Processing and initial interrogation of U-352 POWs at Charleston Navy Yard, South Carolina, May 10, 1942

USCGC Icarus arrives at the Charleston Navy Yard the day after sinking U-352 and rescuing 33 survivors

U-352's crew lines up in ranks - During the arrival, and subsequent processing, the Boat's commanding officer Kapitänleutnant Hellmut Rathke and his officers were allowed to exercise direct control over the crew

Kapitänleutnant Rathke marches his men from Icarus to the mess hall at the Charleston Navy Yard

The crew is fed as a unit - no separation by ranks during the rescue and processing of POWs from U-352

A U.S. Navy sailor butters a cracker for an injured POW

Leutnant zur see (Sonderführer) Oskar Bernhard served as Navigator aboard U-352 (the Executive Officer and Chief Engineer were lost in the sinking).  Pending his commissioning as an officer, his actual rank is Steuermann d. R. (quartermaster 1cl, naval reserve).   Here he addresses the crew in the filling out of the Basic Personnel Record which he holds in his hands.

Leutnant Bernhard is photographed

Kapitänleutnant Rathke is photographed

A crewman is fingerprinted

A crewman discusses his Basic Personnel Record form with a Lieutenant of the Marine Corps guard

The Basic Personnel Record form is typed out - Army and Navy officers on either side of the POW

Preliminary interrogation of POW by Army and Navy intelligence officers

Preliminary interrogation of U-352's Navigator, Leutnant Oskar Bernhard - The British intelligence officer is Lieutenant R. W. B. Izzard, R.N.V.R. who served with Op-16 training the initial cadre of U.S. Navy POW interrogators

U-352 officers at Fort Bragg - (L-R) Fahnrich z. S. Ernst Kammerer, Kapitänleutnant Hellmut Rathke and Leutnant z. S. Oskar Bernard


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