The shop equipment consisted of a lathe, a drill press, and both arc and acetylene welding outfits.  
          The provision built into the port main motor to permit its use as a welding generator is of interest, although it is probably an inefficient way to obtain the power.  
July, 1946
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  1.  General  
          Workshop equipment consists of:  
                  a)  An arc welding outfit.  
                  b)  An oxy-acetylene welding outfit.  
                  c)  A small drill with an Old Man  
                  d)  A lathe  
  Complete description is to be found in the instructions for shop equipment (Beschreibung und Betriebsvorschrift der Werkstatteinrichtungen U-Boote Typ IX C/40)  
  2.  Welding  
          The welding outfit consists of a regulator, 295 feet of welding cable on a reel, short lengths of cable for grounding and for connecting to the electrode holders, and the holder.  Electric current is obtained from either the forward or after half of the port main motor, as desired.  The starboard motor is not connected to permit its use as a welding generator.  
          The gas welding outfit consists of a 20-liter acetylene flask stowed in the superstructure, with related fittings and valves, burners, hoses and other normal fittings.  Oxygen is obtained from the ship's built-in oxygen bottles by way of a connection in the superstructure.  
  3.  Drill Press  
          This is a four-speed hand drill, which is supplied with an Old Man to permit its use as a drill press.  It is fitted for drilling holes up to 23 MM (.90 in.) in diameter by way of the end shaft, and 13 MM (.51 in.) by way of the 90 degrees fitting.  
          It is also fitted with a flexible shaft with arrangements to permit use as a grinder or polisher.  
  4.  Lathe  
          This is an electrically driven fixed unit.  Six speeds of operation are provided, and the unit is suitable  
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  for face turning, longitudinal turning and thread cutting.  A hollow head stock permits work on long pieces of material which could not otherwise be gotten into the machine.  
  5.  Comment  
          The arc-welding arrangement is of interest as indicating the factors considered in the design of the main motors.  The remainder of the equipment is not unusual, and the lathe and drill press are both smaller than the corresponding units in current US submarines.  
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