SECRET                                                                                                        29 July, 1943  
Number: U-67.
Flotilla: 2nd at Lorient.
Type: 750-ton, type IX.
Captains: Korvettenkapitän Heinrich Bleichrodt for first five or six cruises.  He was relieved May 1941 by Kapitänleutnant Günther Müller who was C.O. on the last seven patrols.
Built: Deschimag, Seebeck, Wesermünde.
Radar: Not fitted.
S.B.T.: Fitted.
G.S.R.: Fitted.  Now circular net-type antenna.
Armament: Four bow and two stern torpedo tubes.  One 10.5 cm. deck gun forward.  Two model C-38 2 cm. A.A. guns.
Sinking: Sunk on her eleventh or twelfth patrol 16 July, 1943 in 30.07 N. - 44.26 W. by plane from USS Core.
7th and Last Patrol: Sailed Lorient 10 May, 1943.  Sighted one ship sailing out of convoy but were unable to attack.  Stated to have operated in mid-Atlantic.  On returning to her base, she was surprised on the surface on 16 July, 1943 in position 30.07 N. - 44.26 W. by a plane from USS Core.  Bombs fell on or near the U-boat, hurling the four men of the bridge watch into the sea.  Three of them - the watch officer, a petty officer, and a seaman -
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  were rescued by USS McCormick and were later transferred to USS Merrimack.  The prisoners arrived in the united States for questioning on 25 July, 1943.
Early History
          Under Korvettenkapitän Bleichrodt, U-67 accounted for over 100,000 tons of shipping by 28 October, 1940.  Included in this tonnage are 15 freighters, two tankers, two cruisers, and the British gunboat Dundee, sunk 15 September, 1940 in approximate position 56 N. - 15 W.  After completing five or six patrols, Bleichrodt brought U-67 to Kiel in spring 1941, probably for thorough overhaul.  He was relieved of his command by Kapitänleutnant Günther Müller in May 1941.  
          About 25 May, 1941, U-67 sailed into the Baltic for trim, diving, and speed trials under her new captain.  She completed these trials and was back in Kiel before 1 July, 1941.  
Patrols under Günther Müller
  1st Patrol:  Sailed Kiel end of July 1941, putting in at Lorient late September 1941.  Rammed HMS Clyde off Cape Verde Isles 9 September, 1941.  
  2nd Patrol:  Dates unknown.  
  3rd Patrol:  Sailed Lorient end of May 1942.  Returned about 15 March, 1942.  Sank three ships totaling 28,000 tons.  
  4th Patrol:  Sailed Lorient end of May 1942.  Returned mid-August 1942.  Operated in Gulf of Mexico off New Orleans.  Sank eight ships totaling 48,000 tons.  
  5th Patrol:  Sailed Lorient about 10 September, 1942.  Returned 21 December,  
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  1942.  Operated near Trinidad.  Sunk three ships totaling 25,000 tons and scored hits on two others.  Not a supply U-boat.  
  6th Patrol:  Sailed Lorient late February or early March 1943.  Returned mid-April 1943.  Operated off west coast of Africa.  Suffered damage.  
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