A relatively large amount of ammunition was carried.  Magazines were installed, provided with appropriate fittings for the material stowed therein and were arranged to permit air circulation and to permit flooding.  Air can be drawn from the magazines into the exhaust duct of the compartment ventilating system.  
July, 1946
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  1.  Ammunition  
          Ammunition originally provided was as follows:  
                  a)  in magazine No. 1 below the control room  
152 rounds 105 MM
3200 rounds 20 MM (100 per box)
6000 rounds 8 MM (1500 per box)
12 spare 20 MM magazines (2 per box)  
                  b)  in magazine No. 2 below the galley  
66 rounds 105 MM
several hundred rounds of 20 MM  
                  c)  Conning Tower  
3 20 MM magazines
                  d)  Superstructure  
32 rounds 105 MM
                  e)  within the fairwater  
2 containers with small arms ammunition.
1 cartridge chest with 786 rounds automatic pistol and 360 rounds of Mauser pistol ammunition
  When the 37 MM gun was placed on board, stowage in both Magazines was altered to provide stowage for 37 MM ammunition boxes.  
          When the arrangement of guns was again altered to one 37 MM and two twin 20 MM guns, and other variations on that arrangement (some vessels had twin 37 or 40 MM guns in lieu of the single 37), the ammunition carried was modified accordingly.  According to NAVTECHMISEU report 312-45 the ammunition carried was then 2625 rounds for the single 37 MM gun and 8500 rounds for the two twin 20 MM guns.  
  2.  Ammunition Handling  
          No special ammunition handling devices were provided.  All handling was by hand through normal hatches.  
  3.  Magazines  
          Magazines were cork insulated, fitted with wooden lining and dunnage as necessary to insure fitted stowage, and were arranged to permit flooding.  
          The stowage arrangements included simple keeper bars for each layer of boxes, with a socket for one and a pocket for the other end of each bar.  
          In addition stowage for empty machine gun magazines were fitted.  The one stowage plan available, Stowage Fittings in Magazine No. 2 (Staugeruste in Munitionskammer 2)  Plan No. SII08002, alt. 2 dated 10 August 1943 shows stowage for 11 magazines (20 rounds per magazine), 40 boxes of 20 MM ammunition (11 rounds per box), and three cans of demolition charges (4 charges per can).  
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          Ventilation consists of a pipe to the compartment air exhaust duct.  
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