U-100 - 2nd War Patrol

Translation by Jürgen  Meyer-Brenkhof

Days at Sea
11 September 1940
25 September 1940


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Ships Hit
KTB Time
21 Sep 40
23.10 - 23.15
55°04'N, 18°31'W
HX 72
21 Sep 40
23.10 - 23.15
55°04'N, 18°31'W
HX 72
21 Sep 40
23.10 - 23.15
55°04'N, 18°31'W
HX 72
22 Sep 40
55°07'N, 18°19'W
HX 72
22 Sep 40
55°08'N, 18°15'W
HX 72
22 Sep 40
55°10'N, 18°05'W
HX 72
22 Sep 40
55°11'N, 18°02'W
HX 72
 Total = 50,340
Note:  The positions in the table above and in the Google Earth patrol summary are derived from the KTB and in many cases do not match those set forth in authoritative references such as Jürgen Rohwer, Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two or the Uboat.net website.  The goal here is to present the picture relative to the U-boat and not the absolute position that the ship was attacked or sank.

K  r  i  e  g  s  t  a  g  e  b  u  c  h
"    U  100    "
        In Port Lorient  
                                                                          beginning:       1.9.40.  
                                                                          ending:          11.9.40.  
        2nd War Patrol  
                                                                          beginning:       11.9.40.  
                                                                          ending:           25.9.40.  
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- 1 -
    01.09.40 Lorient    
    18.57   Entered harbor, moored boat.  
    02.09.40 Lorient Boat cleared, daily work routine.  
    17.20   Boat cast off.  
    17.50   Moved boat into dry dock, beginning of shipyard period.  
    03.09.40 Lorient Routine work.  
    04.09.40 Lorient Routine work.  
    05.09.40 Lorient Routine work.  
    06.09.40 Lorient Routine work.  
    07.09.40 Lorient    
    07.30   Left dry dock. Boat moored at charging station.  
    09.20   Boat charged.  
    08.09.40 Lorient Taking equipment onboard.  
    13.30   Torpedo replenishment.  
    09.09.40 Lorient Provisions replenishment.  
    10.09.40 Lorient Final maintenance, repair and equipping.  
    17.10   Left pier for trimming trials.  
    18.30   Boat moored alongside "ISERE".  
    11.09.40 Lorient    
    13.00   Left "ISERE" for 2nd long-range war patrol.  
                               Kapitänleutnant and Captain  
- 2 -
    11.09.40 Lorient    
    13.00 Departed Escorted by 3 minesweepers until Point 2.  
    15.00   Minesweepers dismissed.  Left the coastline.  Course 220° degrees at full speed.  
    20.15   Course 270°.  
    12.09.40 Biscay Continue on westerly course.  
    09.54 N 4, Sea 3, Vis. good Crash dive for aircraft. Torpedo maintenance.  
    12.00   Day's run:  261 nm of which 4 submerged.  
    12.33   Surfaced.  
    18.55   Aircraft sighted on reciprocal course.  
    24.00   Crossed 12°W heading 320°.  
    13.09.40 West of Channel Continued transit to operations area.  
      NW 6, Sea 5, Vis. good    
    1200   BE  3878 Day's run:  265 nm of which 1 submerged.  
    2330   BE  3719    
    14.09.40 West of Channel    
    08.00 NW 7, Sea 6, Vis. medium Continued transit to operations area.  
    10.40   BE  2653 Received radio message 0957/14:  U -100 you are to operate between AM 5554 - 1777 - 1341 - 3951.  Concentrate in the northeast.  U-58 and U-59 are also operating in this area. U-99 is operating in the southeast and U-65 in the northwest. - BdU -  
    12.00   BE  2387 Day's run:  162 nm.  
    20.00   BE  2311    
Sun and Moon Data 11.09.40
Sun and Moon Data 12.09.40
Sun and Moon Data 13.09.40
Sun and Moon Data 14.09.40
- 3 -
    15.09.40 West of Ireland    
    0400 NW 6, Sea 5, overcast, intermittent haze Heading north to operations area.  
        AL  9599    
    10.10   AL  9267 Steamer sighted aft out of a cloud of haze on an easterly heading.  Short distance.  Proceeded in front of him at full speed, then dived.  

Steamer quickly alters his course up to 90°.  Boat can not fire due to the very limited visibility.

    11.43   Surfaced and chased steamer.  Tried to get ahead of him on his general course.  Visibility between 1000 and 5000 meters.  Steamer's speed about 15 knots, tonnage about 6000 GRT.  
    12.00   Day's run:  203 nm of which 3 submerged.  

Dived and listened because visibility very bad.  Steamer is heard acoustically 4 to 5 nm southeast.

    16.25   Surfaced and followed again.  Visibility gets worse.  Raining.  
    17.00   AL 9335 Chase terminated because no improvement in visibility is expected and boat could not get into a northerly position. Continued transit north into operations area.  
    24.00   AL  6659    
Sun and Moon Data 15.09.40
- 4 -
    16.9.40 Southwest of Rockall    
    04.00   AL 6381    
      W 3, Sea 2/3, mist, intermittent rain    
    08.35   AL  0375 Dived.  Torpedo maintenance.  
    12.00   AL  0375 Total 232 nm of which 5 submerged.  
    12.20   Surfaced.  Heading northeast.  
    20.00   AL  0326    
    17.09.40 West of Rockall    
      NE 2, Sea 2/3, swells, Vis. good, bright moonshine    
    00.10   AL  3894 Clearly sighted smoke cloud in the northwest.  Proceeded in this direction but could not regain sight again.  
    00.43   2 smoke clouds sighted to the west.  Altered course to proceed there.  At first rain cloud prevents sighting.  
    02.25   AL  3875 Although good visibility still nothing in sight.  I estimate that the smoke comes from a convoy on a northerly heading.  I steer north, later 40°.  
    03.16   AL  3854 Observed Morse signaling in the northwest, proceeded there.  
    03.28   Identified 2 destroyers on a heading of 60°, distance 7000 to 8000 meters.  Because my boat is in full view due to moonlight I turned away somewhat and then approached again but could not see anything.  Obviously the escort had zigzagged away at full speed.  
    04.03   AL  3853 Resumed heading 40° at high speed.  
Sun and Moon Data 16.09.40
Sun and Moon Data 17.09.40
- 5 -
    08.00   AL  3696 Heading 70° nothing in sight.  
    11.30   AM  1549 Crash dive for seaplane.  
    12.00   Day's run:  167 nm of which 2 submerged.  
    12.57   Surfaced.  
    13.35   Sighted a smoke cloud at 90° relative bearing for a short time.  
        Shortly thereafter detected a destroyer which departed into a rain shower on a southerly course.  
    14.35   Sighted the same smoke cloud in the south, obviously made by the same destroyer at 5 nm.  I closed in at high speed but despite best visibility nothing seen again.  I resumed an easterly course.  I suppose that this and the smoke from last night are from the same destroyer.  Maybe this area is searched after the report (radio message 0250/17 about U-boat attack) it could also be the distant covering force of a convoy.  
    15.47   Aircraft alarm.  
    17.07   Surfaced.  
    17.40   Aircraft alarm.  
    19.56   AM  1595 Surfaced and proceeded south, because this is where I estimate the convoy to be.  
    21.00   AM  1732 Because of no sighting went east again.  
Sun and Moon Data 17.09.40
- 6 -
    18.09.40 North of Rockall    
    00.17 NW 4, Sea 3, Vis. good           AM  1811 Received radio message 2246:  Signal from U-65:  00.16 hours enemy convoy AM 1547 heading southeast, speed 8 knots.  Have lost contact.  
        I proceed at high speed and on a southwesterly course to this convoy.  I have doubts because the time groups seem to be wrong so I sent radio message 0226/18 at 03.00 hours requesting the time of the last convoy sighting by U-65 from BdU.  
    03.51   Received reply 0333/18 to radio message 0226/18:   -16.00 hours-.  It was as I thought. Instead of 16.00 hours they had transmitted 00.16 hours.  
        Due to this I have no chance to come close to the convoy.  
    04.00   AM  1726 Easterly course.  
    08.00   AM  1811    
    12.00   AM  1821 Day's run:  154 nm of which 4 submerged.  
      W 4, Sea 3, Vis. good    
    20.00   AM  2712    
    24.00   AM  2722 Turned south because no sighting in best visibility.  
Sun and Moon Data 18.09.40
- 7 -
    19.09.40 Off North Channel    
    08.00 S 2, Sea 1, Vis. good    
        AM  2782    
    12.00   AM  2925 Day's run:  129 nm.  
    15.32   AM  2955 Dived.  Torpedo maintenance.  
    21.32   AM  2956 Surfaced.  
    24.00   AM  2986    
    20.09.40 Off North Channel    
    04.00 N 3, Sea 2, Vis. good, overcast Turned north.  
        AM  5127    
    11.45   AM  2964 Received radio message by U-47 1131/20.  Enemy convoy in sight AL 1968 heading east, slow speed.  
    12.00   Day's run:  113 nm of which 10 submerged.  
        According to the radio message resumed course west and approached convoy.  
    [Hand written note] 13.00 - Rendezvous with U-43.  Went alongside.  Told her CO of my intention to operate on the convoy.  Departed after exchange of greetings.  U-43 dived.  
    17.15   AM  0192 Large steamer sighted on opposite course.  Tried to get ahead of him at full speed but steamer closes fast from aft. His heading is 110°.  
    17.17   I dive and cross his path at high speed.  My boat closed to about 8000 meters.  The steamer had zagged in the meantime.  She is a 2 -funnel passenger liner of about 22000 GRT.  Her speed 18/19 knots.  
    18.08   Surfaced.  Position of steamer is 130° relative bearing.  Distance 15000 meters.  
Sun and Moon Data 19.09.40
Sun and Moon Data 20.09.40
- 8 -
    20.00   AM  0176 Continued to operate against the convoy which was reported to contain 40 vessels.  
    21.09.40 Southwest of Rockall    
      NW 3, Sea 2, cloudy, intermittent rain showers, Vis. good    
    00.00   AM  1988 Received the following radio messages up to now:  

1748/20:  To U-48, U-65, U-43 U-99 and U-100: homebound convoy is to be expected for tomorrow noon in the area of attack positions. - BdU -

        1812/20:  Enemy convoy sighted 4235 heading 120°.           - U-47 -  
        1839/20:  To U-48, U-65, U-43, U-99 and U-100:  No radio transmitting until contact with enemy. - BdU -  

1639/20:  Take attack positions : U-48 AL 2835,  U-65 AL 2868,  U-43 AL 3772,  U-99 AL 3788,  U-100 AL 3929.   - BdU -

        2001/20:  U-47 maintain contact.  Other assigned boats according to contact reports by U-47. - BdU -  

2115/20:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 5127.      - U-47 -

        2250/20:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 5152 lower left. - U-47 -  
        0011/20:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 5159 upper center. - U-47 -  
        0126/21:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 5183 center right.  Heading 150°. - U-47 -  
        0254/21:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 5194.  Enemy is zigzagging around main course. - U-47 -  
Sun and Moon Data 21.09.40
- 9 -
    04.00   AL  6333 Continued to operate against convoy  
        Radio messages:  

0415/21:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 5431.     - U-47 -

        0430/21:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 5433.       - U-48 -  
        0619/21:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 5438 upper right. - U-47 -  

0712/21:  Radio signal:  Enemy out of sight AL 5517.            - U-47 -

        0753/21:  Radio signal: enemy convoy in sight AL 5551.  Enemy zigzags, heading 90 to 120°.  I maintain contact.         - U-48 -  
    08.00   AL  6341

Radio messages:

        0912/21:  Radio signal:  enemy convoy in sight AL 5537.  Speed 8 knots, course 90 to 110°. - U-48 -  
        1136/21:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 6711. Zigzagging, general course 100°, speed 8 knots. -U-48 -  
    12.00   AL  6249 Day's run:  262 nm of which 4 submerged.  

Radio messages:

        1238/21:  Radio signal: Correct position of convoy is AL 5568.   - U-47 -  

1310/21:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 5569.       - U-48 -

    15.00 [this entry crossed out and added as a hand written note at 1300 on the previous day (20.09.40)] Rendezvous with U-43.  Went alongside.  Told her CO of my intention to operate on the convoy.  Departed after exchange of greetings.  U-43 dived.  
    15.43   1009/21:  To U-43, U-65, U-99 and U-100:  You are to operate according to contact reports of U-48.  Report grid positions in accordance with new short signal codebook.      - BdU -  
    16.00   AL  6541 Turned south to get close to convoy which is more to the south than I expected.  

Reported position in accordance with short signal codebook.  Radio message:  Short signal:  my position is AL 6400. - U-100 -

Sun and Moon Data 21.09.40
- 10 -
    18.30   AL  6574

Turned North again and stayed east.


Radio Message 1803/21:  Radio signal: enemy convoy in sight.  Maintains easterly course, speed 8 knots AL 6465.     - U-48 -

    20.30   Convoy still not in sight although according to dead reckoning my boat should be in the near vicinity.  
        Due to the darkness setting in, I have doubts if we will come close at all.  

Radio message 2058/21:  Radio signal:  Enemy convoy in sight, speed 8 knots, heading 090° AL 6547. - U-48 -

        On a northerly and alternating southerly course, but sighted nothing.  
    22.09   AL  6549    
      Vis. variable, rain showers Dived to acquire contact with an acoustic bearing because strong rain showers reduced visibility on the surface.  
    22.15   Strong acoustic bearing of the convoy at 15 nm distance. Surfaced and steered in that direction.  
    22.58   The first shadows are sighted.  My boat is on the southern side, i.e. on starboard.  About 20 shadows are sighted at first.  It is then noted that the convoy contains several columns.  My boat is between rows 2 and 3.  To get into the convoy I decide to shoot my way in.  
        On the first run in I fire from the 3 bow tubes into the 3 largest ships in the middle of the 3rd row, then turn away And fire with the aft torpedo tube.  All 4 shots are hits.  
Sun and Moon Data 21.09.40
- 11 -
    23.10   Fired torpedo from tube 1:  G7e relative bearing to target 70°, target speed 8 knots, depth 3 meters, distance 2 minutes 10 seconds.  

After 10 seconds fire from Torpedo tube II.  G7e relative bearing to target 70°, target speed 8 knots, depth 3 meters, distance 2 minutes 40 seconds.


After 40 seconds firing tube III.  G7a relative bearing to target 70°, target speed 8 knots, depth 3 meters, distance 2 minutes 43 seconds.

    23.15   Firing tube V G7e relative bearing to target 080°, target speed 8 knots, depth 3 meters, distance 54 seconds.  
        The greatest distance was 3300 meters, relative bearing to target 70°, target speed 8 knots, depth setting 3 meters.  
        Clear explosions were seen from the first 3 shots and the detonations were heard.  Further observations were not made, because boat already started a new run in.  
        Later a lot of lights were seen at the location of the hits.  
        The shot from tube V was directed at a 4 to 5000 GRT steamer which quickly sank after the hit at the bow.  
        Among the first 3 steamers was the 10300 GRT tanker -TORINIA” as was observed from the Morse traffic.  The other steamers were a similar size, but they are reported as 5000 GRT only, because they were not observed clearly.  
        The following radio traffic was heard on the 600 meter frequency:  
        21.9.40    2317 cq cq hhh canoner a torpedo hhh repeated 5 - 6 times.  
                        23.30 gyw 5/1 de nr 42 torpedo carry on (likewise more frequently repeated)  
Sun and Moon Data 21.09.40
- 12 -
                        23.45  gyw de gtmnv p. w 1915 10 to 15. 22. 30 to 34?  
                        23.46  gyw         1800 w to ar  
                        23.54  gyw de torinia at 10300 gmt 5447 n 1800 w torpedoed 2126/21 gmt  
                        23.56  gyw    gr 3 q to 1369     0709 3108  
            Thereafter follows an encrypted message.  
        After the 4th shot the boat turned into the convoy which is now somewhat divided into northern and southern parts.  One shot at a steamer of about 5000 GRT.  
    23.25   Torpedo fired from torpedo tube IV:  G7e, relative bearing to target 90°, target speed 8 knots, depth 3 meters, distance 600 meters.  The reason for the miss is unknown. Most likely due to Eto malfunction.  
        While we are heading into the convoy a destroyer or gunboat passes us at high speed and is proceeding to our firing position.  
    23.41 Bright and clear, moon behind clouds shining through in places NW 2, Sea 1-2, light swells We are now in the middle of row 2 of the convoy, close behind row 1.  Lots of steamers in front, beside and behind us.  Closest distance is 500 to 600 meters.  Steamers are now beginning to get closer to each other so our freedom of movement is restricted.  There were about 8 to 10 ships in a row.  During the whole time torpedoes were reloaded.  At about 24.00 hours 3 tubes are ready to fire.  
    22.09.40 SW of Rockall    
        AL  6551 With these 3 tubes ready we prepared for the next run on a tanker of about 11000 GRT and a large freighter of about 8000 to 9000 grt.  
    00.22   Torpedo shot from tube I at the tanker G7e relative bearing to target 80°, target speed 10 knots, running depth 3 meters, distance 1 minute 45 seconds.  
    00.23   Torpedo shot from tube III for the freighter G7e relative bearing to target 80°, target speed 10 knots, depth 3 meters. Missed.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.09.40
- 13 -
        After 105 seconds tanker hit, the second shot for the freighter was at too great a distance, about 2200 meters, because the Eto's batteries had not been recharged and its range was not sufficient.  Therefore no hit.  After the shot turned to at once to stay in the forward sector of the convoy. The steamer to the left of the tanker is turning to starboard towards us.  We cross in front of him at full speed.  
    00.50   Torpedo fired from tube V, G7e.  Relative bearing to target 80°, target speed 8 knots, depth 2 meters, distance 53 seconds.  
        After 53 seconds hit forward.  Steamer appeared small at first; therefore depth was set to only 2 meters.  Shortly after the hit steamer starts burning.  The ship was, as was learned by coming close, 6 to 7000 GRT, with 5 holds, numerous winching cranes and aft a high placed gun.  
      It gets brighter and more quite the moon is on the edge of a cloud and starting to come out any second. Approached the front row again at full speed because of the larger steamers there.  Convoy is now steering 70°.  Due to the increasing daylight things have to speed up.  A remarkably large tanker comes into sight.  Beside the tanker is a 7 to 8000 GRT heavily loaded freighter.  Despite the moon in my rear I position myself between the two.  Distance 6 to 700 meters to each one.  
    01.53   Double torpedo shots from tube II and IV at the tanker, G7e, relative bearing to target 80°, target speed 11 knots, depth 3 meters, distance 1 minute 05 seconds and 1 minute 10 seconds.  
        After 65 seconds hit 1 forward, shortly thereafter 30 seconds hit 2 aft.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.09.40
- 14 -
        Two very strong detonations and 2 large flames are thrown up from the tanker, his deck literally tearing open.  
        I myself had never seen such a tremendous and impressive explosion.  
        Ship sinks very quickly by the stern.  Shortly thereafter only a small portion of the bow is recognizable until it too sinks.  This tanker had an extreme length, singular bridge and large spaces between the superstructures.  The details could be clearly seen in full moonlight.  His size is according to general estimates 15 to 16000 GRT.  
        The freighter turns away to the north.  I pass him on his starboard side at full speed and get ahead of him.  
    02.14   Torpedo fired from tube III G7e, relative bearing to target 80°, target speed 12 knots, depth 3 meters, distance 50 seconds.  
        After about 50 seconds hit forward.  Steamer, despite its size, cuts under with the bow and has disappeared just as fast.  Probably heavy cargo.  Size 7 to 8000 GRT.  
    02.14   Sent radio message 0204/22:  Enemy convoy in sight AL 6553, 10 knots, heading 070°  - U-100 -  

Sent radio message 0245/22:  Enemy steers northerly heading AL 6520 - U-100 -

        Convoy has in the meantime turned north.  The continuous attacks have dispersed the ships which are now assembling again one by one.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.09.40
- 15 -
      Bright moonshine, calm sea The weather gets more and more unfavorable for an attack.  I have to try one more attack with the last remaining torpedo.  I decide, despite the moonlight at my back, to turn to a group of steamers from which the largest one, at about 8000 GRT shall be shot at.  
        But a smaller steamer of about 3000 GRT is in front of him.  The attempt to pass close behind the smaller one to surprise the larger one, fails.  The small one sights us, turns away and howls with the steam whistle.  This alerts the large steamer.  My boat delivers a good shot.  
    02.57   Tube I G7a relative bearing to target 090°, target speed 8 knots, depth 3 meters.  
        Steamer is turning away; the bubble track misses about 30 meters from his bow.  At this time we have stopped behind him in full moonlight.  Distance 500 to 600 meters.  
        Suddenly he starts firing with his gun.  It sounds like a hit against a tin can.  The shot whistles over the conning tower.  I turn away at full speed and full rudder, the steamer fires very slowly.  The next shot falls short.  The third shot is too high. Thereafter he stops firing.   
        I move outside the range of sight.  Then 2 destroyers are sighted on both sides which close in on the convoy.  Under these visibility conditions my boat can no longer stay in the rear sector.  
Sun and Moon Data 22.09.40
- 16 -
        As a result it is to be stressed again, how important the order of the BdU is: "stay there and attack!" despite the good lighting the boat was safest in the center of the convoy.  On the sides the destroyers were on the hunt and fired star shells.  When after the last attack I drifted rearwards I sighted 6 destroyers.  I left with strong zigzags and at high speed because the destroyers came towards me and got bigger all the time.  To get more clarification about the hits I searched the position where I hit them.  We made contact with a destroyer which fired multiple shots.  In the beginning we thought he was shooting at us because the distance was about 6000 meters and because he turned towards us a couple of times.  Although we altered course his image got larger.  
        We closed to about 200 meters of the burning freighter (hit 6) and then had to turn away again due to the destroyer.  
        I am certain I saw the destroyer firing at the wreck and also firing at the wreck of the tanker (hit 5) to get them out of the way, because I observed high water splashes after a salvo.  

When there was no longer a chance to get close to the convoy I sent the following radio message:

        0300/22:  Have lost contact AL 6525. - U-100 -  
Sun and Moon Data 22.09.40
- 17 -

Thus the boat had sunk 8 ships in 3 hours from this convoy. Including the last run which brought no hit, this time increases by 45 minutes.

        The major thing was that the torpedoes were constantly reloaded and that this fact was only achieved by the excellent job of the crew led by the second watch officer, LtzS Böning.  The favorable night conditions in the beginning worsened to our disadvantage so that the final success was not possible.  
        The estimates for the sunken tonnage remain very imprecise and therefore I have reduced some. Under no circumstances did I want to report too high tonnages as was done in the beginning of the war.  
        The general and estimated numbers look like this:  
        Nr.       Estimated              Confirmed                   Claimed   
        1.          10300                    10300                         10300  
        2.            6000  (tanker)                                           5000  
        3.            6000  (    "    )                                           5000  
        4.            4500                                                         4000  
        5.          12000  (    "    )                                          11000  
        6.            7000                       7000                          6000  
        7.           14600                                                       14000  
        8.             7500                                                         6000  
                      67900                                                       61300  
        Furthermore the first 3 hits were not observed clearly.  

But according to the whole situation such a night of murdering steamers should be considered a success which means the fulfillment of the wishes of every U-boat man.  We were reimbursed for the long days before and the fruitless hunt.

Sun and Moon Data 22.09.40
- 18 -
        I put no more effort into regaining contact with the convoy because U-43 in my opinion should still be at the convoy and should have no problem finding it due to the fires and the star shells.  
    06.25   Began retreat.  

Sent Radio message 0637/22 :  To BdU:  from the convoy 3 tankers, 5 freighters, from which 1 is questionable all in all total 61300 GRT.  Was turned away by destroyers.  Returning Lorient. - U-100 -

    08.00   AL  6821 Set course south towards Lorient.  
    12.00   AL  9224 Day's run:  289 nm.  
    13.12   Received radio message 1250/22:  To U-100:  Remain with convoy until U-43 and U-60 have contact. - BdU -  

Sent radio message 1330/22:  To BdU:  In accordance with radio message 0637/22 have been driven away by destroyers.  Have begun return trip.  Position AL 9246.         - U-100 -

    20.00   AL  9584    
    23.09.40 Off the Channel    
    04.00   BE 2327 Returning to Lorient.  
      NNW 2, Sea 1-2, Vis. very good, few clouds    
    08.00   BE  1632    
    10.44   Alarm for aircraft.  
    11.10   Surfaced.  
    12.00   BE 3473 Day's run:  282 nm of which 1 submerged.  

Radio message S.S.D. 1344/23:  Emergency case HE 111 Area BF 1718 to 1720 and 1741 to 1746. - BdU -

Sun and Moon Data 23.09.40
- 19 -
    14.30   BF   3726 Turning at full speed towards the position of the accident which is 150 nm away.  
    18.21   Received radio message 1803/23:  To U-29, U-48, U-65, U-100 and U-138, Proceed to Lorient. - BdU -  

Sent Radio message 1853 to BdU:

        1.  Looking for airmen.  
        2.  Approach Lorient on the 25th, at 09.00 hours.  
        3.  Position BE 3822.  
    22.30   Sighted white star on the port side at a great distance.  Turned towards it but nothing seen anymore.  
    24.9.40 Off the Channel Searching for airmen.  
      NE 2, Sea 1, thin overcast, Vis. very good, moonshine    
    00.45   Fired a star shell after we had observed a light in the vicinity. Star shell answered right away by U-138 which is observed at once as a shadow and is recognized after exchange of the daily code.  Both boats get close to each other.  I agree with OLtzs Lüth that I will search the westerly portion and he the easterly portion of the search area.  After that we parted and continued search.  
        I searched in the western half with northerly and southerly headings but could not find anything.  
    04.00   BE 3963    
    08.00   BF  1718    
    09.30   Left search area 2 hours after dawn and continued return to Lorient.  
Sun and Moon Data 23.09.40
Sun and Moon Data 24.09.40
- 20 -
    12.00   BF  1879 Day's run:  311 nm.  
        Aircraft sighted astern, not sure if it is German.  
    12.09   Alarm  
    12.31   Surfaced, aircraft soon comes in sight again and is identified as German DO 18.  I fired authentication signal but it was not answered.  Obviously the plane is also searching for the downed aircraft.  Because it is circling constantly low over the water.  Later sighted another aircraft, a DO 24.  
    16.00   BF  4239 Sighted sailing vessels and fishing vessels numerous times.  

Radio message 1626/24 received: To U-100, U-138, U-99.  Escorts positioned 25 September.  09.00 hours, point 2.  U-48 and U-65 will enter simultaneously.

    25.09.40 NW Coast France Returning to Lorient.  
        Approach Lorient point 2.  
    09.00   Met escort together with U-65 and U-48.  
    10.30   Entered harbor.  
    10.45   Moored ISERE.  
Sun and Moon Data 25.09.40
- 21 -
        Special experiences  
        The boat functioned satisfactorily.  There was fair weather on average and very good visibility.  Traffic seems to move more from North to South.  The fact that the crew was on their 2nd war patrol could be felt throughout.  The normal routine was without major problems or damage.  
        Maneuvering in the convoy and the constant reloading of the torpedoes was a difficult challenge for the crew.  
        Duration of mission        13 days 20 hours.  
        Of which surfaced          13 days   3-1/2 hours.  
        Of which submerged                   16-1/2 hours.  
        Total traveled surfaced:              3074 nm.  
            "         "       submerged              34 nm.       
            "         "       Overall:              3108 nm.  
        Crash dives:  8  
                       Success of Mission    
      Hits        9    
      Misses    2    
      Failure    1    
                   12 Ships sunk 8.  Of these 2 not observed but assumed due to usage of lights.  
        Estimate of sunken tonnage is very imprecise.  
        Total estimate 60000 GRT.  
C o p y.
                                                                                                                                      "U 100"  
Commentary of Commander in Chief U-boats
Very successful, well executed mission.  The Commanding officer has made excellent use of the opportunities at the convoy. When estimating sunken tonnage one must always remember that at night most estimates are too high.  Only constant self-restraint along with identification of the names of the sunken ships can bring experience.  The CO has tried that in his estimates.  It is not quite clear if all torpedoed ships have sunk.  This has to be ascertained by all possible means.

                                                                                                   Signed  D ö n i t z


                                                                                       For the Commander in Chief U-boats

                                                                                               - The Chief of Operations -  

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Chart 1 Track chart covering sortie and return to Lorient                             11-15 and 23-25 September
Chart 2 Track chart covering movements in the boat's operational area   16-22 September
Chart 3 Track chart covering sortie and return to Lorient                              11-15 and 23-25 September
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Torpedo Torpedo Firing Reports (Schussmeldung)

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