Combined Vocabulary List
600m wavelength (600m/500kHz) International distress signal wavelength.  Monitored by U-boats during attacks to learn the identity of the victim or other tactical intelligence
A +/- # m Simple code use to disguise depth measurements. A = 80 meters so A + 25 m = 105 meters and A - 25 = 55 meters etc.
AAA/AAAA, RRR/ RRRR, SSS/SSSS distress signals

Special version of "SOS" that indicates the reason for the signal is that we are under attack by A for Aircraft, R for Raider or S for Submarine.  Normally accompanied by the name or call sign of the ship and their position. Later in the war it was changed from three to four letters

Aal Eel - torpedo (slang)
Abblaseventil Escape valve
Abblenden Darken ship
Abbrechen To break off
Abbrennen To fire off
Abdeckblech Cover plate (torpedo)
Abdrehen (abdr.) Turn off, turn away
Abdrift Drift
Abdrücken To fire
Abendbesteck Evening navigation fix
Abenddämmerung Dusk
Abendrot Red sunset, afterglow
Abfahrzeit Time of departure
Abfangen To pull out, level off
Abfertigen To dispatch (as for a message)
Abfeuern To pull trigger
Abfeuerschalter Firing switch
Abfeuerungshebel Firing lever
Abfeuerungsvorrichtung Firing mechanism
Abflauend Subsiding abating
Abflug Departure
Abgas Exhaust gas
Abgasgebluse Exhaust gas driven compressor
Abgasklappe Exhaust gas valve
Abgasschalldämpfer Muffler
Abgeblendet fahren To cruise without lights
Abgedrängt Driven off
Abgedreht Turned off
Abgedunkelt (fahrendes Schiff) Darkened (ship)
Abgegeben Literally delivered, in the contect of a KTB sent as in sending a radio message
Abgekämpft Battle-weary
Abgelegt Cast off/sailed
Abgenutzt Eroded, worn down
Abgeordnet Temporarily assigned
Abgerissen Broken, fractured
Abgeschaltet Disconnected, off, shorted
Abgeschätzt (Ab.) Estimated
Abgeschlossen Completed
Abgeschütteln To shake off
Abgesplitterte Stragglers
Abgreifen der Entfernung Measuring chart range with dividers or compass
Abgrenzung Demarcation
Abhören To intercept radio messages
Abhörgefahr Danger of interception
Abhörstelle Intercept station, signal monitoring station
Abkippen To nose down - dive
Abkommandieren To detach
Abkommpunkt Aim point
Abkürzung (Abk.) Abbreviation
Abladekommando Unloading detail
Ablandig Offshore
Ablauf Course of action, termination
Ablaufen To turn away
Ablaufgerüste Depth charge chutes/racks
Ablauschen To listen in, intercept, pick up radio messages
Ablegen Cast off
Ablenkungsangriff Diversion, feint attack
Ablesemarke Index line, index mark
Ablesen To read (instruments, etc.)
Ablesung Reading, setting
Ablösen Wachablösung To relieve the watch
Ablösung Relief
Abluft Foul air, outgoing/exhaust air
Abmarschieren To depart
Abmarschmeldung Departure message (sent after leaving the supply boat)
Abmessungen Dimensions
Abmontieren To dismount (gun from ship)
Abnahme Acceptance inspection
Abnahmeprobefahrt Full power trial, acceptance test run
Abnehmende Decreasing
Abnutzung Attrition, erosion, wear
Abnutzungskampf Battle of attrition
Abort W.C., Head, toilet
Abprallen To ricochet
Abriegeln To block, interdict
Abrotzen Founder
Abrutschen To slip away
Absacken To settle, drop down with tide or stream
Absatz (Abs.) Paragraph
Abschallklappen Diesel exhaust valves
Abschätzen To estimate
Abscheider Separator
Abschießen To shoot down, to disable, put out of action
Abschirmen To blanket, screen, cover, protect
Abschirmung Shielding, screening
Abschlachten To massacre
Abschneiden To cut off, isolate
Abschnitt Sector, phase
Abschnittsgrenze Sector boundary
Abschnittsweise By sectors, in phases
Abschrift Transcript
Abschub Evacuation of POW's wounded etc.
Abschuß Launch, A kill (a downed enemy aircraft)
Abschütteln To shake off (pursuers)
Absetzbewegung Withdrawal, disengagement
Absperren To isolate
Absperrung Shutoff, barrier
Abstaffeln In formation
Abstand Distance apart
Abstandslicht Marker light
Abstandspistole Remote pistol (magnetic arming pistol)
Abstecken To plot
Abstellplatz Dispersal area
Abstellvorrichtung Locking mechanism
Abstimmanzeigeröhre Tuning indicator - magic eye
Abstimmen To tune
Abstimmskala Tuning scale
Abstreifen To patrol an area
Absturz Crash
Absuchen To search, sweep
Abszisse Abscissa, X-coordinate
Abtastdose Record player
Abteilung (Abt.) Department - Section/compartment of a ship
Abtransport Evacuation
Abtransportieren To evacuate
Abtrennen Cut off, separate, isolate
Abwehr Defense - Short name for Wehrmacht's intelligence and sabotage service
Abwehrerfolg Defensive success
Abwehrgeschütz Defensive gun
Abwehrschuß An attack on an approaching target/defensive shot
Abwehrwaffe Defensive weapon
Abweichfrequenzen Alternate frequencies
Abweiser Fender
Abwracken To break up, scrap
Abwurf Release (bomb from aircraft)
Abwurfgerät Bomb-release mechanism
Abwurfhöhe Bombing altitude
Abwurfschacht Bomb rack
Abwurfzielgerät Bomb sight
Abziehen To withdraw
Abzug Withdrawal/Trigger (of a gun)
Abzuschütteln To shake off
Achse Axis
Achteraus Astern
Achteraussacken To drop astern
Achterdeck Quarterdeck
Achterlastig Down by the stern
Achterlastigkeit By the stern
Achterlicher Wind Following wind
Achtern Aft, astern, sternward
Achterschiff Aft section of ship
Achtersteven Stern post
Achterstich An attack on a receding target/from astern
Adjutant (staff code = IIa) Adjutant
Admiral (Adm) Admiral
Admiralität Admiral's staff
Admiralsstab Admiral's staff
Admiralstabsoffizier (AStO.) Admiral's staff officer
Adressbuch A book for encoding naval grid positions for transmission in wireless messages
Aggregat Aggregate
Aggregate Unit
Ahming Measure of draft
Akku Battery accumulator
Akkulucke Battery hatch
Akkumulator (Akku.) Battery
Akkumulatorenbatterien Storage batteries
Akkumulatorenraum (Akkuraum) Battery compartment, accumulator room
Akten Files
Aktenmaterial Official documents
Aktionsradius Radius of action
Aktionsreport Action report
Akustische Ortung Acoustic location
Akustischer Torpedo Acoustic torpedo
Alarm zur Übung Crash dive for drill
Alarm! Dive! - emergency order for crash diving
Alarmbereit On the alert
Alarmstufe Alarm stage
Alarmtauchen To crash dive
Alarmtauchklar-Zustand Emergency diving condition
Alarmtauchubung Crash dive for drill
Alarmtauchzeit Crash diving time
Alberich Synethic rubber (called Oppanol) pannels glued to the sides of the submarine as a way of absorbing active sonar pulses and reducing the sound signature of the submarine against passive hydrophones
Albrecht Active sonar countermeasure
Allgemein (allg.) General
Alte Art Old style (refering to type of torpedo pistol)
Älter Kommandant (ÄK) Senior Commander
Amperemeter Umschalter Amp meter selector switch
Amperestunden (Ah.) Ampere hours
Amphibienflugzeug Amphibious aircraft
Amt Office, department
Amt Ausland/Abwehr im Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Abwehr) Foreign Affairs/Defence Office of the Armed Forces High Command (German intelligence-gathering agency)
Amtlich Official
Anblasen To blow all tanks  - only done in an emergency
Anerkennungsschreiben Commendation
Anfahrgetreibeölpumpe Oil pump for starting gear
Anfall Surprise attack
Anfangsstellung Initial position
Anfliegen To approach a target
Anflug Approach/approach run (as for bombing run for aircraft)
Angaben Data
Angefangen Commenced
Angelehnt Supported by, covered by
Angelüftet Operated by hand
Angreifen To attack
Angreifer Attacker, aggressor
Angriff Attack
Angriffsabschnitt Attack sector
Angriffsaufstellung Attack Formation
Angriffsbeginn Time of attack
Angriffsbereitstellung Assembly area for attack
Angriffsbreite Frontage in attack
Angriffserlaubnis Permission to attack
Angriffsflug Air attack
Angriffsform Attack formation
Angriffsfreiheit Freedom to attack, freedom of action
Angriffsgruppe Attack group
Angriffshandlung Offensive action
Angriffshöhe Attack altitude
Angriffsort Attack location
Angriffsplan Plan of attack
Angriffsposition Attack position
Angriffsräume Patrol areas
Angriffsrichtung Direction of attack
Angriffssehrohr (ASR) Attack periscope
Angriffsskizzen Sketch of attack
Angriffsstreifen Attack sector
Angriffsübung Attack exercise
Angriffsversuch Attempted attack
Angriffsziel Attack objective
Angünstiger Adverse/unfavorable
Anhaltend Steady
Anhaltspunke Clue/sign/indication
Anhang Appendix to a report, order, etc.
Anhängen Tow, to be towed, to follow
Anker Anchor, armature, rotor
Ankerflügel Fluke of the anchor
Ankergrund Anchorage, anchor
Ankerklüse Hawse pipe
Ankerlichten Weighing anchor
Ankermine Anchored mine
Ankerplatz Anchorage, berth
Ankerplatz verlegen To shift berth
Ankerschaufel, Ankerspaten Fluke of the anchor
Ankerschluss Armature circuit
Ankerspill Windlass, capstan
Ankerstelle Anchorage, berth
Ankerwinde Windlass, capstan
Anklammern Cling tenaciously to
Ankunft Arrival
Anlage Assembly
Anlage (Anl.) Please find enclosed/Attachment/enclosure
Anlagen Enclosures
Anlanden To land
Anlassen To start up
Anlasser Starter
Anlassflaschen Starting air bottles
Anlassluftleitung Air starting circuit
Anlaßschütz Accelerating contactor, speed controler, start switch
Anlaßventile Starting vlaves
Anlassvorrichtung Starting mechanism
Anlaufnehmen Make an approach
Anlegen Lie to, lie alongside, board (ship)
Anleger Jetty
Anmarsch Approach
Annähernd (an.) Approximate
Anpirschen To creep up, to stalk
Anrechen To take credit
Anruf Call, call up
Anrufantwort Answer call up
Ansatzbefehl Approach order. disposition/formation order
Anscheinend (ansch.) Apparently
Anschließen To connect, join\To follow
Anschneidelinie Line of intersection
Anschneiden Obtain a fix or a bearing
Anschnitte Cross bearings
Ansprache Designation of a target
Anspruch Claim
Ansteuern To steer for, head for/into
Ansteuerung Literally "control" but in the context of a KTB it translates as a "objective" a position that the boat is ordered to
Ansteuerungbefehl Approach order
Ansteuerungspunkt Approach point - the initial point that a U-boat was ordered to in advance of receiving an operational area
Anstürmen To charge, attack
Antenne Antenna/aerial
Antenne mit Rundwirkung Omni directional antenna
Antennenmastwinde Winch for aerial masts
Antennenschacht Shaft for aerials
Antrag Request, recommendation
Antreiben To propel
Antrieb Propulsion
Antriebsgestange Propulsion shaft
Antriebskraft Driving force
Antriebsmaschine Driving engine
Antriebswelle Drive shaft
Antun (ein Hafen) Make for, make (a harbor)
Antwortbuchstaben Answer characters
Anwärmeschuss Warming up shot
Anweisung Directive, instructions
Anwerfen Start (engine)
Anzeiger Annunciator
Anzielen To sight, aim
Anzulaufen Oxidation, rust, coated
Anzunehmen Assumed "Da anzunehmen ist" translates it must be assumed"
Äquator Equator
Äquatortaufe Crossing the line ceremony for lowly pollywogs
Aräometer Hydrometer
Arktische Kaltluft Polar air
Armaturenbrett Instrument panel
Ärmelkanal English Channel
Art Type (eg. of torpedo)
Art der Aptierung Type of adaptation/modification
Artillerieeinschlag Shell hit
Artilleriefeuer Gunfire
Artilleriemaat Gunner's Mate
Artillerieoffizier (A.O.) Gunnery Officer
Arzneischrank Medicine chest
Arzt Physician
Arztboot U-boat with a physician aboard
Ärztlicher Ratgeber Doctor's Guide carried aboard U-boats
Asbestgraphit Asbestos-graphite
Assistenten Assistants, Clerks
Asta Rod antenna
Astro Short for celestial-navigator
Astronomische Navigation Celestial navigation
Astronomischer Beobachtung Astronomical observations (for a navigation fix)
Atlantikschlacht Atlantic battle
Atlantischer Ozean (Atlantik) Atlantic Ocean
Atlaslot Fathometer
Atmosphärendruck Barometric pressure
Atmosphärisch angetriebener Torpedo (Ato or A-to) A torpedo using compressed air as an oxidant and Decalin as a fuel with water to create steam for propulsion
Atü = Atmosphären
Absolute pressure - pressure in atmospheres minus one - 3 atm = 2 atü
Auf- und abschwellender Modulated tone
Aufbau Construction, make-up, lay-out
Aufbauten Superstructure
Aufbrechend Breaking up
Aufbringen To capture (a ship)
Aufbringung Capture (of ship)
Auffinden To locate a target
Auffrischend (Auffr.) Freshening increasing
Aufgabe Mission, task
Aufgehängte Suspension, as in spring


Aufgerissen Broken
Aufgestellt Constructed - When a U-boat failed to return from patrol BdU Op would construct a KTB based largely on the boat's orders and radio messages sent and received from the boat
Aufgetaucht Surfaced
Aufholleine Trip line
Aufholleinenauge Trip line eye - eye to attach the trip line
Aufklären To reconnoiter, scout, observe, to clear up/clean up (ship)
Aufklärend Clearing up
Aufklärer Scout, observer, reconnaissance aircraft
Aufklärung Reconnaissance
Aufklärungsbomber Patrol bomber
Aufklärungsbreite Width of reconnaissance sector
Aufklärungsflieger Reconnaissance aircraft
Aufklärungsflug Reconnaissance flight
Aufklärungsgebiet Reconnaissance area
Aufklärungsstaffel Patrol squadron
Aufklärungsstreifen (AK Streifen) Reconnaissance sector, reconnaissance sweep, reconnaissance line
Aufklärungstätigkeit Reconnaissance activity
Aufladegruppe Supercharger group
Aufladekommando Loading detail
Aufladen der elektrischen Batterien Charging (of batteries)
Aufladenmarsch Charging battreries as the boat transits
Auflage Edition
Auflaufen Strand, run aground
Auflösen To disband, scatter
Aufmarsch Concentration
Aufmarschieren To deploy
Aufnahmepunkt Pickup point
Aufpassen To be on ones guard/alert for
Aufräumen To mop up
Aufreißende Broken replace Auffressend
Aufrücken To move up, advance
Aufsatzwinkel Elevation
Aufschlag Impact
Aufschlagpunkt Point of impact, objective point
Aufschlagzünder Impact fuse
Aufschlagzünder (AZ) Impact detonator
Aufschlagzündung Impact firing (for torpedoes or mines)
Aufschleppe Slipway
Aufstellung Mounting/deployment/formation/table/schedule
Aufstellung nehmen To get in position
Auftakeln To rig
Auftakt Initial phase of an operation
Auftanken To refuel
Auftauchen To surface
Auftrag Mission, task
Auftragserteilung Assignment of missions, tasks
Auftretenden Step or tread
Auftrieb Buoyancy
Auftriebskörper Buoyancy chamber
Aufwasch Scullery
Aufzeichnung Record, notation or sketch
Aufzug Hoist, lift
Augenaufklärung Visual reconnaissance
Augenblicksziel Fleeting target
Augenverbindung Visual communications
Aus Off
Aus der Flanke nehmen To attack on the flank
Aus nächster Nähe At close range
Ausbau Extension, removal, disassembly
Ausbau der Sehrohre Unshipping periscopes (for service/repair)
Ausbildung Training
Ausbildungsdienst Training Service
Ausbildungsgruppe für Front-U-Boote (Agru-Front) Training Group for Front U-boats
Ausblase Exhaust
Ausblaseanlage Blowing system
Ausblasekästen Exhaust cases, manifolds
Ausblaseverteiler Blowing manifold
Ausbooten To disembark by boats
Ausbootung Disembarkation by boats
Ausdauer Endurance
Ausdocken To undock
Auseinandergeplatzt Broke in two
Auseinandergezogen Dispersed as for a convoy
Auseinandernehmen To break up, tear to pieces
Auseinanderpullen To row apart
Ausfall Absence, dropping out, loss
Ausfallender bug Straight raked sloped bow (Groner symbol = \   )
Ausfertigung Copy
Ausffischen Pick up or haul aboard
Ausfragen To interrogate
Ausführen To accomplish, execute, construction of
Ausführung Completion, realization
Ausgabe Issue, edition
Ausgang Outcome
Ausganglinie Line of departure
Ausgangslage Starting position
Ausgangsposition Initial position
Ausgangspunkt Initial point, point of departure
Ausgedampft Steamed
Ausgedockt Undocked/departed dock (including a dry dock), cast off
Ausgehoben Silenced (gun)
Ausgelaufen Put to sea
Ausgemacht Detected
Ausgeräumt To clear out as unloading or cleaning out the boat before it goes into the shipyard
Ausgerüstet Equipped
Ausgeschwungen Swung out (lifeboats)
Ausgestattet Equipped with
Ausgewichen Evaded
Ausgleichstank Compensating tank
Ausgleichvorrichtungenanlage Pressure compensation apparatus
Ausgucker Look-out man
Auskundschaften To spy, to scout
Auskunftsstelle Information center, control point
Ausladungsschiff Lighter
Auslaufbefehl Outbound orders
Auslaufen To leave port, put to sea, sail
Auslaufverkehr Outbound traffic
Auslaufweg Sail away
Auslösepunkt Bomb release point
Auslosung Release, careful
Ausmachen To recognize/discern , make out
Ausmanöveriert Out maneuvered
Ausmarsch Outbound
Ausmittig Eccentric, off center
Ausnutzen To take advantage of, usable, equipment
Auspuff Exhaust
Auspuffqualm Exhaust smoke
Auspuffsammeltöpfe Exhaust manifold
Auspufftöpfe Silencers, mufflers
Ausräumen In the context of a KTB "Boot ausräumen" translates "clear the boat" (removing all movable gear after a patrol to facilitate shipyard work)
Ausrüstung Fitting out
Ausscheren To draw or haul out of line, fall out of formation
Ausschiffen Disembark
Aussen Exterior
Außenbords Overboard
Außenbords Fegen Sweep overboard
Außenbordverschlüsse Hull closure
Außendruckörper Bulges
Außenhaut Outer hull
Außenhut Plating, shell
Außenluft-Thermometer Free-air thermometer
Aussenpunkt Outer point
Außenschiff Deck
Außenwinkel des Wasserlaufs Gunwale bar
Außer Kontrolle Out of control
Außer Sicht Out of sight
Außerbetriebnahme Taking out of service/decommissioning
Äußere Outer, exterior
Äusserste Kraft (A.K.) Emergency speed
Ausspähung Espionage, reconnaissance
Aussteigen Abandon ship, go ashore, bail out of an aircraft
Ausstoßart Ejection method (for torpedoes - with or without piston)
Ausstossrohr Exit tube, Ejection tube
Austritt Exit
Auswanderung Bearing shift
Ausweichbewegung Evading or withdrawing movement to new position
Ausweichen To evade, withdraw
Ausweichfrequenz Alternate frequency
Ausweichmanöver Evasive maneuver

Alternate target, alternate destination

Auswerten Evaluate, compute, plot
Auszug aus der Funkladde Excerpt of the Radio Log
Auszumachen Seen
Autogenen Schweißanlage Autogenous (oxy-acetylene) welding equipment
Automatischem Automatic
Aviso Gunboat
Azetylenflaschen Acetylene cylinder
Azimut Azimuth
Bach Sea, water
Bachstelze Wagtail - Fa-330 aircraft - rotary-wing kite
Back Forecastle
Backbord (B.b.) Port
Backsen Propulsion maneuver for a ship with 2 shafts whereby one is operated forward and one back to achieve a tight turning radius.
Bäderdampfer Passenger steamer
Bake Beacon
Bakenempfang Radio beacon reception
Bakensystem Compass calibration range


Earliest possible
Balken Beam
Balkensperre Boom
Balkon Gerät Late-war bow-mounted (passive) sonar installation with 48 sensors covering a 270° arc
Bandbreite Bandwidth
Barkasse Barge
Barographenstreifen, Barometerstreifen Recordings barometric pressure
Barometer (Bar.) Barometer
Barometrisch Gefälle Pressure gradient
Bathythermograph Bathythermograph - device for measuring water temperature at various depths
Batterie meßtafel Battery measuring panel
Batteriedeck Battery deck/Second deck
Batteriehaupschalter Main battery switch
Batterien aufladen To charge batteries

Batterien in Reihen geschaltet

Battery connected in series
Batterien parallel geschaltet Batteries connected in parallel
Batterieparallelserienschalter Battery parallel series switch
Batterieselbstschalter Battery automatic switch
Baubelehrung Final stage of construction accompanied by future crew members to introduce them to technical details, equipment
Baujahr Year of construction
Baum Boom
Bauwerft Building yard, shipyard
B-Deinst (Beobachtungsdienst) Observation service - Cover name for the Kriegsmarine's code-breaking section.
Bebelbänke Fog bank


Bedeckt (bed.) Overcast
Bedienungsfehler Operations failure
Bedienungsgerät Control panel
Bedienungsgestäge Operating linkage
Bedingt klar Conditionaly clear (partially operative)
Beendet Conclude
Befähigen Qualifications,To enable, empower
Befahren Steer, navigate
Befehlsgemäß According to orders/As ordered
Befehlshaber Commander
Befehlshaber der Sicherung West (B.S.W.) Security Commander West
Befehlsstelle Command post
Befehlsübermittlung (B.ü) Passing an order verbally from person to person
Befehlsverhältnisse Chain of command
Befehsausgabe Briefing, issuance of orders
Beförderung Promotion
Befragung Questioning (of POW)
Begedreht Heaved to
Begleitschiff Escort ship
Begleitschutz Escort (fighter escort by aircraft)
Begonnen Commenced
Behälter Container(s)
Beheben Repair (break down, damage)
Behelfsmässig repariert Makeshift/temporary repairs
Behmlot Echo-ranging fathometer
Beidrehen To heave to
Beil Axe, Hachet
Beischiff Living ship or house boat
Bekämpfung Combat
Belegen Delay, cover; make fast
Beleuchtung Illumination
Belüftung (Akkuraum) Ventilation (battery compartment)
Bemannung Complement, crew
Bemerkung Remark, comment
Beobachtung Observation
Beobachtungsdienst (B-Dienst) Reconnaissance service
Bereich Region, range, near
Bereitschaft Readiness
Bereitschaftsmunition Ready-use ammunition
Bergung Salvage
Bergungsdampfer Salvage (recovery) vessel
Bergungsschiff Rescue vessel
Bericht Report, news dispatch
Berichtigte (ber.) Corrected
Berichtigung Correction
Besatzung Crew, ship's company, complement
Beschädigt Damaged
Beschädigung Damage
Beschatter Shadower - a U-boat that shadows a convoy and reports information about the convoy (speed, direction, number of vessels and escorts)
Beschießt To fire at
Beschießung Shelling/bombardment
Beschlagnahme Embargo, seizure


Besetzen Occupy/take up as for an attack area
Besonders (bes) Specially
Besprechung Conference
Bessernd Improving
Bestätigt Confirmed (receip of a message)
Bestätigung Confirmation of radio message
Besteck Ship's position, navigational fix
Besteckkontrolle Position fix, Navigation channel
Besteckunsicherheit Uncertain position fix
Besteckunterschied Difference in fix
Besteckversetzung (B.V.) Corrected ship's position after obtaining a fix
Bestimmungsort Destination
Bestückung Armament (of ship)
Beta Beta, ßß Header for a short signal - the Greek symbol for Beta known in Britain as B-Bar.  The U-boat radio operator would send -...-  -...-  (Morse code for ßß) the shore operator replied -.- (Morse code for K) meaning OK continue.  The U-boat radio operator then sent his short message consisting of a series of four-letter groups and ending with ...  -.- (Morse for SK or Silent Key) indicating the end of the message.
Betreffend Regarding
Betreffend (betr.) Concerning
Betrieb Operation, Plant
Betriebsbuch Station log
Betriebsfunkspruch Routine radio message
Betriebsklar To be ready, clear for operations
Betriebssicherheit Security of operations
Betriebszeit Operational time
Beurlaubung Administrative leave
Beurteilung Assessment
Bewacher Guard, guard vessel, patrol vessel, escort
Bewachungsfahrt Escort mission
Bewachungsfahrzeug Patrol vessel, escort vessel
Bewachungsschiff Escort vessel
Bewaffnen To arm
Bewaffnet Armed
Bewaffnung Armament
Bewahrt Tried tested
Bewässerung Flooding
Bewässerungsleitung Flooding valve line
Beweglich Mobile, moving
Beweglichkeit Mobility, maneuverability
Bewegte See Choppy sea
Bewölk (bew.) Cloudy
Bewölkungszunahme Increasing cloudiness
Bezeichnung (Bez.) Indication, term
Beziehungsweise (bzw./bezw.) Respectively
Bezogen Overcast
Bezug Reference
Bezüglich (bezügl.) Regarding
Bezüglich (bzgl.) With reference (to)
Bezugspunkt Check point
Bilge Bilge
Bilgenwasser Bilge water
Binnenhafen Inland harbor
Binnenwasserstraße Inland waterway
Blasen Blowing, blow
Blattern Blade or fin
Blech Sheet metal
Blechkoller Nervousness or fright as during a depth charge attack
Bleiberichtigung Pencil correction
Bleiflaute Dead calm
Blende Deadlight/Shutter
Blindgänger Dud
Blinkfeuer Flashing light
Blinkgerät Signal lamp
Blinkspruch Signal lamp message
Blitztonne Flashing buoy
Blockadebrecher Blockade runner
Blockadegebiet Blockaded region
Blockadegürtal Blockade cordon
Boden End plates or bulkheads (externally curved)
Bodenbeplattung Bottom plating
Bodengang Bottom strake
Bodennebel Ground fog
Bodenstück Breech
Bodentank Floor tank


Kingston, foot valve
Bodenverschluss Rear door of torpedo tube
Bodenwelle Ground wave
Bodenwind Surface wind
Bodenzünder (Bdz.) Base fuze
Böen Squall
Bohrmaschine Drilling machine, drill press
Böig Gusty
Böiges Wetter Squally weather
Boje Buoy
Bölinie Squall line
Bolzen Pin, bolt
Bombenangriff Bombing attack
Bombeneinschlag Bomb impact
Bombenflieger Bomber
Bombenkammer Bomb bay
Bombenlast Bomb load
Bombenreihe Train of bombs
Bombenschacht Bomb bay
Bombentiefangriff Low-level bombing attack
Bombentreffer Bomb hit
Bombenvolltreffer Direct bomb hit
Bootsführung Navigation
Bootshaken Boat hook
Bootskran Davit
Bootslüfter Ventilating fan
Bootsschacht Encasing for the periscope
Bootsswinde Hoist tackle; winch
Bordaufklärer Shipboard reconnaissance aircraft
Bordberichter War reporter/correspondent
Bordbesatzung Air crew
Bordgeschütz Gun
Bordhöhe Freeboard (of a ship)
Bordlafette Ship's mounting (of guns)
Bordmannschaft Air crew
Bordschweißanlage On board welding system
Bordwaffenbeschuss Fire from aircraft weapons, strafing
Bordwand Ship's side
Bordwandabaschlüsse Hull closures
Brander Fire-ship
Brandkerngeschoss Incendiary bullet
Brandung Surf
Brassen Brace
Brechstange Pry bar
Breite (φ) Latitude, beam, breadth
Breitengliederung Distribution, formation
Breitengrad Degree of latitude
Breitenhöhe Meridian altitude
Breitenkreis Parallel of Latitude
Breitseite Flank, broadside
Bremse Brake
Bremsvorrichtung Recoil buffer
Brennkammer Combustion chamber
Brennstoff Fuel, Electrical current
Brennstoff Ergänzung Fuel replenishment
Brennstoffausnutzung Fuel utilization
Brennstoffersparnie Fuel saving
Brennstoffübernahme Fuel taken over
Brennstoffvorrat(e) Stock(s) of fuel
Brenstoffmangel Fuel shortage
Bretter Boards
Bricht auseinander Break apart
Brise Breeze
Bruch Break
Bruchlandung Crash landing
Brücke Bridge (Groner symbol = b  )
Brückennock Bridge yardarm
Brückennocken Bridge wings
Brückenseite Bridge wing
Brückenwache Bridge watch
Brückenwart Man on watch on bridge

Vapor concentrate pump

Brummer Fuselage (aircraft)
Brunde und Knoten Knots and ties
Brunnen Tank, well
Bruttoregistertonnen (BRT.)
Gross Registered Tons (GRT) 1 GRT = 100 cubic feet = 2.83 m³
Bruttotonnengehalt Gross tonnage

Tin metal

Bucht Bay, bight; camber, round of beam
Bug Bow
Bug, normal Straight plumb or vertical - the oldest type, it offers the most resistance to the sea (Groner symbol = /   )
Bugband Breast hook
Buglastigkeit By the bow, bow heavy
Bugraum Bow compartment
Bugrichtung Heading
Bugrohr Bow tube
Bugschuss Bow shot
Bugsee Bow wave
Bugsierboot Tow boat
Bugspillraum Fore capstan room
Bugspriet Bowsprit
Bugwelle Bow wave
Buhne Quay, wharf
Bulkladung Bulk cargo
Bullauge Porthole
Bullen Hulk, pontoon
Bunker Bunker, shelter
Buntfarbenanstrich Camouflage painting, dazzle painting

Brush (electrical)

Bussolenring Compass azimuth circle
Chiffreschlüssel Cipher key
Chiffriermaschine Cipher device
Chiffrierung Encipherment
Chlorgas Chlorine gas
Chlorgasentwicklung Chlorine gas development
Chlorgasvergiftung Chlorine gas poisoning
Chronograph Chronometer
Circa (ca.) Approximately
Cirruswolke Cirrus cloud
Dämmerung Twilight
Dammstrasse Pier, jetty, mole
Dampfbarkasse Steam launch, barge
Dampfer (D.) Steamer
Dampfmaschine Steam engine
Dampfpfeife Steam whistle
Dampfpinasse Steam pinnacle, picket-boat
Dampfwinde Steam windless
Darauf Afterward or thereon
Daraufzugedreht Turned to close
Das heißt (d.h.) To wit, that is to say, meaning
Dauerbeanspruchung Endurance stress
Dauerbefehl Standing order
Dauerstörung Continuous interference
Dauerstrich Long dash (Morse)
Dauerton Steady/continuous tone
Davon (unter Wasser) Of that (submerged)
Dazwischensprechen Break-in procedure
Decalin Decahydronaphthalene  - The G7a torpedo burned a mixture of compressed air, water and Decalin in a radial engine for propulsion leaving a visible bubble trail on the surface
Dechiffieren To decipher
Deck Deck
Decklandeflugzeug Carrier-borne aircraft
Deckpeilung Line bearing, alignment bearing with two known points
Decksaufbau Superstructure
Decksbalken Arched beam supporting deck
Decksladung Deck cargo
Deckslast Deck cargo
Deckstringerplatte Cutter row of deck plates adjoining side of ship and fastened to side and ribs by angle irons
Deckungstruppe Covering force
Delta (symbol = delta δ) Change in torpedo course required to compensate for the straight ahead distance traveled after firing and turn to the preset gyro angle
Dem Dienstweg Through channels
Demolierung Demolition
Deplacement Displacement
Dergel Literally pot/tub- used to indicated a small vessel such as a fishing cutter
Desgleichen (dsgl.) Likewise/also
Desgleichen (dgl.) Ditto
Detonationsdruck Blast pressure
Detonationswelle Shock wave
Detonationswolke Explosion plume
Deutsche Gesetzliche Zeit (DGZ) German Legal Time
Dezimal (Dez.) Decimal - in KTBs angles are sometimes expressed in 10's of degrees - 7 dez. = 70°
Dezimeter-Telegraphie (DeTe) Decimeter-Radio - the first German codeword for radar, sometimes misinterpreted as Deutsches Technisches Gerät
Dichte Density (as opposed to specific gravity)
Dichten des Leaks To seal leaks
Dichter Nebel Thick fog
Dienst Service
Dienstgrad Rank
Dienststelle Command headquarters, duty station, administrative center
Dienststellung Official position
Dienstvorschrift Instruction manuel
Dienstweg Military channel
Diesel motor (DM) Diesel engine
Dieselantrieb Diesel engine propulsion
Dieselelektrisch Diesel-electric propulsion
Dieselluftverdichter Diesel air-compressor
Dieselmotorenraum Diesel engine room
Dieselöl Diesel oil
Diesig Hazy misty
Diesigkeit (d.) Haze
Dingi Dinghy
Dipolantenne Dipole antenna
Distillatbehälter Distilling chamber
Division (Div) Division
Divisionsoffizier Division officer
Docken To dock
Dollbord Gunwale
Dolmetscher Translator
Doppeldecker Biplane
Doppelfeder Double spring, as in tower hatch
Doppelfernglas Binoculars
Doppelknallote Double explosive sounds
Doppellafette Double-barreled mount
Doppelläufig Double-barreled
Doppelmast Double mast (Groner symbol = 2  )
Doppelschornstein Double funnel (athwartship)
Dorne Drift pins/punches
Drauf zu gehalten Headed for it
Draufgängertum Audacity, daring
Draufsicht View from the top


Drehbar Revolving
Drehflügelflugzeug Rotary wing aircraft
Drehgeschwindigkeit Rate of turn
Drehkondensators Variable capacitor
Drehmotor Hydralic training motor (for attack periscope)
Drehrahmenantenne Rotating loop antenna
Drehschalter Rotary switch
Drehspulmeßwerks Moving coil
Drehspulrelais Moving coil relay
Dreht nach Follows
Drehvermögen Maneuverability
Drehzahl Number of revolutions, RPM.
Dreimal A.K. (3 x A.K.) Utmost speed
Dreisternemeldung Casualty report
Driestoffpumpe "3 fuels" pump (for a Walter propulsion system)
Drosselklappe Wing type throttle valve
Drosselscheibe Throttle gate


Pressure change
Druckbehälter Pressure tank
Druckboden Pressure bulkhead
Druckfest Pressure tight
Druckfester Pressure resistant
Druckknopf Push button
Druckkörper Pressure hull
Druckkörper-Spant Pressure hull frame
Drucklager Thrust bearing
Druckluft Compressed air
Druckluftflaschen Compressed air flasks
Druckmesseranschluss Pressure gauge connection
Druckminderventil Pressure reducing valve
Druckölanlage Pressurized oil system
Druckölflaschen Pressure oil accumulator flasks
Druckölsammelbehälter Pressure oil collecting tank
Druckschalter Pressure controls (for hydraulic system)
Druckspant Pressure hull frame
Druckventil Check valve
Druckvorschrift (Dv.) Official instruction
Druckwasser Pressurized water
Druckwasserkästen Head box, gravity tank
D-Spant Pressure hull frame
Dunkel (dkl.) Dark
Dunkelheit Darkness
Dunst Haze
Dunstig Hazy
Dunstschicht Haze/mist layer
Dünung (Dün. or D.) Swell
Durchbrechen To break through
Durchbrechungen Openings
Durchbruch Break-through
Durcheinanderlaufen Confused (sea/swell)
Durchfluten To flood
Durchfluteter Raum Flooding room
Durchfressene Corrosion
Durchführung Transfer cruise (from the yard to the front lines), grommet, execution
Durchführungmeldung Accomplishment/execution message
Durchgang Corridor
Durchgebrochen Sagged (as would a ship with its keel broken)
Durchgemessen Calibrated
Durchladen To load
Durchmesser Diameter
Durchpendeln Alternately
Durchschlag Carbon copy (typed)
Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit Average speed
Durchspülen Flushing (of hoses, lines and tanks) - after a MB and RFO tank was emptied of fuel, it was flushed to prevent leaving an oil trace
Durchzug Passage (of a weather front)
Dwars Athwart
Dwarsab Abeam, abreast
Dwarslinie Line abreast
Dwarsschiffs Athwartships
Dwarssee Beam sea
Dwarswind Beam wind
E-Änderung Range change
Echolot Echo sounder
Echolotbehälter Echo-sounding room
Ehemals, ehemalig (ehem.) Formerly, previously
Eichstrich Measuring line, graduation
Eigener Kurs (E.K.) Own course (at the time of torpedo firing)
Eigenpeilung Direction finding by taking bearings
Ein On
Ein! Contact!
Einbiegen Turn into
Einbooten Embark by boats
Einbootung Embarkation by boats
Eindecker Single wing aircraft
Einfahrt Inlet, mouth of harbor
Einführmulde Entry through
Eingabeln Bracketing
Eingang (Eing.) Acknowledgement of receipt of radio message
Eingangsuhrzeit Time group/start time - of a message
Eingedockt Docked/entered the dock (usually a dry dock)
Eingeknickt Buckled
Eingelaufen Entered port
Eingestellte Preset/adjusted
Eingestellte Werte Final values
Einheitsgewicht Specific gravity
Einheitszeit Standard time
Einkuppeln Engage (as for clutch)
Einladen To load
Einlass Inlet
Einlaufen Enter port
Einläufig Single-barreled
Einlaufweg Inbound route
Einmarsch Invasion/entry into
Einmotorig Single engine aircraft
Einnebeln (sich) To put up smoke-screen
Einpeilen Take bearings on, to locate/hold
Einräumen Took over the boat (from the shipyard after an overhaul)
Einrichten einer Karte Orientation of a chart
Einrichtungsplan Installations layout
Einrumpfflugzeug Single-fuselage aircraft
Einsatz (Eins.) Duty, mission
Einsatzbereitschaft Aggressiveness, initiative, readiness for action
Einsatzfähig Available for assignment or employment
Einsatzfähigkeit Operational capability
Einsatzraum Operational area
Einschiessen Sighting shot (for range)
Einschiffen Embark
Einschiffplatz Port of embarkation
Einschlag Impact
Einschleifvorrichtung Grinding mechanism
Einschließlich (Einschl.) Including
Einschluss (Einschl.) Including
Einsitzer Single-seat aircraft
Einspritz Injection
Einspritzflaschen Injection bottles
Einsteige Entry
Einsteigeluke Entry hatch
Einsteigen To go below or get aboard
Einstellen To tune in
Einstellung Setting
Einstern One star - declared when a U-boat is missing
Einsteuern Balance the boat
Eintreffen Arrive
Eintreffzeit Arrival time
Eintritt Intake
Einzeldampfer Independent steamer
Einzelfahrer Unescorted ship
Einzelfall Isolated case
Einzelne Wolken Few clouds
Einzelpatrouilierende Independently patrolling
Einzelschuss Single shot
Einzelstellung Attitude/disposition/state of mind, Own position/emplacement
Einzelverkehr Single traffic/independents
Einzuholen Retrieve
Eisansatz Accumulation of ice
Eisberg Iceberg
Eisbrecherbug Ice-breaker bow
Eiserne Portion Emergency ration
Eiskristalle Ice crystals
Eismeer Polar Sea/Arctic Ocean
Eisregen Sleet, ice pellets
Eisscholle Ice flow
Eisstücke Broken ice
Eisverhältnisse Ice conditions
E-Kompass Electric compass, gyro compass
Elektrisch angetriebener Torpedo (Eto or E-to) A torpedo using a battery powered electric motor for propulsion
Elektrische Abfeuerung Electric firing mechanism normally used to fire torpedoes - as a backup, torpedoes could be fired manually by a lever on the torpedo tube.
Elektrisches Werk (E-Werk) Electrical power generator
Elektrizitätsmaschine Electric supply generator
Elektrodenröhre Radio tube
Elektroherd Electric source
Elektrolot Explosive charges for echo sounding
Elektro-Maschine (EM) Electric motor
E-Maschine (EM) Electric motor
E-Maschinenraum/E-Raum Electric motor compartment (contained electric motors and main switchboards)
Empfänger Receiver
Empfangsbereich Reception radius
Engpass Bottleneck
Enterhaken Grappling hook
Enterkommando Boarding party
Entern To board
Enterung Boarding
Entfalten Deploy
Entfernung (E) Estimated range in meters
Entfernung schätzen To estimate range
Entfernungsmeßgerät (E-Meßgerät) Rangefinder
Entlassung Release, let go
Entlaufen To escape
Entleerungsschrauben Draining valve
Entlüftung Exhaust
Entlüftungsanschlussschieber Vent line stop valve
Entlüftungshahn Relief cock
Entluftungsventil Exhaust Valve
Entmagnetisieren Deperming, wiping, degaussing  - demagnitizing a ship's hul by means of electromagnetic coils external to the hull.
Entmooren To unmoor
Entritt Feed
Entscheidung Decision
Entscheidungsgefecht Decisive battle
Entschlüsselung Decode, decryption
Entschlussfassung Formulation of decision
Entsichert Ready for firing/off safety
Enttarnen To remove camouflage
Entwässerung Draining
Entwässerung, Oberdeck Drain, upper deck
Entweichen To escape, evasion
Entwurf Draft version of a document
Entziffern To decipher
Entzifferung Deciphering
Erdkugel Celestial globe
Erfahrungen Experiences
Erfahrungsaustausch Exchange of experience
Erfaßt Detected
Erfolgsmeldungen Reports of success
Ergänzen To replenish
Ergänzenung Replenishment
Erkennungssignal (E.S.)
Recognition signal passed by visual means
Erkennungszeichen Recognition mark
Erledigung Accomplishment, completion, handling
Ermattungsstrategie Strategy of attrition
Ermessen Discretion
Ermüdung Fatigue, exhaustion
Erprobung Test run
Ersatz Reserve

Auxiliary vapor concentrate pump

Ersatzmöglichkeit Resupply
Erschöpfte Batterie Run-down battery

To shake, vibrate

Erschütterung Concussion, shock
Erster Offizier (I.O.) First Officer
Eselshaupt Cap, platform on a mast
Etmal Day's run or distance travelled in 24 hours, usually noted from noon to noon
Etwa Approximate
Etwas Somewhat
Europäisches Nordmeer Norwegian Sea
Eventuell (evtl.) Possibly
E-Verdichter Electric compressor
Ex-Name Former name of a ship
Explosion Explosion
E-Zusatz E-additive (using E-motors to supplement Diesels)
Fächer Fan as in a "Zweifächer", "Dreifächer" or "Vierfächer" - a two-fan, three-fan or four-fan torpedo attack as opposed to independently aimed shots.
Fächerschuß Fan shot or spread shot
Fächerspreizung Total angle covered by a spread of torpedoes
Faden Fathom
Fadenkreuz Cross-wires (of gunsight)
Fahrbühne Control platform
Fahrgastfrachter Passenger freighter
Fahrgestell Landing gear
Fahrlichter Navigation lights
Fahrmanöver Propulsion maneuver.
Fahrschalter Hand-ooperated valve (for hydralic system)
Fährschiffheck Ferry stern, shaped for the offload of cargo
Fahrstand Control position
Fahrstufe Drive position (engine telegraph setting)
Fahrstufen Driving increments
Fahrt Journey, patrol, also speed
Fahrtmesser Speed indicator
Fahrtrichtungsschalter Drive direction switch (ahead-astern)
Fahrtsteller Speed controller, Astern actuator
Fahrtstufe Operating combinations, as in alternating propulsion
Fahrtverschätzung Speed estimate
Fahrwasser Fairway, channel, lane (in minefield)
Fahrzeug Vehicle, vessel, craft
Falke Code name for the T IV acoustic homing torpedo
Fall Rake
Fall des Hinterstevens After Rake
Fallbahn Bomb trajectory
Fallreep Gangway
Fallreepspforte Gangway port
Fallreepstreppe Gangway ladder
Fallschirm Parachute
Fallschirmleuchtkugel Parachute flare
Fallschirmrakete Parachute rocket flare
Fangnetz Torpedo net
Fangschuss Coup de grace/Finishing shot - A torpedo fired at a stopped or crippled vessel to finish it off.
Farbbeutels Dye marker
Farben Colors/the flag
Fass Large warship or ship
Fast ganz bedeckt Nearly completely overcast
Fast wolkenlos Nearly cloudless
FAT-Warnung Warning given to other U-boat that a FAT had been fired
Feder Spring
Federapparat (FAT) Steering mechanism which enabled the torpedo to begin a ladder pattern at a preset point of a normal run
Federapparat Torpedo (Fat.) Spring mechanism torpedo
Federkupplung Spring clutch (connectes each diesel engine to the shaft)
Federwolke Cirrus cloud
Fegen Sweeper (an escort sweeping ahead of a convoy)
Feger Sweeper - an escort vessel that patrols ahead or astern of a convoy
Fehlenzeige Indicated loss, deficiency
Fehlerhafte Defective
Fehlschuss Miss
Fehlzünder Misfire, premature detonation
Feind Enemy
Feindbeobachtung Observation of or by the enemy
Feindberührung Contact with the enemy
Feindbeschuss Enemy fire
Feindeinsicht Enemy observation
Feindeinwirkung Enemy action
Feindfahrt War patrol
Feindfrei Clear of the enemy
Feindlich (fdl.) Hostile
Feindmeldungen Reports on the enemy
Feindraum Enemy zone
Feindseligkeiten Hostilities
Feindverkehr Enemy traffic
Feindzusammenstoß Encounter with the enemy
Feineinstellung Fine tuning
Feinfluten Fine adjustment for trimming
Feinzelle (Fz.) Sensitive compensating tank, safety tank
Feldspulen Magnetizing coil
Fenster in der Netzabweiserstütze Openings in the stanchion supporting the net jumping wires.
Fernaufklärer Long-range reconnaissance aircraft
Fernbomber Long-range bomber
Ferngewitter Isolated thunderstorm
Fernhörer Receiver
Fernkompass Remote-reading compass
Fernmündlich Telephone
Fernrohr Telescope binoculars
Fernschalter Remote switch
Fernschreiber Teletype
Fernsicherung Distant/remote escort
Fertig Ready
Fertig! Ready!
Fest Secured as for the cannon or flak weapons
Feste Werte Set value (as for a torpedo pistol)
Festklemmte Jammed up, wedged in
Festkommen Run aground, be stranded
Festland Mainland
Festlandsockels Continental shelf
Festlegepunkt Reference point
Festmacheboje Mooring buoy
Festmachen To make fast, secure, moor
Festmacher Mooring line
Festmacherbuoy Mooring line buoy
Feuchter Dunst Mist
Feuchtigkeit Humidity
Feuchtkugeltemperatur Wet-bulb temperature
Feuer Fire
Feuer einstellen! Cease fire!
Feuer erwidern Return fire
Feuer frei! Fire!
Feuererlaubnis! Fire!
Feuereröffnung Opening fire
Feuerleitanlage Fire control system
Feuerleit-Maat (Flt.-Maat) Fire Control Mate - Petty Officer who sets values into the Fire Control system
Feuerleitübungen Fire control exercises
Feuerleitung Fire control
Feuerleitungsmast Fire control mast
Feuerlöscher Fire extinguisher
Feuerpause! Cease firing!
Feuerposition Firing position
Feuerreinigen Fire cleaning - cleaning boilers/blowing tubes
Feuerschein Fiery glow
Feuerschiff (Fsch.) Lightship
Feuersichtige Good visibility
Feuertaufe Baptism of fire
Feuerüberfall Surprise attack, armed attack
Fiberdichtungen Fiber washer
Finsternis Darkness
Fischdampfer (F.D.) Fishing trawler
Fischereischutzboot Fishery protection vessel
Fischkutter Fishing trawler
Fischlogger Drifter, fishing-smack, trawler
Flachküste Flat open coast
Flachmeißel Flat chisels
Flaggschiff Flagship
Flakabwehr Anti-aircraft defense
Flakbedienung Anti-aircraft gun crew
Flakbereitschaft Anti-aircraft readiness
Flakbeschuss Flak fire
Flakfeuer Anti-aircraft fire
Flakmaschinengewehr (Fla.M.W.) Anti-aircraft machine gun
Flakschiessen Anti-aircraft fire
Flaktreffer Hit by anti-aircraft fire
Flakvierling Anti-aircraft quadruple
Flakzwilling Anti-aircraft twin
Flammensäule Column of fire
Flansch Flange
Flasche(n) Bottle(s), air bottles, cylinders, tapered top part of the periscope shaft
Flaschenzug Block and tackle
Flau Calm (wind)
Flaut ab Wanes (wind)
Flaute Calm
Fleuzgug (Flgz.) Aircraft
Flieger Aircraft, aircraft crew member
Fliegeralarm Air raid warning
Fliegeraufklärungs-Tafel (F.Au.T.) Code book for long distance air reconnaissance
Fliegerbombe (Fliebo) Aircraft bomb
Fliegerhilfe Aircraft support
Fliegerschutz Air escort
Fliegertätigkeit Air activity
Fliegerunterstützung Air support
Fliegerwetter Good flying weather
Floß Raft
Flosse Fin
Flotenkurzsignal Naval Short Signal
Flott Afloat
Flotte Fleet
Flottenbegleitboot, Flottenbegleitschiff (F-boot) Escorting vessel (equivalent to corvette)
Flottenstützpunkt Naval base
Flottille Flotilla
Flottmachen Float, refloat
Flüchten To escape
Fluchtversuch Attempt to escape
Flug Flight, flying
Flugabwehr Anti-aircraft defense
Flugboot Flying boat
Flugdeck Flight deck of aircraft carrier
Flügel Wing
Flugmotor Aircraft engine
Flugsicherungsschiff Aircraft support ship
Flugstützpunkt Air base
Flugstützpunktschiff Catapult ship
Flugwesen Aviation
Flugwetter Flying weather (good weather)
Flugzeugabwehrkanone (Flak) Anti-aircraft weapon
Flugzeuggeschwader Naval aircraft wing
Flugzeugkanone Aircraft cannon
Flugzeugmutterschiff Aircraft-carrier (transport only)
Flugzeugrumpf Fuselage
Flugzeugschleuder Catapult (plane)
Flugzeugstaffel Squadron
Flugzeugträger Aircraft-carrier
Flurboden Floor
Flurgräting Floor grating
Flurplatten Floor plates - as in the Diesel or E-motor rooms
Flusskanonenboot River gunboat
Flussmündung Estuary
Flut High tide
Fluten To flood the tanks
Flutklappe Flood valve
Flutleitung Flooding system
Flutschlitz Free flooding slits
Flutschlitzen Flooding slits
Flutübungen Diving exercises
Flutventil Flooding valve
Flutvorrichtung Decoy launcher
Flutzelle Flooding tank
Focke-Achgelis (Fa) Fa 330 Wagtail - Fa-330 aircraft - rotary-wing kite
Fockmast Foremast
Förder Extraction
Forderanschluss Intake connection
Formel Formula, code
Fortsetzung (fort.) Continuation
Fracht Freight, cargo
Frachter Freighter
Frachtschiff Cargo ship
Freie Jagd Independently-operating boat
Freiflütend Free flooding
Freihalter Fender
Freilot Explosive depth sounder - an exactly 2m/sec little free-falling weight of torpedo shape with a cartridge at the tip which exploded when it hit the bottom. The time that elapsed between it touching the sea surface and detonation at the bottom gave fairly precise depth information.
Freistehend Detached, freestanding
Frequenz Frequency
Frequenzband Frequency band
Frequenzbereich Frequency range
Frequenzeinstellung Tuning control
Fressen Corroded
Friedenmässig As in peacetime
Friedensbefeuerung Peacetime navigation lights
Friedensmäßig Peacetime
Frischluft Fresh air
Frischwasser Fresh, drinking water
Frontausrüstung Loading ammunition for a war patrol
Frontboot U-boat on combat duty
Fronterfahrungen War cruising
War patrol
Frontflugzeug Combat aircraft
Frost Freezing
Frühzunder Premature burst
Frühzündung Early detonation
Fübos Flares
Fuchsschwanz Board saw
Fudel Mop, deck cloth
Fuge Joint, seam
Fühlfunksignale Contact radio signal (can be a dummy radio signal)
Fühlung Contact
Fühlung aufnehmen To make contact
Fühlung halten To maintain contact, to shadow a target
Fühlungshalter Aircraft or U-boat maintaining contact with enemy force or convoy
Fühlungshalterbojen (Fübo) Contact keeper buoy - a buoy which set up colored flares after a 30 min delay
Fühlungshalterboot Contact boat
Fühlungshaltersignal Contact boat signal (communication)
Fühlungsnahme Establishment of contact
Führer der Luft Air liaison officer with the Navy
Führer der Luft (F.d.L.) Liaison officer between the Kriegsmarine and the reconnaissance units of the Luftwaffe
Führer der Unterseeboote West (F.d.U. West) Commander Submarines West
Führerbesprechung Commander
Führung Leadership
Führungsbuch Ship's log
Führungschiff Leading ship
Fühungshaltermeldungen Contact keeping report
Füllfunk A padding/filler message sent to conceal the volume of traffic on a circuit.
Füllfunkspruch Dummy radio message
Füllventil Charging valve
FuMB 1 - Metox 600A (Grandin) Radar detector (manufactured in France by the firms Grandin and Sadir) covered between 125-260 cm wavelengths - used FuMB Antenna 2 rotated by hand popularly know as the Biskayakreuz (Biscay cross) aerial later replaced by FuMB 3 Bali antena 137-166 cm wavelength
FuMB 10 - Borkum Stop-gap radar detector that covered between 20 to 300 cm wavelengths used the boat's existing Radione receiver and the FuMB 3 Bali antenna
FuMB 2 - Sadir R87E Radar detector that covered between 250 to 455 cm wavelengths
FuMB 26 - Tunis Radar detector - combined FuMB 24 Cuba Ia - Fleige (for 8-23 cm wavelengths) and FuMB 25 - Mücke (for 2-4 cm wavelengths) antennas back to back
FuMB 35 - Athos Radar detector covered X (2.5-4 cm) and S (8-15 cm) bands with a cylinder-shaped water/pressure resistant array of circular loop antennas
FuMB 37 - Leros Radar detector combined the electronics of FuMB 35 Athos with the FuMB Antenna 3 Bali antenna
FuMB 4 - Samos RS1/5 UD42 Radar detector that covered between 64 to 333 cm wavelengths used Samoa (FuMB Antenna 5) antenna  - replaced early type Metox and Sadir on U-boats equipped with FuMO 30 radar
FuMB 7 - Naxos (Timor), Naxos I (FuG 350), Naxos Ia (FuG 350a) Radar detector that - first used FuMB Antenna 11 Finger covering between 3 to 12 cm wavelengths - later a parabolic antenna designated FuMB Antenne 24 Cuba Ia operating at 8-12 cm wavelengths commonly known as Fliege and finally FuMB 25 Mucke to cover 2-4 cm wavelengths - all could be rotated by hand providing a directional capability
FuMB 8 - Wanz G1 (Zypern I, Hagenuk) Radar detector that covered between 120-180 cm wavelengths introduced automatic frequency search - the FuMB 3 Bali fixed antenna consisted of two small dipoles mounted on a cylinder known as runddipol (round dipole) - Wanz was a contraction of Wellenanzeiger
FuMB 9 - Wanz G2 (Zypern II, Hagenuk) Radar detector that covered between 120-180 cm wavelengths - same as FuMB 8 Wanz G1 except that the receiver did not radiate
FuMB Antenne 11 - Finger Radar dectector antenna first used with FuMB 7 Naxos - not water/pressure tight with manual rotation
FuMB Antenne 2 - Honduras Radar detector antenna - cross shaped antenna rotated by hand - used with Metox radar detector - known as Biskayakreuz (Biscay Cross)
FuMB Antenne 24 Cuba Ia - Fliege A rotating antenna used with the Naxos radar detector -  parabolic shaped and resembled a bow tie - initially mounted in the DF loop later in a seperate mounting on the bridge
FuMB Antenne 25 Mücke Radar detector covered 3 cm wavelengths - used a horn-shaped antenna
FuMB Antenne 3 - Bali Radar detector antenna - Circular shaped fixed antenna with two small vertical dipoles used with Wanz (FuMB 9) radar detector - known as Runddipol (round diploe) or Hächhen (bunny) due to its reselblance to a rabbit
FuMB Antenne 4 - Sumatra Radar detector antenna - mounted on the back of the FuMO 61 radar antenna
FuMB Antenne 5 - Samoa Radar detector antenna mounted on the back side of the FuMO 30 radar antenna
FuMO 29 - Seetakt Radar set - employed a 2x6 fixed dipole array fitted on the forward face of the conning tower - 82 cm wavelength (formerly designated FuMG 41 gU Seetakt)
FuMO 30 - Seetakt Radar set - employed a small turnable frame aerial with only 2x4 dipoles - 82 cm wavelength (formerly designated FuMG 42 gU)
FuMO 391 - Lessing Radar set - designed to detect aircraft - 240 cm wavelength - only for Type XXI
FuMO 61 Hohentwiel-U Radar set - employed a rotating rectangular frame aerial (1m x 1,4m) carrying 4x6 dipoles - 56 cm wavelength
FuMO 65 Hohentwiel-U1 Radar set - same as FuMO 61 except that it incorporated a Plan Position Indicator (PPI) display
FuMO 82 Berlin UI Radar set - employed a 4 ceramic stub antennas in a plastic sphere - 9 cm wavelength

FuMT 1 - Aphrodite IV

Baloon from which suspended metal foil strips for the purpose of decoying radar
FuMT 2 - Thetis IIC Radar decoy buoy released from a surfaced U-boat
FuMT 4 - Thetis US Radar decoy buoy that could be released from a submerged U-boat
FuMZ 10 Puck 901 Test signal generator for FuMB gear
Fundament Base, floor
Funk Radio
Funkanlage Radio installation
Radio antenna
Funkbeobachtungsdienst  (B-Dienst) Radio monitoring service of the Kriegsmarine
Funkbeschickung Calibration of radio direction finder by comparing optical bearings to radio bearings
Funkeinsatz Employment of radio
Funkempfang Radio reception
Funkempfänger Radio receiver
Funkenfänger Spark arrestor
Funkenlöscher Spark extinguisher
Funkentzifferungsdienst (xB-Dienst) Code breaking unit of the Kriegsmarine
Funkfeuer Radio beacon
Funkgerät Radio equipment
Funkhorchdienst Radio intercept service
Funkkladde Day log maintained by watch in radio room
Funkkladde M-Allgemein Radio log for General messages
Funkkladde M-Offizier Radio log for Officer only messages
Funkmaat Radio Mate
Funkmast Radio mast
Funkmeldung Radio message
Funkmess (FuM) Radar set
Funkmess-Beobachtung (FuMB) Radar detector, passive detection (of enemy radar transmission)
Funkmess-Erkennung (FuME) Radar - detector, active Identification Friend/Foe (IFF)
Funkmessgerät (FuMG) (DeTe) Radar (DeTe was an early designation for radar)
Funkmessgerät (FMG) Radar device
Funkmeßortung (FuMO) Radar - direction finder, active ranging
Funkmess-Störsender (FuMS) Radar - interference transmitter, active jamming
Funkmess-Täuschung (FuMT) Radar - deceptor, active deception (by means of transmitting interference signals).
Funkmess-Zusatz (FuMZ) Radar - with very specialized improvements for various purposes (eg, high-precision bearing)
Funknetz Radio net
Funkpeilrahmen or Funkpeilantenne

Direction Finding (D/F) loop antenna. A circular antenna that once raised from its housing could be rotated to determine the bearing to a radio transmission - this antenna was also used to receive VLF

Funkraum Radio room
Funkrufzeichen Radio call signal
Funkschapp Wireless shack
Funkschlüssel Radio message code
Funkschlüsselgespräch Direct inter-communication by U-boats by enciphered Morse on HF
Funksendung Radio transmission
Funksignal Radio signal
Funkspruch Radio message
Funkspruchvermittlung Radio message transmission, radio message relay
Funkspruchweg Radio channel
Funksschaltung Radio circuit
Funkstille Radio silence
Funktasten Keying
Funktelegrafie Radio Telegraphy
Abbreviated F.T. in KTBs - Radio telegram
Funktionsschießen Firing operation
Funküberwachung Radio monitoring
Funkverbot Radio silence
Funkverkehr Radio traffic
Funkweg Radio channel
Funkwelle Radio wave
Funkwiederholer Radio repeater
Für die Richtigkeit For correctness
Fuss Foot
Fussventil Foot valve, inboard hull valve
Gabelschwanz Twin tail


Gaffelflagge Gaff flag - flag flown from a gaff rig
Gammelbetrieb Unprofitable business:  (too strongly guarded convoy)
Gang Passageway, corridor
Gangboard Gangplank
Gangspill Capstan
Gangspillspake Capstan bar
Ganz bedeckt Completely overcast
Gasförming Gaseous
Gasöl Diesel fuel
Gasspannung Gas tension or pressure
Geber Transmitter
Gebiete Area
Gebläse Supercharger, blower, fan (M.A.N.diesel engine supercharger)
Gebläsestutzen Blower nozzle
Gefahr Danger
Gefahrenmanöver Maneuver to avoid danger
Gefahrenzone Danger area
Gefälligkeitsflagge Flag of convenience
Gefangennehmen To capture/take prisoner
Gefecht Combat action
Gefechtsabschnitt Combat sector
Gefechtsaufgabe Combat task
Gefechtsausbildung Combat training
Gefechtsbefehl Combat order
Gefechtsbereich Zone of action
Gefechtsbereitschaft Readiness for action
Gefechtsbericht Combat report
Gefechtsberührung Contact with the enemy
Gefechtsdienst Combat exercises
Gefechtseinsatz Employment in action, committed to action
Gefechtsentwicklung Deployment for action
Gefechtshandlung Operation, action, battle
Gefechtsklar To clear for action
Gefechtskopf Warhead
Gefechtslage Tactical situation
Gefechtsluftaufklärung Combat air reconnaissance
Gefechtsmast Foremast
Gefechtsmeldung Combat message, combat report
Gefechtspause Lull in combat
Gefechtspistolen Contact pistol - detonating mechanism
Gefechtsskizzen Sketch of combat
Gefechtsstation Action station
Gefechtsstellung Action station
Gefechtsstreifen Combat sector
Gefechtstorpedoköpfe Torpedo warheads
Gefertigt (gef.) Made, produced
Gegeben (gegebf.) beglaubigen Certified to be correct
Gegebenenfalls (ggf.) (ggfls.) As the case may be, as required, If necessary
Gegenangriff Counter attack
Gegend Vicinity/area/region
Gegenkurs Reciprocal/opposite course
Gegenläufern Opposing
Gegenpeilung Reciprocal (bearing)
Gegensignal Answering signal
Gegensteuern Set rudder to balance one cut-out propeller
Gegenstosse Counterattack
Gegenwärtig At the present time
Gegenwehr Defence/resistance
Gegenwind Headwind
Gegisster schiffsort Position by dead reckoning
Gegner Opponent, adversary, enemy
Gegnerfahrt (Vg or simply Fahrt) Target speed in knots
Gegnerlage (symbol = Gamma γ)  Target angle - the relative bearing of the U-boat from the target - usually given in degrees green (grün - gr.) meaning starboard or red (rot- r.) meaning port or Bug links/rechts (bow left/right)
Gegriffen Clutch
Gehärtete Case hardened metal (shaft)
Gehäuse Casing (of gun)
Geheim Secret
Geheime Kommandosache (G.Kdos) Secret Military document
Geheimer Gegenstand Classified military item
Geheimhaltung Secrecy
Geheimschrift Cryptography
Geheimtext Cipher text
Geheimwort Cipher key
Gejagt Hunted
Gekenterte Upturned
Gekoppelter Standort Position according to dead reckoning
Geländeschutz Military sketch
Gelegenheitsziel Target of opportunity
Geleit Convoy, escort
Geleit durch ___ Escorted by ___
Geleitboot Escort vessel
Geleiten To convoy
Geleitetes Schiessen Controlled fire
Geleitoperation Report on convoy operation
Geleitschiff Convoy escort
Geleitskizzen Sketch of convoy operation
Geleitträger Escort carrier
Geleitzug Convoy
Geleitzugrouten Convoy route
Geleitzugschlacht Convoy battle
Geleitzugtorpedos Convoy torpedoes (FAT or LUT)
Gelenzt Pumped out
Gemäß (gem.) As per, in accordance with
Genannt (gen.) Given, specified, named
Generalkurs General course - course made good of a zig-zagging ship
Geographische Breite (φ) Latitude
Geographische Koordinaten Geographic coordinates
Geographische Länge (λ) Longitude
Geographisch-Nord True North
Geradauslaufstrecke Straight distance (for Fat or Lut torpedoes)
Gerade (ger.) Kurs Straight (course)
Gerät(e) Equipment(s)
Geräuscharm Silent
Geräuschboje Literally noise buoy - term used to describe the noisemakers towed by anti-submarine vessels to counter-acoustic torpedos
Geräuschboje mit Turbineantriebe (GBT) Sound buoy with turbine (racket/noise buoy)- a towed acoustic mine countermeasure
Geräuschquelle Sound source
Gerechnet Computed
Gereinigt Cleaned, purified, purged
Gering (ger.) Small/ few/poor/slight
Germania Werft (GW) Shipyard owned by Krupp, builder of U-boats and manufacturer of U-boat machinery and equipment
Gesamt (ges.) Total/Aggregate
Gesamtbefhl Carry out order
Gesamtlänge Length over all 
Geschätzt Estimated (range)
Geschehen wie oben (g.w.o.) Happend as above
Geschoss Projectile
Geschütz Cannon
Geschützbedienung Gun crew
Geschützführer Gun captain
Geschützmannschaft Gun crew
Geschützmunition Cannon/gun ammunition
Geschützturm Gun-turret
Geschwader Squadron
Geschwindigkeit Speed
Geschwindigkeit über Wasser Surface speed
Geschwindigkeit unter Wasser Submerged speed
Geschwindigkeitsminderer Speed control for periscopes
Gesehen Looking
Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische und Mechanische Apparate (Gema) German company which developed the FuMO 29 and FuMO 30 Seetakat Radar
Gesichert On safety
Gesichtskreis Horizon/field of view
Gespannt Cocked
Gestänge Linkage
Gestirnsbeobachtung Celestial observation (for a navigation fix)
Gestrandet Aground, beached
Gestrichelt Painted line
Gesundheitsmusterung Medical check/examination
Gesunken Sunk
Getaucht Dived
Getriebe Gearing
Getrieböl Reduction gear oil
Gewehr Gun
Gewicht Weight
Gewichtsverladung Weight of water to be removed
Gewindekupplung Threaded coupling
Gewindestucke Threaded coupling
Gewitter Thunderstorm
Gewitterstörung Atmospherics, static
Gezeichnet (gez.)
"Signed" as for an endorsement
Gezeit Tide
Gezeitenwechsel Change of the tide
Gezielte Deliberate (as for deliberate shot)
GHG-Anlage Group listening apparatus installation
Gieren Sheer, yaw, deviate from course
Gischt Foam, spray
Gitter Grid
Gitterlinie Grid line
Gittermast Basket mast (Groner symbol = A  )
Gitternetz Military grid system
Gitternetzkarte Gridded chart
Gitterwerte Grid coordinates
Glas Glass, binoculars
Glasartige Vereisung Clear ice, glaze
Glasbeobachtung Observation with telescope or binoculars
Gläsergebrauch Binoculars
Glatte See Smooth sea
Gleichbleibend (glbl.) Steady/unchanged
Gleichlastig On an even keel
Gleichlastigkeit Even trim (fore and aft)
Gleichlaufstellung Parallel line

Direct current

Gleitanflug Continuous descent
Gleitanflugverfahren Continuous descent approach
Gleitschiene Catapult rail
Gliedern To arrange formations
Gliederung Formation
Glocke Bell
Glockentonne Bell buoy
Glückwünsche Congratulations
Glühlampen Incandescent lamps
Golf Strom Gulf Stream
Golf von Biskaya Bay of Biscay
Golf von Mexiko Gulf of Mexico
Goliath Codename for the powerful Kriegsmarine very long wave radio transmitter near Magdeburg, Germany.  Boats could receive these transmissions while submerged
Göschflaggenstock Jack staff
Göschstaff Jack-staff
Grad Degrees
Gradfeld Chart square
Gradlaufkreisel Directional Gyroscope
Gradnetz Chart grid
Gradnetzmeldeverfahren Grid reporting system
Granate Shell
Granathülse Shell case
Gräting Grating
Graupel Sleet
Greenwich-Normalzeit Greenwich Civil Time
Grenze Border, boundary
Grenzfrequenz Cut-off frequency
Grenzwassertiefe Depth limit
Grenzwelle (M.W.) Medium frequency (MF)
Grenzwellenpeiler VHF radio direction finder to intercept convoy voice traffic
Gröner Author of a reference book used to identify targets.  The book listed all known merchant ships of the world, many of them with side views/silhouettes.
Großangriff Large-scale attack
Grosse Fahrt (G.F.) 3/4 speed
Großkampfschiff Capital ship
Großkreis Great Circle Course - the shortest course between any two points on the globe. A Great Circle is any circle described on the surface of the globe or any other sphere so that its plane passes through the center of the sphere.
Großmast Mainmast
Grösste Breite Maximum beam
Grösster Durchmesser Maximum cross-section
Grün (gr.) Green - Starboard.
Grund Bottom
Grund laufen Run aground
Grund liegen Lie on the bottom
Grundausrüstung Basic fitting-out
Grunddetonierer Torpedo that detonated when it hit the bottom
Grundeinstellung Basic setting - initial position of the rotors of the Enigma machine at which the message key is enciphered or deciphered
Grundgänger Torpedo that hit the bottom
Grundlager Foundation bearings
Grundlinie Base line
Grundsee Ground swell
Grundstellung Basic initial position of the rotors of the Enigma machine at which the message key is enciphered or deciphered
Grundwegekunst Hydrostatics
Gruppe Group of U-boats (wolfpack)
Gruppenhorchgerät (G.H.G.) Passive sonar - Fixed hydrophone array on either side of the bow, a total of 48 hydrophones provided 140° of coverage each side of the bow

Rubber seal, gasket

Gummidichtung Rubber gasket/seal
Gummischlauchboot Rubber dinghy
Gut gemacht Well done!
Gutliegendes Well aimed
Hafen Port or harbor
Hafenanlagen Harbor installations
Hafenbecken Dock/wet dock/harbor basin
Hafenbehörde Harbor authorities
Hafendamm Jetty
Hafeneinfahrt Harbor entrance
Hafengebiet Harbor area
Hafenkapitän (Haka) Port Captain
Hafenkommandant (Hako) Port Commander
Hafenschutz Harbor defense
Hafenschutzboot Harbor defense vessel
Hafenschutzflotillen Harbor Protection Flotillas
Hafenschutznetz Harbor protection net
Hafenüberwachung Port Police
Hagel Hail
Hähne Stop cock
Hakenschlagen Sidestepping (to shake off/avoid a pursuer)
Halb bedeckt Partial overcast
Halbe Fahrt  (H.F.) Half speed
Halbinsel Peninsula
Halbmond Crescent moon
Halbstarres Luftschiff Semi-rigid airship
Halle Hall, hangar
Halslager Journal bearing
Halt Stop ship
Haltefedern Retaining spring
Halterung Fixture, mounting
Hammer Hammer

Take action, handle

Handelsflotte Merchant fleet
Handelskrieg Trade war, War against commercial shipping
Handelsmarine Merchant service
Handelsschiff Merchant ship
Handelsschiffahrt Commercial shipping
Handelssperre Embargo on cargo
Handelsstörkreuzer Surface raider
Handelsüblich Commercial
Handleuchtzeichen Ground signal flare
Handpumpe Hand pump
Handrad Hand wheel
Handrad fur Betätigung der Drehtflügelschraube Hand wheel for moving wing screw
Handschriftlich Handwritten
Handsteuer Hand steering
Hanf Hemp (for packing)
Hängeantenne Trailing wire antenna
Harangestaffelt Closed, approached
Hart Backbord Hard a-port
Hartruder Full helm
Haufenwolke Cumulus cloud
Häufigkeit Frequency; frequent
Haupt Main, general
Hauptanblaseventil Main blow valve
Hauptangriff Main attack
Hauptdeck Main deck
Hauptflotte Main fleet
Hauptkompressor Main compressor
Hauptlenzpumpe Main ballast pump - centrifugal type 30-70 tons/hr (ONI report on U-570) - 75 tons per hour at 20 m depth (U-570) (Cumulative Edition) somewhat of a misnomer since this pump not only empties the bilge, but more often is used to move water from the Regulating/Compensating tanks to the sea and can also be used to move other liquids such as fuel oil and lubricating oil.
Hauptmacht Main body of a military force
Hauptquartier Headquarters
Hauptrumpf Main hull, pressure hull
Hauptschaltkasten Main switch box
Hauptschalttafel Main switchboard
Hauptschalttafeln Main switch table
Hauptsender Final amplifier, power amplifier
Hauptwellenachse Main shaft axle
Havarie Damage, obstruction
Havarieren To sustain damage
Havarierten Damaged
Hebefahrzeug Salvage vessel
Hebehaken Lifting hooks
Hebevorrichtung Lifting gear
Heck Stern
Heck, normal Counter stern, the stern is hooked and curved inward (Groner symbol = /   )
Heckanlauf Stern approach
Heckflaggenstock Stern flag staff
Heckgeschütz Stern gun
Heckkanzel Tail turret
Hecklicht Stern light
Heckraum After compartment
Heckschuss Stern shot
Hecksee Stern wake
Heckstand Tail-gun position
Hecktorpedoraum Aft torpedo compartment
Hecktorpedorohr (Hechrohr) Stern torpedo tube
Heckwaffe Tail-gun
Heeresbestände Military stores
Heereslangwellenpeiler DF equipment
Heimatdienst News radio broadcast received daily using the broadcast receiver
Heimatflughafen Home base (aircraft)
Heimathafen Home port, port of registry
Heimaturlaub Leave/furlough
Heimatverbindung Communication with home
Heissauge Lifting eye
Heißtakel Block and tackel
Heiter Sunny, fair (weather)
Heizer Stoker
Heizkammer Stokehold
Heizkörper Radiator
Heizöl Fuel oil
Hektometer (hm.) Hectometer - 100 hm = 10,000 meters
Heldentat Heroic deed
Hell erleuchtet Brightly illuminated
Hellegatt Store-room
Heller Bright
Helling Slipway, building-slip, wave
Hellwerden Getting light
Hemmung Jam, stoppage
Her Hither, here, near
Heranführen To bring up (other forces to the scene of action)
Herangestaffelt Approached/closed
Herankommen Approach
Heranlocken To decoy, to lure




Herausgesprungen Broached (literally jumped out - as for a torpedo)

To extract

Herkunft Origin; cause of
Hersteller Manufacturer
Hertz Cycles per second
Herumschiffern To cruise without sighting victim
Hervorrufen To generate
Hiesigem Ermessen (h.E.) Literally local discretion - meaning based on information at hand/from the perspective here
Hieven To heave
Hilfeleistung Rescue
Hilfs- Auxiliary-
Hilfskreuzer (H.K.) Raider, auxiliary cruiser

Auxiliary bilge

Hilfsluftmast Auxiliary air mast
Hilfsmaschine Donkey or auxiliary engine
Hilfsmaschinenraum Auxiliary engine room
Hilfsschalttafel Auxiliary switch panel
Himmelskugel Celestial sphere
Himmelsrichtung Point of the compass, cardinal point
Hinausfahren Put to sea

Current knowledge

Hinhaltenden Waiting position
Hinmarsch Advance/up to
Hinsichtlichkeit On that score
Hinten Aft
Hintenhineingestoßen Approached from the rear
Hinteraus Astern
Hintereinander geschaltet Connected in serial (as in connecting batteries)
Hintermann Next astern
Hinterschiff After end of a vessel
Hintersteven Stern-post
Hissen To hoist (a flag)
Hoch High
Hochangriff High altitude bombing
Hochbehälter Reservoir
Hochdecker High-wing monoplane
Hochdruck (Hd.) High pressure
Hochdruckluftanlage High pressure air system
Hochfrequenz-Peiler High Frequency Direction Finder
Hochfrequenzteil High-frequency module
Hochgehen To go off, explode
Hochladung High charging - charing at a higher than normal voltage for maintenance to prevent sulfation of the batteries
Hochspannungschalter High voltage switch
Höchstfahrt Best speed
Höchstgeschwindigkeit Maximum speed
Höchstleistung Maximum power
Hochwasser High water, tide
Höhe Elevation, height
Hoheitsabzeichen Nationality markings
Hoheitsgewässer Territorial waters
Höhentemperatur Temperature at various altitudes
Holzbelag Wooden sheathing
Holzpfropfen Wooden props/shoring
Hörbare Audible
Horch- Listening
Horch Erkennung (h.E.) Sound detection
Horchanlage Passive sonar
Horchdienst Radio intercept service
Horchfahrt Silent running
Horchgerät Hydrophone/Sound detector
Horchpeilung Hydrophone/sound bearing
Horchraum Sound room/cabin
Horchreichweite Sound range
Horizontale Sichtweite Horizontal visibility
Hornstrahler antenne Horn shaped antenna
Hosenboje Breeches buoy
Hubzahl Engine indicator
Hubzylinder Lifting cylinder (as for periscopes)
Hülsen Case
Hülsenböden Case base
Hülsenreisser Shell rupture - causing a jammed weapon
Hundekurve Dog's curve - a path taken by a U-boat when attacking, so that the smallest possible profile was exposed to the enemy
Hüpfen von Bord Jump overboard
Hütte Poop
Hydrodynamisch Hydrodynamic
Hydrostatisch Hydrostatic
Ideeller Hypothetical
Im Auftrage On behalf of
Im Mittel On average
Impulsgeber Instigator
In Vertretung (i.V.) On behalf of
In Anbetracht In view of
In Auftrag geben (I.A.) To order
In Betrieb Operational
In den Bach fallen Fall overboard
In der Umgebung In the vicinity
In Dienst gestellt Commissioned
In Sicht In sight, on the horizon
In Sicht kommen To come into sight
Indienstellung Commissioning (of a ship)
Indischer Ozean (Indik) Indian Ocean
Ingenieur Engineer
Innen Interior
Innenboden Inner bottom of ship
Innenbunker Internal tank
Instandhaltung Up-keep, maintenance
Instandsetzung Repair, overhaul
Instellunggehen To moving into position
Isolierband Friction band
Jacobsleiter Jacob's ladder
Jagdschutz Fighter cover
Jolle Yawl
Journal Log book
Jungfernfahrt First cruise
K.Sehr Main periscope
Kabelbahn Cable path
Kahn Ship
Kaimauer Pier, jetty, mole
Kajüte Cabin
Kalben (Aufklotzung, Klampe) Chock
Kalfatern Caulk
Kaliberanlauf Gunnery practice
Kalipatrone A container of potash to absorb carbon dioxide used for air purification
Kalipatronen Potash filter
Kalk Lime
Kalkmilch Lime solution
Kalt Cold
Kälte Cold
Kaltluftfront Cold front
Kammer Chamber
Kampfabschnitt Combat sector
Kampfauftrag Combat mission
Kampfboot Combat U-boat
Kämpfen To fight
Kampfgebiet Combat zone, forward area
Kampfgruppe Battlegroup
Kampfhandlungen Combat operations, hostilities
Kampfkraft Combat power
Kampflage Tactical situation
Kampfleitstung Combat performance
Kampftätigkeit Combat activity
Kampfunterstützungsverband Support group
Kanister Canister, container
Kanone Gun
Kanonenboot Gunboat
Kapazitätsprobe Battery capacity test
Kaper Pirate
Kapern To capture
Kapitän Captain or Master of a vessel
Kapitulation Capitulation, surrender
Kappen Disconnect (e.g. oil hose)
Karibik Caribbean
Karibisches Meer (Karibik) Caribbean Sea
Karte Chart
Kartengitternetz Chart grid
Kartenhaus Charthouse
Kartenmassstab Chart scale
Kartenspind Chart locker
Kasten Locker, casing, box
Katapult Catapult
Katzenköpfe White caps
Kaum Scarcely
Kegel Pin, plug (valves)
Kegelrad Bevel gear
Kehrtgemacht Came about/reversed course
Keil Cotter pin
Keile Wedges
Keilform V-formation
Keilriemantrieb Wedge-shaped driving-belt
Kein weiterer Kontakt No further contact
Keine Angriffsmöglichkeit No chance of delivering an attack
Keine besonderen Vorkommnisse No special occurrences
Keine weiteren Berichte No further reports (received)
Keine besonderen Vorkommnisse (K.b.V.) Nothing to report.
Keine Kimm No visual horizon
Keine Veränderungen No changes
Keine Wirkung No (visible) effect
Kennbuchstabe Code letter
Kenngruppen Key identification - 2 groups at beginning and end of Enigma Message
Kenngruppenbuch Recognition group codebook used with Enigma machine
Kennzahl 3 figure groups at beginning of Alpha message
Kentern To capsize, overturn
Kentert Capsizes
Kernschussweite Point-blank range
Kessel Boiler
Kesselexplosion Boiler explosion
Kesselraum Boiler room
Kette Flight of three aircraft, Chain
Kettenkasten Chain cover
Kettenrad Sprocket wheel
Kettenschutzes Chain or cable protector sleeve
Kieissäge Circular saw (sound made by towed counter acoustic torpedo noise makers)
Kiel Keel, Keel bottom
Kielblöcke Keel blocks
Kielboot Boat with flush keel
Kielgang Garboard strake
Kiellegung Laid down
Kiellinie In line ahead
Kielschwein Keelson and other longitudinal girders on ship's bottom
Kielwasser Wake
Kielwinkel Keel angle
Kille Narrow channel
Kimm Visual horizon
Kimmgang Bilge strake
Kimmkiel Bilge keel or fin
Kipp und Kant Pitch and roll
Kippen Tilt, tip over
Kippwinkel Angle of bank/tipping angle
Kittchen Jail, brig
Klampe Clamp, cleat
Klappbar Collapsible, folding
Klappbuchse (slang) Signal lamp (Morse)
Klappen Flap
Klar Clear, operational, ready
Klareis Clear ice, glaze
Klargemacht Made ready (as for torpedo tubes or guns for firing)
Klarmachen To prepare for
Klauenkupplung Jaw/claw coupling
Kleine Fahrt (K.F.) Dead slow
Kleinkampfmittel Small weapons
Klemmen Jammed, jam
Klemmenbrett Terminal block
Klemmkasten Terminal box
Klima Climate
Klipperbug Clipper bow, inward curved - raking sloped bow (Groner symbol = )   )
Klüsenrohr Hawse pipe
Knacken To 'knock off" or sink a ship by action
Knall Detonation, loud, sharp noise
Knallerei Fireworks
Knallgase Explosive oxyhydrogen gas (as from the battery during charging)
Knallortung Explosive echo location - echo location by means of an explosive charge thrown from the vessel.
Knallot Depth sounding by means of an explosive device
Knallote Detonation/banging/cracking sounds
Kneifzange Pincher pliers
Knick Break
Knieblech Bracket
Knotenpunkt Junction/node
Kohlenbunker Coal bunker
Kohlensäure Carbon dioxide
Kohlensaureanreicherung Carbon dioxide concentration
Kohlenschiff Collier
Koje(n) Bunk(s) berth
Kokarde Roundel - circular national marking on an aircraft fuselage or wing
Kolben Piston

Reciprocal bilge pump


Piston ring

Kolbenschiessen Piston firing - test firing the torpedo tube with only a piston installed




Kollektor Commutator, collector ring (electrical)
Kombüse Galley
Kombusenherd Range, galley
Kommandant Commanding Officer
Kommandantenbrücke Bridge of ship
Kommandantenraum Commanding Officer's quarters
Kommandierender Admiral (Kom.Adm.) Commanding Admiral
Kommando (Kdo.) Command
Kommandoelemente Controls
Kommandostelle Command post, headquarters
Kommandoturmfenster Conning tower portholes
Kommandoturmluke Conning tower hatch
Kommandozentrale Headquarters
Kompass Compass
Kompasslenkung Compass deviation
Kompassrose Compass rose

Point of the compass

Kompensieren Compension - of magnetic compass or battery; Battery compensation - low power battery loading for power loss compensation , Trimming (to balance the boat after loading or a shift in the location of fuel, supplies or weapons)
Kondensator Condenser
Kondensatoren Capacitors
Konstruktionssteigung Pitch
Kontakt Contact
Kontakt wiederherstellen To regain contact
Kontaktgeber Electrical contact transmitter
Kontergewicht Counter weight
Kontrollsendung Control transmission
Kontur Contour, outline
Konvoi-Commodore Convoy Commodore
Koordinate Coordinate
Koordinatennetz Chart grid, coordinate grid system
Koordinations-ausgangspunkt Point of origin of coordinates
Kopfhörer Headphones
Kopflastigkeit Top heaviness (trim)
Kopfventil Outboard valve
Kopfzünder Nose fuse
Koppelfehler Dead reckoning error
Koppeln To determine a course or establish a fix by dead reckoning
Koppelnavigation Navigation by dead reckoning
Koppelort Dead reckoning position
Koppelungsort Dead reckoning position
Kopplung Acknowledgement of message by receiving station, Plotting/tieing in/linking
Körper Body, casing
Korrosion Corrosion
Kraft Force, power
Kräfte Forces
Kräfteverteilung Distribution of forces
Kräftezersplitterung Splitting up of forces
Kraftstoff Fuel
Kraftstoffhochbehalter Gravity fuel container
Kraftverstärker Power amplifier
Kraftwerk Powerplant
Krähennest Crow's nest
Krampen Clamps
Kran Crane
Krängen To heel
Kreigsbrauchbar Ready for combat/action
Kreiselkompass Gyroscopic compass
Kreiselsextant Gyro-sextant, sextant with an artificial horizon
Kreiseltöchter Gyro-repeater
Kreiselunformer Gyro motor
Kreisläufe Circular runner from gyro failure
Kreuzen To cross, to cruise
Kreuzer Cruiser
Kreuzer heck Cruiser stern, outward curved stern (Groner symbol = \  )
Kreuzeraufgabe Interception plot
Kreuzmeißel Cross-cut chisel
Kreuzpeilung Cross bearing
Krieg War
Kriegsausbruch Outbreak of war
Kriegsbereit (K.B.) Combat readiness - cleared for action
Kriegsberichter War reporter/correspondent
Kriegserklärung Declaration of war
Kriegsfuß War footing
Kriegsgebiet Theatre of operations
Kriegsgebrauch Customs of war
Kriegsgefangen Taken prisoner
Kriegsgefangener (Kgf.) Prisoner of War (POW)
Kriegsgerät War material
Kriegshafen Naval port
Kriegslist Stratagem, ruse
Kriegsmarine German Navy
Kriegsmarinearsenal Naval arsenal
Kriegsmarsch Tactical movement
Kriegsmaterial War material
Kriegsrechtsverletzung Violation of rules of war
Kriegsschauplatz Theatre of operations
Kriegsschiff Warship
Kriegsschiffsgeleit Warships protecting convoy
Kriegsschiffverband Task Group
Kriegstagebücher (KTB) War diaries
Kriegsverwendungsfähig Fit for active service
Kristal-Basisgerät (KDB) Crystal base-hydrophone
Kristalldrehbasisgerät (KDB) Crystal rotating-base apparatus
K-Spant Constructional frame
KTB Maschine Engineering log
Küche Galley
Kugellager Ball bearing
Kugelring Spherical ring
Kugelschott Bulkhead
Kühler für Haupt E-Motoren Cooler(s) for main electric motors
Kühlschlange Cooling condenser coil
Kühlwasser Cooling water
Kühlwasserdruck Coolant pressure
Kühlwassersicherheitsventil Cool water security valve
Kumuluswolke Cumulus cloud
Kupplung Clutch
Kurbel Crank
Kurbellager Crank bearing
Kurbelwannen Crank case
Kurbelwelle Crank shaft
Kurier A system of high-speed automatic "flash" transmission capable of sending about ten letters of encoded text at a speed of approximately 600 words per minute used to send short signals
Kurs Course
Kursänderung Change of course
Kursbericht Summary report of patrol
Kurswechsel Change of course
Kurzsignal Short signal - a special code book (Kurzsignalheft) was used that assigned four letter groups to common tactical phrases to make a message as short as possible.
Kurzsignalschlüssel Short signal cipher
Kurzwelle (K.W.) High frequency (HF)
Kurzwellensender HF transmitter
Kurzwetter Short signal weather message
Kurzzeitig Temporary
Küste Coast
Küstenbatterie Coastal battery
Küstengewässer Coastal waters
Küstenkonvoi Coastal convoy
Küstennähe Close to the coast
Küstenschifffahrt Coastal navigation
Küstenstreitkräfte Coastal Forces
Küstenstrich Coastline
Küstenverteidigung Coast defense
Küstenwachkutter Coast Guard Cutter
Küstenwacht Coast guard
Küstenwehr Coast defense
Kutter Cutter
Kutterläufer Lifeboat falls
Lade Cargo, Charge (electrical)
Ladeanschluß Charging connection
Ladebaum Derrick, crane
Ladedamm Jetty, landing-stage
Ladefähigkeit Loading capacity
Ladegeschirr Loading equipment
Ladegut Payload (decoy)
Ladekanonier Gun-loader
Ladelinie Load line
Ladeluk Cargo hatch
Lademarsch Proceding on the surface, charging batteries
Ladeplatz Wharf
Ladeposten Kingpost
Laderaum Hold
Ladestelle Loading berth
Ladestörung Stoppage in loading mechanism
Ladetonnage Displacement tonnage
Ladezeit Charging time
Ladezustand State of charge
Ladung Charge (electrical), Cargo
Ladung einnehmen To ship, take in cargo
Ladungsverzeichnis Ship's manifest
Ladungswert Value of cargo
Lafette (L) Gun carriage or mount
Lage Situation/Angle on the bow/Target angle - One of the three angles of the firing triangle
Lage berichten To report the situation
Lage Null Directly ahead
Lage laufend

Corrected Inclinations; i.e. corrected according to changes of relative bearing up to the moment of firing.

Lageaustausch Position for transfer/exchange
Lagebericht Situation report
Lagemeldung Situation report
Lagenunabhängiger Torpedo (LUT) Steering mechanism which like the FAT enabled the torpedo to begin a ladder pattern at a preset point of a normal run and which could be set for an additional course change after the initial normal run
Lagenwinkel (symbol = Gamma γ)  Angle on the bow/Target angle - One of the three angles of the firing triangle
Lager Bearing
Lagerraum Store-room
Lageunabhängiger Torpedo (Lut.) Bearing independent torpedo
Lagevorträge Daily situation conferences
Lampentafel Light board
Land sichten To make landfall
Landanschluss Shore connection (electrical)
Landedeck Flight deck
Landescheinwerfer Landing light
Landgestütztes Flugzeug Land-based aircraft
Landung Landfall
Landungsboot Landing Craft
Landungsprähme Landing craft
Lang (lg.) Long
Länge Length
Länge über alles (Lu.a.) Length over all
Langen Schlägen Long (search) legs
Längengrad Longitude
Langsame Fahrt (L.F.) Slow
Längschnitt Longitudinal section
Langsignal Long signal - was send by an U-boat when it was on its way home. This was a long message to report successes and the expected arrival date.
Längsschiff Fore and aft
Längsseitegegangen Went alongside (for refueling, etc.)
Längsseits Alongside
Längstwelle (Lä.W.) Very low frequency (VLF)
Langwelle (L.W.) Low frequency (LF)


Lärmen To make a noise
Lasche(n) Fish-plate
Last Load, cargo
Lastig Trim
Lastigkeit State of trim (top, bow or stern heavy)
Lastigkeitswaage Trim indicator (bow angle)
Laterne Lantern
Latte Batten
Lattenwegerung Cargo battens
Laubfrosch Weather forcaster/Meteorologist
Lauerstellung Lying in Wait
Lauf Barrel, breech, chamber
Laufbahn Torpedo track
Laufbuchse Liner as in cylinder liner
Laufende Operationen Current operations
Laufende Nummer (Lfd.Nr.) Serial number
Laufplanke Gangplank
Laufstrecke Maximum range, running distance
Laufstreckenmarkenrad Range-setting wheel
Laufzeit des Torpedo

30 k = 15.43 m/s

40 k = 20.58 m/s

Torpedo Run - Time of the torpedo run was recorded and used after the fact to determine the actual distance to the target.  The KTB might read "After 28 seconds (432 m) hit aft of the bridge" meaning the torpedo was set to run at 30 knots and did so for 28 seconds therefore the actual distance to the target was 432 meters (G7a was usually fired at 40 knots - G7e at 30 knots).  Some commanders simply noted "hit after 28 seconds" and didn't do the calculation as there was a separate firing report (Schussmeldung) used for that data.
Lauge Lye
Laut (lt.) By/according to
Lautstärke Signal strength
Lazarettschiff Hospital ship
Leck Leak
Lecköl Oil from leak
Leckpfropfen Leak plugs
Lecksegel leak canvas - a piece of strong canvas which is use to cover a leak
Leckstopfbeutel Leak stopping bags
Leckstützbalken Leakage brace/support (to shore up a warped deck or bulkhead)
Leckstutzmaterial Leak shoring material
Leckwehr Damage control
Leckwehrgruppe Damage control party
Lederzeug Leather equipment
Lee Lee side (of a ship)
Leerblasens Blowing empty (of hoses and lines)
Lehre Doctrine
Leicht bewölkt Lightly cloudy
Leichte (l.) (lcht.) Slight, light
Leichter Lighter
Leichter Kreuzer Light cruiser
Leine Hawser
Leistungsangaben Performance figures
Leit. Ing. (LI) Chief Engineer
Leiten To lead, direct
Leitender Director
Leitnummer (Lt.Nr.) A daily serial number assigned to a message by shore station before the U-boat was allowed to transmit.  This number would later be referenced in the confirmation message (appell)
Leitstelle Headquarters
Leitung Leading, direction, guidance, Conductor (electrical)
Leitungen Lines
Leitwerk Tail assembly
Lenkluftschiff Dirigible
Lenz Bilge
Lenzen To pump
Lenzpumpe Reciprocal bilge pump
Leuchkugel Very signal light
Leuchmittel Pyrotechnic device
Leuchtboje Light buoy
Leuchtbombe Aircraft parachute flare
Leuchtgeschoss Star-shell
Leuchtgranate (LG) Star shell
Leuchtkörper Flare
Leuchtkugel Star shell
Leuchtrakete Signal rocket
Leuchtschiff Lightship
Leuchtsignal Signal-flare
Leuchtspur Tracer (as for machine gun fire)
Leuchtspurgeschosse Tracer bullets
Leuchttonne Light buoy
Leuchtturm Lighthouse
Lichtbildübertrangung Photographic transmission, Photographically transmitted
Lichter Lighter
Lichtkegel Beam of light
Lichtspruch Signal-lamp message
Liegeplatz Berth (in port)
Liegezeit Idle time - between deployments
Linienaufstellung Line formation
Linienbö Line squall
Linienriss Lines (showing form of ship), silhouette
Linientaufe Line crossing ceremony
Links drehender Shift counter-clockwise
Linkslaufend Counterclockwise
Linsensystems Lens system
Lippe Edge
Lögel A tie to attach a float or a gromet placed along a hawser or hose.
Logkladde Rough log
Löschen To unload a ship, extinguish a fire
Löschgerät Fire extinguisher
Losehebel Firing lever
Lösen To release, untighten
Loslösen To disengage
Loslösung Disengagement
Lospullen To pull away
Loswerfen To cast off
Lot Sounding
Lotapparat Depth-sounder, depth finder
Loten To take soundings
Lotimpulse Depth sounding pulse
Lotreihe A series of soundings
Lotschnurr Plumb line
Lotse Pilot
Lotsenbarke Pilot boat
Lotsenschiff Pilot vessel
Lotung Sounding/depth
Lücke A gap (Groner symbol = O  )
Luft Air
Luftabwehr Anti-aircraft defense
Luftangriff Aircraft attack
Luftaufklärung Air reconnaissance
Luftballon Balloon as for anti-aircraft training
Luftdruck Air pressure
Luftdruckmesser Barometer
Luftentöler De-oiler (for hydraulic system)
Lüfter Ventilators
Lufterkundung Air reconnaissance
Lufterneuerungsanlage Air renewal system
Luftfahrzeug Aircraft
Luftgegner Hostile aircraft
Luftgemisch Gas-air mixture
Luftherrschaft Air supremacy
Luftkühler Air cooler
Luftmeer Atmosphere
Luftmeldung Air reconnaissance report
Luftpatronen Air cartridges
Luftreiniger Air purifier
Luftschacht Air shaft
Luftschicht Atmospheric layer
Luftschiff Airship
Lufttemperatur (L.) Dry-bulb temperature
Luftüberlegenheit Air superiority
Luftüberwachung Air surveillance
Lüftungsanlage Ventilating system
Lüftungsmaschinen Ventilation motors
Luftverdichter Air-compressor
Luftwaffe German Air Forces
Luftzielsehrohr Navigation/air search/night periscope
Luger 08 Standard German military pistol
Luke Hatch/scuttle
Lukendeckel Hatch cover
Luv Weather side (of a ship)
Luvmeldung Situation report 
Magazinfeuer Automatic fire
Magisches Auge Magic eye (visual indicator on the Fu.M.B.)
Magnetischerzündung Magnetic detonation (of torpedoes or mines)
Magnetkompass Magnetic compass - on a U-boat this could not be located inside the pressure hull because of the magnetic interference.  It was instead mounted just forward of the conning tower and could be read in the control room through a series of mirrors.
Magnetzünder (MZ) Magnetic detonator
Mahalla Slang for convoy
Mahlende Grinding
Maier bug An outward curved bow all rounded - the opposite of a clipper or raked bow, popular in the 1930's (Groner symbol = (   )
Malings Conning tower insignia
Mangelhafte Defective
Mangnetischer Eigenschutz (M.E.) also Mineneigenschutz (M.E.S.) Mine self protection squipment to demagnitize a ship's hull by means of permanently internally installed electromagnetic coils
Mannloch Manhole
Mannschaft Crew
Manöver Maneuver such as a change of speed or direction
Manövrierfähigkeit Ability to maneuver
Marcksboje Marker buoy
Marine Artillerie Abteilung (MAA) Coastal Artillery Group
Marine Flakartillerie Abteilung (MaF/A) Naval Anti-Aircraft Group
Marine Nachrichtenoffizier (MNO) Navy Signals Officer - also used for the shore radio stations
Marineartillerie Naval Artillery
Marinebeamte Navy officials (civil service officials)
Marine-Dienstvorschriften (M.Div.) Navy Official Instruction
Marinenachrightendienst (MND) Kriegsmarine Communications Service
Marinequadrat (Mar. Qu/Max. Qu.) Naval grid square
Marinewerft Navy yard
Markierungsboje Marker buoy
Mars Top (mast)
Marschfahrt (M.F.) Cruising speed - most economical speed
Marschformation Cruising order
Marschgeschindigkeit Speed of advance (as for a convoy)
Marschweg Course
Maschinenfabrik (M.A.N.) Diesel engine manufacturer
Maschinenfeuerwaffen Machine gun
Maschinengewehr (MG) Machine gun
Maschinengewehrangriff Strafing attack
Maschinenraum Engine room
Maschinenschaden Engine trouble
Maschinenselbstschalter Motor circuit breaker
Maschinenstand Engine control platform
Maschinentelegraf Engine telegraph
Maschinist Engine room artificer
Massentaktik Grand tactics
Massierung To mass, massing
Mässig (Mäss.) Moderate
Maßnahmen Measures
Maßstab Scale (as on a chart)
Mast Mast (Groner symbol = 1  )
Mastkorb Crows nest
Mastwinde Mast winch
Materialstärke Scanting
Matrose(n) Sailor(s), rating(s)
Mechaniker Engineman
Meer Ocean, sea
Meerbusen Gulf, bay
Meerenge Strait
Meeresleuchten (Meeresl.) Marine phosphorescence
Meeresspiegel Sea level
Meerestiefenmesser Depth gauge
Meerküste Sea coast
Meerwärts Seaward
Mehrankerumformer Multi-armature converter (DC-AC)
Mehrere Wolken Several clouds
Mehrmotorig Multi-engined
Meilenbaken Mile beacons - fixed known positions on land used to carry out a measured mile at sea
Meines Erachtens (m.E.) In my opinion
Meldedienst Message service
Meldelampe Indicator lamp
Meldequadrat Grid square (of a chart)
Meldesammelstelle Message center
Meldung Report
Messe Wardroom
Messfahrt A drive test for calibrating fuel/current usage
Meßgerät Measuring instrument (weather instruments)
Militärattaché (M.A.) Military attaché
Militärisch (milit.) Military
Mine Mine
Minenfeld Minefield
Minenleger Minelayer
Minenräumboot (R-boot) Motor minesweeper
Minensperre Minefield, mine barrage
Minensuchboot (M-boot) Minesweeper
Mißgissung Dead reckoning error
Missweisender Kurs Magnetic course
Missweisung Magnetic variation
Mit Kolben (m.K.) With piston - firing a torpedo by compressed air behind the piston forcing the piston and the torpedo down the tube (usually employed when firing submerged)
Mitlaufendem Kurs Parallel course
Mittagsbesteck Noon fix
Mittagsbreite Noon Latitude
Mittel Medium, typical
Mittel bewölkt Partly cloudy
Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit (M.E.S.Z.) Central European Summer Time (C.E.S.T.)
Mitteleuropäische Zeit (M.E.Z) Central European Time (C.E.T.)
Mittelmeer Mediterranean Sea
Mittelpunkt Centerpoint
Mittelschiff Midshhip
Mittleldecker Mid-wing monoplane
Mittlere Artillerie (M.A.) Medium artilley - secondary armament
Mittlere Greenwich Zeit (M.G.Z.) Central Greenwich Time = Universal Time
Mittlere Wolkenhöhe (m) Medium-high ceiling
Mittschiffs Amidships
Möglich Possible/practical/feasible
Mole Mole, jetty, pier
Mond Moon
Mondhelligkeit Bright moonlight
Mondlee Down moon - in the lee of the moon - on the opposite side of the enemy from the moon
Mondlose Nacht Moonless night
Mondluv Up moon - to windward of the moon - between the moon and the enemy
Mondnacht Moonlit night
Mondschein Moonshine
Monduntergang Moonset
Montage Assembly
Montageluck Installation hatch (battery)
Mooringsschäkel Mooring swivel
Morgenbesteck Morning navigation fix
Morgendämmerung Dawn
Morsealphabet Morse code
Morsen Transmitting by Morse code
Morsenamen Morse code title/name
Morsespruch Telegraph message
Morsetaste Telegraph key
Motor Motor, engine
Motor für Ankerwinde Motor for anchor
Motorbarkasse Motor launch
Motorenölkühlraume Lube oil cooling evacuator
Motorjolle Motor yawl
Motorpinassen Motor launch
Motorschiff Motor ship
Müdigkeit Fatigue
Müller Mond Miller's moon (full moon)
Müllschuss Garbage shot - ejecting garbage through the torpedo tube
Mündend Discharge
Mundpfropfen Tampion (muzzle plug)
Mundstück Mouthpiece
Mündung ins Meer Estuary, mouth of a river
Mündungsfeuerdämpfer Muzzle
Mündungsfropf Tompion
Mündungsklappe(n) Bow cap(s) of torpedo tube(s)
Mündungsrohr Torpedo tube
Munition Ammunition
Munitionsaufzug Ammunition hoist
Munitionsbehälter Magazine
Munitionsbestand Stock of ammunition
Munitionskammer Magazine
Mutterkompass Master gyro-compass
Mutterschiff Depot ship
Nach Anweisung des Kommandanten (N.A.d.K.) By the instructions of the Commander
Nachbar Adjacent unit
Nachgestoßen Hurried after/in pursuit
Nachhut Rear guard
Nachladen To reload
Nachmittag (nachm.) Afternoon
Nachricht Intelligence, news
Nachrichtendienst (N.D.) Intelligence Service
Nachrichtenstelle Intelligence center
Nachschubgeleit Supply convoy
Nachschubhafen Supply port
Nachschublinie Supply line
Nachschubweg Line of communication/supply route
Nachschuss Follow up shot
Nachstellen To trap, to set an ambush
Nachstossen Thrust after

Night fight

Nachthaus Binnacle
Nachtrag Addendum
Nachträge Supplements, addendum
Nachtsignalapparat (NSA) Night signalling apparatus
Nachtzielsehrohr Night periscope
Nachzügler Straggler
Nachzüglerroute Straggler's route
Nägel Nails
Nahschuss (NS.) Near shot - setting for TV torpedo for receding targets.  If torpedo loses acoustic target it will circle once in position and then resume initial course until target is reaquired or exhaustion.
Naht Seam
Nahtreffer Near miss
Nautiker Navigator
Nautisches Jahrbuch Nautical Almanac used for celestial navigation
Navigationslaternen Navigation lights
Navigationslichter Navigation lights
Nazogen Oxygen
Nebel Fog, mist
Nebelanlage Smoke screen apparatus
Nebelapparat Smoke screen equipment
Nebelbank Fog bank
Nebelboje Smoke buoy
Nebelschwaden Patches of fog/wafts of mist
Nebelturm Smoke screen apparatus
Nebelverhältnisse Fog conditions
Neben Shunt
Nebenher Alongside
Nebenher laufen To run alongside
Nebenschaltafel Shunt switchboard, switch panel
Nebenschlussmotor Shunt wound motor

Shunt motor winding

Neerstrom Eddy current
Neidergangsluke Companion hatch
Neigungs-Tiefengerät Automatic depth control (Type XXI)
Neigungswinkel Angle of inclination
Netzabweiser Net deflector
Netzgerät Power supply
Netzleger Net layer
Netzsäge Net cutter
Neutral Neutral
Neutralisieren To neutralize
Neutralität Neutrality
Neutralitätsabzeichen Distinguishing mark for neutral vessels
Nicht erkennbar Not distinguishable
Nichts gesehen Nothing observed
Nichts zu berichten Nothing to report
Niederdruck - Nd Low pressure
Niederdruck (Nd.) Low pressure
Niedergang Companion ladder
Niederholden To haul down (flag)
Niederschlag Precipitation
Niedrig Low
Niedrige Wolkendecke Low cloud layer
Niesel Drizzle
Niet Rivet
Niet mit versenken Kopf Countersunk rivet
Nische Recess
Nocken Cam
Nockengetriebe Cam gear
Nockenwannen Cam shaft case, cam shaft mounting
Norden (N) North (N)
Nordenwärts Westbound
Nordlichbreiteunternahmen (NBU.) Northern latitude operations
Nördlicher Polarkreis Arctic Circle
Nördliches Eismeer Arctic Ocean
Nordlicht Northern lights
Nordmeer Norwegian Sea
Nordsee North Sea
Not Emergency
Nota bene (NB.) Take note, used to call attention to something (Latin)
Notausblaseverteiler Emergency blowing manifold
Notbeleuchtung Emergency lights
Notfeuer Flare
Nothafen Port of distress, emergency port
Notluft Emergency ventilation
Notsender Emergency 40W transmitter
Notsignal Emergency signal
Notsignal-Sender Emergency beacon radio for lifeboat
Notsteuer Emergency steering
Notsteuerschieber Emergency control valves (as for rudder and dive planes - Type XXI)
Notzeichen Distress signal
Nullastig Even trim
Nummer Eins Chief Petty Officer responsible for the dress, discipline and conduct of the enlisted personnel
Oauerstoffarmes Oxygen deficiency
Oben angebeben (o.a.) Indicated above
Oberbefehl High Command (function)
Oberbefehlshaber Commander-in-Chief
Oberbefehlshaber der Kriegsmarine (Ob.d.M.) Commander in Chief of the Navy
Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres (Ob.d.H) Commander in Chief of the Army
Oberdeck Upper deck
Oberdecksaal Above deck torpedo (slang)
Oberdecksbehältern Upper deck containers used to store ATO torpedoes
Obere Ansicht View from above
Oberflächenläufer A torpedo that runs on the surface
Oberkante Overhead
Oberkommando High Command (agency and function)
Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine (Ob.d.M) Commander in Chief of the Navy
Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (O.K.W.) German Armed Forces High Command
Oberlicht Skylight
Obersteuermann (OStrm.) Chief Quartermaster / Navigation Officer
Oder (od.) Or
Oder ähnliches (o.ä.) Or similar
Offen Exposed
Offener Funkspruch Radio message in the clear
Offener Wortlaut In plain language
Offensive Offensive
Offizier A system for doubly enciphering naval Enigma signals which ensured that only officers could read the substantive text
Offizierswohbraun Wardroom
Ohne Kolben (o.K.) Without piston - firing a torpedo by compressed air between the torpedo and the piston leaving the piston in place behind the torpedo (usually employed when firing on the surface)
Okularteiles Eyepiece section of periscope
Öl Oil
Ölabstreifring Oil wiper rings
Oldicht Oil tight
Ölfestem Oil insoluble
Ölige See Oily sea (flat calm)
Ölmotor Oil engine
Ölspur Oil traces, oil slick
Ölwassergemisch Oil water compound
Operation Operation
Operationsbefehl Operations order
Operationsbereitschaft Operational readiness
Operationsgebiet Area of operations
Operationsplan Plan of operations
Operationsraum Theatre of operation
Operativ Operational, strategic
Operatives Ziel Strategic objective
Opfer Victim
Optiken Optical elements in periscope
Opunkt Aiming point
Orden Medal, decoration
Ordinate Ordinate, Y-coordinate
Orkan Hurricane, tropical cyclone
Ort Position
Orten To locate, take bearings
Ortendem Locating/radiating
Orter Navigator/Radar
Ortsbestimmung Orientation, position determination
Ortsmissweisung Magnetic declination
Ortsunterkunft (O.U.) code word for cantonement used to mask the deployment location of German armed forces
Ortszeit Local time
Ortung Position-finding, Enemy radar detection
Ortungsgeräte Position locator
Ortungsverfolgung Radar pursuit
Osten (O) East (E)
Ostsee Baltic Sea
Ostwärts Eastbound
Otter Paravane (minsweeping gear)
Ottergerät Paravane - minesweeping equipment
Ozean Ocean
Packeis Pack ice
Paddelboot Collapsible paddling boat
Panne Breakdown, failure
Panzerkreuzer Armored cruiser
Panzerschott Armored bulkhead
Panzersprenggranate (Pgsr.) Armour piercing shell (AP)
Panzersprengmunition Anti-armour munition
Papenberg Kolune Papenburg depth gauge
Papenburg Papenburg depth gauge - a liquid filled tube mounted on a plate with the outline of the periscope on it used to maintain periscope depth - shut off passing 18 meters - displays diving depth over bottom of keel graduated 5-18 meters
Parallel Parallel (E motors or batteries)
Parallel geschaltet Connected in parallel (as in connecting batteries)
Passagierdampfer Passenger steamer
Passagierschiff Passenger ship
Passat Trade wind
Passatwetter Tradewind weather
Passiermeldung Passage message
Passschrauben Body bound bolts, fitted bolts
Patronen Cartridge
Patronenlager Cartridge chamber
Patronenstaucher Mechanical malfunction such as failure to feed or extract
Pazifischer Ozean (Pazifik) Pacific Ocean
Pegeln To sound, take soundings
Peilaufsatz Pelorus used to measure bearings
Peildeck Monkey island, upper bridge, deck above the bridge.
Peildiopter Telescopic bearing sight (placed over gyrocompass)
Peilempfänger Bearing receiver
Peilen Direction finding, to aim
Peiler-funk Radio beam, radar direction-finding
Peillot Sounding lead
Peilmöglichkeit Preferred bearing
Peilrohr Sounding pipe
Peilstrahl Signal beam  - as from an Elektrasonne navigation beacon
Peilung (Plg.) Bearing, sounding
Peilzeichen Beacon signals
Per Adressat (p.A) Per recipient
Perge, perge (pp.) And so on
Persenning Tarpaulin, canvas cover
Petroleumbunker Paraffin bunker
Petroleum-Motor (PM) Paraffin engine
Pfahlmast Pole mast
Pfeife Whistle
Pferdestärke (PSe, P.S.) A unit of power measurement used in Germany from the end of the 19th century until recently - closely equivalent to horsepower - 1 pferdestärke = 0.9863201 horsepower
Pilz Mushroom cloud
Pistole (Pi) Pistol torpedo detonating mechanism
Planmäßig According to schedule/plan
Planmäßiges Vorgehen Proceeding according to schedule
Planquadrat (Qu.) Grid chart or position
Platte Sheet (of metal)
Platz Site, location
Pleuelstange Connecting rod
Plexiglasrohre Plexi glass tube
Plexiwasserstande Plexi water level
Plombiert Sealed with lead
Poller Bollards
Portalmast Gantry mast
Porzelanisolierung Porcelain insulator
Positionslaternen Position lights
Postensperre Patrol blockade
Pott Merchant ship, occasionally warship
Pressluft Compressed air
Priesenordnung Rules of Prize Warfare
Prisenbericht Prize Report - submitted by a U-boat after taking a ship in prize)
Prisenkommando Prize crew
Prisenordnung Prize Law: Treaty which established the rules for merchant-warfare (London Protocol, 03.09.1936)
Probefahrt Test run, sea trial
Probefahrtsverhältnis Test run sections or divisions
Probelauf Test run, sea trial
Probetauchen Test dive
Probieranschluss Test run connection
Profil Scanting
Proviant Supplies, provisions
Proviantübernahme Loading provisions
Prüf Nr. Copy number, registry number

Testing dock

Prüfdruck Test pressure
Prüfstand Test bench, test stand
Prüfung (Prüf.) Literally Exam but means Copy
Prüfungsanforderungen Examination requirements
Prüfungstauchen Test dive to check trim and ensure the boat is ready to crash dive
Pullen To row
Pumpe Pump
Pumpenstempel Pump plunger
Punke und Striche Dots and Dashes
Pütze Bailer
Quadrant Quadrant
Qualmen To smoke, make a smoke
Qualmenden Smoking
Quellbewölkung Cumulus clouds
Quer Athwart
Querab Abeam
Querabstand Distance apart on beam
Querflug Crossing path
Querschiffs Athwartships (across the ship from side to side)
Querschnitt Cross-section
Querspant Transverse frame
Rache Revenge
Räder Gears
Radflugzug Wheeled aircraft
Radio message
Radiotemp Radiosonde - hydrogen filled balloon released from the boat with a sensor used to measure temperature and pressure,  alternate meaning possibly radio bearing signals
Radio transmission
Rah Yardarm
Rahnock Yardarm
Rakete Rocket
Rammen To ram
Rammsteven Prow
Rand Border, edge, perimeter
Randstellungen Perimeter positions
Ranstaffeln To close
Rauch Smoke
Rauchbombe Smoke bomb
Rauchfahne Wisp of smoke
Rauchpilz Mushroom cloud
Rauchschleier Smoke-screen
Rauchvorhang Smoke-curtain
Rauchwolken Smoke clouds
Raum Compartment
Raumablufter Exhaust air blower
Räumboot (R-Boot) Motor minesweeper
Räume die R. suchen Stand out to sea
Raumgehalt Registered tonnage
Raumgehalt (Brutto) (Tonnengehalt) Gross tonnage
Raumgehalt (Netto) Net tonnage
Raumstütze Pillar
Rechengerät Computer (eg. firing control computer)
Rechenstelle Control point
Recht asteraus Directly behind
Recht voraus Directly ahead
Rechts drehender Shift clockwise
Rechtsläufig Clockwise
Rechtswert X-coordinate
Rechtweisender Kurs (r.w.) True couse
Rechtzeitig Punctual, in time
Reede Roadstead
Reelingslog Railing log - measures speed by the time it takes an object to pass by one point on the railing to another
Referent (Ref.) Official in charge of a department
Regen Rain
Regenbö Thick squall
Regenbogen Rainbow
Regenguss Rain storm, downpour
Regenschauer Rain shower
Regenwolke Rain cloud
Regenzeug Oilskin
Regierungsrat (Reg.Rat.) Advisor/councilor
Regler Regulator
Reibungskupplung Friction clutch
Reichentfernung Range
Reichweite Range (Überwasserfahrt = surfaced) (Unterwasserfahrt = submerged)
Reif Rime ice, frost
Reihenwurf Train release
Reinigung Cleansing, purifying
Reisemarsch Cruising speed
Reißen To rupture, crack
Reserve Reserve, spare
Reservebehälter Reserve tank
Reservehandverfahren (RHV) Reserve Hand Procedure - a manual cipher used as an emergency backup in case the boat's Enigma machine was out of order or the current key materials were not available
Reservemanometern Reserve pressure gauges
Restarbeiten Final adjustments & overhaul
Restentlüftung Residual venting
Restkapazität Residual capacity
Rettungsbehalter Escape compartment
Rettungsboje Lifebuoy
Rettungsboot Lifeboat
Rettungsfahrzeug Lifeboat, rescue vessel
Rettungsfloß Life raft, float
Rettungsgerät Safety apparatus
Rettungsgürtel Lifebelt
Rettungsinsel Emergency raft
Rettungskutter Lifeboat
Rettungsleine Lifeline
Rettungsring Lifebelt
Rettungstau Lifeline
Reup-Brot A brand of bread baked by Rerup, Flensburg.  A long-life bread made of rye flour and whole grain. It was sterilized and was provided with a "complete coating of a transparent, air-impermeable mass". The bread did not last long after the shell was damaged.
Revolverdrehbank Revolving lathe
Richtanlage Training mechanism
Richtfeuer Range lights - to mark the entry to a port or a passage
Richtlinien Directives
Riegelstellung Defensive position
Riemen Oar
Riemen klarmachen Ship the oars
Ringstopfbuchsen Ring stuffing box
Rinne Channel
Riss Rupture
Ritterkreuz Knight's Cross
Rohr Torpedo tube
Röhren Tubes (as for electrical equipment)
Rohrkrepierer Barrel burst
Rohrläufer Tube runner - a torpedo running in the torpedo tube
Rohrleitung Pipe line
Rohrstecker Torpedo that is stuck in the torpedo tube (not necessarily running)
Rohrversager Torpedo which does not leave the tube upon firing
Rollendienst Cruising stations exercise
Rollenexerzieren Drills/Exercises in the role each crewmember played during critical operations such as crash dive or action stations
Rot (r.) Red - Port.
Rotes Kreuz Red Cross
Rotte A tactical element of two ships or aircraft
Rottenmann A companion ship
Route Track
Routinewabos Depth charges dropped at random as a scare tactic
Rrettungsring Life preserver
Rückbeförderung Return transport (of wounded)
Rücken Rear
Rückkehr Return
Rückmarsch Retreat/Return transit
Rückmeldung Reply
Rückschlagklappe Check valve
Rückschlagventil Check valve
Rückstoß Recoil
Rückweg Withdrawal route, way home
Rückzug Retreat
Rudeltakik Wolfpack tactics
Ruder Oar, rudder
Rudergänger Helmsman
Rudergestänge Steering gear
Ruderinne Helm
Ruderjoch Rudder yoke
Ruderkoker Rudder trunk
Rudermaschine Steering motor
Rudersperrung Rudder lock - this is set to keep the torpedo from broaching or hitting the bottom in shallow water when it first comes out of the torpedo tube
Ruderstand Rudder or diving plane control station
Rufweite Hailing distance.
Rufzeichen Call sign
Ruhen To lie still
Ruhiges Quiet, steady, peaceful
Ruhiges Wetter

Quiet weather, calm weather

Rumpf Hull
Rundblick Panorama/view from periscope sweep
Runddipol Round dipole
Rundfunk Receiving, not sending
Rutschen wegrutschen To slip away, sneak away
Sacken To sink, settle, drop astern
Sacken, ab- or weg- To founder
Säge Saw (the sound of the Allied towed counter acoustic torpedo devices)
Salingstutzen A metal plate fastened to the mast to which shrouds are connected.
Sammelleitung Bus, mainfold
Sammelmeldung General message
Sammelort Meeting place, rendezvous
Sammelplatz Assembly point as for a convoy
Sammeltank Collecting tank
Santär Hygienic
Säuberungsunternehmen Mopping-up operation
Sauerstoff Oxygen
Sauerstoffflaschen Oxygen bottles
Sauge Suction
Saugeanschluss Suction connection
Saugestutzen Suction pipe
Saugeventil (teller) Suction valve (head)
Säule Column, post
Säureabfall Acid loss
Schacht Shaft
Schachtmine A (SMA) Shaft Mine A
Schachtrohr Encasing tube (periscope)
Schaden To damage
Schäden Damages
Schadenbekämpfung Damage control
Schäkel Link in chain, clevis, shackle
Schalken Batten, close, make tight
Schalkklampen Batten, cleats
Schalkleiste Batten
Schalkstück Batten
Schalldämpfer Muffler
Schallplatte Phonograph record
Schalltrichter Speaking tube
Schalten Switching
Schalter Switch (Sch.)
Schaltkasten Switch box
Schaltschema Schematic
Schalttafel Switchboard
Schaltung Circiut (radio)
Schaltvorgang Circuit switching
Schaltwalze Selector
Schaluppe Sloop
Schanzkleid Bulwark
Scharf Armed
Scharfschüsse Shot from an acute angle
Schatten Shadow
Schattenriß Silhouette
Schätzen To estimate
Schätzung Estimation
Schauer Showers
Schauerwetter Showery weather
Schaukelei Pitching and tossing
Schaum Foam
Schaumfeueröscher Foam fire extinguisher
Schaumkronen White caps
Schauzeichen Visual signal
Scheinbar Apparently, seeming
Scheinfunk Dummy signal
Scheinkurs False course
Scheinwerfer Searchlight
Scheinwerferkegel Cone of light from searchlight
Scheitelpunkt Zenith
Scherboje Diverter float (minesweeping gear)
Scheren To sheer up alongside
Scheußliches Wetter Atrocious weather
Schichtwolke Stratocumulus cloud
Schieber Sight slide (adjusting gunsight)
Schiebestrom Following current
Schieflaufende Rhumb line
Schießendes Shooting
Schießerei Gunfire/shooting
Schiessfertigkeit Marksmanship
Schießt Fires/shoots
Schießtabellen Firing table
Schiesstechnik Firing technique
Schiff Ship
Schiffbauwerft Shipbuilding yard
Schiffbruch Shipwreck
Schiffbrüchig Shipwrecked
Schiffbrüchigen Shipwrecked
Schifffahrtshindernis Hazard to navigation
Schifffahrtstrasse Sea Lane
Schifffahrtswege Shipping routes
Schiffskanone (SK) Ship's Cannon
Schiffsladung Cargo
Schiffspeilung Relative bearing, Target bearing relative to the bow of the U-boat in degrees (0-359) (symbol = psi - φ)
Schiffsraum Tonnage
Schiffsrumpf Hull
Schiffsverluste Losses of merchant shipping
Schlacht Battle
Schlachtfeld Battlefield
Schlachtflotte Battle fleet
Schlachtkreuzer Battle cruiser
Schlachtschiff Battleship
Schläge Literally "beats" in the context of a KTB it translates "tacks" - as a sailboat tacks left and right into the wind
Schlagkraft Striking power
Schlagseite List
Schlagseite  bekommen To list
Schlangenlinie Wavy/zig-zag
Schlangenlinien Serpentine/zig-zag course
Schlapp machen Break down, collapse
Schlauchanschluss Hose connection
Schlauchboot Inflatable rubber life raft/dinghy
Schlauchleitungen Hose lines
Schlauchverbindung Hose connection (for refueling)
Schlaufe Bight
Schlechte (Schl.) Poor
Schlechtes Wetter Bad weather
Schlechtwetter Bad weather
Schlechtwetterwolken Bad weather clouds
Schleichfahrt Silent running speed
Schleichmotor Creep motor
Schleier Screen
Schleife Deperming/degaussing/wiping (to reset magnetic signature)
Schleifenbehandlung Deperming/degaussing treatment (to reset magnetic signature)
Schlepp Tow
Schlepperverbindung Towing connection
Schleppleine Tow rope
Schlepptrosse Hawser
Schleuse Sluice, lock
Schliefe Loop - leg of a Fat or Lut torpedo
Schlieren To drag
Schliern To drag (as at anchor)
Schlingerbewegung Rolling movement
Schlingernd Rolling (in the swell)
Schlingerwinkel Roll angle
Schlippvorrichtung fur Schlepptrosse Slip hook - device for jettisoning towing hawser
Schluss Clonclusion, end
Schlussbesprechung Debriefing
Schlüssel M4 Enigma coding machine, the M standing for Navy model, the 4 for 4 wheels
Schlüsselkenngruppe Group indicating the cipher net for message( and therefore the key-lists to look up when enciphering or deciphering it)
Schlüsselmaschine Coding machine
Schlüsseln To encode
Schlüsselstellung Key position
Schlüsselunterlagen Code documents
Schlüsselwort Cipher key
Schlüsselzusatz Cipher attachment
Schlussschiff Rear ship in formation
Schlusstrimmversuch Final trim test
Schmadding Slang for Head Boatswains Mate
Schmale Silhouette (zeigen) Narrow silhouette (showing)
Schmierbalken Ways
Schmieröl Lubricating oil
Schmieröltank Lubricating oil tank
Schmierölverbauschstank Lubricating oil consumption tank
Schmierung Lubrication
Schmuggelware Contraband goods
Schmutzig Foul
Schmutzöl Waste, used oil
Schmutzwasser Bilge water
Schnautzbart Large (walrus/handelbar) mustache - slang for bow wave
Schnauze Bows, nose
Schneckenantrieb Worm-drive
Schneckenrader Worm gear
Schnee Snow
Schneeregen Snow/rain mix
Schneetreiben Driving snow
Schneid Dash, energy, pluck
Schneiden sich Be intersected
Schneidungswinkel (symbol = Alpha  α) Crossing/impact angle - One of the three angles of the firing triangle
Schnell zunehmende Kälte Quickly growing cold
Schnellboot (S-boot) Motor torpedo boat
Schnellentlüftungsgruppe Rapid ventilation group
Schnellfeuerkanone Quick firing gun
Schnellläufer High-speed vessel
Schnellschlepper Fast tug
Schnelltauchmanöver Crash dive
Schnitt Bearing, Cross section
Schnittpunkt Point of intersection
Schnittpunktverkehr Intersecting traffic
Schnorchel Snorkel
Schnorchelfahrt Snorkeling/snorkel traverse
Schnüffelventil Bleed valve/poppet valve
Schoner Barkentine, schooner
Schornstein Funnel, stack
Schote Sheet, clew-line
Schott Watertight bulkhead
Schräge Raked/sloping
Schrank Locker
Schraube Propeller
Schraubenflugzeug Helicopter
Schraubenschutz Propeller protection
Schraubensteigung Pitch (of propeller, etc.)
Schraubenwelle Propeller shaft
Schraubenzieher Screw driver
Schreckbomben Scare bombs
Schroff Abrupt, rough, steep
Schubstange Connecting rod
Schummerung Shading on maps or sketches, hatching
Schüren To stir up
Schuss Round of ammunition, shot
Schuss! Fire
Schussabgabe Firing
Schussbahn Line of fire
Schussdreieck Firing triangle
Schußentfernung Firing distance
Schussgelegenheit Shooting/firing opportunity
Schussgelegenheiten Shooting opportunities
Schussmeldung, Schussunterlagen, Gefachtsschussunterlagen Firing reports one for each torpedo fired, sometimes submitted for gunnery actions as well
Schussrichtung Direction of fire
Schußunterlagen Firing data
Schusswaffe Firearm
Schußweite Firing range
Schusswinkel (symbol = sigma - ς) Torpedo course relative to the heading of the U-boat in degrees (0-359)
Schusswinkelempfänger Angle Shot Receiver - located on the side of each torpedo tube it receives gyro angle from the torpedo data computer and applies it to the torpedo
Schußwinkelempfänger Gyro angle receivers
Schute Barge
Schüttwurf Salvo release of bombs
Schutz Protection, Guard as for dive planes
Schütz Contactor
Schutz der Dunkelheit Cover of darkness
Schutzanstrich Protective coat
Schutzkappe Protective cover
Schutzmacht Protecting power for POWs (Red Cross)
Schutzobjekt Item/area to be protected
Schutzschilde Shields - as for the anti-aircraft guns
Schutzstrebe Protective Strut
Schwabber Swab, mop
Schwabbern To drift
Schwabbert Drifts
Schwach bewölk Lightly cloudy
Schwache Slight, weak
Schwammboje Swimming buoy - set out by U-boats to indicate the position of convoys by transmitting a radio beacon signal
Schwanenhals Goose neck rubber hose
Schwanken Fade
Schwanzstück Tail of torpedo
Schwanzwelle Tail shaft - propeller shaft between the motor and the propeller
Schwarzhandel Clandestine trade, black market
Schweben To float
Schwebeteilchen Suspended particles
Schwebungs Zero beat
Schwebungsüberlagerer Beat frequency oscillator
Schwein haben To be lucky
Schweißen To weld
Schweißlatten Cargo battens
Schweißnaht Weldseam
Schweißspezialisten Welding specialists
Schweißung Welding
Schweißwasser Welding condensation water
Schwenkungspunkt Pivot
Schwenkwerk Lifting cylinder (as for dive plane rigging - Type XXI)
Schwere Heavy
Schwere Artillerie Heavy artillery
Schwerer Kreuzer Heavy Cruiser
Schwergut Heavy cargo
Schwergutbaum Heavy lift derrick
Schwergutladegeschirr Heavy cargo loading equipment
Schwerpunkt Focal point
Schwimmdock Floating dock
Schwimmend Floating, afloat
Schwimmende Balkensperre Floating boom
Schwimmerventil Float valve - as for the snorkel
Schwimmkörper Float (minesweeping gear)
Schwimmweste Life jacket, life vest, "Mae West"
Schwimmzustand Degree of buoyancy
Schwingmetall Hochdruck Rohrverbindungen High pressure, flexible, connections (as for hydraulic system)
Schwingungsdämpfern Vibration dampers
Schwojen Swing (at anchor)
See Ocean, sea
Seeaufklärungsgruppe Maritime Reconnaissance Unit
Seeausdauer Sea Endurance
Seebeölung Refueling at sea
Seebestattung Burial at Sea
Seebeute Prize
Seebeuterecht Right of capture at sea
Seefertig Ready for sea duty
Seegang (Seegg.) Literally swell but used in KTBs for sea state
Seegeltung Prestige on the sea
Seeherrschaft Mastery of the Sea
Seekarte Chart
Seeklar Ready to put to sea
Seekommandant (Seeko) Commander Coastal Sector
Seekrieg Naval War
Seekriegsleitung (SKL) German wartime Admiralty
Seelenrohr Liner (of gun barrel)
Seeluftstreitkräfte Sea/naval air armed forces
Seemännische Nr. 1 (Seem.No.I) Head Boatswains Mate
Seemeile Sea mile, nautical mile
Seenot Distress at sea
Seenotdienst Sea rescue service
Seeraub Piracy
Seerauch Sea smoke (a type of fog that forms in cold air above warm water)
Seeröhr(e) Periscope(s)
Seerohrfahrstuhl Periscope control seat
Seerohrwinde Periscope winch
Seestrassenordnung Nautical rules of the road
Seestreitkräfte Naval forces
Seetage Days at sea
Seetüchtig Seaworthy
Seeüberwachung Sea patrol
Seewärts Seaward
Seewärts Seaward
Seewasser Sea water
Seewasserdicht Sea water density
Seewasserseife Sea water soap
Seeweg Sea lane
Segelfahrzeug Sailing vessel
Segelschiff Sailing ship
Segeltuch Canvas, sail cloth
Segen Pattern of depth charges
Segler Sailboat
Sehr stark bewölkt Very strongly overcast
Sehr, Sehr, Dringend (S.S.D.) Very, Very, Urgent - An urgency indicator ahead of an encoded radio message giving its priority for decryption
Sehrohratrappen (S/Atrappen) Periscope decoy
Sehrohrböcke Perisciope shears

Periscope azimuth circle

Sehrohrtiefe Periscope depth
Sehverbindung Visual communications
Sehzeichen Visual signal
Seicht Shallow
Seil Line

Line transfer

Seiltrommel für Funkentelegrafiemast Cable drum for W/T mast
Seite Bearing/aspect/side/page
Seiten Pages
Seitenflossen Elevators, hydroplanes
Seitenlicht Running light
Seitenruder Steering rudder
Seitensicherung Side/flank screen
Seitenstringer Stringer
Seitenwind Cross wind
Seitenwinkel Relative bearing
Sekond (Sek.) Second


Selbstversenken Scuttle
Selterwasser machen Go astern (thus churning water)
Sendeanlagen Transmitter
Sendeantenne Transmitting antenna
Sendebereich Transmitting radius
Sender Transmitter
Sendgerät Radio transmitter
Serie Series (E motors or batteries)
Sheertau Sheer line
Sich heranpirschend Stalking
Sicherheitsabstand Safety interval, distance
Sicherheitsgewichte Safety weights


Safety/security barrier
Sicherheitsmaßnahmen Safety/security measures
Sicherheitssieb Strainer
Sicherheitsstrecke Safety distance (arming distance for torpedoes)
Sicherheitsstreckenpropeller Arming distance propeller
Sicherheitsstreckenteil Safety distance mechanism
Sicherheitsventil Relief valve
Sicherstellung Protective custody
Sicherung Protection/backup, Safety catch
Sicherungen Fuzes
Sicherungs Divisionen Security Division
Sicherungsausfall Safety/backup equipment failure
Sicherungsautomat Circuit breaker
Sicherungsgürtels Protective belt
Sicherungskasten Fuze box
Sicherungsmaßnahmen Backup measures
Sicherungsschiff Coastal defence ship
Sicht Visibility
Sichtverbesserung Visibility improvement
Sichtverschlechterung Deteoriating visibility
Sichtweite (sicht. or S.) Visual range
Sichtzeichen Visual signal
Sieger Victor
Siegeswimpel 'Victory pennants' for sunken ships
Siegreich Victorious
Siehe (s.) See (as for a reference - eg. see page 45)
Siehe auch (s.a.) See also
Siehe oben (s.o.) See above
Signalbombe Signal flare
Signalbuch Signal book
Signalgast Signalman on duty - a seaman trained in visual communications
Signalmunition Signal ammunition
Signalpatronen Signal cartridges
Signalrah Signal yardarm
Signalrakete Signal rocket
Signal-Schleuse Signalling lock
Signalstelle Message center
Signaltafel Code table
Simmerring Retaining ring or Shaft seal
Simmerringdichtung Retaining ring gasket
Sinkgeräusche Sinking noises
Skalenbereich Scale range
Sliphaken Slip hooks, hauling hooks
Smutje Cook (slang)
Sog Wake, swirl
Soldatensender British propaganda broadcast for U-boats
Sonderaufgabe Special task (mining, landing an agent, reconnaissance, etc...)
Sonnenaufgang Sunrise
Sonnenblende Lens hood
Sonnenglast Sun glare/Sunshine
Sonnenglaz Sun glitter
Sonnenschein Sunshine
Sonnensegel Awning
Sonnenuntergang Sunset
Spaltfilter Oil filter
Spanischer Besen Hog
Spannhebel Cocking handle
Spannung Voltage
Spannungsmesser Voltage meter
Spannungsregler Voltage regulator
Spannungsschutz Voltage safeguard
Spant (Sp.) Frame
Spantenriss Frame lines
Sparerortung Short-term detection
Sparsamer marschfahrt Ecconomical cruise speed
Sparsauste Fahrt Most economical speed
Speerballon Barrage balloon
Speicher Stowage battery
Speigatt Scuppers
Speigattrohre Scupper pipe
Speisewasser Boiler feed water
Speisung Power supply
Sperrboot Barrage vessel
Sperrbrecher Mine Destructor Vessel - usually a converted cargo vessel which proceeded ahead of more valuable vessels to detonate mines but could be a purpose-built minesweeper.
Sperrbrecher legen To lay anti-boom defense works
Sperre Barrage
Sperrgürtel Blockade ring
Sperrversuchskommando Experimental barrage vessels.  Boom
Sperrwachboot Boom tending vessel
Spezifische Schwere Specific gravity
Spezifisches Gewicht (S., S.G.) Specific gravity -  ratio of the mass of a material to the mass of an equal volume of water at 4 oC. - as for the battery acid
SP-Gerät Echo-ranging equipment
Spiegelglatte Flat calm
Spiegelwagens Reflecting mirror carriage in periscope
Spiere Boom, spar
Spieren Spars
Spill Capstan
Spillankerwinde Windlass
Spillmotor Capstan motor
Spind Locker
Spindeldurchführung Spindle guide
Spindelendschalter Terminal spindle switch
Spindelstopfbuchse Spindle bushing/stuffing box
Spion Spy
Spitzenflugzeug Lead aircraft
Spitzer Winkel Acute angle
Splitterregen Splinter rain
Sprechanlage Speaking tube
Sprechfunk Voice radio
Sprechmaschine Phonograph
Sprengboje Anti-minesweeping device
Sprengbombe Demolition bomb
Sprengbüchsen Demolition block (in container)
Sprengfalle Booby trap
Sprenggranate High explosive shell
Sprengladung Scuttling charge
Sprengmunition Exploding munition
Sprengpatrone Scuttling charge (cartridge type)
Sprengsäule Explosion plume
Sprengung Demolition
Sprengwolke Cloud from an explosion
Spruchschlüssel The rotor starting positions for a specific naval signal - message key
Sprühregen Drizzle, spray
Sprung Crack/jump, The curve in a ship's weather deck fore and aft.
Spülen To wash
Stabsantenne Dipole, Rod aerial antenna
Stabsquartier (Stab) Headquarters
Staden Pier, mole, bank (of river)
Stammflotille Administrative/Training Flotilla
Stampfen Pitch
Stand Station, position, as at
Stander Pennant or pendant
Standlinie Line of position
Standort Position
Standprobe Dockyard testing
Standsehrohrer Fixed eye level periscope/Attack periscope
Stapellauf Launching
Stark bewölkt Strongly overcast
Stark Dünung Heavy swell
Staub Dust
Staubregen Dust rain
Staubsturm Dust storm
Stauung Stowage
Stauungen Obstructions, jam ups
Stauungsplan Stowage plan
Steckachse Knockout spindle
Steckerverbindungen (Stecker for short) The plug connections in the Enigma's plug board
Steckschuss A dud torpedo lodged in the target
Steg Stay
Stehen To be positioned, stationed
Stehend Steady
Stehender Kriegsbefehl Standing War Order
Steigend Rising
Steile Steep
Stek Hitch or knot
Stell Servo
Stellage Staging
Stellbecher Mechanism to set time fuse of shells
Stelle Place, position
Stelling Gangway, Staging
Stellungnahme des BdU Commentary of BdU - BdU would attach comments to each KTB signed on his belalf by his adjutant
Stellzeuge Control and regulators
Stelze Wagtail - Fa-330 aircraft - rotary-wing kite
Stenge Topmast
Sterne Starry
Sterne schiessen Take bearings on stars
Sternenschießen Stellar fix
Sternklar Starlit
Steuer Helm, rudder
Steuerbord (St.b.) Starboard
Steuerfähigkeit Steerageway
Steuergerät Steering gear
Steuerkasten Control box
Steuerkompass Steering compass
Steuerlastigkeit Slow on answering the helm
Steuermann Navigator
Steuern Steer, navigate
Steuerschieber Control valve (for hydralic system)
Steuerstand Control platform
Steuertochter Steering repeater
Steven Post
Stevennuss Boss
Stevenrohrbuchse Stem tube bushing
Stich Knot
Stichfahrt Sortie 
Stichflamme Flash
Stichflammen Tounges/spurts of flame
Stichwort Cue word - a procedure modifying a daily key when a key-list had been compromised
Stichwortbefehl Cue-word order - An order prescribing the procedure to be used for altering the Enigma key-settings when headquarters suspected that the key-lists had been compromised. The "Stichwort" was always supposed to be the name of a celestial body.
Stickstoff Nitrogen
Stirnangriff Frontal attack
Stirnwind Headwind
Stockung Delay (in bringing ammunition to guns)
Stopfbuchse Piston-rod collar
Stopfbüchse Stuffing box
Stopfbuchsen Stuffing boxes
Stopfbuchsenpackung Stuffing-box packing
Stopfen! Suspend firing!
Stoppen To time with a stopwatch
Stopper Gear to make a chain or line fast
Stören To harass
Störexerzieren Exercises to counter malfunctions, for example the removal of a fuze to simulate the loss of a diving plane motor
Störung Break-down, damage (equipment)
Störungsexerzieren Damage control exercises
Störungsgruppen Repair parties
Stoss End, thrust
Stoßweiser Intermittant
Stranden To run aground
Strategie Strategy
Strategisch Strategic
Strebe Stay
Strefbefehl Time in seconds between salvo torpedo launch
Streife Patrol
Streitkräfte Armed forces
Streitkräften Armed forces
Streubreite Spread width - expressed in meters (as for a fan of torpedoes)
Streuung Dispersion, spread
Streuwinkel Angle of spread
Strich Nautical term = points of the compass 1 Strich = 11.25 also Gunnery term = Mil ( 1 mil subtends 1 meter at 1000 meters distance)  
Strichplatte Graticule plate of the periscope
Strichweise Scattered
Strickleiter Rope ladder
Strom Current (electric)
Stromaufgabe Current/drift calculation/plot
Stromaufnahme Electric current consumption
Stromerzeuger Electric generator, dynamo
Stromstärke Amperage
Stromverbraucher Powerload
Stromverteilung Power distribution
Stromwächter Current relay
Stropp Sling or strop (tiedown)
Stückgut General cargo
Stückgutfrachter General cargo vessel
Stückpforte Porthole
Stückzahl (Stck.) Quantity
Stukaangriff Dive-bombing attack
Stumpfer Winkel

Obtuse angle - an angle which is greater than 90° and less than 180°.

Stunde (Std.) Hour
Stundenwinkel Hour angle
Stündlich Hourly
Sturmangriff Assault, onslaught
Sturzsee Heavy sea breaking on deck
Sturzwellen Breakers
Sturzwellenbekommen Ship heavy seas
Stütze Stay
Stutzen Nozzle
Stützpunkt Base
Stützpunktfunkstelle Base radio center
Stützschott Support bulkhead
Such Gerät  (S-Gerät) Active sonar, sound locator
Suchbetrieb Search mode
Suche aufgeben To give up the search
Sucherstellung Spotting position
Suchscheinwerfer Searchlights
Süden (S) South (S)
Südenwärts Southbound
Südlicher Polarkreis Antarctic Circle
Südlicher Eismeer Antarctic Ocean
Sülls Coaming
Sunset Shooting the sun, taking bearings on sun
Tabelle Chart
Tafel Table
Tagebuch Log book, diary
Tagesanbruch Daybreak
Tagesangriff Daylight attack
Tagesappell Message of today - confirmation message sent by shore station acknowledging receipt of U-boat message
Tagesbefehl Order of the day
Tagesmarsch Day's march
Tagestiefangriff Daylight low-level attack
Taghell As bright as day
Takelage Rigging
Taktik Tactic
Taktiker Tactician
Taktisch Tactical
Taktische Übungen Tactical exercises/drills
Taktischer Einsatz Tactical employment/operation
Talje Block and Tackle
Talnebel Ground fog
Tampen Rope end 
Tank Tank
Tanker (T.) Tanker
Tapferkeitsmedaille Medal awarded for bravery
Tarnbemalung Camouflage painting
Tarnen To camouflage
Tarnquadrant Disguised quadrant
Tarnung Camouflage
Tarnungsfarbe Camouflage paint
Taschenlampe Flashlight
Taste Key
Tasten To send by key
Tastverkehr Continuous Wave (CW) communication
Tauch Diving
Tauch auf Surfaced
Tauchboot Submersible boat
Tauchbunker (T.B.) Fuel/Ballast Tank
Taucheigenschaften Diving qualities
Tauchen To dive
Taucher Diver
Taucheroffizier (Tauch. O) Diving Officer
Tauchfähigkeit Diving readiness
Tauchretter Escape lung
Tauchstelle Spot where U-boat submerged
Tauchtiefe Diving depth
Tauchunfähig Unable to submerge
Tauchunklar Unable to dive
Tauchwach Diving watch (monitors each space for leaks, etc.)
Tauchzeit Diving time
Tauchzelle (T.Z.) Ballast Tank
Tauklüse Hawser hole
Taukrans Grommet
Taupunkt Dew point
Täuschen To deceive
Täuschung Deception
Technische Atmosphären (at) Technical atmosphere.  Approximately equal to the modern unit Atmosphere (atm).  Air pressure at sea level is roughly equal to the gauge pressure under 10 m of water; 1 at = 98066.5 Pa. = 0.9678411 atm = 0.980665 Bar
Technische Atmosphären über Bezugsniveau (atü) Technical atmosphere above datum.  Datum or normal air pressure at sea level is roughly equal to the gauge pressure under 10 m of water; 1 at = 98066.5 Pa.  So for example 11 Atü = 12 at = 170.6 psi
Teerlaid Tarpaulin
Teertuch Tarpaulin
Teil Part
Teilgebiet Subarea
Teilscheibe Graduated scale
Teilweise Partial
Telefonboje Telephone buoy
Telegraphistkarte Telegraphic chart
Temperaturgradient Temperature gradient
Thermometer Thermometer
Tief hängende Wölken Low hanging clouds
Tiefeneinstellung Depth setting
Tiefenmesser Dial type Depth gauge - marked 0-200 meters with a pin at what would be 250 meters - one in control room and others in bow and stern compartments.
Tiefenruder Dive plane
Tiefenruderbügel Dive plane guard
Tiefensteuerübung Depth keeping practice
Tiefensteuerung Depth control (for torpedo)
Tiefensteuerungsanlage Automatic depth control mechanism
Tiefentladung Deep discharge of the batteries – in preparation for servicing
Tiefflugangriff Low-level attack
Tiefgang Draught
Tiefgangsmarken Draught Mark
Tief-Kühlraum Deep freeze
Tiefladelinie Load line
Tiefschwarz Nacht Inky black night
Tiefseetaucher Deep sea diver
Tieftauchversuch Deep diving test
Tiefziehende Wolken Low pressure area clouds
Tochterkompass Repeater compass
Todesfall Casualty
Tonne Metric ton, buoy
Tonnen-Krieg Tonnage war
Topp Top mast
Tormast Goal mast
Tornister Gerät VHF Voice radio
Torpediert Torpedoed
Torpedo Erprobungs Kommando (T.E.K.) Torpedo Test Command
Torpedo untertriebzelle Poppet tanks (Type XXI)
Torpedo Los! Fire! - Firing command
Torpedoaufschlag Torpedo impact
Torpedoausstossrohr Torpedo tube
Torpedoausstoszpatrone Torpedo impulse tank
Torpedobergungsdampfer Torpedo recovery boat
Torpedoboot Torpedo-boat
Torpedodatencomputer Torpedo fire-control apparatus, electro-mechanical deflection calculator that produced settings for torpedo firing.
Torpedoeinführluk Torpedo loading hatch
Torpedoeinführluke Torpedo loading hatch

Torpedoerprobungskommand (T.E.K.)

Torpedo Testing Command
Torpedoflutuhren torpedo flood control clock
Torpedoinspektion (T.J.) Torpedo Inspectorate - Responsible for overall development and supply of torpedoes
Torpedojäger Torpedo bomber
Torpedoklappenantrieb Torpedo shutter mechanism
Torpedokurs Corse of the torpedo (not relative to the boat)
Torpedolaufbahn Wake of torpedo
Torpedoluk Torpedo hatch
Torpedomine (TMA, TMB, TMC) Torpedo mine - TMA, TMB, TMC models
Torpedomunitionsbehälter Torpedo stowage
Torpedorichtungsweiseranlage (T.R.W.) Torpedo Direction Computing Installation
Torpedorohr(e) (T.R.) Torpedo tube(s)
Torpedoschießen Torpedo firing practice
Torpedoschutznetz Torpedo defense net
Torpedotreffer Torpedo hit
Torpedoübernahmegerätes Torpedo loading device
Torpedounterwasser-zielapparat (TUZA) Aiming apparatus for night firing  - this name was replaced by UZO
Torpedoversager Torpedo failure, malfunction
Torpedoversuchsanstalt (T.V.A) Torpedo Experimental Establishment - These were located at Gotenhafen and Exkenförde
Totalausfall Total loss
Totaler Krieg Total war
Tote Zone Skip zone
Tragboje Float (minesweeping gear)
Träger Aircraft carrier, girder (in a ship)
Trägerflugzeug Carrier-based aircraft
Trägerwelle Carrier frequency
Tragfähigkeit Loading capacity
Tragflüssigkeit Supporting fluid (for the gyro compass)
Trägheitspistolen Inertia pistol (for torpedoes)
Tragschrauber Autogyro aircraft
Tragweite Range
Transformator Transformer
Transportschiene Transport rail
Treffer Hit
Treffer verzeichnen To register hits
Trefferaussicht Expectation of hit
Treffergenauigkeit Accuracy of hits
Treffermeldung Report of success
Treffpunkt Point of impact, Meeting point
Treffsicher Well aimed, accurate in firing
Treibend Adrift
Treibende mine Drifting mine
Treibgut Flotsam
Treibölbunker Fuel-oil bunker
Treibölverbrauch Fuel oil consumption
Treibölverbrauschsbunker Fuel-oil consumption bunker
Treibstoff-Bunker (Motor) fuel bunker
Trennschalter Circuit breaker, cut-off switch
Trennungslinie Boundary
Treppenweise Aufstellung Disposition in depth
Trichter Funnel
Triebschraube Propeller
Triebwerkswelle Drive shaft
Trimm Trimming
Trimmgewicht Trimming weight
Trimmpumpe Trim pump - piston type 18 tons/hr (ONI report on U-570) also used for purposes other than moving water between the trim tanks or into the Regulating/Compensating ballast tanks.

Trim clock, timing

Trimmversuch Trim test - performed before patrol after stores are loaded by submerging the boat at the dock.
Trinkwasser Drinking water
Trinkwasserzelle Drinking water compartment/tank
Trockendock Dry dock
Trockenladeraum Dry cargo hold
Trockenraum Drying room
Trombe Cyclone, tornado
Trommel Range drum
Trossschiff/Troßschiff Supply ship
Troug Trough
Trümmerfeld Debris field
Truppentransporte Troop transport
T-Schußwinkelempfänger Torpedo gyro angle receivers
T-stoff Abbr. for Hydrogen peroxide
Turbinenläufer Turbine rotor
Turbogeblase Turbo blower
Turm Conning tower, turret
Turm mast Tower mast (Groner symbol = A  )
Turmentwässerungen Tower drainage
Turmluk Turret hatch
Turmluklagerung Tower hatch bearing
Turmmast Tripod mast
Tyfon Air whistle
Type Model
Üben To practice, train
Über Bord Overboard
Über Wasser Surfaced
Überbau Superstructure
Überdruck Pressure above atmosphere
Überdruckzeuger High pressure fresh water generator
Überfällig Overdue
Überflügeln To outflank
Überfluten To flood
Überführungsfahrt Transfer between bases
Übergabe Transfer, surrender
Übergeben To transfer, surrender
Überhitzung Overheating
Überholen To overtake
Überholung Overhaul, maintenance period
Überkommendes Overcome by
Überladung Battery over-voltage – charge voltage equalization of all battery cells
Überlaufen Defect/escape to/overrun/passover
Überlebende Survivors
Überlegenheit Superiority
Überlegt Considered, circumspect
Übermacht Superior strength
Übermannen To overcome, overpower
Ubernahmepumpe Loading pump
Übernahmeschlauch Fuel supply hose
Übernommen Taken over (fuel/provisions etc.)
Überraschung Surprise
Überraschungsangriff Surprize attack
Überraschungsgefahr Danger of surprise
Übersättigung Supersaturation
Überschreiten Passing over
Überspülen To be awash
Überspült Awash
Übertragungsgestange Operating shaft
Übertragungszahnrad Transmission gear
Überwachung Surveillance
Überwasserfahrt Surface cruise
Überwasserfahrzeug Surface craft
Überwassermarsch Proceeding on the surface
Überwasserstreitkräfte Surface forces
Überwasserzieloptik (U.Z.O.)

Literally “above water target optics”. Consisted of special heavy, pressure-proof binoculars mounted on a pedestal on the U-boat’s bridge which in turn was connected to the Torpedo Data Computer (TDC) usually mounted in the conning tower. The operator (usually the IWO ) lined up the crosshairs with the target ship and the bearing to the target would be transmitted to the TDC. The CO usually manned the periscope which worked the same way for underwater shots.

U-Boot U-boat
U-Boot Bunker Submarine pen
U-Boot Päckchen Leather outfit worn by U-boat crews (slang)
Ubootabwehrschule (UAS.) Anti-submarine school
U-Bootjäger (U.-Jäger) Submarine chaser
U-Boot-Krieg U-Boat war
U-Boot-Kriegsführung U-Boat Warfare
U-Bootnetz Submarine net
U-Bootsfalle Decoy ship, 'Q' ship
U-Bootshetze U-boat propaganda
U-Bootskeller U-boat shelter
U-bootssicherung Anti-submarine screen
U-Boot-Versorger U-boat supply Vessel
U-Boot-Waffe The German Submarine Force
U-Boot-Warnung U-boat warning
U-Boot-Werft Submarine construction yard
Übrigens (bzw.) By the way
Übung Exercise, training
Übung-Beispiele Practice-examples
Übungen Exercises/Practice
Übungsgebiet Exercise area
Übungskopf Practice warhead
Ueber Bord spülen Wash overboard
Uhr Watch, clock
Uhrvergleich Synchronization of watches
Uhrzeit Clock time such as 13.45; as opposed to Zeit, time, in sense of time length
Uhrzeit (Uhz.) Time of origin
Ultrakurzwelle (U.K.W.) Very High frequency (VHF)
Ultrakurzwellempfänger Very High Frequency receiver
Umballastung Ballast adjustment
Umbau Rebuilding
Umdrehung Revolution
Umdrehungen pro Minute (U/min., Umdr.) Revolutions per minute

Extensive, comprehansive, large

Umformer (Umf.) Transformer or Converter (DC-AC)
Umgehen To avoid, outfkank
Umgehung Avoidance, outflanking
Umgestellt Readjusted, adapted
Umkehrwalze Enigma machine reflector
Umkippen Heel over, capsize
Umladen To unload (as for upper-deck torpedo containers)
Umlaufender (Umlfd.) Wind Baffling wind - light wind that frequently shifts from one point to another
Umschalten To change over
Umspringen Veer
Umstellen To switch to, shift, or convert
Umsteuervorrichtung Reversing equipment/installation
Umwältzlufter Low capacity blower

Unpleasant, embarassing, objectionable

Unbedeckt Clear


Unbekannt Unknown
Und (u.) And
Und ähnliches (u.a.) And other, among other things
Und so weiter (usw.) Etc.
Undichtigkeit Leakage
Uneingeschränkter Handelskrieg Unrestricted war against commercial shipping
Ungefähr (ungef.) Approximately
Ungeklärte Lage Obscure situation
Ungeschützt Exposed
Ungesehen Unobserved
Ungetrübt Unclouded
Ungeübte Unpracticed/inproficient, confused seas
Ungeübter Orter Untrained radar (Radar in search mode - not locked on)
Ungünstig Unfavorable
Unklar Out of action, not ready
Unklar kommen To foul
Unregelmässigen Abständen Irregular intervals
Unregelmässigen Zacks Irregular zig-zags
Unseres Erachtens (ü.E.) From our point of view
Unsichtig No visibility
Unsichtigkeit Poor visibility
Unstetiges Wetter Changeable weather
Unter Wasser Submerged
Unter Wasser drücken To force underwater
Untergangsstelle Sinking location
Untergegangen Went down/sank
Untergeschnitten Undercut/dipped periscope under
Unternehmen Operation, business, coporation, unit
Unternehmung Literally undertaking but in the context of a KTB translates as patrol or war patrol
Unternehmung War patrol, operation, undertaking
Unteroffizier Petty Officer
Unteroffizierswohnraum Warrant and Petty Officer