submerged by night.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 23.07.42
    20.46   Radio Message (20.14 hours):  On 25 July 14.00 hours be at Point 346 for convoy intake.        1.U-Flottille.  
        In the course of the day a total of 6 French fishing cutters were sighted.  
    22.28 - 23.52   22 detonations bearing 60-70°T, apparently a U-boat hunt is in progress.  
    24.00   BF 4978 upper-center.  
    04.00   BF 4979 upper-right.  
    07.53   Surfaced.  
    08.00 NNW 1, Sea 0, light Swell, 9/10, +18°C, 1018 mb, Vis. medium BF 4988 upper-left.  
    12.00 Vis. good BF 5741 right edge lower.   Day's run:  Surfaced  136.4 nm  
                                                                  Submerged  26.8 nm.  
    16.00   BF 5732 lower-left.  Difference between dead reckoning and actual position after a navigation fix 157°T, 9 nm.  
    16.30   Smoke cloud bearing 30°T.  
    17.05   BF 5499 upper-center.  Dived to proceed submerged.  In the direction of the smoke trace propeller sounds and S-gear heard.  Suspect own U-boat hunters.  
    19.15   Surfaced.  
    19.46   Dived.  
    20.00   BF 5574 upper-left.  
    21.10 NE 0-1, Sea 1, 10/10, +19°C, 1019 mb, Vis. good Surfaced.  Three of the vessels are in my vicinity.  Recognition Signals exchanged.  No answer.  On closing French fishing trawlers recognized.  
    21.33   Dived.  
    24.00   BF 5548 lower-center.  
    04.00   BF 5546 lower-right.  
    05.57   Surfaced.  
    08.00 NW 2, Sea 1, 9/10, +17°C BF 5534  
    08.55   Point "Lade".  
    09.05   Aircraft bearing 100°T, course south, low altitude, far off.  
    10.00   Land in sight bearing 5°T.  
    10.57   Penmarch lighthouse bearing 5°T, 3.4 nm away.  
    12.00 NNW 2, medium Swell, 8/10, 1009 mb, Vis. good BF 5246 lower-right corner.  Day's run:  Surfaced  154.4 nm
                                                                  Submerged  27.7 nm.
    12.45   5 patrol boats on course 120°.  Exchanged Recognition Signals.  
Sun and Moon Data 23.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 24.07.42
Sun and Moon Data 25.07.42
                           42 [typo 43]
    13.30   Point 346.  Escort in sight bearing 15°T, 3 nm away.  
    13.40   Taken in convoy.  
    15.30   Taken by Sperrbrecher.  
    16.15   Net barrier passed inbound.  
    17.05   Made fast Brest.  
        Day's run:  Surfaced  63 nm.  
                                      Sunk: 13864 GRT.  
                                      Sea days:       60  
                                      Distance covered Surfaced       9545.6 nm  
                     Submerged:    415.0 nm  
                   Total:            9960.6 nm  
                                       Special Experiences:    N  o  n  e  .  
Sun and Moon Data 25.07.42

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                             Comments of the Befehlshabers der Unterseeboote  

                           On the Kriegstagebuch "U-202" from 27.4. - 25.7.1942.

                  The boat was very lucky to get free in time when grounded on the enemy coast.  The measures taken in this case were considered and correct.  

                Otherwise nothing to note on the conduct of the patrol.


Signed in draft:   D  ö  n  i   t  z  .

          For correctness:  
                                                            Leutnant M.A. and Adjutant  

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