Strategy and Tactics
         The documents below provide an overview of U-boat strategy and tactics.  The History of U-boat Policy was compiled by the Admiralty Naval Intelligence Division from documents captured at the end of the war.  It provides an view of the U-boat war at the strategic level with excerpts from the KTB of the Operations Directorate of the Supreme Naval Command and other German documents.  Sources are listed at the end of the document with their Admiralty PG numbers.  The Cumulative Edition provides information at the operational and tactical level.  It is the sum of knowledge gained from the interrogations of captured U-boat crews from the beginning of the war up to mid-1944.   

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History of U-Boat Policy - CB 4051 - Postwar Admiralty report compiled from captured records dated March 1946

Excerpt on U-boat Strategy and Tactics from the Cumulative Edition - CB 04051(103) The Admiralty's appreciation of the German U-boat force as of June 1944
The Submarine Commander's Handbook at the Historic Naval Ships Association website



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