U-175 sunk by USCGC Spencer, April 17, 1943

Spencer passes close by U-175 - a German crewman stands just aft of the conning tower


        The pictures in these pages were taken by combat photographers Jack January aboard USCGC Spencer and Bob Gates aboard USCGC Duane. 
        Many of these images and a few others taken during the action against U-175 can be viewed and downloaded at the United States Coast Guard Website page.  The photographs are presented along with their original official captions.  
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Photographs taken during the attack on U-175
Photographs of the treatment of Spencer's casualties
Photographs of the rescue of survivors by Spencer and Duane
Photographs of the processing of survivors aboard Spencer and Duane
Photographs POWs aboard Spencer
Photographs of Spencer and her crew
Naval Message from Commander Task Unit 24.1.3 (Escort Group A3) to C-in-C Western Approaches
Precis of Attack prepared for Admiralty Assessment Committee
Report on the Interrogation of Survivors of U-175