KTB Translation and Format  
         Translating a KTB is much more difficult than it would seem.  The translator must combine a knowledge of English and German language with a thorough understanding of U-boat tactics, techniques, technology and operations.  The language is highly technical and specialized and events are often expressed in a shorthand of acronyms and abbreviations.  In order to adapt the original KTB to the web and make them as readable as possible the team has adopted a number of "rules" to standardize the format.  
Data Format Example
Date DD.MM.YYYY 9 May 1942 is 09.05.1942
Time HH.MM.SS on the 24 hour clock 01:30PM is 13.30
Grid position always in the form of AA 1234  
Commas-Periods Decimal separator is the period (.) instead of the comma (,) used in the original German documents. 24.5 nm instead of 24,5 nm
  Thousands in numbers with six digits are separated by comma (,) instead of the period (.)  used in the original German documents 100,000 grt instead of 100.000 grt
Names Written in cursive letters  
Ships Written in CAPITAL LETTERS  
Unreadable text if just a few letters/numbers: represented by lower-case xx  
if entire sentences/paragraphs are unreadable then [text illegible] will be inserted
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          In order to make the KTBs as readable as possible  the following abbreviations are used in translated KTBs:  
Units Abbreviation Equivalents
Seemeile nm - nautical mile, used for navigation 1 nautical mile = 1,852 meters or 6,076.1155 feet
Knoten kn - knot, used for speed 1 knot = 1.852 km/hr = 1.121 statute miles/hr
Kilometers km - used for distances 1 kilometer = 3,281 feet
Meters m - used for distances, lengths, depths and heights 1 meter = 3.2808 feet
Centimeters cm - used for lengths and caliber 1 centimeter = 0.3937 inch
mm - used for lengths and caliber 10 millimeter = 1 centimeter
Kubikmeters cbm - cubic meters, used to measure the amount of fuel 1 cubic meter = 1000 liters (~25.3 cubic feet)
Bruttoregistertonnen (BRT.), Grobe Registertonnage
grt - gross registered tonnage, used to compare the size of ships 1 grt = 100 cubic feet (~2.83 cbm) = 1 brt
Note:  The gross registered tonnage of a vessel represents the total internal volume available to transport cargo. Not to be confused with the weight of the ship or its displacement.
Atmosphären-druck (Atü) atm - used to measure pressure of air in compressed air tanks - unit of pressure equal the average pressure of the Earth's atmosphere at sea level 1 atm = 29.92 inches of mercury = 1013 mb or 14.696 psi
Millibar mb - used to measure atmospheric air pressure. 1 millibar = 100 pascal or 29.53 inches of mercury
Grad (degrees) Celsius °C - used to measure temperature 0° Celsius = 32° Fahrenheit - to convert temperature in C to F, first multiply by 9/5 and then add 32
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  Addressees listed on the front cover of KTBs  
2. Admiral der Unterseeboote (2.A.d.Uboote) 2nd U-boat Admiral (This was the official title of the Admiral heading B.d.U. Org.)
Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote - Operationsabteilung ( B.d.U. Op.)
Commander in Chief Submarines (Operations)
Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote - Organisationsabteilung (B.d.U. Org.)
Commander in Chief Submarines (Administration and Supply)
Befehlshaber der Unterseeboote (B.d.U.) Commander in Chief Submarines/Flag Officer U-boats
The U-boat itself
Führer der Unterseeboote (F.d.U.) Commander Submarines - title used prior to creation of BdU in 1939, after that F.d.U. were regional Commanders reporting to B.d.U.
Führer der Unterseeboote Nordmeer (F.d.U.Nordmeer) Commander Submarines Northern Waters - Formed on September 1944 from the redesignated F.d.U. Norwegen.  Exercised operational control of all U-Boats in Northern Waters
Führer der Unterseeboote Norwegen (F.d.U.Norwegen) Commander Submarines Norway - Exercised operational control of all U-Boats operating from Norway
Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine (O.K.M.)
Supreme Command of the German Navy
Seekriegsleitung (S.k.L.)
Operations directorate of Supreme Naval Command
Unterseebootsflottille (U.-Flotille)
The Flotilla the U-boat was assigned to
  Stamps found on front cover of KTBs  
Secret Military Document!
Please find enclosed copy number _1_ at 2nd U-boat Flotilla Registry Number Secret Military Document _124_ of _11.2.42_     The Flotilla marks their copy of the KTB with the registry number and year in their their classified material tracking system
Please find enclosed copy number _38_ at Operations Directorate, Supreme Naval Command _3871/42_ Secret Military Document    The Operations Directorate marks the number they assigned to their copy of the KTB and the registry number/year in their their classified material tracking system
Please find enclosed at Supreme Naval Command _961/42 _  Official    The Supreme Naval Command marks the registry number/year in their their classified material tracking system
Copy Number ___1___

Official Document

Handle only by Officer
Each KTB bears the Admiralty stamp noting the PG number assigned by the Naval Intelligence Division at the time the records arrived in London.
  Headings of colunms in KTBs  
Date and Time
Position, Wind, Weather, Sea state, Lighting, Visibility, Moonlight etc.
  KTB Attachments  
Angriffsskizzen Sketch of attack
Auszug aus der Funkladde Excerpt of the Radio Log
Barographenstreifen, Barometerstreifen Recordings barometric pressure
Funkkladde M-Allgemein Radio log for General messages
Funkkladde M-Offizier Radio log for Officer only messages
Gefechtsskizzen Sketch of combat
Geleitoperation Report on convoy operation
Geleitskizzen Sketch of convoy operation
KTB Maschine Engineering log
Kursbericht Summary report of patrol
Schussmeldung, Schussunterlagen, Gefachtsschussunterlagen Firing reports one for each torpedo fired, sometimes submitted for gunnery actions as well
Wegekarte des boots Track chart of the boat
Wegekarte zur Geleitzugoperation Track chart of convoy operation

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