The galley in this type of vessel is located immediately aft of the control room and in the same water-tight compartment.  It is equipped with a ready provision locker, a small refrigerator, a range, soup kettle sink and dresser.  
          The range has two 3000 watt hot plates and two 1200 watt hot plates, each with three-stage control, as on earlier types of vessel.  The oven, however, is 9.8" x 19.3" x 27.1" on those vessels which have the proper type.  The remaining vessels have the type used on IX-D vessels.  
          The soup kettle is similar in design to that on earlier type of vessel, but has a capacity of 60 liters (15.8 gallons) and has a heating unit rated at 6500 watts with three heat stages.  
          The hot water heater is a separate unit with a capacity of 10 liters (2.6 gallons) and a 2000 watt heater with on and off control.  
          The refrigerator has an internal space of 19 cubic feet, and is intended to keep the contents at 34 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  It has no separate compressor, but is served by the main refrigerating plant.  
          The galley sink is a two-compartment unit provided with hot and cold fresh water supply via the hand pump, and with hot salt water supply from the main engine circulating water system.  The water supply and the manner of providing it are both the same as on earlier types of vessels.  
          Galley equipment provided by the Germans is unknown.  The change in the size of the oven would presumably have brought with it a greater amount of equipment for baking and roasting than was found on earlier types of vessel, but this is purely conjectural, as vessels arrived in this country with U.S. Navy equipment.  
          The type and extent of mess gear furnished is unknown, for the reason given before.  A mess gear locker is fitted in the wardroom, but not elsewhere.  
          Mess tables were provided for personnel other than commissioned and petty officers.  It is reported that the tables for enlisted personnel were not on board, however, when the vessels were turned over to U.S. naval custody.  
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  REPORT 2G-21
          The galley installation represents an improvement over that on earlier vessels.  The proper range permits greater variety of foods served, and the twin sink makes it possible to get mess and galley gear cleaner when washing.  The increased size of the refrigerator permits larger amounts of fresh provisions to be kept on hand for use, and, in practice, reduces the refrigerating load by making possible fewer trips to the main refrigerator.  
          The location of the galley in the vessel is satisfactory from the standpoint of accessibility to stores and to messing.  
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