July 24, 1942
From: Op-16-F-9
To    : The Director.
Via   : Op-16-F.
SUBJECT: Prisoners of War.
        1.        Op-16-F-9 is designated as the Section of Op-16-F responsible for the interrogation of War Prisoners taken by the Navy as well as the Section to receive all equipment captured from enemies.
        2.        In accordance with instructions issued by the Vice Chief of Naval Operations, prisoners taken are to be turned over to the first Naval District visited.  The Commandant (DIO) will immediately notify ONI in order that trained interrogaors may visit the place of reception and immediately take charge of the prisoners insofar as regards interrogation or receipt of materials of intelligence value.
        3.  The same procedure is followed for enemy equipment.  In the case of submarines we attempt to have our representative on hand when the materials are received or, if salvage operations are undertaken, to have our men with the salvage party to advise divers, or others, as to the interior arrangement of enemy submarines and to assign priorities on the materials to be salvaged.  In agreement with Op-20 our representative is also to take charge of materials for Communications, thus avoiding the necessity of sending more than one man from here.
        4.  No information obtained by interrogation can be considered as of value until it has been verified or checked.  For this reason no information is given by our representatives to anyone in the District.  As soon as possible, a brief preliminary report of essential facts is prepared and a copy furnished to:
                Admiral Lee - For the Anti-Submarine Warfare Section,
                Captain Dyer - for Cominch,
                DNI, Ottawa,
                Interrogation Section, G-2.
          5.        Copies are furnished to B.A.D., and DNI, Ottawa and a despatch check obtained as to information obtained from the prisoners.  
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SUBJECT:        Prisoners of War.
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        6.        As soon as the information obtained has been checked as completely as possible, a more complete report is prepared and copies sent to the same addressees.  THe Anti-Submarie Warfare Section then prepares the Information Bulletin to be sent out - This, of course, contains operational information, confirming or denying our interrogation information, which information is not made available to our interrogators.
        7.        No information is disseminated by this Section other than as given above.
        8.        The physical handling of the Prisoners of War has been somewhat streamlined from the original plan made last year.
        9.        When prisoners are received in a District their personalia cards are prepared in accordance with the Provost Marshal General's instructions.  One copy of this comes to F-9 (Not to J.A.G., as originally planned.  The DIO then contacts the local representative of the P.M.G., and turns the prisoners over to the Army for custody as soon as they are ready.  If this cannot be done the DIO calls ONI and F-9 notifies the P.M.G., and requests that arrangements be made to take the prisoners.
        10.        The co-operation between the P.M.G., and F-9 is excellent.  On our request, prisoners are sent to camps within reach until we can handle them at Fort Hunt.  Prisoner mail is sent to us for censoring before it is sent to the regular National censor.  Personal effects, etc., are returned via the P.M.G., as soon as their intelligence value has been exhausted.
        11.        When authorized by Cominch, F-9 prepares a list of names, rank, etc., and pertinent information which is furnished the P.M.G., via G-2, for forwarding to the German Government.  In case of dead enemy personnel their personal effects are also forwarded and the location and number of the place of internment.
        12.        Admiral Edwards has been instructed me that ONI is not concerned with any release of information to Public Relations and we will not, therefore, make any attempt to maintain any further control over this phase of the work.  We have done so in the past at the request of Public Relations and with the approval of Captain Dyer.
                                                                                  John L. Riheldaffer.
  Dict.  7/24/42.  
      "    by Cdr. Riheldaffer.  
  T.  Lesnick.  
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