U-13 - 2nd War Patrol

Translation by Jerry Mason with the help of Robert Derencin

Days at Sea
2 September 1939
6 September 1939


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Ships Hit

                                          K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h  
                                                           "  U  13  "  
                                           from  2. to 6.  September 1939.  
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    02.09.39 Wilhelmshaven    
    00.27 E 1-2, overcast, Vis. medium Departed on 1st war patrol.  Boat dimmed.  
    03.13   Passed Lightship F.  
    05.55   Conducted a test dive at the longitude of Norderney.  
        Very slow progress because of 5 crash dives and long periods forced to remain .  
    24.00 Haacks Lightship bearing 172°, 9 nm    
      NW 2, Sea 1-2, overcast, Vis. good    
    04.26 K 769 Dived.  Making for the northeast edge of stand by position.  
      SE 3, Sea 2, overcast, hazy, Vis. moderate    
    14.34   Surfaced.  
    15.10 - 20.58   Dived.  
    19.16   Radio Message 1310/43:  "Begin hostilities with England immediately" received.  
    19.23   Radio Message 1350/61:  (Special measures) received.  
    20.40   Stand by position reached.  to continue transit to operations area.  
        Torpedoes withdrawn.  Mines loaded from reserve stowage.  
    20.57 SW 2, Sea 1-2, partial overcast, moonshine, Vis. medium, changing Surfaced.  Continued at 2 x GF, headed for the Aldeburgh Napes flashing buoy (though it was expected that it might be removed). Several times evasive maneuvers and crash dives for lighted vessels.  
    01.00 SW 1, Sea 1, cloudy, moonshine, Vis. medium Took bearings from the Orford Ness and Southwold Lighthouses.  Later Shipwash Lightship and Aldeburgh Napes flashing buoy come in sight.  Position and identity of the beacons is correct, vessel lights set.  
    02.03 Off Orford Ness Because of several vessels about 3 nm east of the Aldeburgh Napes flashing buoy dived, continued .  Set to the east by the current.  
    03.02   Passed Aldeburgh Napes flashing buoy at 80 meters on course 270°.  Navigated by echo soundings, Orford Ness constantly plotted.  Southwold out of sight.  After reaching the deeper channel came to course 340° and began to deploy mines at LF.  
Sun and Moon Data 02.09.39
Sun and Moon Data 03.09.39
Sun and Moon Data 04.09.39
    03.13 - 04.02 SW 1, Sea 1, partial overcast, moonshine, Vis. medium, current SW, low strength Interval 5 minutes (= about 500 meters).  
      On the west side of the channel (20-meter line) came to course 50° and deployed the 7th - 9th mines at larger intervals (8, 6, 10 minutes).  
        Was not disturbed during the deployment, afterwards 1 evasive maneuver.  
    04.45 - 05.45   Proceeding at HF, course 90°.  Afterwards came to 53° at LF.  
    14.37   Surfaced.  Crash dived 4 times, of these 1 time at 19.42 hours for 2 large aircraft which had approached quite near from the dark clouds.  
    15.10             +05527   Radio Message:  "Task executed".  Sent 3 times without receipt.  +2 V&W-class destroyers sighted on SW course at about 6000 meters distance.  No possibility for attack because target angle is too large.  
    20.09 WbyN 1-2, Sea 1, subsiding, cloudy, Vis. moderate From 20.09 hours proceeded uninterrupted at GF with charging.  
    07.31 - 07.50   Dived.  
        Gyroscope suddenly turned very quickly by several 10's of degrees, then apparently indicated correctly again.  
    11.34 Ems Estuary Both engines stopped, because the depth sounder indicates 8 meters.  Probably by compass error to the Geldsackplate.  Went back on course 280°, then 0°. Did not dive for 2 steamers coming from the Ems.  
    12.23   Crash dive for aircraft.  
    1x.xx - 18.05 Southwest of Norderney Lightship Proceeding submerged, numerous steamers.     
      Made for Lightship F, not found, because up to 24.00 hours it is very dark.  Continued at KF and navigated by depth soundings, Jade channel buoy comes into sight directly ahead.  Recognition signals exchanged with patrol vessel.  
    06.09.39 NW 1, Sea 0-1, overcast, very dark  
    00.20   Ran aground abeam of Genius Bank on the port side of the shipping lane.  Boat lists strongly to starboard.  After pumping out the regulating tanks, the torpedo tubes and a part of the torpedo compensating tank got free by engine power.  
    01.27 Wilhelmshaven Made fast at the 3rd entrance.  
                          Signed Daublebsky von Eichhain,  
                                     Kapitänleutnant and Kommandant.  
Sun and Moon Data 04.09.39
Sun and Moon Data 05.09.39
Sun and Moon Data 06.09.39

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