- 1 -
      Excerpt of the K.T.B. "U-1305" from 10.12.44 to 11.12.44.  
    09.15   Tactical orders 6, 7, 8, and 9 received, to 13.00 hours remain in patrol line from AO 8191 to AO 8277.  
    09.20 SE 2, Sea 1-2, partial overcast, hazy, Vis. 6 nm Began transit to position.  
    12.00 AO 8277    
      ESE 4, Sea 3, overcast, hazy, Vis. 8 nm    
    12.35   Test dive conducted.  
    12.58   Surfaced.  
    13.00   Position reached, steering back and forth in position at KF.  
    14.00   Bearing signals received.  
    14.02   Advance at high speed on the bearing.  
    14.20   A i r c r a f t !  (own aircraft).  
    14.53   Destroyer in sight.  
    16.00 AO 8271    
      S 5, Sea 3, overcast, Vis. 6 nm    
    16.29   End of twilight.  
    16.27   Outgoing ßß 1630/88:  Was attacked by aircraft, square AO 8195.  
    17.33   Outgoing ßß 1733/94:  Convoy in square AO 8193.  
    17.39   Outgoing ßß 1739/96:  Convoy heading northeasterly course, low speed.  
    17.43   Hold strong detection.  Aphrodite launched.  Success not determined.  
    18.35   Outgoing ßß 1835/2:  Convoy square AO 8271, east 8 knots.  
    19.36   Outgoing ßß 1937/8:  Convoy square AO 8272, southeast 6 knots.  
    20.00 AO 8273    
      SSW 5, Sea 3, overcast, Vis. 5-6 nm    
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Sun and Moon Data 10.12.44
- 2 -
    20.10   Contact lost, in suddenly arising fog convoy is lost from sight.  I am positioned on the assumed convoy course of SE back and forth in straight legs.  For the moment I can not find the convoy.  
    20.34   1 aircraft observed.  
    23.43   Have contact again.  
    24.00 AO 8785    
      SSW 4-5, Sea 2-3, 9/10 overcast, Vis. 6 nm    
    02.05   Attack foremost ship.  
    02.13   Attack failed because was noticed by the escort shortly before firing.  Ran off on the surface.  
    03.07   Outgoing Radio Message ßß 0306/47:  Convoy square AO 8293, 60°, 8 knots.  
    03.10   Attack on convoy.  
    03.20   Fan shot from tubes I, III and IV.  
        Aphrodite launched, because of detection shortly before the shot.  
    04.00 AO 9144    
      SSE 3-4, Sea 2-3, light swell, overcast, Vis. 10 nm    
    04.04   Repeated attack on convoy, was sighted by escort.  
    04.08   Attack failed.  
    04.30   New attack initiated.  
    04.33   Attack detection, Aphrodite launched.  
    04.40   Fan shot from tubes I and III.  
        During the last 3 nights started shooting from astern position because during attacks from ahead was sighted by the flank escorts with little chance of success.  
    05.22   Outgoing Radio Message 0431/55:  Correct speed of the convoy is 8 knots.  
    06.21   New attack initiated on convoy.  
    06.22   Attack failed.  Was surprised by destroyer while attacking.  Was detected shortly before shooting.  
    06.55   Beginning of twilight.  
    08.00 AO 9159    
      SSE 3, Sea 2-3, overcast, Vis. 14 nm    
    08.30   A i r c r a f t !  
    08.40   Outgoing Radio Message ßß 0836/71:   
        Was attacked by aircraft.  Square AO 9159  
Sun and Moon Data 10.12.44
Sun and Moon Data 11.12.44
- 3 -
    08.45   Dived.  
    08.55   Was forced off by aircraft defense so ar to the north, that the approaching destroyer is dangerous.  Therefore in the hope that the enemy would still not zigzag before shot I decided to attack the escort showing target angle 0° immediately. Formation zigzags at 3000 meters, enemy bow left, target angle 90°. 3-fan on destroyer.  
        Shooting data:  
        Enemy speed 10 knots.  Range 3000 meters.  
        Bow left.  
        Target angle 100°.  
        Hit aft.  
        No sinking observed, because attack was immediately initiated on the remainder of the convoy.  Despite the large range, I decide to shoot a 4-fan immediately.  
    10.15   4-fan shot from tube I, III, II and IV.  
        Shooting data:  
        Enemy speed 8 knots, range 3000 meters, bow left, target angle 100°.  
    10.21   Surfaced.  
    12.00 AO    
      SSE 3, Sea 2-3, overcast, Vis. 8 nm    
        I set off to the west back and forth holding contact on the starboard outer escort of the convoy.  
    13.45   Escort continually shows target angle 0°.  Suspect course change of the convoy to 270°.  
        I maneuvered ahead before the center of the convoy.  
    14.05 AO 9114 Steamer in sight, target angle 0°.  Course 330°.  
        Dive to attack.  Enemy zig zags constantly.  
        Proceed on attack course to range 2500 meters and target angle left 15°.  Shot at target angle 60°, range 700 meters.  
        Fan from tube I, III, and IV  
        Target angle 60°, target speed 7 knots, range 700 meters, target length 130 meters.  
    14.45   Surfaced.  
    15.56   Outgoing Radio Message:  Medium-sized cruiser AO 9114, course northwest, speed 6 knots sunk with 3-fan.  3 Ato, 2 Eto, 32 cbm.  
        Have determined that it concerns a new, up to now not reported convoy.  Consists of a cruiser and several destroyers as flank escorts.  
        Maneuvering ahead.  Have both convoys in sight now.  
    16.00 AO 8433 Initial convoy out of sight.  
        Continue to hold contact on cruiser convoy.  
    16.08 AO 8432 Dive for following destroyer.  
        Bold launched.  
    16.19   Surfaced.  
        Have lost contact.  Enemy disappeared in the evening twilight.  
    16.29   End of twilight.  
Sun and Moon Data 11.12.44
- 4 -
    18.12   Search in large legs on suspected convoy course.  
    20.00 AO 8429    
      SSE 1, Sea 1-2, overcast, Vis. 2 nm    
    20.50   Outgoing ßß 2050/35:  Up to now no bearing signals heard.  
    21.34   Stopped for sound sweep.  
    22.20   Contact holder is located,  however convoy can still not be detected.  
    22.34   Outgoing ßß 2234/47:  Have contact on convoy square AO 8427.  
    24.00 AO 8363    
      SSE 2, Sea 1-2, overcast, Vis. 2 nm    
    01.05   2-fan shot on 2 steamers.  Passed between both flank escorts unnoticed.  Shooting data:  enemy speed 8 knots, enemy bow left, target angle 90°,  range 1000 meters.  Hit foreship.  Steamer remains lying with a list.  
    01.x0   Initiated attack on the first steamer.  Was detected by the port forward flank escort shortly before shooting.  Ran off at highest speed on the surface.  Artillery bombardment.  
    01.53   Again initiated attack. Flank escort is too strong. Again shortly before shooting port rear flank escort turned towards and fired.   Can escape on the surface.  
    02.10   T.H.P.  
Sun and Moon Data 11.12.44